7 minute interview of Jessica Rich of VH1's 'Real Chance Of Love'.
First Impression? She's not the winner!

Click here for pictures of Jessica 'Rabbit' Rich of Real Chance Of Love


  1. Anonymous // 31/10/08 8:53 AM  

    I'm not sure that I was able to pull a spoiler out of that interview.

    Maybe if Enigmatic does a supertrailer investigation we can get some better clues to put together a decent spoiler theory.

  2. Anonymous // 31/10/08 9:09 AM  

    The :categories:Bootz link is whisking us away from The Blogspot to a place where there is no Bootz content to boot!

  3. steups // 3/11/08 5:56 AM  

    Thanks mate...sorted it out.

  4. Cheri // 15/1/09 4:31 PM  

    cant stand this one who claims to be professional just doing this for her career..oh please! your selling your pussy on tv and making black girls everywhere look bad.

  5. Anonymous // 25/1/09 3:17 AM  

    New Jessica Rich interview! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxiPGOXC0e0

    I loved it. She was so open!

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