Aurelius is looking handsome with his fresh haircut. If you are 14 to 16 years of age, intelligent, female and pretty, leave Aurelius a message on his MySpace. This is not Dateline's 'To Catch A Predator', so grown @ss women don't message him (unless it's in an auntie type of way). Well we've been waiting for Aurelius' infamous 'I Love New York 2' recap of the finale. Here it is:

Wasn't Hitler Austrian? If you are going out tonight, check out Aurelius & Misterballer's live video show tonight @ 8:30pm Pacific/ 11:30 pm Eastern. Don't miss it, hell it's only 45 minutes of your life. CLICK HERE for their awesome show. Did this child play 'Lion King' music @ the end?


Credit: Aurelius & VH1

A Bhattipimpin' Qmoment! has this picture of New York, Tailor Made with two of the Wayan brothers. I miss 'In Living Color'. That was the show! It's slow around here. We are in between shows. I really appreciate the reader's helping us out. While we are slow why don't you all visit Bossip, they have some interesting posts.

After thought: New York is working the asymmetrical bobbed wig.

Credit: & Buddah (reader)

A Bossip Qmoment!

The Q. doesn't know what it is to be famous & never will. However, New York is getting her fair dose of it. Last night New York & her alleged fiance Tailor Made a.k.a. George ran into a locus swarm of paparazzi. Apparently the 'I Love New York 2' couple were enjoying themselves in Miami, FL @ SET. While exiting the night club New York cussed @ the paparazzi taking pictures of her. She could've been pie-eyed. *doubts the paparazzi have breathalyzers on hand Not that it matters New York & the 'I Love New York 2' winner left in yellow taxi. Babykin a.k.a. Mrs. Tailor Made would be proud of the way Tailor Made escorted his lady love into the car. Click here to view with your own eyes.

The Blogspot wishes everyone a safe, happy & productive New Year! & That's Hot

A TMZ Qmoment!

Deelishis lands a spot in a play. "Where's Papa Ray's Money" They will be in Charlotte North Carolina next week. The information is below. Dee went from a Photo Shoot Model/Insurance Company, to a Reality Show Winner, to a party hostess, to a Photo Shoot Model again, to a 'Rumpshakin' RnB Singer, to a radio host, to a theatress. (lol yea i made that up)

"Where's Papa Ray's Money"
My Papa Ray dies unsuspectedly, and although I come from a big family, we can't stand one another. Its rumored that my Papa left money behind, so you know what that means...more money, more problems!!! Dont miss this comical, emotional roller coaster. Guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, scream and pray. Starring national recording artist Carl Thomas...from Mo Better Blues, Cynda Wiliiams... Terrell Carter from Meet The Browns... the funniest men alive, J.Anthony Brown and Nephew Tommy... and yours truly, from the Flavor of Love 2, London "Deelishis" Charles. SEE YOU THERE!!! is just as excited for the new year as we are. They've been posting the bests of Celebreality TV this past year, 2007. One of which includes Achievement in Beauty, Nails Division (Beauty? Let's just leave it at nails), which went to none other than Sister Patterson.

I mean the decision was quite obvious if you ask me ("But "D", no one asked you"). I mean Sister Patterson is like the boogeyman when it comes to nails. But you gotta give it to her. She rocks 'em well! I mean, picture someone else with those things.

Another of the many obvious "bests" was Achievement in Beauty, Hair Division. This went to none other than "Rock of Love" 's Heather! (By the way, on her MySpace it says "From VH1's Rock of Love 1 & 2". Hmmm. Just a thought).
Great job, Heather! By the way, which week do y'all think she looked the best? I'd say Week 7.

And, of course, Tiffany "New York" Pollard wins for Achievement in Beauty, Breast Division. Goodgodalmighty! I actually like the reslut, oops, I meant result of this one. Congrats, Tiff. Ladies, if you're looking for some augmentations, I suggest you find New York's doctor. To read more and read about other "bests", click here.

There's also another way to review this year in Reality-TV! Vote for your favorites (cast members, hosts, etc.) from your favorite TV shows on VH1 that made history this year, for Reality Awards '07. Categories include: Best "Spin-Off" Show, Best Show Winner, Most Hated Character, Best Show Host, Favorite Cast Member, Best Runner-Up, and overall, Best Reality-TV Series of '07* (on VH1, of course). Voting stops Tuesday, Jan 1st, and results will be announced Jan 2, 08. Click the banner above, or click here!

Credit: Images courtesy of VH1

A source e-mailed me 2 days ago with a link. Hell to be honest I have so many requests & information to post. I am having an hard time choosing what The Blogspot reader wants to know. *waves to Hutche, Revenge, Groovy Noodles, Babykin, Jayne, Licious, GabriELLE, Aurelius, Misterballer, Teddy, SLIM, Chamillion, Rico, Legend, Sanyo, Your Mother, Ponlork, Lareigna, That's Hot, Mai Tye, Aani, Sapphire Tigress, Jame$, GAM, TxShawty, Electra, Dana, Sawyer's Stash, Jena, Jenny, Mysty, Miesha, Jorundi, Lee, Onix, Baby Pebbles, Buddah, Ava, Kelly Ann, PGH Beauty Doll, Bubo the Hater, L!Z, Kitbit and the many more! We apologize for the slowness around here. However, the head honcho is unavailable @ this time. On top of it's the holidays & we have ish to do. We still love you & 'Flavor of Love' and all of it's spin off series.

'Flavor of Love 3' is coming in 2008. However, when exactly I can't type. I communicated with a VH1 representative yesterday. He was unable to confirm the rumored dates floating around in Internet Land. However, I did receive this link to a recent article that mentions Flavor Flav and his third attempt @ finding love on cable. Click here to read the article for yourself. Is Becky Buckwild going to return for 'Flavor of Love 3'? (Doesn't she look comfy, comfy with Mark Cronin? And can't Becky wear the hell out of some purple?) Would you be happy as a 'Flavor of Love 3' viewer if she got a second chance? For the record Payshintz (lilbengaldude remembers too) left on her own accord cussing out individuals in Mandarin during 'Flavor of Love 2' episode 3. *sighs Red Oyster left due to her father's car accident. Saaphyri left because her & H-Town got into a bed brawl. *laughing Saaphyri & Payshintz had me laughing until my stomach ached. Those were the good old days.

Let me not forget; eWorld is a buzz with stories about New York & Tailor Made being engaged. I was attempting to remain silent on this but the cat is out of the bag. So I will just link y'all to the various leaks HERE & HERE & HERE. *wonders what Tim got Kimberlyn for Xmas

This post qualifies for my good deed for today.

Credit: Kimberlyn, Patreasa, Lareigna & Shawn

A subdued Qmoment!

"Fight! Fight! Fight!"

Big Brother a.k.a. VH1 has released several pictures of the 'I Love New York 2' Reunion Show. New York is wearing a tight, tight sparkly dress with thigh high boots. I thought of two P words when I noticed the boots. Pirate and the other one I'm keeping to myself, lawd I'm going to hell in a hand basket. I will type it wasn't pregnant. An individual would have to be 5 minutes pregnant to work a dress like that as well as Tiffany "New York" Pollard did.

VH1. com wants you to know 12 things. (Isn't that too cute? 12 things as in 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' song.) The Q. will share the last two and then you have to move along to to read the other ten.

11. An argument breaks out when one barely seen guy calls out to someone on stage: “Don’t stand up for another man. That makes you look fruity.”

12. There will be blood.

The Q. is certain the quote shared in #11 is from a pretty man. Frankly, I think it's fruity to expect another man to stand up for you. LOL, you are a man stand up for your d@mn self. I'd bet my last dollar number twelve has to do with a wise man. Clicky click here to view the other pictures & 10 things you should know. Remember Sunday, Jan 6th @ 9PM what looks like the ultimate reunion shows airs. Don't miss the 'I Love New York 2' Reunion Show on VH1!

Credit: Shawn a.ka. The Queen of Code & VH1

A teaser Qmoment!

I found this story on a blog,

Merry Christmas! Ha haaaaaaaa!
Wondering what ever happened to White Boy from Season 1 of "I Love New York"?
Well, let your mind be ease, and then drop dead of a heart attack. Yeah.... it's that drastic. Well, it seems that Michelle Patterson (a.k.a. Sista Patterson) and Joshua Gallander (a.k.a White Boy) have really been keeping in touch since the show's last season.
White Boy was spotted in a nightclub in Las Vegas last weekend, drinking and partying with "Real", fellow housemate during season 1 of I Love New York. A nightclub employee said White Boy was spotted getting into a stretch Hummer, followed by Sister Patterson who seemed to be coming from a club across the street. Later that night, the two were seen again checking into the Palms Hotel together.

I think this is bullshit LMAO

Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year

2008 will be here before you know it. This means, more of your favorite reality-TV shows will be aired (and more spin-offs, fights, and arguments, too). Here are some of your favorite shows from this past year:

  • EgoTrip's The White Rapper Show
  • I Love New York
  • Flavor of love Girls: Charm School
  • Celebrity Fit Club
  • Rock of Love with Bret Michaels
  • America's Most Smartest Model
  • I Love New York 2
& a whole lot more. Next year will bring on more exciting shows, such as the third season of one of the best shows, Flavor of Love 3, and Rock of Love 2. What else can we expect from the new year in '08?!

While we sit around waiting on pins & needles for the 'I Love New York 2' Reunion Show & 'Rock of Love 2' Premiere to air, I came across a casting call of sorts. IT a.k.a. Kwame of 'I Love New York 2' appears to be having some type of casting call. He posted the following MySpace bulletin yesterday.

Dec 25, 2007 3:17 PM

Date changed 12/27 Part for girl in The IT Show pilot.

Looking for girl who has a a lot of "Junk in The Trunk " in the New York area willing to film in the mourning. Leave us your contact information so we can follow up promptly. Thank you.

The Q. has no idea what type of show pilot he is casting for. However knowing IT a.k.a. Kwame it's sure in the hell ain't G-rated. You and I both know IT a.k.a. Kwame is warped & twisted. For public safety reasons I need to give Kwame a call. I need to know from the source, what type of television pilot he is actually trying to cast big booty women in. For all I know Kwame could be on some Kim Kardashian & Ray J. ish. *picks up cell & calls Kwame D@mn he didn't pick up. *sighs Why can't he pick up? Hold up my cell phone is ringing.... *checks caller ID It's Kwame folks!

Hello Kwame.
When we going to f*ck?

Never ever, I have a question to ask you.
Yo yo yo yo I wanna f*ck you. When can I come see you?

Never ever, you don't know how to act. I am calling you to find out about your casting call. What type of pilot are you trying to shoot?
Alright, alright, alright it's like a cross between 'The Dave Chappelle Show' & 'Jackass'. I need some @#$% (women) with huge @sses to come through to be part of the pilot.

Alright Kwame I have one more question. I heard a rumor you may make an appearance in Mary J. Blige's 'Roses' video. Is there any truth to this rumor?
Well you know I went to boom, boom, boom, boom and bam, bam, bam, bam ... you know what I mean? Yo, yo, yo Q. you sexy I want to f*ck you. You like fat d......?

What I like is none of your business. I can tell you now; you have nothing I like remotely. I appreciate you calling me back and giving the information I needed goodnight. Thank you.
Alright, alright, alright goodnight Quanda.

If you are a legal adult and interested in auditioning, CLICK HERE to contact IT a.k.a. Kwame of 'I Love New York 2'. Oh and today The ELLE Word has an 'After Christmas' show @ 4pm Pacific Time/7pm Eastern Time.

Credit: Kats & God (I didn't cuss @ Kwame once, not that I can recall.)

A misguided Qmoment!

HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO, Merry Xmas! (Yes, there is twenty) *giggles

Well The Q. has some minor grocery shopping to do. I got to make the group introduction of these ladies short & sweet. An Anonymous commenter the other day informed us had the 'Rock of Love 2' beauties on display. I didn't go over to check it out. Frankly I'd already seen them in all their rocker glory, days ago. I've just been too lazy to post their photos. For those who haven't seen the latest women of 'Rock of Love' here you go:

Ambre the Procrastinator! She was in the mall this past weekend shopping.

Angelique the Stripper! I have a thing for strippers on reality television. She is a bizarre mixture of Charro and Ivana Trump. I love this b!tch!

Aubry the Seductress! She's the type that will sit on Santa's lap & make him forget to deliver gifts.

Catherine the Cougar! I fancy her & the hair. I can't wait for her to pounce on the cubs.

Court the Drunkard! Hell she missed the group shot. I heart her. On a social commentary note: Isn't it great to see an individual of Asian decent cast in something other than a martial arts flick? I mean d@mn; I rarely see individuals of Asian decent on television or at the movies. (Remember Russell Wong in 'New Jack City'? Oh that man could get it!)

Daisy the Bombshell! She reminds me of a Pamela Anderson mini me. As long as she stays clear of Kid Rock, we'll be all good.

Devanney the Blond! *sighs I know nothing else about her.

Destiney the Actress! She an aspiring actress and video vixen (not the Superhead variety folks). You can see more of her in the movie 'Georgia Rule' and Escape the Fate's video 'Situations'.

Erin the Folk Artist! It is nice to see a sister who says, 'I'll pass on the relaxer.' She may not smoke. However, her voice is smokin' hot.

Inna the Mystery! I don't know much about her. However, I believe she had sex with a cop in back of a pick up truck w/ trash. I am not sure about this though.

Jackie the Spice! She's a tattooed Italian who owns up to being a b!tch. I call that spicy.

Jessica the Brain! An astute blond who can run circles around the average when it comes to mathematical calculations.

Korie the Twin!I don't know this for a fact. But damn her and her sister Wendie look just a like. By the way, K-O-R-I-E is how she spells it on her MySpace. Until she tells me otherwise that is how I am going to spell it.

Kristy Joe the Bunny! Not Easter people... as in the Playboy variety, yep she posed and looked d@mn good doing it.

Meagan the Junkie! I am not saying the blond cutie indulges in drugs. I am typing she was a cast member of 'Beauty & The Geek 3'. Besides The Q. and Meagan sharing a possible addiction to reality television. We both love our animal print.

Missy the Southern Belle! She is not putting on a nice dress & picking up the dinner tab. I adore the southern drawl.

Niki the Free Spirit! The chick wore a skull & crossbones scarf tied with a ribbon for her photo. That's a free spirit to me.

Peyton the Rock Star! Sure a lot of these beezys love Rock 'n' Roll, but this babe lives it. The first pics I saw of her I thought Janis Joplin.

Roxy the Dancer! My girl puts the G in Groovin'! Besides eyes & smile a sparkle, she has a star personality.

Sara the Class! She won't approve my MySpace request. In her own words, "Not high maintenance, just high class."

DISCLAIMER: The nicknames given are not the ones given to them by Bret Michaels. (Does he even give them nicknames?)

Alright I am out of here to hit the grocery store. Wish me luck I need some collard greens. Oh and if you are a MySpace cruiser check out the 'Rock of Love 2' fan site CLICK HERE and add them.

And before they are removed check out Razz B of 'B2K' discussing his allegations about being molested by Chris Stokes on Reality On The Side.

Credit: VH1, Kitbit, GabriELLE & all of the ROL2 women

A rushed Qmoment!

While many of us are waiting for VH1's 'Rock of Love 2' to premiere January 13th, 2008. The life condition for the original 'Rock of Love' lovelies moves forward. Last week I linked Brandi & Kristia's 'Turning Japanese' YouTube video. They obviously didn't rub boobs for that brilliant idea. Are you wondering why? Of course you are! Brandi Lox has been rubbing boobs with none other than..... *drum rolls Chris Crocker. One of the several people who have gotten 'famous' off of the Internet by way of YouTube. I use the word famous loosely. When I think of famous I think of Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep, Sean Combs, Angela Bassett. But hey my definition may be distorted. Famous to me is when one's face & name is recognized in tens of millions of homes. In all fairness to the YouTube & reality celebs they rubbed boobs together for an awesome cause breast cancer awareness & The Breast Art exhibit. Check out the video if you are grown 18 years plus.

Oh my, I've forgot the purpose of this post. The Blogspot wants to wish one of the original 'Rock of Love' beauties the best of birthdays.

Happy Rockin' Birthday Brandi!!!
(Remember NO SEX in the champagne (CHAH-PAG-NEY) room!)

A Bday wish Qmoment!

Alright, so I know many of you are heartbroken over the airing of 'Rock of Love 2' before 'Flavor of Love 3'. It'll be okay. Sooner or later we'll get to see Flavor Flav play host with the most to 20 bootylicious women. I am telling y'all. I've seen them & many of them give JUNK in the TRUNK a whole new meaning. As I was typing the following came to mind: the series 'Rock of Love' & 'Flavor of Love' are parallel to T & A. One is a whole love of tits, the other a whole lot of @ss. *waves to Kitbit & AmbrianceNow one of our readers, Jorundi counted the number of 'Rock of Love 2' beezys in the group photo. Jorundi came up with 19 to be exact. No worries, there are 20 women trying to get Bret erect. (I'm awful. I know.) Courtney (missing beauty) was apparently too drunk to partake in the 'Rock of Love 2' group photo. *inhaling a Cheetos Puff Thanks Jorundi for the observation, I love The Blogspot reader! You all really rock. (Groovy Noodles and Bret would be proud.)

Do y'all like Karaoke? Do y'all know how to get to Little Rock? No silly not Little Rock, Arkansas! I am typing about Little Rock as in a club in Tarzana, California. It's Friday night and one of the 'Rock of Love 2' beauties is hosting 'Raging Karaoke'. It sounds like loads of fun if one likes to drink too much & makes a fool of themself. So if you are in the surrounding area of Tarzana, check it out and support Aubry.
The premiere of 'Rock of Love 2' airs January 13th on VH1 @ 9PM, check your local listing!

Credit: GabriELLE & Kitbit

A singin' out of tune Qmoment!

Mr. Rican is on the hunt again. He has recorded New York accepting her "Top Reality Villian of 2007" Award from Perez Hilton where New York talks about her MASCULINE personality and her TRANSitional stage... She also talks about NOT being pregnant and Tango not being able to afford McDonalds.(when did they have the time to go to McDonalds together?)
Next is a preview commercial for the I Love New York 2 Reunion Show which will air January 6th, 2008.
Oh yeah, and there is a preview to ROL2 for those who care...
Enjoy the videos...

New York and Perez

Rock of Love


Alright I'm a 'Rock of Love' fan. I really enjoyed the first season. The first episode of 'Rock of Love' is my all time favorite episode in the genre of 'Flavor of Love' and it's spin offs. It lost it's steam after Tiffany, Rodeo and the Bar-Bee Twins didn't receive their V.I.P. passes for me. I am hoping 'Rock of Love 2' will start out with a big bang and deliver consistently every Sunday afterwards. *waves to Kimberlyn & Tim

VH1 has released the 'Rock of Love 2' group shot. I see blonds. I see enhanced boobs. I see collagen. I see hair spray. I see a bandanna. OMG, I see black people. (It's a joke people, lighten up.) I am fully aware the 'Rock of Love' casted Dallas and ....
10 minutes later...

... what's her face Raven. Please someone confirm her name was Raven. Y'all know I am senile. 'Rock of Love 2' appears to have 3 black women this season. So those who complained about the lack of diversity last year will be overjoyed with the additional woman of color. Funny thing is I was content with Raven and Dallas last season. African Americans are approximately 13% of the population. So two was good in my mind. Actually if there had been none, I wouldn't have noticed. I wanted to see the women with or without melanin go head to head for Bret Michael's loins. *coughs I meant heart. *coughs

Rumor is we aren't getting 'Flavor of Love 3' until the end of the first quarter of 2008. It's blasphemy. *cries aloud VH1/ 51 Minds is so playing with my addiction. So it looks like 'Rock of Love 2' is going to be my methadone. Until I can get my hands on the real ish 'Flavor of Love 3'. Sunday, January 13th @ 9pm tune in for the premiere of 'Rock of Love 2'. Bret and 20 beauties are going to show us 'What's aahhh goin' aahhh on'.
*gives That's Hot the biggest hug

Credit: VH1

A rockin' Qmoment!

I have some quotes from buddha's myspace blog about the season finale, I want ya'll to read them and tell me if they don't sound like something tango would write,

This is what he said he told NY in Jamaica about Tailor made's true intentions,

"The night I was telling New York she was blind was primarily because I told her The Maid came on this show simply to conquer, by any means necessary, the One Black Woman that is in the hottest spot light in the nation right now simply to prove the superiority of him and those like him (take that how you want it). Given his lavish gifts he could of bought any simple-minded superficial model in Manhattan but instead he chose to come on nation television and buy YOU reiterating the propetual sterotype thinking that, "women of color are only worth the dollar you give them." She pretended to be understanding and worth more than the prices he put on her... keyword "pretended."

This motherfucker is taking some serious hater poison to come up with this shit.

"This is what he wrote about his feelings for Ny and why he went on the show,

"Was New York REALLY your type and Why did you REALLY go on the show?

Typically, New York is definitely NOT my type. As I'd said before, initially I went on the show because I prayed on it and God said "GO" so I went. After returning to the show, I agreed to go NOT for New York, but for ALL woman & men of color. I sought to show the viewers how a real man acts and interacts. I felt all that was left in the house without me were NOT the best representations of Kings (although most were truly GREAT guys)... regardless of what one bi-sexual bachleor hates on me, bench presses and the amount of creatine he digest... LOL!"

Sour Grapes anyone?

Finally What he would have done if she had picked him,

"After the night we had together and the way it ended, if she would of picked me I would have declined RIGHT THERE on the spot and NOT at the reunion. The Maid would have still taken her. Had our night NOT ended that way I would have NEVER left her based off of any of her actions she'd committed on the show. "

Buddha and Tango are Twins, I'm convinced of that

at least NY learned her lesson the first time and picked the right man this time


The Q. was going to go a different route with this post. However, DJ Bucky Blends e-mailed me with some lovely photos this morning. Now I know certain individuals like to claim Buck hates me. However, the truth is we are complaisant. Our counterinsurgency is yesteryear. So those who like to spread lies on The Q., keep lying. After all it is what you do best.

I haven't been up to my normal blogging self. The holidays are here along with the dreaded 'winter cleaning'. So if you don't catch me in the comments box, don't take it personal. I still love Groovy Noodles, GabriELLE, Babykin, Jane, Revenge, Lareigna, crazy @ss Shawn, Kats, Licious, Dorfam, SpeakNTruth, Aurelius, Pale Black Sheep, Misterballer, Jorundi, Ava, Mysty, Bubo the Hater, PimpBoy, Lee, Sanyo, Ponlork, 3pm, Blacknuts, Legend, ShakaZP, PGH Beauty Doll, Electra, Dana, Jessica, Irresistible Deliscious, Damien, Ivory, Kimberly, Miesha, Sapphire Tigress, Sawyers Stash, Mexirican, HalfnHalf, Jenny, Anonymouses (worldwide), Onix, Karlene, Solace & her staff, Jada, Your Mother, The Club Diva, Shaunna, Buddah the Messiah, James, D Loves Vegetables, "S", Mz. Shorty, Baby Girl, Luv, Coffey, Mischeif, Kelly Ann, Jena, Kitbit, Aanihaan and to all The Blogspot readers who read daily but skip the foolery in the comment box. We appreciate 98% of you, the Stans we could do without. If I left you out don't feel bad, I haven't had my coffee this fine morning or I dislike you.

Now on with the purpose of this post I recently acquired photos. This is especially for Babykin a.k.a. Mrs. Tailor Made. Once upon a time there was a man name George. He married a cutie pie named Nancy. Why the f*ck is she with the eLust of my life Whiteboy?

Oh yeah Whiteboy visited the 'I Love New York 2' mansion this season. He was part of the interrogation of Mr. Wise during the exes' episode. 51 Minds edited him out of the episode for some trifling @ss reason. Anyhow The Swagger Man himself was there but Jane and I didn't get to see him. Anyhow you remember all of the attractive exes and sisters, don't you?

Where was I? Once upon a time there was a man named George. He was really fine. So fine Babykin wished he was mine... (Freudian slip) wished he was hers. Before Baby knew him he married an island lass named Nancy.

They seemed oh so happy. George wanted to give his woman the finer things in life. So he worked and worked. He worked so much; it put a wrinkle in their love. Their eyes were no longer a twinkle.
Separated and waiting for divorce, George saw an outspoken chocolate maiden. He closed his eyes and visioned a love with her so amazin'.
Just his luck VH1 was taking applications. With only hope, he tried knowing they could be special, not some ole fabrication. VH1 saw something in him or maybe they didn't have a clue. Through thick or thin George was true & blue.
George was renamed Tailor Made by Sister Patterson who made him part of her 'Mama's Boys' crew. Beating out 19 other men even buying her 'out of sight' Manolo shoes . New York discovered their love was true.
Why the hell am I rhyming? Anyhow I hope this post helped you pass a few minutes by. I don't know why. However, the last picture brought tears to my eyes. I am not a 'fan' of New York like Mr. New York. However, I believe she's really found love. Beyond the make up, short dresses and wigs New York has a heart. It warms me to know through all that hot mess, she actually found something real on reality television. *hands Babykin a tissue Who would've thought it could be real? Do I love New York? I'll type I have love for her. It seems to me that Tailor Made a.k.a. George of 'I Love New York 2' sure in the hell does.
"I may be old. I may be ugly. I may look like a black Madonna. But I'm alive, dammit. I'm alive!" I sure do love 'The Color Purple'.

Credit: DJ Bucky Blends, Shawn & Anonymous Sources

An all warm a fuzzy Qmoment!

So people keep asking, "What is New York going to do after ILNY2 is over to make money?" I guess the answer is, "To act in real roles now." Mr. Rican of The Elle Word reported a few weeks ago that in Janurary New York would have a Role in the movie First Sunday starring, Ice Cube, Tracey Morgan and Katt Williams. Now Rican has followed up with the VH1 commercial of New York promoting her movie (I actually didn't see her at all in the movie clips, but whatever).

The second video........ Now, love her or hate her, Tiffany Pollard's "New York" Character has spark interest a few movie making minds. The director's wife of First Sunday explains why she chose New York for the role of a hair client in the movie.

The Preview

The Interview


The Q. is still reeling over the slap Sister Patterson gave Tailor Made. Did you notice Sister Patterson's hand print on the right side of his face? "DAAAAMN GINAAAAA!"

As usual VH1 has an awesome interview up. New York answers some serious questions that the 'I Love New York 2' fan and/or viewer wants to know. Here's a couple of questions:

What was it that finally helped you break out of Buddha’s uncontrollable pull?
I finally realized that he’d never bend at all. He was so strong and I just knew if I picked somebody like that, we would’ve fought a lot. I don’t think it would’ve been a healthy relationship, and I think we woulda broke up before the reunion show could have even aired. I just knew that tussling back and forth with him over and over again was just gonna end in disaster.

But you said you loved him. I mean, you said you loved both of them.
Looking back on it six months later, I loved Tailor Made and I lusted for Buddha. I think I got caught up on his looks so and certain things he would say and gun picking me up and all of that sort of stuff. I definitely think it was a lust thing.

Now if I were you, I'd click here and read the rest of this great interview @ VH1. Now, I don't know about y'all but didn't you like the last dress New York was wearing during the 'I Love New York 2' finale? I sure in the hell did. Oh and don't even start asking for a recap. Our friend Jessica has one up I believe click here to visit her site.

Credit: VH1 & Kimberlyn

A finale Qmoment!

'D' here. (Can you say finally?). Hope you all enjoyed the Recap episode of the season. It's about that time again. Time for another reality-tv-dating-show finale! I know, I know, exciting. First off, I want to say thank you to Elle. You made my day by posting the spoiler to New York's decision yesterday. For most of you Blogspot readers, like myself, were too anxious to find out who New York picked in the Finale episode of "I Love New York 2". You just couldn't help yourself, could ya?

Well folks, its been a tough road to get to this day. Let's have a recap, shall we?

First, we start off after The Surreal Life and Strange Love, in which Flavor Flav met and dated
European star Bridgette Nielson. He got the chance to have his own show, featuring 20 different women, including New York, called "The Flavor of Love".

In the end of the season, Flav ended up choosing another woman, leaving New York heart broken in 2nd place. But that didn't stop her! On the 2nd season, "The Flavor of Love 2", New York was firstly brought back as a special guest to help Flav with eliminations for that night. He ended up reminiscing about old times and letting her back in
the competition. Then Flav picked once again another woman, leaving New York, once again in 2nd place. Feeling her pain, the producers at VH1 and 51 Minds decided to give the girl we now knew formally as Tiffany Pollard her own show, humorously, but ingeniously titled, "I Love New York". (I find this humorous because of it's name. Ya know how those popular souvenir shirts have I ♥ NY on Not funny, eh? Aghh...*sigh*...Tough crowd).

Anyways, back to the recap. Where was I? Oh yea, ok. So New York gets her own show, and gets to have 20 men of her own. With the help of her "mom", Sister Patterson, she picks a man named Tango. He eventually leaves her at the reunions special, saying she disrespected him and his mother. (I mean hey, that's her fault. He has pride and he stuck with it, unless he was just there for TV and needed another excuse to admit it and not be with her. Who knows?).

Heart broken yet for a third time, the producers decides to give her a second season of the show, in which aired two months ago, on October 8th, earlier this year. She had another set of men [20] in her house, 5 of which were voted on by fans around the nation. Sister Patterson and her professional counselor (finally she went to seek some professional help!) helped her throughout her 4th reality-television-dating-show-journey.

We've seen it all, and now it's down to the final 2, Buddha (the tall, b!*chy, argumentative, one in which will not let NY be the "man" in the relationship. She is strongly annoyed at times by him but cannot seem to get over him) and Tailor Made (a.k.a. the snitch, the short one everyone hates with passion. He showers NY with gifts, but I really think NY is into him, not just for the money or gifts. Alright...maybe the gifts have something to do with it.). Was I too harsh on that bundle of facts, quotes, and opinions? Oh well. Who wins? Find out tonight at 9pm on VH1! (or, just, you know, click here for a spoiler, perhaps?)

Well Pretty has blogged away to let us know how he feels. However, I need to add something that the reader should know. I've spoken with several of the cast members. Allegedly Buddha of 'I Love New York 2' has requested a couple of his mansion mates to lie for him in regards to the Pretty rumor. The ones I know of have declined to lie on PUNK a.k.a. David & cover for Buddha. One of the individuals Buddha allegedly called to make the request is none other than the person he claims is spineless. LOL! My sources have confirmed Buddha is the one who started the 'Pretty is gay' rumor. The Q. was not in the house. So I don't know for sure. However, I just don't think these men are lying to me on this one. Now on with Pretty's recent blog....

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Breaking Silence...


Aye !!!!!!

What's good to all my family (both through BLOOD and those of you who I have chosen as extended family, by being such great dedicated FANS).

It's been two months since the premiere of I Love New York 2; I haven't said much nor have I offered many words or thoughts as to this season of the show. I feel the time is right for me to break silence and for just a few minutes…this may get "PRETTY" ugly…


If you will allow me to, let me first begin by saying this BLOG is dedicated to my FANS…not HATERS. If you are easily offended or feel that my words are harsh…

SO MUTHER FUCKING BE IT…and that's real talk! The time is long overdue for me to speak out about the REAL two-faced PUNK from this season of I Love New York …In the event that anyone reading this doesn't know who or what I am talking about, I am speaking about David Otunga aka New York's Punk, that bitch ass, cowardly, cobra looking ass nicca, who prides himself on being "a young professional that has a law degree from Harvard"…. SO MUTHER FUCKING WHAT!!!

Webster defines the word PUNK as:
A.) NOUN: 1archaic : prostitute2[probably partly from 3punk] : nonsense, foolishness3 a: a young inexperienced person : beginner, novice; especially : a young man b: a usually petty gangster, hoodlum, or ruffian cslang : a young man used as a homosexual partner especially in a prison
B.) ADJECTIVE: 1: very poor :
inferior punk game>

So by definition, we can all see what really makes one a PUNK… But then again, who needed the dictionary to inform us of what PUNK means when all of you have sat and watched for yourselves.

FYI: per the PUNK's exit interview on VH1's website, he, in a nut shell, goes on a rampage to speak ill about Budda and I. In my opinion, it is only a cowardly man that can not stand the pressure of him looking like a fool (since he was SO SURE he was not going home last Monday night) and tries to bring attention to others from the show.

His official exit interview can be viewed here:

PUNK, unsuccessfully, attempts to redirect any and ALL negative attention surrounding his character/true being onto others, myself included, which isn't, in my opinion, cool for one who prides himself on being a "friend".
The fact of the matter is this; New York knew what she was doing when she named all 20 guys this season; it was with reason that she named David "Punk"…tight, skinny jeans; weird jelled hair…nuff said. I guess MIDGET MAC said it best when he called him "TIGHT MIKE"…be sure to tune in to the I Love New York 2 Reunion Show to see it LOL.

If you guys can recall, PUNK and I were Sister Patterson's "Mama's Boys"; from the gate this automatically made us roommates. Although Buddha was not one of the "Mama's Boys", we got along with him, discovered common interests and formed "the Distinguished Gentlemen" (not to mention we were the only remaining three African American contestestants for this season). Because Buddha, PUNK and I are all from financially stable, educationally driven and family oriented backgrounds, we decided to establish, what I thought was to be, a "friendship that could go far behind a game/show to grow and to develop into a lasting BROTHERHOOD".

During this time, Buddha, PUNK and I were all up front about situations in the house, ranging from people we thought were there for television to the way each of us thought we were more worthy of New York's love. Point blank, we were MEN about it, honest in our positions while having professional, gentlemen-like conversations with no altria motives…well at least for Buddha and I…after watching the show, it appears that this was not true in PUNK's case.

Sticking to the facts: If you've watched this season and are or were a TRUE fan, it would be accurate to say that almost every incident in the house was instigated or commented on by PUNK, all the while PUNK continued to play the role of "friend" to many (now the Maid did the same thing but he wasn't trying to be a friend or "act" friendly and he gets respect for that). I can only speak for myself, not for any of the other fellas, when saying I feel that this was a PUNK ass move on his part. I'll take this time to speak directly to you David/PUNK…you are truly living up to YOUR name…milk it for all its worth!

At the point of the show when Tailor Made (the Maid) decides to start a rumor about me and I move all his shit out of the room, it was YOU, the PUNK, who was right there helping me do it. At this point in time, you pretended to be a "friend" and was upset about "the Maids" behavior... Character Trait Call Out 1: the PUNK was not going to go and throw "the Maids" stuff out alone unless he had help doing it….

The PUNK says," I believe Pretty has something to hide and that's why he's leaving", or something to that effect. Go back and watch Episode 7 (when I leave New York): Buddha, the PUNK, and I were in the room when "the PUNK" says, "Dude, we have your back on whatever you decide." At this point, I had only told both Buddha and the PUNK, "my brothers", exactly what Sister Patterson and New York asked my sister. Not being a man about his shit, PUNK plays the "friend card", but then dogs me in his confessional. Character Trait Call Out 2

The entire time we filmed the I Love New York 2 Reunion Show, "the PUNK" knew he was about to be confronted by Buddha yet he was without words the entire time…shucked LOL. Everyone noticed it from the Production Crew down to the cast; they all asked him what was wrong and why he wasn't really talking much.

The time came when Buddha had the opportunity to front him. I even had the opportunity to say my peace but there again; the PUNK didn't say shit to me about the situation. In fact, during the production, he was more concerned with asking me "how law school was going for the semester…" Then when Buddha fronts his ass on the set, he apologizes again because he knows he was bout to get dusted!

Now mind you, the PUNK has said a lot of stuff about Buddha and if you visit Buddha's page you can read his blog on the PUNK. Buddha's a grown ass man and can hold his own. My point of bringing it up is because the PUNK is trying to end/put a dent in our TRUE friendship/brotherhood; we formed The Distinguished Gentlemen in an effort to avoid the bullshit and eliminate the back stabbing, lying, and acting like a PUNK ASS COWARD…

For the record, Buddha and I are TRUE friends; we have both decided to disassociate ourselves with the PUNK and because of this… PUNK has been booted from The Distinguished Gentlemen's Tour.

Now enough about the PUNK…. Everything that I wanted to say is off of me, hopefully I will NOT have to go down this road again but hey if so it's all GOOD!!! Remember if you are offended or don't like what I said about the PUNK then don't come back and read any of my blogs; this is for my true fans and supporters!!!

And for all you haters out there remember, I am PRETTY but I damn sho aint no PUNK!!!!

Well I for one don't have time to think about Pretty beyond the scope of 'I Love New York 2'. However, when one is on a reality show people are going to talk & blog about the show's cast. It is the way of things. Do I know that Pretty is heterosexual or not? NO! Have I heard people think or claim that he is gay? Yes, I have. We may never know one way or the other. With that typed Pretty is an intelligent, handsome young man who has big things ahead of him. After 'I Love New York 2' is aired & 'Rock of Love 2' and/or 'Flavor of Love 3' is our new blogging focus, the life condition continues.
BTW what the hell is a true fan? Is that suppose to be an individual who is to swallow everything you feed them? Is that an individual who cannot form their own opinions? Does a true fan have to agree with everything you do, say or type? *just wondering

Credit: Pretty a.k.a. Rikado & Derrick Blanks (photos)

A pretty Qmoment!

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