Candace Cabrera has a new lingerie shoot out. More at Cutie Central.

VH1 superstar meets NFL superstar as Hoopz and Chad Ochocinco share a photoshoot for Urban ink

Still a while before the Final 3 is presented on For the love of Ray J 2.
But thanks to 'Matic, I present the For the love of Ray J finalists on Bourgy.

When you look at who's left on For the love of Ray J, you really have to suppose Platinum could go all the way on FTLORJ2.

I have no spoiler info, but Heartbreaker is annoying, Luscious smashed the homey, Mz Berry is too emotional and Caliente has no chance, in my opinion.

Picture above is Platinum celebrating her birthday with Luscious of 'For the love of RAY J 2'

Yeah Danger has mental problems, yeah she has a baby-daddy who seems hardly around, yeah she's unlikely to ever get her own VH1 show; but she sure can rock a bald-head.


Not sure where V1 is going with this. Pepa doesn't appear to be that exciting and neither do her friends.
But, who knows, maybe it might spring a surprise like 'The T.O. Show'

Fantasia on VH1
Fantasia's teeth is fantastic.

Anyways, Fantasia has a new show on VH1 premiering January 11th

Danger - For the love of Ray J
Plagued by accusations and rumors after her detention at a psychiatric facility, Monica 'Danger' Leon (For the love of Ray J) speaks to VH1 on post partum depression and her battles.

The reports suggest that you then snapped, shaved your head and were admitted to a mental institution. Is that how it happened?

People think there was a big thing where I was violent and angry, but that didn’t happen. I was very depressed. I was crying and very sad. I have no support. I have no family support. I have no financial support. I’ve never felt loved.

Two VH1 starlets have made it on Cutie Central's Top 50 Cuties of 2009 list.
Check it out.

You told Ray before you were eliminated that you were “trying to make this something real.” What was that in response to?

It was in response to what I was seeing in the house. A lot of people were playing a game. They were putting on a show for the cameras. I was trying to show Ray: forget the cameras, I’m trying to get to know you. I wasn’t out to feel on him in the hot tub and then forget about him. I didn’t want to be another Cocktail: go through the motions, and then we don’t end up as anything. I wasn’t there for fun – I wanted to make something out of it.

Jaguar exit interview...

VH1 reality tv celebrities partied in Jersey recently.
12 Pack was the DJ for the event.

Ok, so I thought the blog was over, but I can't give it up just yet.
So, let's begin anew with Paradeez of 'For the love of Ray J'

It's the end; for now.

The Blogspot will move to another domain, eventually; but until then, come hang with me at (Where less is more.)

Much love to Jorundi, Groovy, Jane, Dana, Electra, Pale Black Sheep, H8ter, Pimpboy and Shawn especially.
And much thanks to Gabrielle, Irre and Mr New York.

Vh1 announced the cancellation of I Love Money 3.

We’re sad to announce that the fate of both Megan Wants a Millionaire and I Love Money 3 have been determined: both have been canceled and will not make it to air.

Now asks if the winner's prize money should be paid

ryan jenkins found dead
Ryan Jenkins has been found DEAD in a Canadian motel of apparent suicide.

Jasmine Fiore and the culture of celebrity

Ryan Jenkins received $5200 for I Love Money 3

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lacey- I Love Money 3
I Love Money 3 contestant Lacey confirms Ryan Jenkins was on the show and says VH1 will not air the season.

I Love Money 3 canceled...

Ryan Jenkins

Breaking News: I Love Money 3 canceled

TMZ is reporting murder suspect Ryan Jenkins won I Love Money 3, putting that series in immediate jeopardy.
VH1 has already canceled scheduled airings of Megan Wants A Millionaire and sources say all contestants have been told not to speak to the media.

The news that Ryan is the ILM3 winner remains unconfirmed and a comment from a family friend suggests it was a lie told to the victim Jasmine Fiore.
It was also revealed that Jasmine's mother had recently come into money and this may have been the motive behind the shotgun marriage.

The two reportedly married after a courtship lasting two days.

More at

Ryan Jenkins

KTLA names Ryan Jenkins as a person of interest in the murder investigation of playboy rep, Jasmine Fiore whom he married earlier this year.

Megan Wants A Millionaire murder suspect, Ryan Jenkins

jessica white dating Terrell Owens
Supermodel Jesica White is dating Terrell Owens. Watch her sensational debut on tonight's episode of The TO Show on VH1.

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Classy: Real Chance Of Love 2

More of Classy at

Cocktail has actress potential.

Why Shaun's (Megan Wants A Millionaire) debit card declined.

True Blood Season 2 Episode 8

Junk (Real Chance Of Love 2)

megan wants a millionaire
Find out which two are eliminated on Megan Wants a Millionaire Ep 2

Tool Academy Cast
The second season of Tool Academy rolls into the tv guides on August 31st.

Go to for a bigger picture of the cast and comment...

People can say whatever, I like Junk

Bay Bay Bay Married

I thought Bay Bay Bay was lying until I saw this pic yesterday.

Monica Danger Leon Pregnant
I guess there is no doubting Danger's pregnancy now.

She's also casting for male co-host for her radio show.

Megan Hauserman

Megan Hauserman, out on the town.


Lorena: True Blood
Catch Jess' recap of Episode 7 of True Blood: Season 2

Sharon pours wine on Megan Hauserman

The Megan Wants A Millionaire premiere was last night.(Click the link to comment)

Kelsey - Rock Of Love Tattoo
Kelsey - Rock Of Love Tattoo
Kelsey (Rock Of Love Bus) has new tattoos.

[Credit: Charles]

Risky: Charm School 3 winner

Risky is taking this Ebony thing seriously. Today she twittered for help on removing or covering the tattoo she got for Chance on Real Chance Of Love.

Picture of the Stallionette tattoo

Here's what happens on the Finale elimination of Charm School 3 (As told to me by Ignacio)
Highlight from here...

She basically breaks down when Ricki says she connected with her speech. She reveals in her speech that her brother is in jail for doing something to the person who molested her when she was younger. It wasn’t easy for her to say it.

Risky didn’t wanna tell her mom things about her step father because she didn’t want her mother to be hurt and feel like it was her fault. Marcia too, admits she had similar issues with her stepfather and never told her mother. She (Marcia) only sees her mom once a year so it was a shock to her that VH1 got her mom to come to the US for the Finale. Lala says all the 3 girls are her role models. Umm. Ashley’s son is super cute. . That’s all I’m gonna say. LOL

... to here.

Daisy De La Hoya

After eliminating 12 Pack, it's down to Flex and London on the Daisy Of Love Finale.
In the end Daisy picks the person who's just like her, a loser. And selects London as the winner of Daisy Of Love

More on Bourgy.

The drama begins.

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Alicia Tully Jensen-Sabato

Tully Jensen-Sabato stars in VH1's latest reality series, 'My Antonio'.
Catch her '89 Playboy cover on Bourgy.

christi shake - my antonio
Christi Shake (My Antonio) is Miss May 2002

More pictures at Bourgy

Felisha Terrell -ex girlfriend of Terrell Owens
Felisha Terrell -ex girlfriend of Terrell Owens
Felisha Terrell, ex girlfriend of 'TO Show' star, Terrell Owens

Pretty good effort from Flavor Flav


More pictures of Brittanya and Daisy at Bourgy

Cali - Real Chance Of Love

Cali is still keeping her name alive.

Terrell Owens - The TO Show

VH1's latest reality series, The TO Show debuts next week, July 20th.
View the TO Show Supertrailer

Serious - Flavor Of Love

Vote at Bourgy in the great debate. Flavor Of Love v Rock Of Love, which series produced the bigger stars.

Cocktail- I Love Money 3

Breaking News: I Love Money 3 canceled


Big Rig
Ryan Jenkins
Mr.Wise (Spoke to Mr Wise's camp and they deny he's part of the cast)

The Most Likelys:

Lil Hood

The “Maybe’s”:

Midget Mac

[Courtesy: Khi]

The Megan Wants A Millionaire Supertrailer is up.

Comment on Bourgy, if you like.

Hot Wings - Real Chanc Of Love 2
Pictures of the Real Chance Of Love 2 Girls at
(Hot Wings pictured)

Cast Pictures for Real Chance Of Love 2 and Megan Wants A Millionaire

Bootz is back; won't be long before she is rolling that neck on 'I Love Money'

More of Bootz on Bourgy...

Shay 'Buckeey' Johnson is back with a bang.
Cutie Central has the pictures...

Audi- Megan Wants A Millionaire

Megan Wants A Millionaire premieres August 2nd
Megan’s millionaire suitors will compete in challenges ranging from going head to head in a high roller Las Vegas tournament to shelling out money in a date auction. Whoever wins the challenge, will win a date with Megan. But, it won’t just be any date. The millionaires will be given the chance to “upgrade” their date. How about driving Megan to dinner in an Aston Martin, instead of an Escalade? Or why not take a helicopter ride to Catalina Island instead of the ferry? One by one, Megan will eliminate the guys who can’t shell out the dough, until the ultimate millionaire is left.

See the cast of Megan Wants A Millionaire on

Daisy of Love's Fox's girlfriend looks a helluva lot like Feisty, no?

Cocktail-Ray J-Break-Up
Cocktail reveals the truth behind the Ray J break-up

Just like any other relationship we took it day by day. We would hang out, have fun, laugh, share stories, and watch TV. Over time as we got to know each other more and more he would tell me things and often times they would hurt my feelings. I guess the brutal truth about him not being exclusive with me and still ‘hooking up’ with girls made me realize that it wasn’t going to work. I hate feeling like I failed and let’s be real no woman likes to quit a relationship so I tried to stick it out. I wanted to be his only one not just his number one.

After awhile Ray eventually realized that I was truly genuine and sat me down to tell me that we were not going to work
out. Then the Season 2 bomb was dropped on me. What makes me mad is that I asked him if there was going to be a season 2 and he lied to my face. He sweet talked me both times I asked. Aside from that, the breaking point was when we went on tour. He didn’t come back to the room at night and I heard the whispers about him being in other rooms with girls. It made me mad because he knew he could be honest with me but he chose not to be. At this point, I emotionally checked out.


Don't know what to think about Hoopz being interviewed by lesbians.
Cocktail (Joanna Hernandez) Nude

cocktail and ray j

After announcing casting begins for For The Love Of Ray J 2, Cocktail blogs on her break-up with Ray J

Bootz Baby

Larissa 'Bootz' Aurora releases first baby picture on her Twitter

Joe Jonas follows Justin Timberlake's footsteps and dances to Beyonce's Single Ladies

Myammee - Blackmen Magazine

Myammee Blackmen magazine Photoshoot

Cali seems to be everywhere of late; now we know what Micah meant by 'she's an industry chick'; uh hmmmn...

Cristal 'Serious' Steverson deserves a hook-up on her own; if only because of the many nights I've woke up in a sweat after dreaming about her.

(Nahhh, clan your mind; we were running a marathon, together)

Anyways, here's Cristal's Twitter; and here's a compilation video.

Video brought to me by CJ, my girlfriend in a previous life.

Not that this is or, but we get a fair amount of traffic here that we should do the unselfish thing and share it around.
Ok, maybe I exaggerated by adding

Anyways, here are a few sites you should check out. (I can't lie. I only visited this site because one of the admins, Cybthis, is an absolute knockout. But, having gone there, it's pretty interesting.) (A bourgy reader, and she doesn't seem to update her site a lot. But, I like her reaction to the Sexy Spec controversy on her YouTube video)

Claudette Jameson
(I like this site because she's a girl who's been through some really hard times and come through it. Beautiful girl, too.)

Bourgy Twitter (I don't twit as much as I ought, but if you love me, you'll add me)

Finally, if you've been around this block since like forever; you'll know I fell out with the original contributors to this site.
Well one of my ex-mates had a death in the family, so condolences to her.

Hoopz Sextape
Another snippet released from the Hoopz tape

brittanya nude
HQ pic of Brittanya at

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