Not that this is or, but we get a fair amount of traffic here that we should do the unselfish thing and share it around.
Ok, maybe I exaggerated by adding

Anyways, here are a few sites you should check out. (I can't lie. I only visited this site because one of the admins, Cybthis, is an absolute knockout. But, having gone there, it's pretty interesting.) (A bourgy reader, and she doesn't seem to update her site a lot. But, I like her reaction to the Sexy Spec controversy on her YouTube video)

Claudette Jameson
(I like this site because she's a girl who's been through some really hard times and come through it. Beautiful girl, too.)

Bourgy Twitter (I don't twit as much as I ought, but if you love me, you'll add me)

Finally, if you've been around this block since like forever; you'll know I fell out with the original contributors to this site.
Well one of my ex-mates had a death in the family, so condolences to her.


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