MTV has reached agreement with Paul D for first option on a Jersey Shore spinoff.
Rumors are agreement will soon be reached for another spinoff featuring JWoww and Snooki.

VH1 is already shooting footage for the controversial series which looks at the wives and daughters of Brooklyn and Staten Island mobsters.

Mob Wives is expected to air in April.

Bad Girls Club 6 premieres January 10th on Oxygen.

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Catch the trailer for Basketball Wives 2

I Love Money 4 star Hot Wings

I Love Money 4 Trailer

I Love Money 4 Premiere

Knight admits to taking the pills and Jemmye and Knight are still together following revelations on the Real World New Orleans Reunion Show spoilers

Watch the Jersey Shore Season 2 Fight between JWoww and Sammi.

And Jersey Shore Season 3 Spoilers

Hot Wings On I Love Money 4
See who joined Hot Wings On I Love Money 4 in the never before seen I Love Money 4 Trailer.


After one episode, Morgan of Bad Girls Club Miami is replaced by Kayleigh?

And who runs Miami now? Bad Girls Club or Jersey Shore?

Catya Washington
Season 5's Bad Girls Club has a major hottie in Ms Cat aka Catya Washington

erica Kenny of Ochocinco The Ultimate Catch
Don't Click the Picture if you are at work or at church!!!
Pictures of Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch Girl Ericka Kenny on

And the Episode 2 of Ultimate Catch recap is up too.

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For The Love Of Ray J girl Caviar, aka Bethany Benz, has a p.orn video out with Bang Bros of Bang Bus fame.

Ochocinco The Ultimate Catch
Catch the recap of the Premiere of Ochocinco The Ultimate Catch on

 Brittanya - Rock of Love Bus
VH1's hottie of hotties, Brittanya O'Campo is Miss July 2010 in Curvehouse Magazine.

And check out Playboi's uncensored (You know what that means) video of her from Rock Of Love Bus.

Hoopz on vacation in the Bahamas
Flavor of Love's original winner, Hoopz took a lot of pictures on her vacation in the Bahamas isles.

Bourgy has the Hoopz pictures

Butt looks good, legs look great.

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bill and Sookie
True Blood Season 3 debuted last night and Bourgy has the recap of the Premiere Episode.

Gia on You're Cut off

You're Cut Off Premiere Recap

Vh1's Dad Camp on Bourgy.

Basketball Wives
Tonight sees the final episodes of Season 1 of What Chilli Wants and Basketball Wives.
Cath the spoiler links below...

Basketball Wives Finale spoilers

What Chilli Wants Finale

This June, VH1 premieres the second season of The T.O. Show and the first season of Chad Ochocinco's 'The Ultimate Catch'

TMZ reports Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada has filed a lawsuit against NBA player Ricky Davis' wife, Vanessa Davis seeking $15000 in damages.

The suit alleges Vanessa Davis called her a drunkard, a prostitute and a hoe on a blog and hacked into her email and published topless pictures of her online.

Evelyn Lozada
This week on Basketball Wives, Evelyn Lozada confronts her stalker, Vanessa Davis, wife of NBA basketball player, Ricky Davis

Myammee and Buckeey

Pictures of Myammee and Buckeey as they host a party in an Atlanta Nightclub

Bourgy has a preview of the new VH1 reality series, 'Dad Camp' and the cast might be the best on VH1 since Flavor Of Love 2.

Evelyn Lozada: Basketball Wives
Basketball Wives Episode 3 Recap

Matt Barnes (Gloria Govan's fiance) speaks about his disgust for Basketball Wives

Bret Michaels hospitalized reports Celebrity Apprentice star Bret Michaels was hospitalized Thursday night after a massive brain hemorrhage.

Evelyn Lozada
Basketball Wives has been full of drama after just two episodes. We had Royce Reed twerking and booty-popping at the Superbowl bash.

There was Shaunie confronting the sister of the the girl who slept with her husband. And now it's been taken to a new level with leaked topless pictures of breakout star, Evelyn Lozada

This week Mario admits he cheated on Christina and Dennis and Simone have an almighty argument.

Read the Tough Love Couples recap on Bourgy.

I remember the days when doing VH1 was enough. But alas, VH1 lost its flavor, so to speak, and now I pretty much recap anything that fancies me, or the readers of the blog.

So, now we're doing recaps of The Challenge: Fresh Meat 2

Reports say Shaq has promised to shut down VH1 show Basketball Wives if his marriage to the show's producer, Shaunie O'Neal is discussed.

Brittanya O'Campo cheek piercing
Brittanya O'Campo's clock must have stopped because her fifteen minutes is going on and on and on.

Bourgy has video of Brittanya's latest photo-shoot

Bootz births second baby
Flavor of Love girl Bootz gives birth to a baby boy.

That's... not normal.

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Basketball Wives cast
This Sunday switch to VH1 for the premiere of Basketball Wives.

The cast is filled with the wives and ex-wives of superstars including Jennifer Williams (wife of Eric Williams), Evelyn Lozada (ex-fiancĂ© of Antoine Walker), Mesha O’Neal (wife of Jermaine O’Neal), Royce Reed, Faith Rain (Udonis Haslem’s girlfriend) and Shaunie O’Neal (wife of Shaquille O’Neal)

It was close on the Finale of Celebrity Fit Club, but Jay McCarroll won the individual challenge but his team lost the overall prize to the Blue Team.

More of the Celebrity Fit Club Finale here.

Tremendous episode of Sober House on Thursday.
Read the Sober House recap on Bourgy.

This Tuesday on Oxygen at 10/9c it's another episode of Love Games Bad Girls Need Love Too: Rhythm Method

Feisty Nude

Feisty poses in Playboy.

Sober House 2 Episode 3 recap

Brandy and Ray J's A Family Business debuts April 11th on VH1

Tough Love Couples comes to VH1 soon.

What Chilli Wants premiere April 11th

Kari Ann Peniche Threesome with Eric Dane
Gotta watch Sober House 2 tonight. On this episode, the suggestion is made that Mindy McCready - who now lives at Kari Ann Peniche's house - may be the person who leaked her threesome tape with Eric Dane and his wife after Kari Ann tried to evict her.

Of course Kari Ann Peniche is a nut, so who knows.
More at Bourgy later.

Cathy and Frank on the Basement Affair Finale

From the picture above it appears Cathy makes it all the way to the Basement Affair Finale.

Cathy Nardone: Frank the Entertainer in A Basement Affair
So she did the nasty with Frank, and now she's been featured on

Cathy Nardone Picture gallery

Kendra Jade Rossi star in VH1's Sober House 2

Punk I Love New York
Punk returns to reality television as SyFy debuts it's reality wrestling show today.

Angelo - Tool Academy
A new set of tools, including women are enrolled at the Tool Academy mansion.
Josh has a great recap of the Tool Academy Premiere on Bourgy.

Mz Berry and Ray J together? has an interview with Mz Berry where she states she and Ray J are just freinds.

mz berry of for the love of ray j at the reunion show
An ex boyfriend of Mz Berry's say they had sex after For the love of Ray J ended.

Tonight's For the love of Ray J Reunion Show is perhaps the best ever. Certainly the ending is the BEST EVER!
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Tanisha: Celebrity Fit Club
Celebrity Fit Club 7 is back with perhaps the best cast ever. Bobby Brown, Tanisha, K-Fed, Shar Jackson, Sebastian Bach, etc. has the Celebrity Fit Club Supertrailer.

Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business
Having picked Mz Berry as the winner of 'For the love of Ray J 2', Ray J isn't letting up.
This April he returns to VH1 with sister, Brandy, on a new reality show, Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business

You told him you were in love with him.

I really felt like I was falling for him. I fell for him pretty hard. I believe that Ray and I would have left and been together [if we stayed in contact]. I believe it would have been a very strong relationship. I’m interested to see what happens when we do get back together. But you know, life happens. I told Ray that no matter how you put it out there, even though this was a show, love is a very powerful energy. It’s very strong. If you put that word and energy out in the universe that that’s what you want, when it comes to you, you have to be willing to accept it. I’m sure he wasn’t expecting this to come from a TV show, but neither was I. It’s very hard for him to reconcile his feelings for me because this came at him in such an unconventional way.

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Ray J picks Mz Berry as the winner of For the love of Ray J, leaving Platinum in tears. (That's what you get for selling out your friend, I guess)

Luscious and Heartbreaker at the For the love of Ray J 2 Reunion Show
For The Love Of Ray J Reunion
For The Love Of Ray J Reunion
For The Love Of Ray J Reunion
For The Love Of Ray J Reunion

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