Huh? I thought he once said it was a 'serious threat'?
I guess he was caught off-guard and spoke the truth at today's rally in Pennsylvania.

Speaking to a huge audience in Chester, PA., this morning, the almost certain-to-be next President of the United States said, 'I'm not into global warming, but it's a lil chilly today'


  1. Anonymous // 29/10/08 3:31 PM  

    Oh Steupz, puh-lease! You are killing me. You are going to take THAT blurb of an Obama joke and twist it out of context to make an undecided knuckleheaded believe that Obama is not serious about global warning or has removed it from his platform? Gee whiz. I know you lean right but you needn't become ungrounded and fall off your feet. LMFAO. Go ahead, dude. Knock yourself out. It's your blog to write, and mine to read. But you are killing me with the high comedy.

  2. steups // 30/10/08 10:06 AM  

    I was testing 'something'

  3. Anonymous // 30/10/08 8:02 PM  

    Hmmm.... testing 'something.' Gee, I feel like I unknowingly became a rat in someone's lab.

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