From an interview with Hip-Hop DX, Candace 'Black' Cabrera suggests she may be a contestant on 'I Love Money 2'
Since you were on Flavor of Love – any chance of you joining on a season of Real Chance of Love…?

I’m not going to pop up on there. It looks like it might be entertaining, but my focus is on this upcoming new season of I Love Money. It’s trying to be the Real World/Road Rules Challenge for VH1. I could possibly pop up in that, too. I’m trying to really get away from the reality TV world and get into more sitcoms and stuff like that. I want to get into the movie world, too. I’d want to do an action flick like Tomb Raider. I love Angelina Jolie…


  1. Sawyers_stash // 12/12/08 1:37 PM  

    Tomb raider? Really? Reality to tomb raider?

    ... bless her crazy little heart.

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