Tina couldn't wait to email me this picture of Beyonce's wardrobe malfunction


Now if I were your man, Bey; I would have rushed onto that stage with the duct tape and repaired the lace front before you got to the chorus.

Source: Sandra Rose


  1. Anonymous // 10/12/06 12:19 PM  

    LOL...does it make her in less attractive, intelligent or talented. We all are human, along with make up artists, hair and wardrobe stylists.

    Is it some big secret that she wears wigs or weaves?

    Someone let me in on the significance of the picture.

  2. Anonymous // 10/12/06 12:28 PM  

    Good Morning America,

    If I didn't know better it look like someone sock her on the side. But this weekend I was at a hairshow and these girls had some dynamite hairdo's and the lady told me they was the lace cap wigs that beyonce wear. I was like damn. They look good.

  3. steups // 10/12/06 1:07 PM  

    Quanda you are coming across a bit stan-ish.

    The significance is her weave is wrinkly-looking.

  4. Hard Working Girl // 10/12/06 1:25 PM  

    I still think it looks like someone burned her with a flat iron, but if you guys say its a wig, its a wig.

  5. Groovy Noodles // 10/12/06 1:29 PM  

    Good afternoon!

    Eh, I still wish I looked half as good as Beyonce.

  6. Anonymous // 10/12/06 1:52 PM  

    LMAO....stan-ish, I actually like that. Nope just familiar with the adhesive products used. The 'wrinkle effect' happens on occasion due to improper application or movement of skin (facial expressions).

    I know we often discuss things that are unrelated to FOL. The picture with a quick statement, caught me off guard. And that was my reaction.

    So it came across as let's point out an imperfection, just because we have nothing else to do.

    If it floats your boat then I guess I'll just sail along. Because this sister doesn't know how to swim.

    Am I a Beyonce fan. I guess so. I am definitely loving her latest CD. 'Ring the Alarm' does something to the inner stalker in me. I actually get turned on by that joint, which leaves my husband thinking, 'You'd really stab me if I left.' Am I going to write her letters or run out to buy concert tickets? Nope... it isn't that serious but she can sing and dance.

    I just felt a little hateration in the air. Now I do get stan-ish when you talk about MJB.

  7. Anonymous // 10/12/06 2:10 PM  

    Groovy you do look half as good! So you are doing quite well.

    I wish I had the energy she has and some of those moves.

  8. Groovy Noodles // 10/12/06 2:18 PM  

    Quanda, I hear that. I would kill for her energy and her moves.

    This bacon is way too crunchy. Just sayin'.

  9. steups // 10/12/06 2:33 PM  

    Nooooooooo. A MJB fan?

    (orders bullet-proof vest)

  10. Anonymous // 10/12/06 3:21 PM  

    Yes order it sugar dumpling because I can get awful stan-ish about MJB.

    As a matter of fact, get neck armor....I have a thing about going for the neck.

  11. steups // 10/12/06 3:37 PM  

    I've encountered a few MJB stans and they're scary.

    But I know you are too sweet to be like them. You don't say things like Mantasia do you?

  12. Anonymous // 10/12/06 3:47 PM  

    Is Mantasia in reference to Fantasia? If so, no that is not me at all. I love MJB. Any true fan of hers (in my opinion), wouldn't stoop to downplaying another artist.

    I admire Fantasia, Keyshia Cole, Christina Aquilera, Faith Evans or anyone who can sing with soul.

    Too sweet.......my big behind, LMAO.

  13. Anonymous // 10/12/06 7:24 PM  

    buy my new cd call pac's life

  14. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:57 AM  

    To the weave to the weave ...can i say it please ....Your fired make up artist !!!!

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