Here's what happens on the Finale elimination of Charm School 3 (As told to me by Ignacio)
Highlight from here...

She basically breaks down when Ricki says she connected with her speech. She reveals in her speech that her brother is in jail for doing something to the person who molested her when she was younger. It wasn’t easy for her to say it.

Risky didn’t wanna tell her mom things about her step father because she didn’t want her mother to be hurt and feel like it was her fault. Marcia too, admits she had similar issues with her stepfather and never told her mother. She (Marcia) only sees her mom once a year so it was a shock to her that VH1 got her mom to come to the US for the Finale. Lala says all the 3 girls are her role models. Umm. Ashley’s son is super cute. . That’s all I’m gonna say. LOL

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  1. Anonymous // 27/7/09 7:27 PM  

    Thank god!

  2. Anonymous // 27/7/09 10:37 PM  

    Ashley should have won

  3. Anonymous // 27/7/09 10:55 PM  

    "Ashley should have won"

    Fuck Ashley! She'll never change

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