Brother Nic, Lewis Hamilton, Dad Anthony, Stepmom Linda and Pussy Dolls girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger celebrate the F1 Championship
Congratulations to my mate Lewis Hamilton on winning the F1 Championship yesterday. Last year he bottled it, and this year he cut it close, but Lewis grabbed fifth place and with it, became the youngest ever F1 Champion.


  1. Anonymous // 4/11/08 2:43 PM  

    It has been reported that Hamilton is getting a fresh dose of racist threats and jokes for competing and "taking" what apparently belongs to the powers that be. Such rat bastards never let us down. Do they?

    Gee whiz.

  2. Anonymous // 4/11/08 2:44 PM  

    So if Hamilton is getting b.s. thrown at him for a simple F1 championship then imagine what Obama stands to receive if he wins the election.

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