The Q. doesn't know what it is to be famous & never will. However, New York is getting her fair dose of it. Last night New York & her alleged fiance Tailor Made a.k.a. George ran into a locus swarm of paparazzi. Apparently the 'I Love New York 2' couple were enjoying themselves in Miami, FL @ SET. While exiting the night club New York cussed @ the paparazzi taking pictures of her. She could've been pie-eyed. *doubts the paparazzi have breathalyzers on hand Not that it matters New York & the 'I Love New York 2' winner left in yellow taxi. Babykin a.k.a. Mrs. Tailor Made would be proud of the way Tailor Made escorted his lady love into the car. Click here to view with your own eyes.

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A TMZ Qmoment!


  1. Bubo the Hater // 31/12/07 3:08 PM  

    As I have mexed feeling on Buddah. I do have some hate for Buddah, but he also seems at times like a decent guy. I appreciate the fact that he is headstrong and didn't lay down for New York's ugly ass.

    Tailor Made was what she wanted, some fool to give her what she wants and treat her bettere than she deserves.

    She had 2 choices, a strong person who would not back down or a guy who would treat her quite well and basically act like her mother does.

  2. Jada // 31/12/07 3:51 PM  

    Buddha ain't strong, he's ignorant and as selfish as New York. That doesn't make a person strong. The fact that he didn't give in to New York doesn't make him a decent person, it just means he didn't back down to her. It doesn't take strength to be a selfish arrogant asshole.... Judging from his father, he's got that honest.

    Buddhais an ignorant hypocritical bully - I'm glad he didn't win, not because I think New York deserves better, but because nothing makes me happier than to see a person with such an entitlement complex not get what they were after (to win the show, not necessarily NY, because she ain't no prize).

  3. Bubo the Hater // 31/12/07 11:37 PM  

    Perhaps you have som epoints. He may be more arrogant and stubborn. He was right on a lot of issues with NY, especially about falling in love in 3 weeks!. Punk was indeed a Punk, telling her he loves her. Even the winners of these shows lose.

  4. Jada // 1/1/08 2:07 PM  

    LOL, you are sooo right. Punk was also very ridiculous. I respect Buddha's "hell naw I ain't in love with you" over punk's tearful confession of love...

    *cue violins*

  5. Buddah Tha Messiah // 1/1/08 7:00 PM  

    Awwww, but Buddha did say he was in love with her at the final elimination. He turned out to be the biggest fool of them all, because it backfired and he was left with his feet burning a hole in that sand.

  6. Anonymous // 2/1/08 3:22 PM  

    For someone to be so mad at the paparazzi for taking her pictures, she sure does like cheezing for the cameras. I guess it's because she's not getting paid for those pap pics.

  7. If you want to call me Baby just go ahead now... // 2/1/08 10:57 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  8. If you want to call me Baby just go ahead now... // 2/1/08 10:58 PM  

    I had to change my name, clearly...

  9. Anonymous // 3/1/08 12:13 AM  

    you need to change your last name also soon

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