I have some quotes from buddha's myspace blog about the season finale, I want ya'll to read them and tell me if they don't sound like something tango would write,

This is what he said he told NY in Jamaica about Tailor made's true intentions,

"The night I was telling New York she was blind was primarily because I told her The Maid came on this show simply to conquer, by any means necessary, the One Black Woman that is in the hottest spot light in the nation right now simply to prove the superiority of him and those like him (take that how you want it). Given his lavish gifts he could of bought any simple-minded superficial model in Manhattan but instead he chose to come on nation television and buy YOU reiterating the propetual sterotype thinking that, "women of color are only worth the dollar you give them." She pretended to be understanding and worth more than the prices he put on her... keyword "pretended."

This motherfucker is taking some serious hater poison to come up with this shit.

"This is what he wrote about his feelings for Ny and why he went on the show,

"Was New York REALLY your type and Why did you REALLY go on the show?

Typically, New York is definitely NOT my type. As I'd said before, initially I went on the show because I prayed on it and God said "GO" so I went. After returning to the show, I agreed to go NOT for New York, but for ALL woman & men of color. I sought to show the viewers how a real man acts and interacts. I felt all that was left in the house without me were NOT the best representations of Kings (although most were truly GREAT guys)... regardless of what one bi-sexual bachleor hates on me, bench presses and the amount of creatine he digest... LOL!"

Sour Grapes anyone?

Finally What he would have done if she had picked him,

"After the night we had together and the way it ended, if she would of picked me I would have declined RIGHT THERE on the spot and NOT at the reunion. The Maid would have still taken her. Had our night NOT ended that way I would have NEVER left her based off of any of her actions she'd committed on the show. "

Buddha and Tango are Twins, I'm convinced of that

at least NY learned her lesson the first time and picked the right man this time



  1. Buddah Tha Messiah // 19/12/07 4:26 PM  

    I read this little diatribe yesterday from my nemesis, "The Buddah". BooHoo is trying to save face right now. No way would he have turned her down if she chose him on the spot. Did anyone else see that shit eating grin on his face when he thought he had it in the bag? I DO believe that he would've dumped her at the reuinion (ala Tango style) though.

    The only thing I believe out of that whole little speech he wrote, is that NY is typically not the type of woman he dates. Asian chicks seem more his style (not that there's anything wrong with that). Let's just be real.

    Lastly; God told him to do it! Does this fool thinks he's Moses now. Was he going to save us from ourselves by appearing on a show like "I love New York?" Get the F*@k outta here with that BooHoo. I don't mind being f@#cked, but I liked to be kissed first. I bet his little minions are all hailing the "Almighty Buddha" after that scripture he just wrote.

  2. Buddah Tha Messiah // 19/12/07 5:00 PM  

    I really need some clients to come in because I have too much time on my hands right now. Q, I don't know if you've read Buddha's new interview at VH-1, but it's a trip. He talks about "Niggas", and David (Punk) a whole lot. The most interesting tibit to me is his backpedaling out of the whole Pretty rumor. If we're to go by Buddha's sequence and version of events; wouldn't this imply that he backstabbed David first? He claims it was David and TM that he was implying to The Entertainer about, not Pretty. Weren't they boys at this time. HYPOCRISY at it's finest. This boy (yeah he's a boy to me until he mans up), can't even keep up with his own lies that he writes down on the internet for everyone to see.

    Punk also told me that you started the Pretty gay rumor. Do you have anything to say about that?

    Punk would say that, and no, that’s not the case at all. I asked the Entertainer about this. When we were outside in the Jacuzzi, it was just me and the Entertainer, I said, “Look, there’s a couple of dudes that seem pretty suspect to me.” The two people I was talking about were Punk and Tailor, and I made a point not to say any names. The Entertainer actually thought I was talking about It. It kept asking everyone, “Hey, let’s compare d*** sizes.” I was like, “I don’t think It is gay, he’s just an idiot.” I wouldn’t tell him who I was talking about, I told him to look around and tell me what he thought. So, no. That’s definitely not true.

  3. pinevillekid // 19/12/07 5:01 PM  

    who fucking Cares with your Buddha and Tango shit this blogger suck Without steups

  4. Jenny // 19/12/07 5:07 PM  

    ^ Lmfao at Pinevillekid! Go suck a toe, snookums.

  5. Buddah Tha Messiah // 19/12/07 5:08 PM  

    pineville kid, obviously YOU care. You've posted that comment twice. Normally when one doesn't care, they don't show up. Think about it.

  6. Jenny // 19/12/07 5:17 PM  

    I read his interview (not even half way done) and it shows what a piece of shit Buddah is. :( He's tryin to explain himself, and how much New York isn't for him. I'm sorry, but God told him to go? I bet it is his own voice that told him to go (and he probably mistaken it to be God).

  7. The Purple Mist // 19/12/07 5:47 PM  

    As I was reading this, I thought the EXACT same thing..."This sure sounds like what Tango said after the whole reunion drama." The whole, "I just wanted to represent a positive black man, blah blah blah." Are we as Black people really looking at some serial reality show contestant for the do-er and speaker of The Black Man? Erm, no. That line was ran by Tango, Boohoo-dah, and it didn't work for him either. GOD do I feel sorry for his clients that are PAYING him to be fed this BS. This is proof that if she ended up choosing Buddha, the result would've been the same as it was with Tango. So good choice Tiff, I hope it all works out for the best.

  8. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 19/12/07 5:58 PM  

    **aims bitch-be-gone spray nozzle at Buddha's pic**

    Jealous much?

    This broke, angry, ugly hater has the nerve to call someone out on who they date and his positive blackness? Buddha? Of Asian fetish fame? please...

    Clearly, he feels grossly inferior to Tailor Made. And he should feel inferior to Tailor, because he is.

    Though not for the reasons he would like to make us believe. Keep in mind that this is the same dude that almost nutted on himself b/c NY gave him (along with TM and Punk) a bracelet while in Florida. But TM's gifts are steeped in racism? Dis nucca sounds broke.
    Buddha knows deep down that he is grossly inferior to almost everyone on earth with a loose grasp of grammar.

    I imagine, he'll be writing a lot of ish like this in the near future to try to stir up controversy remain relevant. That time would be better spent learning to spell, boo boo.

    Musty azz n*gga...

  9. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 19/12/07 5:59 PM  

    (looks at Jenny's "suck a toe" comment and raises an eyebrow)

  10. Jenny // 19/12/07 6:14 PM  

    Lmfao at "Baby Aka Mrs. Tailor Made". I wanted to say suck a cock, but went nice and said toe.

  11. Luv // 19/12/07 6:18 PM  

    Buddha compare Tailor Made romancing New York, to back in slavery. Yet all he acted like was the evil black man stereotypes. Not once did he really try to romance New York,all they ever did was fight. What girl want a guy who just want to argue all the time??

    Buddha is also a walking contradiction. He said that New York call all the shot in her relationship with TM, yet he was upset with her, when she refuse to sleep with him because TM gave her an ultimatum, that he would leave if she slept with Buddha. Buddha also said that he thought Pretty was gay. He told the Entertainer, and Punk that Pretty was staring at him to hard, and he thought he was gay. The entertainer said the person who just left, said that Pretty was gay. That was right after Buddha left. Buddha is a arrogant piece of shit.

  12. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 19/12/07 6:20 PM  

    Don't forget broke and illiterate.
    A broke, illiterate, arrogant piece of shit, to be precise.

  13. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 19/12/07 6:21 PM  

    That's not why I raised my eyebrow. But that's funny too..

  14. Buddah Tha Messiah // 19/12/07 6:25 PM  

    I just want to know what are his fees for his life coaching services? I also want to see what condition these people are in after being coached by Buddah. I don't need to see a whole tribe of Buddah's walking around Miami.

  15. The Q © 2007 // 19/12/07 6:27 PM  


  16. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 19/12/07 6:30 PM  

    He said he was a life coach. Like most of what he said, it probably wasn't true. If so, the students probably committed suicide.

  17. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 19/12/07 6:34 PM  

    Excuse me, studenT (singular).
    I can't imagine there would be more than one person that would pay for that ish.

    Buddango sux.

    I hateth him.

  18. The Q © 2007 // 19/12/07 6:41 PM  

    I disagree Baby. You see all the support he gets on his fan page.

    LOL! They'd pay.

  19. Mysty™ is ready for vacation, Man! // 19/12/07 6:46 PM  

    Hello All!
    Q, coochie coupons don't count!

  20. RockstarDani // 19/12/07 7:05 PM  

    I don't like Buddah at all. He tries to put himself out as this educated mature guy,a dn yet says and writes the most ignorant and immature things. He needs to stop.

  21. Mysty™ is ready for vacation, Man! // 19/12/07 7:14 PM  

    There are so many things to say about that vh1 interview, but I will refrain from commenting because:
    A. I don't feel like typing another 15 page paper, the semester's over
    B. His 15 minutes is almost up, why bother?

  22. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 19/12/07 7:14 PM  

    Girl, leaving a comment is free. Paying for his malpractice (aka his life coaching) is something entirely different. Ain't no one with dough using it on his underqualified and underbite azz. At least I hope not.

    I hateth him.

    Hey Mysty!

  23. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 19/12/07 7:15 PM  

    The semester is not over for everyone...

  24. Mysty™ is ready for vacation, Man! // 19/12/07 7:20 PM  

    Hey Baby! So sad to hear you're not done yet...that sucks! Tomorrow is my last day of work for the year and I am too happy to have some time away from the BS...I was starting to go a tad bit looney. lol
    If you see the ages of some of the women who leave comments for The Raptor...I could believe they'd break him off a piece of their SSI check for a lap dance! lmao

  25. The Q © 2007 // 19/12/07 7:35 PM  

    UNPROFESSIONAL the lot of you.

  26. Mysty™ is ready for vacation, Man! // 19/12/07 7:43 PM  

    Ahh...UNPROFESSIONAL maybe, but definitely true! So sad..

  27. Mysty™ is ready for vacation, Man! // 19/12/07 7:44 PM  

    How are you Q? Done with all your shopping and gift wrapping?

  28. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 19/12/07 8:11 PM  

    Girl, Friday, it's a wrap. For a whole bunch of ish...

    I suspect some of those comments are from Buddha's alter ego/imaginary friend/pretend stalker. Dat nucca sick.

    Y'all done with shopping? Dayum.

  29. Mysty™ is ready for vacation, Man! // 19/12/07 8:17 PM  

    HAHAHA...done, I haven't started yet! I will be shopping on Friday as I make my way back to my mom's house. That's early for me, because I've been a Christmas Eve shopper since I was a child. Then I had several Christmases that I ordered everyone's gifts online. This is only my 2nd Christmas back amongst the rabid shopaholics! lmao

  30. karlene // 19/12/07 8:24 PM  

    maybe he's a suicide coach...lmao...if u need to jump off a mountain, you'll call his ass for encouragement.

    ::yokes you up side the head:: Jump Bitch.

  31. Mysty™ is ready for vacation, Man! // 19/12/07 8:27 PM  

    CTFU @ Karlene...that is SOOOO wrong on SOOOO many levels! He could just send a copy of his dental records and I'd be ready to jump! lmao He could keep a dentist in business for YEARS!

  32. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 19/12/07 8:30 PM  

    Karlene = Hilarious
    OMG. That ish was really funny.

    I was in a couple of lines today that took a total of 1 hour off my life that I can never get back. From now on, I'll just pay for the rush shipping. Eff that.

  33. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 19/12/07 8:31 PM  

    When your teeth are that bad, you don't need a dentist, you need a carpenter.

    Why is Macys.com the worst website ever? 3 minutes to load a picture of a dayum bag?

  34. Mysty™ is ready for vacation, Man! // 19/12/07 8:38 PM  

    Baby, d@mn, that's exactly why I can't stand shopping. My plan is to stop off in Westbumblefu@k when I drive back to my mom's on Friday. Around 10 or 11 am I should be able to find a back woods shopping center to patronize!
    I usually go to Macy's in person and look for DEEP discounts! lol
    As for The Raptor, I know his teeth are jacked up, but have you noticed that he has that crazy coked out mouth movement like Bobby Brown? I just noticed that mess during the Finale...I was like, did NY give this mug a stroke? D@mn..it's like that? lmao

  35. ShakazP // 19/12/07 8:41 PM  

    Buddha needs to shut the hell up before he alienates his future employment possibilities. Not that I care.

  36. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 19/12/07 8:51 PM  

    Exactly. I believe in out-of-way bumblef*ck shopping. Since their tastes tend to be different from us city folk, the stuff I think is cute (and they might think is weird) is in absolutely no danger of being gone.

    I didn't notice his stroke mouth. When Tailor was on TV, I didn't much notice the rest of dudes.

  37. Mysty™ is ready for vacation, Man! // 19/12/07 8:58 PM  

    I agree, people sleep on stores that are tucked away from "normal" folks, but I can't stand crowds, so I enjoy shopping off the beaten track.
    Baby, for future reference, I purposely do not read sentences you write with the word Tailor in them...I respect you too much! lmao I am happy he won instead of Bubba and hope he and his Princess will be happy, but I CANNOT stomach you lusting after him.

  38. Mysty™ is ready for vacation, Man! // 19/12/07 9:01 PM  

    Oops, I cut part of the last comment off. I can't look at TM like that because despite his numerous facials, his skin is still WAY too greasy for me...the glare is distracting. Other than that, I agree with you that he looks better without the facial hair...it's a bit Chester Child Molester for me. lol

  39. karlene // 19/12/07 9:01 PM  

    well my store wasn't that busy today. i mean there is always a lunch crowd and after work crowd.

    the crazy mess is going to be saturday when i gotta be there at 6am. f customer service, get ur shit and get outta here.

  40. karlene // 19/12/07 9:03 PM  

    omg i thought i was the only one who notice his geasy face.. why doesn't he uses those bloch pads ...i dunno what they are really called but they look like sheer tissue paper in small squares,i'm sure NY has a box laying around.

  41. Mysty™ is ready for vacation, Man! // 19/12/07 9:06 PM  

    I hear you Karlene! I never worked retail, but I was a grocery store cashier in high school and I absolutely detested holiday shopping, after work crowds, and crazy mid day Mommy shoppers! Some days my lines were so long I wanted to crack people's eggs just for the hell of it. D@mn me for being the fastest check out person, folks used to come to my line even when other lines were shorter because they knew I would get them out (of my face) with a quickness! lmao

  42. Mysty™ is ready for vacation, Man! // 19/12/07 9:09 PM  

    LOL Karlene, every time I check out at my salon I think of TM because they keep samples of those blotting pads (tissues) on the counter. I swear I take one every time out of sheer paranoia! The two of them must leave one hell of a stain on their pillows...

  43. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 19/12/07 9:10 PM  

    Mysty @ 8:58

    You must have read the sentences, otherwise you wouldn't know I was lusting after Tailor Made. Ahem. Cough. And that's not grease, that's an ethereal glow. lol.
    He is damn near perfect in my eyes.

  44. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 19/12/07 9:11 PM  

    (glares up at Mysty and then realises it's more fun to lust after Tailor than respond to Mysty's blindness :)

  45. Mysty™ is ready for vacation, Man! // 19/12/07 9:20 PM  

    My comment got deleted : (
    Baby, I need only read your name to know you lust after that man...that's why I give you the respect of overlooking most TM comments. lol Be real, you know he's greasy, but I'll give you a pass on that one.

  46. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 19/12/07 9:28 PM  

    Oh yeah, lol. Forgot about the Mrs. TM handle. I didn't notice the grease. His huge heart, voice and eyebrows transfixed me.
    And the hands, the butt and teeth and...but let's move on...

    What did you get your mom for Christmas? I have other "yeah w/e" gifts for her but the main "Oh Sh*t!!" gift, I can't think of anything. Ideas?

  47. Buddah Tha Messiah // 19/12/07 9:30 PM  

    David "Punk" Otunga will be on the Idol radio show tomorrow for those that care. Maybe he'll address Mose's recent comments in his VH-1 interview and his latest blog.


    Beware....Buddah will be on Monday to counteract and attack whatever comments that David has cleared up. Jesus be a time clock ready to punch out Buddah's last remaining 2 minutes of fame on his timecard...

  48. Coffey0072 // 19/12/07 9:32 PM  

    Wow, this poor douche nozzle suffers from delusions of grandeur.
    I couldn't fathom Ezra loving any woman let alone New York, because he is head-over-heels in love with himself. CLASSIC narcissist.
    And for someone who likes to pride himself on being ABOVE all the drama, spiritual, and not fazed by losing... he suuuuuure is mealy mouthing over it. He can't seem to shut the eff up in fact. His ego must be rocking back and forth in a corner, in a fetal position.

  49. The Q © 2007 // 19/12/07 9:38 PM  

    Y'all are on a roll.

  50. Coffey0072 // 19/12/07 9:39 PM  

    Methinks it wasn't GOD who prompted dude to go on the show. It was probably his AGENT.

  51. Mysty™ is ready for vacation, Man! // 19/12/07 9:40 PM  

    CTFU @ Coffee!!!
    Baby, I got my mom a gift certificates to Pier 1...she's going bananas decorating her new house in NC. I also got her a few cds I know she'll love and I will (help) cook Christmas dinner! lmao

  52. Mysty™ is ready for vacation, Man! // 19/12/07 9:46 PM  

    I have been praying with all my might that vh1 does not give this fool a show. I'd rather see buckit nekkid tricked out toothless hoochies on tv than the brain washed pod people that have joined Bubba's cult!

  53. karlene // 19/12/07 9:46 PM  

    coffee, i also think it was thy agent.

    and why don't i believe he went home back to his training and crap right after being kicked off.

    like how many days was that? 4 the most?

    the man know he was in the backhouse with your majesty (Whatever that dog was called) chilling

  54. Coffey0072 // 19/12/07 9:53 PM  

    I'm going to surmise that Buddha's life coaching is relegated to those people who live inside his head. He has to give them pep talks to keep the crazy at bay. This is just conjecture... but it makes a whole lot of sense to me.

  55. Mysty™ is ready for vacation, Man! // 19/12/07 10:00 PM  

    Karlene, I believe he was sleeping out in the back yard on that lounger...that's where Punk got the idea to put TM out there. Vh1 is dumb as hell if they paid for another plane ticket for that fool...seriously! He makes a big deal of saying that vh1 asked him to come back when he know his @ss was scratching at the back door begging for food and water.

  56. The Q © 2007 // 19/12/07 10:25 PM  


  57. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 19/12/07 10:41 PM  

    OMG @ Mysty

  58. John // 19/12/07 10:48 PM  

    Bitch done lost his mind.

  59. THESUPPORTTEAM // 19/12/07 11:05 PM  

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm so confused about this interview and especially with the N word mentially stuff. Do Buddha even know half of the stuff he was talking about.

    I bet if buddha decide to become a pastor he already have a congregation full of female for his cult. It will be called Buddha pride and idiots.

  60. THESUPPORTTEAM // 19/12/07 11:06 PM  

    To be honest with you all Buddha interview suck. The N word mentially stuff that was so confusing.

  61. Coffey0072 // 20/12/07 12:07 AM  

    LOL @ He makes a big deal of saying that vh1 asked him to come back when he know his @ss was scratching at the back door begging for food and water.

  62. SNAZZYDAWN // 20/12/07 12:09 AM  



  63. The Q © 2007 // 20/12/07 12:46 AM  

    How do you say production brought you back?

    You claim to be a honest man. Yet you return to the mansion knowing you aren't interested in New York.

    *scratches head

    How honest is that? And I don't know if it's editing or he actually said it. WE ALL SHOULD KNOW BY NOW EDITING IS FUNNY BUSINESS.

    Did he not say he was in love with New York at the end?

    Or am I crazy? I wish the man luck but the things he says and blogs about don't add up.

  64. Anonymous // 20/12/07 4:25 AM  

    Hey guys, right before the ILNY2 finale, VH1 had a Blog with Q&A for NY. One of the questions were: Have you talked to Flav recently. NY answered: "I called Flav right after my show took off but he hung up on me. I don't know what's that about".

    My question is: I thought NY and Flav were friends????

    Any comments.

  65. jorundi // 20/12/07 6:09 AM  

    I had bad vibes about Buddha from the start but knew for certain that he was an A--Hole from the moment he raced Taylor Made with the Go Carts and cheated by bumping him. He could have caused an accident with that move but all he did was raise the "Omega Q-Dog" sign in victory. In other words, he showed how much character he lacked at that moment. Nothing from that moment forward that he did surprised me.

    ...and I didn't like his arrogant assed Daddy either from first sight. An experienced older woman can form on-target opinions about a man on first sight...it's all in the demeanor/look/posture/facial expression. "Big Mike" raised his clone well.

    I had no "He's the One" vibes from any of the 20 at first sight, but I had bad vibes instantly on some of them. Buddha, Knock Out, Yours, Milliown, Champion, It and (believe it or not) The Entertainer.

  66. Mysty™ has one more day of work in 2007! // 20/12/07 8:36 AM  

    Good morning folks!
    Shawn - I didn't even want to touch his philosophy on the N-word mentality...if ever there was a ni@@a, he's it!
    Q - You are not crazy...he did say (I don't know how you could edit that) he was IN love with her at eliminations. He was IN love with her, but planned to turn her down if she chose him? Right...that makes PERFECT sense! lmao

  67. Anonymous // 20/12/07 10:28 AM  

    I would love to move on from Buddha right now, too bad we'll be seeing him on the reunion in a week. Anybody got any FOL2 news?

  68. The Q © 2007 // 20/12/07 11:16 AM  


    I've been trying to hint to y'all FOL3 contestants. I showed the reader one last week but no one got it. Or they kept it hush. I know 75% of their identies.

  69. Electra (trinidad) // 20/12/07 11:18 AM  

    Hey Morning all :)

    Guys I have to say that you have all worked very hard on making this Blog a success and it truly has been and I congratulate each and every one of you.

    Steups, Q, Groovy, Gabby, Ariellus, Jayne, Irre and et al thank you all for having me and making it a wonderful Blog 2007.

    I do wish you guys lots of success in 2008.

    If you dont hear from me before then - I am wishing EVERY SINGLE BLOGGER A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A BRIGHT AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR (the Lord be Magnified)!!!!

  70. Anonymous // 20/12/07 11:41 AM  

    Thanks E!!!

    Wishing you and yours (and all the Bloggers out there) the best through the holidays and into 2008!!!

    Have a safe, loving holidays with your friends and family, and I wish you all great prosperity into the new year!!!

  71. TREAZURE // 20/12/07 11:43 AM  

    I don't understand why Buddha must make this such a racial situation. I see it as a cory ass chick picked a cory ass dude to all in love with. I think they're perfect for eachother. NY is a great character put I woulden't want this stupid heffa to be around me in real life. Please stop this King/Queen bullshit it's a comedy reality show, don't make more than it really is out of it.

  72. The Q © 2007 // 20/12/07 11:44 AM  

    Y'all are so sweet.

    Thank you!

  73. The Q © 2007 // 20/12/07 11:45 AM  

    Interesting perspective Treazure

  74. Anonymous // 20/12/07 11:49 AM  

    man! this ish is way too serious. out show was much more fun and comical :)

  75. Thats Hot // 20/12/07 11:57 AM  

    Oh Q, you forgot to give me a shoutout in that last post *smh sadly*

    Anyone else surprised New York picked a white guy?

    Buddha SO reminds me of OJ Simpson both inside and out. His response to New York's question of, "Do you love me?" was the FAKEST thing on the show. "I don't want to say yes, but I am." Bitch, if you planned on leavin her that night if she picked you, why even lie about loving her?

  76. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 20/12/07 11:59 AM  

    Yay, the anons can post again!

  77. Why Am I Doing This // 20/12/07 12:05 PM  

    i'm not an anon. i just couldn't remember my password

  78. revenge // 20/12/07 12:12 PM  


    have you seen how we havent forgotten about you beautiful man?

    hey q!

    i wont waste any time or energy on buddha, i feel sorry for his mother.

    (yep, i typed it, so what)

  79. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 20/12/07 12:15 PM  


    Buddha is a pendejo.

    I can think of no other word to describe his latest bloggetry.

  80. revenge // 20/12/07 12:19 PM  


  81. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 20/12/07 12:26 PM  

    I hope that "pendejo" thing was directed at Buddha and not me!

  82. revenge // 20/12/07 12:27 PM  

    baby why would i cally ou that, silly one?


  83. The Q © 2007 // 20/12/07 12:27 PM  

    Onix lurks.

    Revenge I miss you girl.

  84. Gabrielle // 20/12/07 12:28 PM  

    No Vengy, YOU GUYS FORGOT ABOUT HIM!!!!! My baby Onix will always be near and dear to me!!!!lol

  85. Shawn // 20/12/07 12:31 PM  

    Ok I am going to sign in.

    Onix, I have to ask are you in a video on youtube with 20 packs or is that someone else?

  86. Mexi-rican Mama // 20/12/07 12:34 PM  

    Has anyone else been able to view the ROL2 online casting special yet? I tried but the video won't show. They put up a pic of the cast and trust, them are some nasty ass, trailer-trash, 80's lookin' skrippers. Not all, but most.

  87. revenge // 20/12/07 12:34 PM  

    q i miss you too.


    life is hard...did u hear me doing the shoutouts in the last show gabby did? i totally didnt do it as well as you did!

  88. The Q © 2007 // 20/12/07 12:36 PM  

    I did Revenge. You did great! Did you get my number?

  89. Why Am I Doing This // 20/12/07 12:38 PM  

    hey Rev darling! Q, it's always a pleasure. Shawn, no that's not me. i haven't seen the video. i am filming a movie at the moment. i'll let you all know when it premiers in '08.

  90. The Q © 2007 // 20/12/07 12:41 PM  

    Onix, no it is not always a pleasure. Cause you Sir, NEVER GOT BACK TO ME about the thing you told me about.

    No worries, I am not bitter.

  91. Why Am I Doing This // 20/12/07 12:43 PM  

    it's called Misunderstanding.


  92. Why Am I Doing This // 20/12/07 12:45 PM  

    i'm sorry Q! you know that i have nothing but love for you. you just have to hound me. i know that i'm diffult, but i don't mind the persistance ;)

  93. Why Am I Doing This // 20/12/07 12:48 PM  

    who is queenbrina233, and why is she talking about my girl elle like that? she's needs to take a step back! i hope that she's just kidding.

  94. revenge // 20/12/07 12:49 PM  

    am i the flatchested vampire bitch?

    cuz if i a, what a compliment.


  95. revenge // 20/12/07 12:50 PM  


  96. The Q © 2007 // 20/12/07 12:51 PM  

    Well Brigette or Stan, I have e-mails stating something totally different frome DJ Bucky Blends.

    Considering you are a liar, I'll go with you are lying. I am glad I remain in your mind. LOL!

  97. Shawn // 20/12/07 12:52 PM  

    She need to come and talk to my daughter. SOmetimes I think she is a vampire.


  98. Solace // 20/12/07 12:53 PM  

    Solace tip toes quietly into this blog!LOL.

    WOW...lol. Some strong feeling have come out of this show...right? I still have Buddha love..though...(ducks to avoid the rock throwing)LOL!

    I think someone who posted was curious about how much he charges for his life coaching sessions...well from what I heard....

    For 6 hours in the same day it is
    $1000/flat rate.That session includes various excercises of mental,physical and emotional challenges that you go through in the course of the day.(I am paraphrasing what you actually get out of this but is abit more in depth in description)

    His Personal training is $150 per hour. That was his rate when the show began I am not sure if it has changed yet due to his popularity.

    Just an FYI...

    Thanks for the shout out...We love you guys....We love your Blogs!

  99. The Q © 2007 // 20/12/07 12:54 PM  

    O. she is an individual who is jealous of Elle. She is our resident Stan. She goes around talking negatively about us and other females. She's some little strumpet.

  100. Shawn // 20/12/07 12:57 PM  

    No she is a looneybin that need help.

  101. Mexi-rican Mama // 20/12/07 1:00 PM  

    I can't believe that someone would actually pay $1000 for 6 hrs. of that man's bullS&!! Some of the things he says sounds good, but I don't think he truly understands what he says because he is constantly contradicting himself. He tries to sound smarter than he is.

  102. Shawn // 20/12/07 1:03 PM  

    I'm wondering how many people called that 1-800 number he got and leave bad ratings.

  103. miz karlene // 20/12/07 1:06 PM  

    so Q (gotta do it un upper case of lower case looks funny)...angela was the tip?

  104. miz karlene // 20/12/07 1:14 PM  

    Punk live in 45 mins at IDOL RADIO SHOW http://www.idolradioshow.com/

    wise tomorrow and buddha on the 24th

  105. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 20/12/07 1:14 PM  


    Please tell me the $1000 flat rate is a lie that you are telling solely to make me laugh...please...

  106. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 20/12/07 1:15 PM  

    If 1-800-dial-a-sniper is as effective as they told me they were, Buddha will not be available tomorrow night for the show. j/k, sorta...

  107. Solace // 20/12/07 1:36 PM  

    No Baby aka TM it's true. Someone told me they heard of this..and now below you see this is from NOV 4th 2007..he posted on his blog. This is from Buddha himself...exactly stated on his blog. It's still there.

    BUDDHA Statement below

    My "Street" life and normal life (LOL) coaching rates are the same. $1000.00/analysis. which includes one day (6 hrs) of personal, physical, emotion, financial, & spiritual counseling and a one time follow up.

    Personal training is $150/hr and takes place WHERE EVER!! LOL... I'm not big on trapping clients in gyms unless they REALLY don't mind itt ;-)

  108. Solace // 20/12/07 1:38 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  109. Solace // 20/12/07 1:43 PM  

    FYI---not on his myspace this is on his personal website

    Had major typo...lol...deleted second msg..

  110. Mexi-rican Mama // 20/12/07 1:45 PM  

    I don't see how he could in good conscience try to provide any type of emotional or spiritual counseling judging from his behavior on the show. He is obviously not in control o his emotions since he allowed TM to get to him and lash out the way he did. That man needs counseling his damn has. I can refer him to my Anger Management counselor.

  111. Mexi-rican Mama // 20/12/07 1:46 PM  

    **his damn self

  112. "S" // 20/12/07 1:59 PM  


    what's up people? Anyone here?

  113. The Q © 2007 // 20/12/07 2:00 PM  


    *laughs evilly*

    How you doin' "S"?

  114. "S" // 20/12/07 2:17 PM  

    I am okay......trying to make it to Friday.

    Do you know if the Reunion is scheduled to air THIS coming Monday?

    Being as it is a holiday weekend, I was not sure.

  115. Mexi-rican Mama // 20/12/07 2:18 PM  

    What's up "S"

  116. miz karlene // 20/12/07 2:20 PM  

    s, i heard the 6th, but this punk interview is good and how TM & buddha slept in the same bed.

  117. The Q © 2007 // 20/12/07 2:22 PM  

    OMG! I am missing the interview!

  118. Mexi-rican Mama // 20/12/07 2:22 PM  

    Thanks for the reminder miz karlene

  119. miz karlene // 20/12/07 2:30 PM  

    no problem...
    lol david talks about the dude of the club knowing JUAN ( Q i guess that's his real name, not Rikado)

  120. "S" // 20/12/07 2:33 PM  

    What's up? Mexi?

  121. "S" // 20/12/07 2:34 PM  

    Thanks.......Miz Karlene.

  122. The Q © 2007 // 20/12/07 2:38 PM  

    Yeah I am listening now. He told me this story.

  123. Mexi-rican Mama // 20/12/07 2:38 PM  

    I like the way Punk handles himself. He's not feeding into any of the BS that the others are.

    Hey "S" What does the "S" stand for?

  124. "S" // 20/12/07 2:44 PM  

    It stands for my first name, which is, Shawn.

  125. Mexi-rican Mama // 20/12/07 2:45 PM  

    Nice to meet you Shawn.

  126. "S" // 20/12/07 2:52 PM  

    You too, Mexi.

  127. Mexi-rican Mama // 20/12/07 3:03 PM  

    Punk's interview was pretty good.

  128. miz karlene // 20/12/07 3:05 PM  

    damn that vh1 contract is long a year after the reunion date.. that's crazy.. you really sign your life away for like 1 year and a half to those people. but for what? they just the dibs on if your are good enough for your own show?

    i only can see midget mac and the entertainers with a show.

  129. The Q © 2007 // 20/12/07 3:12 PM  

    New post up for those who care....

  130. Mexi-rican Mama // 20/12/07 3:15 PM  

    I can see a show about Pretty coming out of the closet, IT being committed to an Insane Asylum, Buddha needs to go to Boot Camp and learn some respect and self-discipline, or he can have a show with Tango to see who's ego is bigger (cuz we now Tango's pee-pee is tiny) Cheezy should have a show where he gets a make-over and taught how to act like a P.I.M.P., the Entertainer should have a show about living at home with his folks and them kickng his butt out.

  131. Anonymous // 22/12/07 11:19 AM  

    Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made said...

    "He said he was a life coach. Like most of what he said, it probably wasn't true. If so, the students probably committed suicide."


    That's the funniest comment! I'm not surprised if it actually happened. Did God told him to bitch slapped Tailor Made too? This guy is more mental than It.

  132. Baby aka Mrs. Tailor Made // 22/12/07 1:46 PM  



  133. Cheesemeister // 22/12/07 10:41 PM  

    Could Buddha be a bigger jerk? He should hook up with Lacey the Rock of Love beeyatch. They deserve each other with their backstabbing evilness.

  134. Anonymous // 24/12/07 10:41 AM  

    merry cmas baby

  135. larry // 24/12/07 10:42 AM  

    merry cmas

  136. Lil Miss // 24/12/07 7:07 PM  

    Hello All
    I just wanted to say Thank You.
    Thank you for the laughs you bring with every recap.
    A friend told me to check here and I almost blew eggnog out my nose with laughter!
    I would love to add my 2 cents but may tell on myself by doing so....
    Besides you guys pinned the tail dead on the donkey ass with your suspicions and opinions.
    ( Still laughing at Ninja turtle mix breed dinosaur)
    It's a shame- The "real" world might have loved the Ezra I once knew.
    Peace & Blessings to All!

  137. Ava // 25/12/07 12:25 PM  

    HI L!! Merry Xmas..:)

  138. robby // 25/12/07 6:57 PM  

    I dont know why but this guy is a tool!

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