I am getting dressed for my New Year's Eve dinner party but I had to link you guys to a preview of 'Trends' album.

Trends is one of the contestants on 'I Love New York' and he is a really talented lad.
You can listen to the album on Sandra's My Space.
My favorite track is "I've tried everything".

I heard and read there is video of 'New York' naming some of the contestants on her show but I'll have to sort you out sometime tomorrow.
Happy New Year everyone and especially to my friend Groovy Noodles.

I tell you, when Mother Steups made me two decades ago I never thought I'd be in a position where I have two good-looking Asian-American guys fighting to have their videos appear on this site.

Dang, she must be so proud of me right now (brushes a tear away)
Just kidding. I love those two guys; without them the site wouldn't be the same.

Here's video of 'New York' on the Fox reality remix awards. You'll see 'New York' kissing Flavor Flav, acting the fool because of her drunkenness and sharing the podium with 'Pumkin'.

Courtesy KC. Have a good New Year my friend.
You too Ponlork; let's kill them with 'I love New York' video for 2007.

You may have heard we have considered, and decided, on creating a forum for us to talk about whatever.
I guess some of us like talking to each other and many of us are addicted to television, period; and not just 'Flavor of Love' or its slew of spinoffs. I for one am seriously enthused by the return of 'Rome' on HBO.

And of course there are other more important things to talk about like, which toothpaste is the best ever? And who really eats butter pecan ice-cream?
But, to get it all sorted we need a domain nmae, so we will greatly appreciate your suggestions because you people are smart and stuff.

Laterz. Again.

Don't know if this is legitimate or not but it certainly looks like Saddam Hussein and they definitely aren't speaking English.

Saddam Hussein execution (hanging) video.

Not for the squeamish or for terrorists who may want to kill me for posting this, lol.

My source dropped three more names for me and a Holiday well-wish while I was away. Which is more than I can say for many of you.

Apparently, those of you whom I once thought were friends didn't care to say Merry Christmas or Happy New Years to me. "Bastards!"

You lot know who you are. "Ingrates!"

Anywho, here are three more names from the 'Charm School' cast:

(I' removed the names to honor a request from VH1. because
but the official Charm School cast photo can be found here)

All I can say is "why". "Why, why, why!"

I am heading back to 'Law & Order' marathon on USA.

Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Steups, S to the T-E.
Heh, it's better when Jay-Z says it; but you get the picture.

Yes, I am back and better than ever. I missed all of you and especially parts of you (winks at Quanda).
But, we have just a few hours to prepare for the debut of 'I Love New York' so I am not wasting time with the small talk.

For example, are you aware that VH1 will air I Love New York online? Nary a week before it premieres on television!
Yeah you probably knew that; so look for it online on January 2nd or you can wait until the 8th for its proper debut on cable television.

Of course we'll have it here sometime on the third because I know some of you have Macs and can't access the streaming video.
Why people buy Macs is a mystery to me; everyone knows Macs aint worth shit without ketchup and a Sprite ®.

Anyways, I don't want to talk too much about the show until I check my messages on G-Mail & My Space and look under the bed. You never know which disgruntled female might have broken in here and pretended they were my wife or something.

I see you winding and grinding up on that pole,
I know you see me looking at you and you already know
I wanna love you, you already know
I wanna love you, you already know

Ahhhhh, this is the life.
(sips on pina colada)

Besides putting your mouth you-know-where, is there anything that tastes better than a pina colada?
I doubt it.

I hope you are doing well because I don't have a care in the world, unless you count the worrying thought that I may have forgot to unplug the iron.

Dang, writing it makes it seem suddenly more serious. I hope I have -unplugged the cord- because my life will be pretty much fucked if I haven't.
You know what, I think I may have to call someone; so let's end it here with the video of New York's fabulous commercial for "I Love New York".
Courtesy Ponlork of course:

(searches for cellphone)

This is old stuff from the Big in '06 Awards Show; but it's from Ponlork which means it has to be here.
As is always the case, New York's accent steals the show. "Come ornnnn.."

Oh, I'll be taking a trip far far away, but I should have a laptop on my travels so I'll be around. But if I am not, Merry Christmas to all of you and especially to Brandee and Quanda.

Hey, we have a new banner if you had not yet noticed.
It's all about New York and the fact that we, every single one of us, worship Ms. New York. It was provided through the kind courtesy of The #2 New York stan on the planet.

Well that's not enough is it?
What other news do I have? Let's see; Pumkin told me she wouldn't answer any of my questions because I am always writing shit about her.
I said she must be confused, lol. The worst I have said about Pumkin is that she is a nasty saliva-mouth cunt; but that's not too bad is it?

And finally, Wil says he reads the blog all the time. If you've forgot he was lucky number 7.

new york blogspot banner

By now you would have heard of the migration story and how I faced the big one in the form of a burning bush (not the STD kind, mind you) and I was given a massive rod (yes it's not a rumor) to complete the task.

Well that's all over now, we have migrated to the new technology and this is the last you'll hear of it from me.
So, without further ado, here is more I Love New York video and this time it's Part 4 of the I Love New York Casting Special.

Credit & Debit: Ponlork

Oh dear!
I apologize to everyone and anyone who tried and failed to access the blog today and particularly the 'comments box'. As you would have seen the blog was caught in a lengthy migration process as it upgraded to the "New Blogger".

But it's all good now and we have all sorts of new widgets and permissions so it was worth the wait; I think.
Much love to Texas Shawty and Shawn for entertaining me while I stared at the monitor.

So that's that, let's get down to I Love New York business and specifically, courtesy of the V-Spot and Ponlork, the remaining segments of the "I Love New York Casting Special".
Here is Part 3 for your viewing pleasure

I'll have Part 4 in a minute, or longer.
Credit: Ponlork

Hi, this just may be the first of many guest articles and it comes from the resident New York stan and gossipmonger, Sanyo.
Hope you enjoy.

miss-michelle-16'New York' is back on the spotlight, and better than ever!!
Not only because she is still in the motherfucking house, but this time, she OWNS the house. On her new reality show "I LOVE NEW YORK", 20 bachelors are invited to her Hollywood Mansion to try and win her affection, and her Momma's approval (yeah, good-luck with that guys).

Some promotional photos of her new show have been released this week with solo shots of Ms. New York and Momma New York.
WAIT! Only Momma New York?
Yes, that question came to my mind immediately. So the questions is, where's Papa New York? You would think both parents would be there. So why is Daddy New York out of the picture? The only reasonable explanation is that her parents are DIVORCED!!!
And there is a pile of evidence to make the claim.

Evidence #1:Mrs. New York's MySpace states that she is SINGLE!!
It COULD be that the person that set-up her MySpace (yes, she is a diva so she can afford to have people do it for her) thought that her marital status was negligible and unimportant!
BUT, a couple of months ago, her status was IN A RELATIONSHIP and now it's back to SINGLE, so obviously the person that is managing her MySpace is paying some attention to her marital status.

Evidence #2: Originally, Bucky Blends (New York's manager) had a picture of himself with Mr & Mrs New York on her Myspace. That picture has now been edited to crop out Blends himself and Mr. New York!! This suggests that Mrs. New York did not want Alex (Mr. New York's real name) in the picture because she is either divorced or separated from him.

Evidence #3: On Flavor Of Love 2, she went off on Mr. New York at one point and EVEN told the producers to get him (Alex) away from her!

Evidence #4: As mentioned before, the promo pictures themselves tell something, a lot actually.
Only mother and daughter are present! Need I say more?

Evidence #5: This too is related to the promotional pictures.
Again, need I say more?

There it is, the evidence speaks for itself!
The only evidence I am missing is the divorce papers (and I am sure they will eventually surface).
There is a pile of proof that suggests that not everything is paradise in the House of New York.

Now it's your turn to be the judge. I know what my verdict is ( they are divorced or separated), what's yours?

Looking at Sekou all properly attired, I can't help but say this would have been one of those articles tailor-made for Groovy. (pardon the pun)
But we all know why I am doing it. Divorce is hard. (bites lip)

But life goes on, so hears what's the deal with Sekou.
I spoke to a source close to Sekou, really close, really really really really really really close to Sekou and they told me a few things that I trust is the truth.

It appears Sekou read Groovy's article and all the comments related thereto, all 500+ comments and he wanted the readers to know that the pubic hair he revealed was shown "accidentally on purpose".
I don't know what that means but I am sure we have an expert in the comments box who does.

The really really really close source also corrected a few things in our article, namely that Sekou is not from Burbank, but lives in Burbank now. He was actually born in New Orleans and raised in the Bay Area.

And our source had a particular interest in having us know that Sekou qualified his quote on wanting to meet women who "stimulate his sexuality", by saying it's "confined to hot chicks only!"
I wonder what he means by that?
Irre, have you been harassing the man on his My Space? Lmao.

Irre's gonna kill me for that.
Two more things before I go, one of which is very interesting. Sekou played three years with the Arizona Cardinals and our source (who really tells too much for a friend) says with regard to "I Love New York", his "involvement will be surprising."

Any guesses on the surprise?
Maybe he is New York's ex-boyfriend or something.

Nawwww, I doubt that. Finally, I have a direct quote from Sekou he wants everyone on the blog to know that he is "glad to have new fans and friends" so don't be shy about contacting him.

toastee-bikiniThis will be brief, really really brief, because we aren't yet ready to start hyping Charm School.
But this is what I've heard from my source..

Toastee is back!
Yes, despite reservations about her nude pictures; Charm School's producers decided that her popularity was too great to not use her in the Show.
There was a tremendous amount of buzz after Flavor Flav revealed the picture that sent her packing and I know that for a fact because we had near 100000 page views that day.
We wish her well, she came on the blog and explained her side of the story so she's one of our favorites.

If we're lucky, the guys from I Love New York will do the same, but until they're brave enough we have been lucky to speak to one or two people who know them very well. More on that later.

Incidentally, Toastee is the only contestant to have appeared on Flavor of Love without an official My Space so say what you want about her, you can never say she was only about the publicity.
Of course it would be easy to say that about Krazy'; and yes, she's at it again. My source says our favorite soprano is also on the cast of "Charm School"
So, of the supposed thirteen "students" these are whom we believe will be among the group:

Just six more and we'll have the entire class.
So that's it for 'Charm School' but I'll be back with news of Sekou, one of the favorites from "I Love New York"

It's just one o' dem days when nothing went right so I'll just accept what is and keep it moving.
And what better way to that than to drown myself in her Royal Majesty, the Queen of Reality Television; New York.

It's New York pictures times 23 today.
The pictures are a bit small though so clicking on them will not make them that much larger, but if you don't mind, go knock yourself out.

new-york new-york new-york
new-york new-york new-york
new-york new-york new-york
new-york new-york new-york
new-york new-york new-york
new-york new-york new-york

new-york new-york new-york
new-york miss-michelle new-york

Credit & Debit: Bang (who says he got them from MarysLuv and Lil Kim Zone)

shay-buckeey-johnsonSomeone wondered about the other VH1 reality series, Charm School; starring the comedian/actress Monique.
Well, it's definitely on; contracts have been signed and the Show will air around summer-time I presume.

My source (who's been wrong once or twice) says there will be 13 'students' at the school. I tried my best to get the names of the girls who were selected from the pool of 'Flavor of Love' contestants but I was only moderately successful.
I offered to sleep with the person but I was told he/she had better and never had worse.
I think that was an insult.

As I said I was moderately successful and that means I got some names and those are...
(drum roll please)

Cristal Serious Steverson
Shay Buckeey Johnson (see picture)
Larissa Bootz Hodge

So that's that for 'Charm School' with Monique. Doesn't move me to be honest.

In more relevant news, I can confirm that Mauricio Sanchez' name on the show is 'Chamo'. Yeah, I know it's not earth-shattering news or anything,, but at least it's confirmed and you don't have to qualify yourself by saying "I am 99% certain".
Here are pictures of 'Chamo' showing his stylish side and hamming for the camera with 'New York' and 'New York's'' mom, Miss Michele'.

chamo-miss-michele chamo-new-york
chamo-new-york-2 chamo-new-york-1

I am so tired it ain't nothing to sleep on.
I know I promised to have this sooner rather than later but I got caught up in the final episode of HBO's 'The Wire'. If you haven't seen it yet, you never will, because it's not like they repeat stuff on HBO.
(yawns again)
(tastes merlot)
Well, let me jump straight to it, we have another 'I Love New York' contestant for you and his first-name is either Darin or Darnell so his full-name could be something like Darin Darnell, or vice versa. I'll sort that out later when he adds me.
Darnell's My Space.

He is an Information Systems/ Computer Science graduate of Prairie View A & M University, and that must be one hell of a degree program they offer because he now works as a tennis instructor.
He is also a member of the NAACP ( National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) so I wonder why he'd have a picture of a gorilla on his My Space and title it 'Me when I was 10'.
I don't want to jump to conclusions though so I'll leave that alone.
(plays with goatee)

I guess it's time to see whom we are talking about so here is a picture of Darin:


Funny, I always thought they used Adobe Photoshop® to enhance a picture. Maybe this is a new trend.
If you don't recognize him from the cast photograph, he is the dude in the back and to the right in the jacket.

So that's it then, sorry I couldn't be more Groovy-like and salivate and lick my lips at the sight of a new guy but unfortunately that's one of the bad things about being heterosexual.
I suppose that's why we have the comments box.

Credit & Debit: DorFam (the only external member of the faculty actually doing something)
(finishes merlot)

romance-and-princess-love-new-yorkJust a quick note.
A Liberal Democrat birdie told me that one of the nicknames given on 'I Love New York' is "Romance" and the person to whom it was given is Ricky Perillo

As Groovy revealed last night he is in love with his dog, Princess, which coincidentally is the word that is tattooed across 'New York's' left breast.

I am sure Groovy will expand on that later but that's all from me for the moment. You can resume the political discourse in the other box. Let me say however that I love all Texans, tall and shawt.

(Wink wink)

Last evening VH1 released more video to add to the I love New York promotional blitz and naturally we have it thanks to the video capturing skills of Ponlork.

I can feel the buzz growing and this show looks like it might be huge. I hope they can add a few surprise guests to the I Love New York cast because as exciting as it promises to be, it's going to be difficult to encourage male viewers to watch man-flesh on a weekly basis.
That's why we have wrestling!

Here's the video. Add Ponlork because I interrupted him during surgery to get this video for you guys.

'Oh Hell no' at the guy who looks like Mr Rogers and straight to hell for the guy who slept with his cousin.
We'll have news on Sekou in a minute or a couple hundred minutes.

Thank yous: Hard working girl

It's 7 right?

Ok (exhales); the latest "I Love New York" contestant is Wil (short for William, I presume).
He is good-looking and has arms that look like my legs.

I don't want to perform a brain canal to find something to say about him so you'll just have to visit William's web-page to read what he says about himself.
Here are a few pictures to encourage you to make the jump-off.



HEAT-NEW-YORK-LOVEHere's some gossip for you.

Apparently the guy who plays Heat in New York's show, "I love New York" had his My Space cloned by the person who runs the fake New York My Space. That woman is an entrepreneur, lol.

Considering her track record for picking popular contestants, maybe she found out something. 'Heat' might be the winner of "I Love New York."
Here is the authentic Heat page.

On 'Heat's' page I found this picture of what appears to be contestants from the show. I can't tell really, so I'll upload the picture of the full cast and you let me know how many of them you recognize.


After today you should know at least half of the contestants on "I love New York" but you'll have to wait until Groovy returns from wherever she is.
Until then here's a Mad TV spoof of "Flavor of Love"
The 'Buckwild' impersonator is the best, the 'New York' impersonator, not so good.

Video capture: K

I wonder why I titled that previous post Pace University Pt2?
That shit makes no sense at all.

(exhales) Maybe I was too taken by the girl in the video. I love to see women in those pants, especially when they have nice fall-to-the-side hips.
Yep, I'm feeling that girl. She looks a lot like Ice Diamond.

So, the video. This video, may I remind you, was shot during the Pace University Amateur Night and Flavor Flav agrees to take a few questions.
Here he discusses 'New York', 'Deelishis' butt and the poop incident with 'Somethin'. He describes 'Shitgate' in great detail and reveals she had on a thong. According to Flav's logic a thong is the worst underwear to wear when you have diarrhea because it splits the mess in two, lol.

The video is 10:44 (apologies to the readers on dial-up)

Flav at Pace University picture galley
Flav at Pace videos

New York's Pace University was fortunate to have Flavor Flav host its Amateur Night recently. Flav was his usual crackpot self but interestingly, for us, he spoke at length about 'Flavor of Love 2.'
4idols was at Pace University to capture the event.

In this first video Flavor takes and answers question from a sexy, snazzy looking sweetheart. If I recognize her on the street she'll have to answer a few questions from me.
But you don't want to hear about that do you?

In the video Flav
1) reiterates why he picked 'Deelishis' over 'New York' but adds that 'New York' was afraid of 'Deelishis.' Wtf?

2) answers why he didn't pick 'Bootz' (basically he's not down with women who don't want to give up the "business")

3) is asked about his favorite flavor. (Uhm, why?)

The video is 7:17

Credit: Mad Cool Network, Pace University, K

I'll be back with another video from Pace University.

Tina couldn't wait to email me this picture of Beyonce's wardrobe malfunction


Now if I were your man, Bey; I would have rushed onto that stage with the duct tape and repaired the lace front before you got to the chorus.

Source: Sandra Rose

I did the messaging thing with someone very close to Tiffany "New York" Pollard, last evening. Very very close.
I never asked if I could mention it here on the blog so we'll not reveal the source until I obtain clearance.
What I can divulge, however, is that "New York" is quite familiar with the site. So I am warning you; anyone who says anything negative about her will wake up next to a horse's head.

If things work out, and I don't suffer from stage fright; we just might have a chat with her. But that's in the future. At present she's doing as much promotional work as she can because she really wants this Show (I love New York) to be a success.
"Flavor of Love", as we all know, was a cable television phenomenon; and though that gives her show a massive lead-in it also adds to the pressure.

I understand she's at VH-1 this weekend, filming a commercial/promo for "I Love New York".
You may have seen a few of the pictures from her recent photo-shoot but expect to see many more in any magazine that's worth buying. My source says those pictures "will be split up among Tv Guide, Out, People, Star, King & a few more."
She apparently has an interview -that I missed- in the 'New York Post'. But don't go looking for it, we'll have it on the site soon enough.

Our Goddess is doing it big; and if you thought I was kissing her ass before then you better walk with more lipstick, because I was told, that this site is where she first saw the "footage you guys have of the tryouts and the trailer for the show..."

Anyways, I better end it here, but before I do, here are two pictures from her My Space salute.
Go add her to your friends list and if you don't have an account; get one. It's a travesty that the official New York My Space has 400 friends. Even I have more than that.

When you're there, you'll see Bucky's (New York's manager) explanation for the name change to "Cattybit".

new-york-cattybit new-york-cattybit

Credit: Joe

I gave a preview of this guy one post backwards but now it's time to really get to know "Trends", a contestant on 'I Love New York'.
Something about this dude I like, and you know it took a lot of effort to say that. From what I've seen and heard, he is a rap-artist, a model for Polo jeans and a My Space Pimp.

I added the latter because you'd have to see to believe the number of beautiful women that have sent me messages praising this guy. Perhaps he rounded up every woman he knows to message me but it's still impressive.

I have listened to two of his tracks and he is not short on talent, so hopefully he capitalizes on the exposure. You can download, for free, his MixTape Vol1 and you can visit Trend's My Space for information on Vol2. Some of his stuff is on sale so don't be shy; artists have to eat too.

According to his Bio, "Trends" hosts a cable access Hip Hop show called 'Show Off' and has appeared in numerous magazines (Blender, Rolling Stone, Vibe, Source, People and Paper) and has been seen on many a Television Network so it's hardly likely he'll be starving for Christmas.

Anyways, it's picture time.

trends-love-new-york-02_jpeg trends-love-new-york-03_jpeg

I think if it's one thing reality television proved is if you place strong personalities in an enclosed environment there will be drama. So it's not surprising that we had a little fallout in the comments box this afternoon, because that thing is like 6 inches x 3 inches.
It usually takes a mansion for it to jump off on 'Real World' and 'Flavor of Love'.

Still no word on Texas-Shawty and Groovy. Groovy was last seen smoking a cigarette at 3: 50pm and Texas was reportedly seen on the AOL Blackvoices messageboard in the Cartoon thread.
We should start our own cartoon thread. Here is a sample comment:

Donald Duck is a pervert. How da hell you just gon' walk around with no pants on and nobody don't say shyt. Duck ding-a-ling just swingin' to and fro and blowing in the breeze.

Smurfette might be a tramp. Okay, why is she the only chick who hangs with all those smurf dudes? She got to be the jump off.

Goofy has to be on drugs. I mean I don't see any other way. He seem like he smell like weed. That's all I'm saying.

Raphael was a self-hating turtle. All the other turtles were cool with their fate but he always had an attitude. But, he changed it up when April the reporter was around, who just happened to be a white chick. Yeah we know how ya'll self-hating turtles roll.

Captain Planet is lazy. Not only do you have to call his azz five times (Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Heart) but you have to call him all at once or else his azz don't want to come to work.

Skeletor was a repressed homosexual. He was just too obsessed and fascinated with He-Man. But he wasn't ever gonna get that because He-man likes his men with some meat on them.

Wiley Coyote is a masochist. Why da hell is he still chasin' the roadrunner? How many anvils have to be dropped on his head before he gets it?

Well I've gone on much too long so I'll leave you with a picture of "I Love New York" contestant Hashim "Trends" Smith. More from me, on him, in about thirty minutes.


I think it was Revenge who wondered aloud about the relationship between Flavor Flav and Deelishis. Seems they were at the Big in '06 Awards Show but were neither pictured together nor seen together.
Perhaps Flavor was too busy with his co-presenter responsibilities. He did a good job by the way; if you didn't mind hearing "Yo, check this out" a hundred times.

No such concerns between "New York" and "Deelishis", they appeared on stage and vogued for the cameras. Which just proves that reality stars don't hold grudges.
Makes you wonder why they can't forgive Beth from MTV's 'Real World', 'The Gauntlet' etc..

Anyways here's video of "New York" and "Deelishis" at the awards show, but you have to wait until the very end to see the Queens of Flavor of Love.

Credit to K. The only 6' 2" Asian with sexier lips than Angelina Jolie, in the entire world.
K, you know I'm just playing right?

I'll be back in an hour or so with news of another 'I Love New York' contestant. This guy is a musician and a model for Polo jeans.
He's from Brooklyn by the way; which makes me wonder if "New York" didn't set-up a stall on Fulton or something. Why are all the guys from Brooklyn?

Sorry I wasn't around much of the day, the afternoon and the evening.

As you may have noticed the comments box is now restricted to registered members only and that basically means you need to have a Blogger account to comment. It's not my preferred choice but it's the way it has to be to add a stumbling block to some rather aggressive spammers.

I have news of another contestant on I Love New York but I can't do that now. Why slave to write something on one contestant when I can provide a picture of the entire cast of I love New York.


I see they have replace Big Rick with a big ......

Credit to my girl Ms Boo Tee who nabbed it from New York's My Space.

And visit Concrete Loop for more I Love New York promo-pics
You know, not being arrogant or anything, but why the hell don't I receive promotional stuff? Dang.

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