If you want to know the winner of Rock of Love Charm School 2, drag your mouse between the two names below.

Sharon Osbourne Brandi M Riki Rachtman

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  1. Anonymous // 21/12/08 9:54 PM  




  2. mclover92 // 21/12/08 10:38 PM  

    Im Glad Brandi Won.
    either way was good for me.
    As Long as lacey didn't win im good.

  3. Anonymous // 21/12/08 11:17 PM  

    i wished destiny won, but i agree with you mclover as long as lacey didnt win

  4. Anonymous // 22/12/08 4:23 AM  

    Where is the website where we can see brand m do porn

  5. Anonymous // 22/12/08 4:24 AM  

    where is bj brandi nude i would love to see her naked brandi m is fine

  6. Anonymous // 22/12/08 7:33 AM  

    I'm happy brandi M won. She seemed to have come a long way on the final episode and her attitude towards the end was great when megan tried to sabotage her at the charity challenge and she gave her final speech.

  7. Sawyers_Stash // 22/12/08 8:29 AM  

    The most awesome part was megan. I was so excited to see her.

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