On Episode 6 of Rock Of Love - Charm School, Lacey finally gets her wish and Dallas is eliminated after they were paired in this week's challenged to create/film a PSA on drinking.
Later today Bourgy will have a recap of Charm School 2 Episode 6


  1. jorundi // 20/11/08 3:02 PM  

    Dallas lasted a lot longer than I thought she would. I kinda liked her attitude on Rock of Love, but I knew she wouldn't last on that one too.

    The reason that I don't care for this edition of Charm School is the same reason that I didn't like the Rock of Love shows...The main Character. I loathed Bret Michaels and I detest Sharon Osbourne. She and her nasal monotone voice and overall bitchiness stopped me from watching America's Got Talent, which I preferred over and above American Idol.

    Anyway, that's enough "Rant" on Charm School. I'd rather watch another session of "From G's to Gents". I liked that one.

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