toastee-bikiniThis will be brief, really really brief, because we aren't yet ready to start hyping Charm School.
But this is what I've heard from my source..

Toastee is back!
Yes, despite reservations about her nude pictures; Charm School's producers decided that her popularity was too great to not use her in the Show.
There was a tremendous amount of buzz after Flavor Flav revealed the picture that sent her packing and I know that for a fact because we had near 100000 page views that day.
We wish her well, she came on the blog and explained her side of the story so she's one of our favorites.

If we're lucky, the guys from I Love New York will do the same, but until they're brave enough we have been lucky to speak to one or two people who know them very well. More on that later.

Incidentally, Toastee is the only contestant to have appeared on Flavor of Love without an official My Space so say what you want about her, you can never say she was only about the publicity.
Of course it would be easy to say that about Krazy'; and yes, she's at it again. My source says our favorite soprano is also on the cast of "Charm School"
So, of the supposed thirteen "students" these are whom we believe will be among the group:

Just six more and we'll have the entire class.
So that's it for 'Charm School' but I'll be back with news of Sekou, one of the favorites from "I Love New York"


  1. Hard Working Girl // 16/12/06 8:00 PM  

    they should bring back red oyster

  2. steups // 16/12/06 8:19 PM  

    you liked her?

  3. Hard Working Girl // 16/12/06 8:28 PM  

    I liked the dynamic (if you want to call it that) she added to the show.

  4. steups // 16/12/06 8:35 PM  

    ok, I thought she was a bit stale really.

    She was the one person you could tell right away had no interest in FLAVOR FLAV

  5. Hard Working Girl // 16/12/06 8:42 PM  

    well yeah but she was also an instigator like new york, i guess thats why i was ok with her.

  6. steups // 16/12/06 8:51 PM  

    ahhh, I see your point.

    That she was.
    Mommy has anything for migraines? Besides Motrin.

  7. Hard Working Girl // 16/12/06 9:03 PM  

    yes she does, i'm trying to get some from her for my headache. i'll try to snag you a few, lol

  8. Hard Working Girl // 16/12/06 9:06 PM  

    red oyster promotes drama and drama always makes the show better.

  9. steups // 16/12/06 9:11 PM  

    Exactly. Drama is key; but something about Red is very banal

  10. Hard Working Girl // 16/12/06 9:16 PM  

    true enough. and that's why new york got as far as she did, she knew how to work it. i'm not saying red oyster is my favorite but it would be interesting to see how everyone handled seeing her again.

  11. Hard Working Girl // 16/12/06 9:17 PM  

    well by seeing i mean living together and having to deal with each other.

  12. hutche // 16/12/06 9:24 PM  

    Hard working girl its funny you say New York new how to work t becuase all the eccess footage of her out and about , I questioned whether she infact knew had to wrok it and wondered if infact she was in on the joke so to speak. It was kind of un appealing to think that she couldnt turn it off and on.

  13. hutche // 16/12/06 9:25 PM  

    And not to sound like a total pig but I never found toastee attractive until those pics. I dont know clothes really dont seem to flatter her that well.

  14. lareigna // 16/12/06 9:29 PM  

    lol @ hutche.

    You are so honest and I love it.

  15. steups // 16/12/06 9:33 PM  

    You preferred her nude?


  16. Anonymous // 16/12/06 11:31 PM  

    Red Oyster equals 'Me so fake bitch!'

  17. Anonymous // 16/12/06 11:38 PM  

    SO I see they are bringing back the two twins even though they are not related. So wondering who going to be the drama chick on this one.

    And Hutch is right. Wondering if Ny was ready at the end of a joke or not. But hey Vh1 knew what they was doing to give her a show.

    I guess she got alot of fan mail. LOL

  18. Anonymous // 17/12/06 12:26 AM  

    I am really looking forward to Charm School. I love Monique. And comedy is my side gig. So honestly, I am very much looking forward to Charm School. Lawd knows some of the students need it.

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