While many of us are waiting for VH1's 'Rock of Love 2' to premiere January 13th, 2008. The life condition for the original 'Rock of Love' lovelies moves forward. Last week I linked Brandi & Kristia's 'Turning Japanese' YouTube video. They obviously didn't rub boobs for that brilliant idea. Are you wondering why? Of course you are! Brandi Lox has been rubbing boobs with none other than..... *drum rolls Chris Crocker. One of the several people who have gotten 'famous' off of the Internet by way of YouTube. I use the word famous loosely. When I think of famous I think of Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep, Sean Combs, Angela Bassett. But hey my definition may be distorted. Famous to me is when one's face & name is recognized in tens of millions of homes. In all fairness to the YouTube & reality celebs they rubbed boobs together for an awesome cause breast cancer awareness & The Breast Art exhibit. Check out the video if you are grown 18 years plus.

Oh my, I've forgot the purpose of this post. The Blogspot wants to wish one of the original 'Rock of Love' beauties the best of birthdays.

Happy Rockin' Birthday Brandi!!!
(Remember NO SEX in the champagne (CHAH-PAG-NEY) room!)

A Bday wish Qmoment!


  1. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 22/12/07 4:58 PM  


  2. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 22/12/07 5:09 PM  

    PS-Which one in the picture is Brandy?

  3. The Q © 2007 // 22/12/07 5:12 PM  


    Brandi would be on the right. UNPROFESSIONAL BABY!!!

  4. Anonymous // 22/12/07 5:15 PM  

    so q my guess you have to take over this blogger now that steups is gone

  5. The Q © 2007 // 22/12/07 5:20 PM  

    We don't know where Steups is! I am 99% sure he'll be back to run The Blogspot again. He is most likely just on vacation.

    Elle, Groovy Noodles, Jayne, Damien, Irre, Licious and I are trying to blog when we can to keep you all with new posts until he returns.

    It is the Holiday season and individuals visit family and friends during this time of year. Steups will be back.

  6. Anonymous // 22/12/07 6:12 PM  

    we like you to q not just steups

  7. pimpboy77 // 22/12/07 6:23 PM  

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you q and everyone else won't be back until January

  8. The Q © 2007 // 22/12/07 6:42 PM  

    We'll miss you Pimpboy77.

  9. Jenny // 22/12/07 6:46 PM  

    Ugh. Yeah, I guess Chris Crocker is... *gulp* funny.

    Shit, I hate admitting that. :(

  10. queenbrina233 // 22/12/07 8:56 PM  

    i must say that the show from last night was much much better since there was no elle why dont q get a life and show of her own and stop kissin elle ass as u can see the q is a pussy have u notice she like to talk shit when the other person is on mute wow what a wack ass bitch she is

  11. Anonymous // 22/12/07 9:27 PM  


  12. Gabrielle // 22/12/07 9:42 PM  

    I'm sorry to all of those who addressed me in other comment boxes and didn't get a response lol. Elle is back.

    Brina I'm boycoting you, just because u are jealous. You keep crying about how u don't like Q and I, but u keep trying your hardest to split us up because you want to take credit for being messy. You really need Jesus. Enough is enough.

    In my post your comments will ALL be deleted.

  13. Jenny // 22/12/07 9:46 PM  

    Don't worry, Brina, God will be there for you! *splashes holy water*.

  14. Gabrielle // 22/12/07 9:48 PM  


  15. Anonymous // 22/12/07 9:57 PM  

    gabrielle yo

  16. Gabrielle // 22/12/07 10:08 PM  


  17. Anonymous // 22/12/07 10:19 PM  

    gabrielle do you have nick phone number

  18. Gabrielle // 22/12/07 10:23 PM  

    yeah. i'm going to call now

  19. Gabrielle // 22/12/07 10:25 PM  

    It costed me 34 cents to find out that his phone is going straight to voice mail. He owes me money now. So i'm mad

  20. Anonymous // 22/12/07 10:30 PM  

    I do miss steups. I mean he just ran off without saying anything. He's been gone for like a month now. Do you guys talk to him on the phone? Does he normally disappear like this?

    We need to call the internet police to find our missing internet buddy.

  21. Anonymous // 22/12/07 10:32 PM  

    gabby i'm starting to worry about nick i have not Heard from Him in three weeks going on four weeks

  22. Anonymous // 22/12/07 10:34 PM  

    Also 'Rock of Love 2' Meh, I mean for some odd reason I could believe at first that flavor flav was looking for love. I could believe that New York was looking for love, but after the reunion of 'Rock Of Love' it just didn't seem like Brett was looking for love at all. If he was he would've just picked Heather, or he would've ended up with her, she seemed like the best choice.

    I think this is a paycheck for him and poison hadn't had this much attention since the 80's. If they were going to do Rock of Love they should've gotten a real rocker like hmm I hear Eddie Van Halen is single. heh Oh wait his career isn't in the toilet thus he doesn't have to do reality tv shows. whoops.

    Yes I'm hating, I'll watch the damn show anyway cause I've got nothing else going on in my life, might as well watch someone get some.

  23. Anonymous // 22/12/07 10:35 PM  

    gabby i'm starting to worry about nick i have not Heard from Him in three weeks going on four weeks

  24. Gabrielle // 22/12/07 10:36 PM  

    Nick is ok, I'm sure of it

  25. Anonymous // 22/12/07 10:41 PM  

    well gabby it look like FOL will be airing the show after ROL over that is bs What Do You Think about that

  26. Anonymous // 22/12/07 10:45 PM  

    gabby Will we have to wait till March 2008 for FOL

  27. Gabrielle // 22/12/07 10:54 PM  

    looks that way, i thought it was april though. I'm kind of disappointed

  28. Anonymous // 22/12/07 11:15 PM  

    gabby you disappointed i'm just pissed off what so good about croke of love

  29. Thats Hot // 23/12/07 12:10 AM  

    Elle, my last question was why on the Elle Word's recap of the ILNY2 finale, Mo'Nique was screaming at the end? LOL

    You were like, "Whooaa"

    Something I've been wondering to know for the LOOOONGEST time. Is Steups black?

  30. Gabrielle // 23/12/07 12:22 AM  

    lol i hit the wrong button lol and it was the clip of monique! lol thats y i was like whoa :)

    but steups is mixed with black

  31. Anonymous // 23/12/07 2:40 AM  

    brina you sit on the line listening to her. you dumb. how many times did you call in? its her show. q can mute whoever she want to thats what the mute button is for to control the idiots. you need drama. so you try to create it. funny q has shut your stupid moan snake moan ass down. q is smarter than you. u too dumb to realize it. you keep calling in shows. the listeners know brina is a loser.lol. a mother worried about the next chick. damn you a super waste of oxygen.

  32. your mother // 23/12/07 4:36 AM  

    have you already seen the full body pictures of the rock of love 2 contestants?


    there are all 20 of them ;)

    happy holidays y'all


  33. Anonymous // 23/12/07 8:13 AM  

    and now that you typed this for ALL of us who didn't hear the show to see, the drama will continue which is the point, isn't it?

  34. RockstarDani // 23/12/07 10:05 AM  

    Brandi C and Chris Crocker??? EEEEEEEEEEWWWW! That is STD heaven.

  35. Shawn // 23/12/07 11:12 AM  

    Good Morning Everyone,

    You would be surprise with all the reality internet celebrity out here. I guess Brina wants to be one. LOL NOt.

    Q and Elle I guess you guys are famous now since she keep mentioning you guys. Well anyway to see Brandi with Chris is a plus.

  36. The Q © 2007 // 23/12/07 12:34 PM  


    A & B Listers (Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz, etc.) keep mentioning a designer named Rami. He isn't famous,not a household name. Now he's on 'Project Runway' trying to win. He may be more known now but hardly famous, maybe one day.

    Q. is not famous in the least and will never be. And some individual who keeps leaving repetitive comments & calling into The ELLE Word over & over isn't going to make me famous. One just wishes the individual decided to discover an enriching hobby. It's their time. They have the option to manage it how they see fit. If thinking about Elle and I is it, so be it.

    Frankly it's useless bullsh*t. It's the holidays. My family is so excited & happy. I am happy too. So after this comment she gets none of my energy besides clicking the trash can button & possibly a few giggles when she calls into The ELLE Word.

    I know many of you are getting busy with last minute shopping, family & friends. So Happy Holidays to you & your families!

    On topic, I am looking forward to watching the hot mess that is 'Rock of Love 2'.

  37. Blogy // 23/12/07 1:33 PM  

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    Where new york is told she shouldve got potty mouth of the year and she says
    "I feel like i got to take a SH1T!!!
    its funny i know its an older video of her but if youve never seen it you should!!!
    Its hilarious!!!
    Theres also a video of this killer bunny!!!
    & all the I love new york 2 finale interviews (Tailor Made, New York & Buddha) which are very intersting well i hope that u ppl go check out my Blog!!!
    And by the way i love The Blogspot!!!
    Its great i come here every other day if not every day(Mainly everyday when i can)!!!

  38. Anonymous // 23/12/07 3:47 PM  

    Hey q right before the ILNY2 finale, VH1 had a Blog with Q&A for NY. One of the questions were: Have you talked to Flav recently. NY answered: "I called Flav right after my show took off but he hung up on me. I don't know what's that about".

    My question is: I thought NY and Flav were friends????

  39. Anonymous // 23/12/07 8:13 PM  

    Brown Suga's daughter sounded so cute singing on Elle's show!! :)

  40. Anonymous // 23/12/07 8:14 PM  

    Steups, if you ever come back,


  41. Anonymous // 23/12/07 8:36 PM  

    Missin You More each Day STEUPS! I Will Never 4get You!

  42. Anonymous // 23/12/07 8:38 PM  


  43. Anonymous // 24/12/07 1:11 AM  

    Maybe Electra should go knock on Steups door and make sure he is okay.

  44. Anonymous // 24/12/07 6:42 AM  

    Okay, for those who care about ROL2, I just realized that one of the contestants was a previous winner of Beauty and the Geek.

    I recognized her during one of the casting clips and then looked her up. Its confirmed here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megan_Hauserman

    Lol, anyway just wanted to point it out.

    Merry xmas!

  45. diego // 24/12/07 7:07 AM  

    she's very limited we are praying for her lmao

  46. Anonymous // 24/12/07 7:27 AM  

    q spends lotta blog and radio time talking about not giving us so-called haters any time lmao

  47. Anonymous // 24/12/07 7:32 AM  

    oh and b4 you u have your usual temper tamtrum cuz its so fun and easy to play u and get a rise outta ya to easy now we want to say merry xmas

  48. Anonymous // 24/12/07 8:30 AM  

    The premiere of Flavor of Love 3 has yet to be announced. Contestants for Season three of Flavor of Love include Bunz (Is amodel), DarknLovely, A Model named Sexy Angie aka Short-ee which got the most votes(but is eliminated in the first show), Lady Rap (Which has audition for the Real World), Jade Hall was accepted however was out of town to sign a contract, Nyna Black made it on the show as well and is a very well known model. Also Mercedes C from Michigan made it onto the show, she is a aspiring model/Actress.

  49. Anonymous // 24/12/07 9:56 AM  

    where is she i luv u 4eva

  50. The Q © 2007 // 24/12/07 11:12 AM  

    Thanks for the information Anon but some of it is incorrect.

  51. Gabrielle // 24/12/07 12:38 PM  

    good morning

  52. Anonymous // 24/12/07 1:38 PM  

    Anon@ 12:35 if you are Steups, I am going to kick you dead in your ass for playing games.

    If you are not.....then carry on. ;)

  53. Anonymous // 24/12/07 2:53 PM  

    i just word that the The premiere of Flavor of Love 3 is on February 11, 2008

  54. The Q © 2007 // 24/12/07 3:26 PM  

    If it's true it's glorious news. I won't get excited until I know for certain.


    No ill talk of Electra... please.

    New post up for those who care...

  55. Anonymous // 24/12/07 5:36 PM  

    you prolly wrote them

  56. The Q © 2007 // 24/12/07 7:35 PM  


    If I had wrote them they wouldn't had been deleted.

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