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Best part is when she raps/sings 'I'm far from Bourgy'

Corn Fed of Real Chance Of love.jpg
Tomorrow Chance and Real eliminate one girl each to leave themselves with a Final 2 for the Real Chance Of Love Finale. To learn which Girl is eliminated, drag your mouse between 'Real' and 'Chance', below.

Real MILF & RABBIT Chance


If you want to know the winner of Rock of Love Charm School 2, drag your mouse between the two names below.

Sharon Osbourne Brandi M Riki Rachtman

Vote for VH1 Reality Show Of The Year and much more at

President Bush may have dodged the shoe, but Press Secretary received a black-eye from a loose microphone following the incident.
She calls it her shoevenir. Who says Republicans are stuff-shirts?


Download Episode 9 of Real Chance Of Love - Meet the Parents

megan-hauserman-hair-after attack-on-charm-school-reunion-show.jpg
TMZ has published photos of the injury to Megan Hauserman's scalp after the hair-tugging attack by host Sharon Osbourne on the Charm School 2 Reunion Show.

More at Bourgy...

Megan Hauserman has filed a complaint with the LAPD after suffering an arm injury following an attack by Sharon Osbourne during filiming of the Charm School 2 Reunion Show.

Reports say Osbourne was incensed after Megan referred to her husband as "brain dead"

More at

President Bush Ducks Show Thriwn At him.jpg
President George W. Bush shows President-elect Obama the way to dodge missiles from reporters as he evades a shoe -size 10 according to him, lol- thrown at him during a news conference with Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.
The Iraqi actually threw both sides at Bush, one after another, but Bush ducked the right side and nonchalantly allowed the left to sail over his head.

No wonder these fools couldn't overthrow Saddam Hussein; they have no aim.
Here's video of Bush evading the shoe...

Full Episode 9 download of Rock Of Love - Charm School 2

In this episode SMET/Ed Hardy Chief Designer, Christian Audigier guest judges, as the Final 3 are named.

Cutie Central has quite a few 'new' pictures of I Love Money 2 star, Myammee.
Click on over...

From an interview with Hip-Hop DX, Candace 'Black' Cabrera suggests she may be a contestant on 'I Love Money 2'
Since you were on Flavor of Love – any chance of you joining on a season of Real Chance of Love…?

I’m not going to pop up on there. It looks like it might be entertaining, but my focus is on this upcoming new season of I Love Money. It’s trying to be the Real World/Road Rules Challenge for VH1. I could possibly pop up in that, too. I’m trying to really get away from the reality TV world and get into more sitcoms and stuff like that. I want to get into the movie world, too. I’d want to do an action flick like Tomb Raider. I love Angelina Jolie…

Corn Fed at Eliminations.jpg
Full Download of Episode 8 of Real Chance of Love - Ride or Die

It was a great episode with Real and Chance punking the ladies after Real used a prop bottle to bash a stuntman on his head.
Using real police they tricked the girls into a fake interrogation/investigation.
It's worth the download and it's just 349 MB.

heather eliminated on charm school 2.jpg
Heather is eliminated on Charm School 2 Episode 9. Lacey, Destiney and Brandi M are the 'Final 3'.
And that's that1 More at Bourgy.

Megan Hauserman (Rock of Love, I love Money, Charm School 2) has been given the leadd role in a new VH1 reality series, tentatively titled 'Trophy Wife'

Bubbles - Real Chance Of Love.jpg
After showing no depth whatsoever for 6 Episodes, Bubbles opens up and gets her ass eliminated. (sigh)
Bay Bay Bay too; but she somehow changed Real's mind at the last minute and stayed in the ranch without receiving a chain. Another solid episode from what is a surprisingly good effort from Real and Chance.

Read the Real Chance Of Love Episode 7 recap.

Aurelius Goes To Hollywood, lol.
Camera work by MisterBaller.

These dudes make me so proud; I feel like a dad.

Kristy Jo on Charm School 2.jpg
This Charm School is crap!
Just complete nonsense! Anything those Rock of Love women touch turns into trash.

Anyways, Sharon eliminated Jessica and Kristy Joe today, on Charm School 2.

Just felt like it...

This kinda shit makes me think my 60's won't be all that bad.

What? You thought I'd be shagging a 40yr old when I'm in my 40's? No way... no freaking way.

Cristal Serious Steverson on the Aspen ski slopes.jpg
My girl Serious is thicker than frozen ketchup

Hey, it's Steupz... will be down for a bit so be patient and I'll make an announcement soon.
Sorry for the incovenience.

I'll be using The Blogspot for recaps and news and spoilers for the next few days. So edit your bookmarks, please.

Bourgy is back online again after much effort and expense. Apologies for the inconvenience.

john forte sentence commuted by President George Bush.jpg
President George Bush has commuted the sentence of Hip-Hop producer John Forte.
The producer best known for his collaborations with Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill of The Fugees had served half of a mandatory 14yr sentence for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

Forte and supporters had always insisted he had not received a fair trial, but they all say that.

So Forte is free and I expect Kanye West to get on the television and say 'George Bush likes black people'

((wonders what's Bush's favorite Fugees song?))

MILF cries on Real Chance Of Love.jpg has the commercial free Episode 6 of Real Chance Of Love for download.

Ki Ki on Real Chance Of Love.jpg
After last week's drama we needed a chilled-out episode and this was just that. The main drama centered on Rabbit, MILF and Ki Ki; but in the end, Ki Ki was eliminated.

Brandi and Destiney makeup after the spitting incident on Rock Of Love - Charm School.jpg
Despite making up with Destiney after she spat a huge wad of spit in her face; Brandi C was eliminated by Sharon Osbourne on Charm School 2.

MILF Real Chance Of Love.jpg
Finally, a MILF Picture Gallery (NSFW, so beware)

Chance and Cali on Real Chance Of Love

Real Chance Of Love Episode 5 Full Download (commercial free)

On Episode 6 of Rock Of Love - Charm School, Lacey finally gets her wish and Dallas is eliminated after they were paired in this week's challenged to create/film a PSA on drinking.
Later today Bourgy will have a recap of Charm School 2 Episode 6

I'm not a fan of Timberfake but this Single Ladies Saturday Night Live skit, was hilarious.

Real Chance Of Love's Jessica Rabbit has an interview with HipHopRuckus you ought to listen to...
She reveals quite a bit, including her having auditioned for 'I Want To Work For Diddy'.

So, why not give it a listen

Daisy of Love and Corey Feldman.jpg
Daisy Of Love star Daisy De La Hoya with Corey and Susie Feldman at VH1's Classic Rock Autism Bowl Off.


Heather Chadwell (Charm School 2)speaks to Paper TV.

With 'Daisy Of Love' the new VH1 series set to air pretty soon; it's a good time to remind ourselves why Daisy De La Hoya has her own show.
Click for the Daisy Of Love picture galery (39 pictures)

Dude really thinks he is the conscience of the universe now... make him stop!!!

Real - Real Chance Of Love
Download Episode 4 of Real Chance Of Love at
(Much thanks to Shep)

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan channels the 60's and refers to President Obama as 'coloured'... SMH
Now that's a damn shame.

Spoiler for those who missed it... later tonight on Real Chance Of Love it comes down to one chain for either Lusty or KiKi. In the end Real choose KiKi and Lusty is eliminated.

A few friends of mine taped this remake of New Edition's 'If It Isn't Love' and I thnk it's pretty good.

daniella, Inna, Brandi and Megan on Charm School.jpg
Tonight Inna will be eliminated after messing up her wardrobe -again- on the Duchess Challenge.
Asked to spare the Duchess a glimpse of her d├ęcolletage, she wore a low-cut dress and was eliminated by Sharon Osbourne.

Others in the 'Bottom 3' were Jessica and Brandi M.
Click on to Bourgy for the Charm School recap.

Lusty argues with Ki Ki on Real Chance Of Love.jpg
On Episode 3 of VH1's Real Chance of Love So Hood and Promo are eliminated, Lusty and Ki Ki fight, KO threatens Bay Bay Bay with a beatdown and Risky finally speaks.

Download the entire Episode 3 of VH1's Real Chance Of Love (commercial free)

Unfortunately So Hood and Promo are eliminated on Episode 3 of 'Real Chance Of Love'.

In the end, Promo's motives for being on the show and So Hood's over-the-top behavior did them in.
Later today Enigmatic will drop the recap on

cristal serious steverson halloween costume.jpg
As much as I love 'Serious' -and God knows I love every inch of that killer body- I'd kiss the ass of the girl next to her... 'cause size does matter.

Brother Nic, Lewis Hamilton, Dad Anthony, Stepmom Linda and Pussy Dolls girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger celebrate the F1 Championship
Congratulations to my mate Lewis Hamilton on winning the F1 Championship yesterday. Last year he bottled it, and this year he cut it close, but Lewis grabbed fifth place and with it, became the youngest ever F1 Champion.

Preview all 16 tracks on Beyonce's new album, 'I Am... Sasha Fierce'

More Deelishis pictures at Cutie Central...

kiki real chance of love.jpg KI KI real chance of love black bikini.jpg

Ki Ki of VH1's hit reality series, 'Real Chance Of Love'

Megan kicks Brandi M on Rock of Love - Charm School.jpg
I'm just get right to the spoiler for Rock of Love - Charm School... Megan Hauserman is eliminated on Episode 4.
It might be for kicking Brandi M (see picture) or it might not be, but she's gone this Sunday.

Read the Charm School 2: Episode 4 recap

((Picture courtesy Corey))

7 minute interview of Jessica Rich of VH1's 'Real Chance Of Love'.
First Impression? She's not the winner!

Click here for pictures of Jessica 'Rabbit' Rich of Real Chance Of Love


Yes we can, but not as much; and not as quickly.

The Times is reporting a senior adviser to the Obama staff has drawn up a policy document for the President in waiting to follow, 'so there’s not a vast mood swing from exhilaration and euphoria to despair'

Having already surrendered to mathematics and limited his tax cuts to Americans earning 200k per year and below -it was 250k up until yesterday- it now appears Obama is ready to go even further.
By the way, if 95% of Americans would receive a tax-cut when the cieling was 250k, why still 95% now that it has been lowered to 200k? Is it that Obama discovered no American earns between 200k and 250k per year?

Anyways, it's good to see a politician adapt to the present and not sling promises to just win votes.
Of course Obama has seen the light after 33% of the elctorate has exercise the right to vote early; but let's not be picky.

Wrestle Zone says is reporting that David "Punk" Otunga (I Love New York) is now training in FCW and has signed a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) deal.

Makes no sense to me 'cause Punk is on contract as an attorney with the non-profit 'RainbowPUSH Coalition', but whateva...



Huh? I thought he once said it was a 'serious threat'?
I guess he was caught off-guard and spoke the truth at today's rally in Pennsylvania.

Speaking to a huge audience in Chester, PA., this morning, the almost certain-to-be next President of the United States said, 'I'm not into global warming, but it's a lil chilly today'

Mediatakeout founder Fred Mwangaguhunga interviewed by Charm School star and radio host Mo'Nique.
She should have just cursed him out and not waste time. This dude has the morals of a Mafia Godfather.


jennifer, darnell and julia hudson.jpg
Spam the bitch

William 'murderer' Balfour's MySpace

Jennifer Hudson's rep, Lisa Kasteler, has issued a statement on the murders of her client's mother and brother.

"We can confirm that there is an ongoing investigation concerning the deaths of Jennifer Hudson's mother, Darnell Donerson, and her brother, Jason Hudson. No further comment will be made and the family has asked that their privacy be respected at this difficult time."

Picture above, from left, Jennifer Hudson, Darnell Hudson (deceased) and Julia Hudson (mother of the missing boy, Julian)

Police have detained William Balfour, the suspect in the mid-afternoon murder of Jeniifer Hudson's mother and brother, Darnell & Jason Hudson.

The missing child, Julian King, has yet to be found.


Police sources say two bodies were found today at the home of Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson's mother.
The bodies are reportedly Jennifer Hudson's mother (Darnell Hudson) and brother (Jason Hudson)!
The home is located in the Englewood area, which is not exactly the safest place to live on the South Side and is widely know for it's violent gangs...however, the shooting is reported as domestic.

An 'Ambert Alert' has also been triggered for Jennifer Hudson's nephew, 7yr old Julian King.
An APB has been put out for a White Chevy Suburban supposedly driven by William Balfour.

Jennifer Hudson was recently engaged to Punk, the star of the VH1 reality series, 'I Love New York'

Brandi C of Rock of Love - Charm School.jpg
Corey, of spoiler fame has a great Blogtalk Internet radio show as well. Here are a couple of his recent interviews.

Angelique, aka Frenchy, spoke to VH1 on stay at Rock of Love: Charm School.
Here's an excerpt...

How are things in Franceland?

I’m doing very good in Franceland! It was so cool when she said that! I don’t know what Sharon said off-camera, when I’m not there, so that’s actually really good. She didn’t keep me because she understand that I’m strong enough. She don’t even try to fight with me because she know I’m strong-minded. It’s not going to work anyway!

Yeah. On that note, Charm School was sort of pointless for you because you didn’t have any interest in changing, right?

No. I did not want to. The only thing I need to learn is how to save my money, because I blow it all. (Laughs) Otherwise, I am very strong-minded. I am very happy with the way I am in my life and this and that. I don’t kiss nobody’s ass. I don’t give a f*** if you’re Brad Pitt or Sharon Osbourne or Bret. I’m not going to kiss your ass to get far, so you just need to take me the way I am. You know what I’m saying? I just wanted her to appreciate me for who I was, so I showed her. I think she understood pretty quickly.

If you were unwilling to behave in the Charm School-approved manner, were you surprised to leave as quickly as you did?

I was just a little bit surprised, because I didn’t do anything wrong. However, I think that Sharon understood that I don’t need education or culture because I’m French anyways. I’m just like a bad girl for American who are really prude. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I don’t think she thinks it’s bad that I’m sexual as I am. The only reason I was there was that I got naked a lot, but I’m not going to stop getting naked any time soon.


Angelique-Rock of Love: Charm School.jpg
For failing the 'Stage and Green Room' challenge, Angelique was eliminated today on Rock of Love: Charm School.
The 'Bottom 3' were Brandi M, Dallas and Angelique.

Read the Charm School 2 Episode 2 recap...

Risky - Real Chance of Love.jpg

Real Chance of Love premieres Monday on VH1; but if you can't wait you can download the Full Premiere of Real Chance of Love (645mb)

Trust me, it's one of the best Premieres, ever.

Rock of Love: Charm School Dean Rikki Rachtman says he'd never hit on Megan; even if he were single and desperate. Ouch!
He also has unkind words for Ghetto Gaggers star, Raven Masterson

'Real Chance of Love' is a guaranteed hit...beautiful women, fighting, drama, and Real gets arrested for hitting a guy on the head with a bottle!

And here's your first 'Real Chance of Love' spoiler... Stalker, Harmony and Isha leave on the first episode!

Ten talented, smart, sexy aspiring actresses compete for the chance of a lifetime- a breakout role in Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures' 'SAW 6'

'Scream Queens' premieres Monday, October 20th at 10pm EST.

Tiffany Pollard at Diesel event
Diesel are celebrating something or the other and doing stuff like selling their jeans for $30 and inviting celebrities to events.
I guess that's why Tiffany 'New York' Pollard (a celebrity) is in jeans (Diesel's)

Tiffany Pollard at Diesel event

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