Alright, so I know many of you are heartbroken over the airing of 'Rock of Love 2' before 'Flavor of Love 3'. It'll be okay. Sooner or later we'll get to see Flavor Flav play host with the most to 20 bootylicious women. I am telling y'all. I've seen them & many of them give JUNK in the TRUNK a whole new meaning. As I was typing the following came to mind: the series 'Rock of Love' & 'Flavor of Love' are parallel to T & A. One is a whole love of tits, the other a whole lot of @ss. *waves to Kitbit & AmbrianceNow one of our readers, Jorundi counted the number of 'Rock of Love 2' beezys in the group photo. Jorundi came up with 19 to be exact. No worries, there are 20 women trying to get Bret erect. (I'm awful. I know.) Courtney (missing beauty) was apparently too drunk to partake in the 'Rock of Love 2' group photo. *inhaling a Cheetos Puff Thanks Jorundi for the observation, I love The Blogspot reader! You all really rock. (Groovy Noodles and Bret would be proud.)

Do y'all like Karaoke? Do y'all know how to get to Little Rock? No silly not Little Rock, Arkansas! I am typing about Little Rock as in a club in Tarzana, California. It's Friday night and one of the 'Rock of Love 2' beauties is hosting 'Raging Karaoke'. It sounds like loads of fun if one likes to drink too much & makes a fool of themself. So if you are in the surrounding area of Tarzana, check it out and support Aubry.
The premiere of 'Rock of Love 2' airs January 13th on VH1 @ 9PM, check your local listing!

Credit: GabriELLE & Kitbit

A singin' out of tune Qmoment!


  1. SHawn // 21/12/07 7:26 PM  

    WOw First. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man.

  2. KitBit // 21/12/07 7:27 PM  

    WOW, Q! I can't believe you gave me a wave! I feel so special right now. LOL!!



  3. Shawn // 21/12/07 7:27 PM  

    Ok for those that are Videos geeks I would recommend getting Guitars Hero 3 with the Guitar legends.

    Man Brett is off the hook.

  4. The Q © 2007 // 21/12/07 7:31 PM  


    Your welcome and I owe you a HUGE THANKS!


    How's it going today?

  5. SHawn // 21/12/07 7:38 PM  

    Hey Q,

    Feeling alot better. Brina, I'm going to take Q place so you set it up. It will be me and you.

  6. Shawn // 21/12/07 7:40 PM  

    Oh and Brina

    The next time you make a video used a blow up doll. Thowing boxes and chairs is very TACKY.


  7. AaniHaan // 21/12/07 7:45 PM  

    OK Q, so I got some homework to do... I'll start catching up on the first season of Rock of Love since I can't go more than a few days without Qmoment! :) Sniffle, I miss NY already... ok I miss Punk, but you get what I mean...

  8. The Q © 2007 // 21/12/07 7:55 PM  


    Thanks! Yes, catch up on season 1 of 'Rock of Love'.


    Let it go! LOL!

  9. Shawn // 21/12/07 7:58 PM  

    Ok Q.

    ALright 10 it is. Hit me up with the number in email ok. I did some research and went undercover for a hour. He he he.

  10. kelly ann // 21/12/07 8:55 PM  

    aubry is adorable~~
    sup Q!?

  11. The Q © 2007 // 21/12/07 9:22 PM  

    Hey Kelly Ann~

    It's going to be over soon and then inventory.


  12. RockstarDani // 21/12/07 11:42 PM  

    she looks like a girl that Brett would like...A LOT!haha.

  13. The Q © 2007 // 21/12/07 11:48 PM  

    Which one?

    They both are good looking women.

  14. Proud black man // 22/12/07 12:12 AM  

    The Only Thing That i like about the rock of love are the white woman's I can't wait

  15. jorundi // 22/12/07 12:42 AM  

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Miss Q!!!! Thanks for the Shout-Out.

  16. Thats Hot // 22/12/07 1:44 AM  

    Elle, I just listened to the last episode of Gabrielle discussing the ILNY2 finale. How come Mo'Nique was yelling at the end? LOOOOL!

  17. rockstardani // 22/12/07 10:01 AM  

    the one on the bottom I meant.

  18. Jenny // 22/12/07 1:08 PM  

    I don't care much for Rock Of Love. I think it's the worst show ever, next to Tila's show (ugh, that skank is so weird, and ugly).

    Flav FTW!

  19. Jenny // 22/12/07 1:10 PM  

    Is it just me, or does it look like Brett had a face lift? His face is so tight and so gay... ew, why would they like him? Oh, money and fame. I forgot.

  20. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 22/12/07 1:35 PM  

    "tight and gay?"

  21. Anonymous // 22/12/07 3:41 PM  

    "What happen to this blogger and were is steups

  22. xango // 22/12/07 4:01 PM  

    Great blog, great information

  23. The Q © 2007 // 22/12/07 4:13 PM  

    Most of don't know where Steups is...

  24. Anonymous // 22/12/07 4:23 PM  

    q is steups Alive

  25. The Q © 2007 // 22/12/07 4:28 PM  

    I don't know.

  26. ejsfree // 22/12/07 5:19 PM  

    I agree Bret is ewwww ,the girls are the only reason why we watch and I think we all do in such wonder and disbelief...maybe they NEED to stay drunk to be with his scary lookin ass..:P sorry I had a moment...

  27. KitBit // 22/12/07 10:44 PM  

    Eh, I'll agree with you Jenny and say that I don't too much care for ROL, either! I dunno, the show just doesn't touch my appeal too much. Probably because I had (and actually STILL have) no idea who this Bret dude was in the first place. I think we should just request that New York stay single for a while and do at least 5 more seasons of her show! LOL!!

    Happy Holidays, guys!!! :)

  28. ejsfree // 23/12/07 7:56 AM  

    Hi Kit...guess who...he he

  29. ejsfree // 23/12/07 7:59 AM  

    Hi Kit...:) Guess whooooo he he hint: Wana go bobbing for APPLES??? lmao

  30. Ava // 23/12/07 10:59 AM  


  31. Anonymous // 24/12/07 7:11 AM  

    q is very sexy but you cant take her home to mother. not my mother anyway lmao

  32. Anonymous // 24/12/07 7:12 AM  

    anyone know if she owns the blog now?

  33. The Q © 2007 // 24/12/07 7:57 PM  


    Thanks. I do NOT own the blog. The blog belongs to Steups a.k.a. Nicholas.

  34. Ava // 25/12/07 11:59 AM  

    I didnt know that!!

  35. Anonymous // 26/12/07 4:10 PM  

    hello Q where is Steups

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