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Heather is eliminated on Charm School 2 Episode 9. Lacey, Destiney and Brandi M are the 'Final 3'.
And that's that1 More at Bourgy.


  1. Anonymous // 6/12/08 12:16 AM  

    Why do you have to put the person eliminated in the title? Spoilers are all good but there's no reason to put them on the main page.

  2. steups // 6/12/08 8:25 AM  

    Sorry about that, I got excited

  3. jorundi // 7/12/08 12:36 PM  

    Hey I like spoilers...If it wasn't for spoilers, the shows would be "Oh so very boring".

    Although I don't particularly care for the Rock of Love franchise or their version of Charm School, the fact that Lacy is still there lets me know that I am justified in my decision to stay away.

    How dumb can Sharon Osbourne be?

    Is it because Lacy is a fellow Rocker?

    Is Vh1 planning on giving Lacy her own show?

    This is so "crock of shit"-ish.

  4. Sawyers_Stash // 8/12/08 3:03 AM  

    Ahh poor Heather went nutty in the nut house. To bad. I wanted to see more of her but she seemed like she needed a nap and a bowl. Can't fault a girl for that. I did wonder though..she was there til the very end in Rock of Love...how did she last that long without weed? Or was bret sneaking in the green?
    Oh well. It's ok Heather your A list in celebreality world.

    I did think it was weird of her to say how satisfying other peoples sex lives were...just because I sleep with someone doesn't mean it was satisfying.. Maybe Destiny just hadn't had any good lovin ya know?

    Destiny is my pick to win but I see a Brandi win. Brandi looks bizarre in her confessionals.. She doesn't always look like that. Sometimes she rocks her little pony hawk but in the confessional she sports the messy mullet thing and I can see right up her nose with the angle It's just to bad because shes much prettier then that.

    Lacey was not funny with her little "I art blah blah blah" She needs a bowl too. Maybe it seemed like a cute thing to do at the time but it came off like someone...trying to be funny who is just not going to get it.

    I enjoy watching Lacey though....I still would have preferred if they kept Megan instead of Lacey..

    And last..Im way happy to see this blogspot is here..I had it as my homepage ages ago until I was locked out and after awhile of being locked out I changed it...I just looked it up and...yay!!!

    Anyone doing recaps around here?

  5. Sawyers_Stash // 8/12/08 3:04 AM  

    Oh and even though I want Destiny to win I would so have bought Brandis shirt before Destiny's

  6. steups // 8/12/08 9:03 AM  

    Blast from the past, lol.

    I don't get Sharon's obsession with Lacey. Lacey is a schemer.

    But I don't think Destiney is any better either. There are three scamps left.

  7. Anonymous // 9/12/08 1:42 AM  

    How could you want that nasty bitch to stay on the show?
    I was glad when they kicked her and her little puppy out.
    Cute dog, though, but, carrying around chihuahuas and treating them like retarded children is so nauseating.

  8. Anonymous // 9/12/08 1:43 AM  

    I agree with all the Lacey comments. She is a hag, and I hope she gets kicked in the face by someone someday for all of her shenanigans.

  9. Sawyers_Stash // 10/12/08 9:02 PM  

    haha I guess its because I have chihuahuas..and I also have a retarded dog ( a poodle).

    I liked that Megan didn't bs about being b*tchy. I didn't dig her in Rock of Love. She was my hero in I love Money though..

    Shes clever and uses her mind to pysch out the competition where as Lacey like...grabs peoples butts.

    Also in the extra scenes wasn't it confirmed that Brandi M did in fact push her first?

    I'm stoked for the Megan show. I also wished that Megan could have come back for I love Money 2 like the entertainer and heat did but nope...no Megan yet. Makes me sad. Yay for Saphyri though <3 That girl is cuter then a basket of puppies.

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