Angelique, aka Frenchy, spoke to VH1 on stay at Rock of Love: Charm School.
Here's an excerpt...

How are things in Franceland?

I’m doing very good in Franceland! It was so cool when she said that! I don’t know what Sharon said off-camera, when I’m not there, so that’s actually really good. She didn’t keep me because she understand that I’m strong enough. She don’t even try to fight with me because she know I’m strong-minded. It’s not going to work anyway!

Yeah. On that note, Charm School was sort of pointless for you because you didn’t have any interest in changing, right?

No. I did not want to. The only thing I need to learn is how to save my money, because I blow it all. (Laughs) Otherwise, I am very strong-minded. I am very happy with the way I am in my life and this and that. I don’t kiss nobody’s ass. I don’t give a f*** if you’re Brad Pitt or Sharon Osbourne or Bret. I’m not going to kiss your ass to get far, so you just need to take me the way I am. You know what I’m saying? I just wanted her to appreciate me for who I was, so I showed her. I think she understood pretty quickly.

If you were unwilling to behave in the Charm School-approved manner, were you surprised to leave as quickly as you did?

I was just a little bit surprised, because I didn’t do anything wrong. However, I think that Sharon understood that I don’t need education or culture because I’m French anyways. I’m just like a bad girl for American who are really prude. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I don’t think she thinks it’s bad that I’m sexual as I am. The only reason I was there was that I got naked a lot, but I’m not going to stop getting naked any time soon.



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