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After showing no depth whatsoever for 6 Episodes, Bubbles opens up and gets her ass eliminated. (sigh)
Bay Bay Bay too; but she somehow changed Real's mind at the last minute and stayed in the ranch without receiving a chain. Another solid episode from what is a surprisingly good effort from Real and Chance.

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  1. jorundi // 2/12/08 12:18 PM  

    I love this show, even though I thought that I wouldn't.

    Why these guys keep the "Bust it Babe" and the "Smashed Out Slut" (Cali and Milf)instead of ladies who really...uh, I know why they keep them. LOL

  2. steups // 3/12/08 12:07 PM  

    I agree, J.
    The show has been a lot better than I ever thought it'd be.

  3. jorundi // 7/12/08 12:43 PM  

    One thing I have learned from watching this show is that Chance is a total Ass Hole with mental problem including a hate for females.

    If you listen carefully while Bubbles is at the dinner explaining herself, you can hear Chance in the background saying "shut the fuck up". This occurred while a female was being honest with him and telling him that she didn't want his crazy ass.

    It seems that they tried to erase it from the audio and I had to rewind the TIVO to make sure but it's there. It was the portion before the cutaway scene where Real tells Chance that he was too hard on her.

    Maybe he has been this way all along and I missed it, but I didn't think that he was this crazy on I Love NY.

    A little FAME is a Real Mother Fuh Ya.

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