It's just one o' dem days when nothing went right so I'll just accept what is and keep it moving.
And what better way to that than to drown myself in her Royal Majesty, the Queen of Reality Television; New York.

It's New York pictures times 23 today.
The pictures are a bit small though so clicking on them will not make them that much larger, but if you don't mind, go knock yourself out.

new-york new-york new-york
new-york new-york new-york
new-york new-york new-york
new-york new-york new-york
new-york new-york new-york
new-york new-york new-york

new-york new-york new-york
new-york miss-michelle new-york

Credit & Debit: Bang (who says he got them from MarysLuv and Lil Kim Zone)


  1. Anonymous // 15/12/06 8:09 PM  

    First or second, someone most likely beat me. Some (3 tops) are good pictures of her.

    Did someone forget to blend the eyeshadow? If a professional did it.....(shakes my head).

    No comment on the mother. The dog is cute, I think. I take that back.

  2. steups // 15/12/06 8:10 PM  

    Quanta girl what's wrong with you.
    Blending is so 2005

  3. lareigna // 15/12/06 8:16 PM  

    Is it me, or does NY have SERIOUS lazy eye going in the middle pic?

    She obviously didn't get the memo that caking on your eyeshadow to exatchly match your clothes, is sooooo 1989??

  4. Anonymous // 15/12/06 8:19 PM  


    Blending is still current love especially when you have masculine-ish features. The goal is to soften her up, not make her look and a $100 hooker.

  5. lareigna // 15/12/06 8:23 PM  

    I know blending is current, but my point is that it's not really blended. Makeup is supposed to look somewhat natural. Her's obviously is not.

    She does look like a $100 hooker though. Good call.

  6. steups // 15/12/06 8:24 PM  

    That's the goal when you are heading out to cocktails, but this is promo work.
    It's meant to be over-the-top.

    It's supposed to have an avant-garde feel to it

  7. steups // 15/12/06 8:26 PM  

    (chokes on wine)

  8. Anonymous // 15/12/06 8:28 PM  

    The HUH? was for Steups Lareigna. Your comment was on point.

    Avant-garde....alrighty if you say so. I've done avant-garde. That to be rings $100 hooker but I am going to be pleasant and state that at it's best....stage playish.

  9. lareigna // 15/12/06 8:28 PM  

    ::thumps on Steups Back::

  10. lareigna // 15/12/06 8:29 PM  

    You ok there buddy?

  11. Anonymous // 15/12/06 8:29 PM  

    The play being 'Hookers Unlimited'

  12. steups // 15/12/06 8:33 PM  

    I'd just like to point out to the lurkers and readers that the two ladies above me (and oh I wish they were really above me)

    But anyway, the two women who commented above me are notorious New York haters.
    Lareigna, especially so.

    Thank you for your time.

  13. Anonymous // 15/12/06 8:34 PM  

    shit new york and her mom look like dudes that's some ugly picures of ny and her mother

  14. lareigna // 15/12/06 8:34 PM  

    lol @ Quanda.

    Steups, please defer to our knowledge of makeup. Take it from me and Quanda- it's bad.

    Her tracks aren't too hot either.

    I need to stop drinking. My spelling is sucking righ now.

  15. lareigna // 15/12/06 8:35 PM  

    That's right dammit. But I will always give credit where it's due.

    That's a cute dog.

  16. Anonymous // 15/12/06 8:40 PM  

    steups you are the only person that really like ny you are bullshit

  17. Anonymous // 15/12/06 8:42 PM  

    steups do like ugly ass looking woman look at ny

  18. lareigna // 15/12/06 8:45 PM  

    Ok Big Mike you're taking it too far.

    Insulting NY is fine, but don't diss Steups.

  19. Anonymous // 15/12/06 8:45 PM  

    look for new york at uglypeople dot com

  20. Anonymous // 15/12/06 8:47 PM  

    Get it right sugar dumpling!
    I am not a New York hater. I just no lousy make up when I see it. I should, it's my profession.

    And Lareigna don't think you have to say something nice. You know that dog isn't cute!

  21. Anonymous // 15/12/06 8:48 PM  

    fine that a joke

  22. Anonymous // 15/12/06 8:50 PM  

    Sugar dumpling, I bet pictures 8, 12 and 14 are your favorites.

  23. Anonymous // 15/12/06 8:51 PM  

    insulting look at her

  24. Anonymous // 15/12/06 8:52 PM  

    are you talking to me quanda

  25. lareigna // 15/12/06 8:55 PM  

    Hey man, that, is disturbing on so many levels.

    Quanda, I am a cutsey tiny dog lover. I do think it's cute.

    And I am a NY hater. I have a right to express my opinion. These pictures just give me more ammo to bash her with.

  26. Anonymous // 15/12/06 9:01 PM  

    i got left behind and my head hurts...but new york looks horrendous.

  27. Anonymous // 15/12/06 9:03 PM  

    Steups I forgot to add #13 too.

    I think New York had a nice figure in FOL. In FOL2, she looked like a bobble head but hey thin is in. Post surgery, she simply messed up.

  28. lareigna // 15/12/06 9:03 PM  

    Does anybody know how to open a bottle of wine if you don't have the corkscrew thingy???

    I don't havemuch experience with wines.

  29. Anonymous // 15/12/06 9:04 PM  

    No Big Mike I wasn't blogging to you. I get the funny feeling that you don't like any of the pictures.

  30. Anonymous // 15/12/06 9:05 PM  

    quanda i sent you a friend request.

    hey lareigna


    good evening steups, are we speaking?

  31. Anonymous // 15/12/06 9:08 PM  

    lareigna i just take a knife and push the cork into the bottle


    cuddle time with my chi-chi.

  32. Anonymous // 15/12/06 9:10 PM  

    you right about that quanda

  33. lareigna // 15/12/06 9:10 PM  

    Hey Revenge,

    I tried that with my dull butter knives because all I cook is toast. I don't have any sharp ones. :-(

    I'm going to have make a run to the dollar store.

  34. steups // 15/12/06 9:27 PM  

    I'm engaged at present in Christmas decorating

  35. steups // 15/12/06 9:28 PM  

    Lareigna, we are both Scorpios girl.
    Fierce and passionate people.

  36. Sanyo // 15/12/06 9:29 PM  

    STEUPS!!!!!! WHAT'S UP???? hhhmm, just a random thought, where's PAPA NEW YORK? U think they got divorced, i mean, Momma B's website does say she is single

  37. steups // 15/12/06 9:29 PM  

    Hey, I've got some Sekou news

  38. lareigna // 15/12/06 9:29 PM  

    That's right dammit. Not to mention we're are fantastic in bed.

  39. lareigna // 15/12/06 9:30 PM  

    When' your birthday Steups?

  40. Anonymous // 15/12/06 9:35 PM  

    Wow UGLY inside and out!

    How sad...

  41. Anonymous // 15/12/06 9:41 PM  


    fuck your life.

  42. steups // 15/12/06 9:47 PM  

    The 8th Lareigna

  43. steups // 15/12/06 9:49 PM  

    A woman on the move seems like an interesting person

  44. Sanyo // 15/12/06 10:32 PM  

    anyone here??

  45. Anonymous // 16/12/06 12:57 AM  

    Hey Everyone,

    What is going on with the eyeshadow?

    If this is the new thing that alot of makeup artists are doing they didn't do a good job. I know blue is her favorite color but this get up makes her look like a tranny.

    Now I love the electric blue eyeshadow but damn.

  46. pleasant // 16/12/06 1:04 AM  

    Whomever did Momma NY's weave did a BAD job! All that forehead looks horrible. NY evidently didn't have the boob job until after the show. She looks good in the pics though.

  47. pleasant // 16/12/06 1:06 AM  

    Sorry...where are my manners...Hi Steups, Groovy, Lar, Rev, Quan, San, and all the rest. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Prosperous New Year!

  48. Anonymous // 16/12/06 1:38 AM  

    i love ny she is a beautuful looking woman i wish i was on her show so i can date her and i cant not want for her show to come on in 2007 it's going to be nice

  49. Anonymous // 16/12/06 1:39 AM  

    i like this new blogger

  50. Porker // 16/12/06 1:49 AM  

    Lareigna is quite correct... NY must have taken a page from Hottie's "How to look cross-eyed in a photo" handbook. What is it with all these wonky eyed women from FoL?

    I'm definitely digging the out-stretched-arms-tranny pose... very dramatic.. tee hee.

    Oh, and way to go on that pose where she's grabbin' her titty while sitting next to her momma... very classy. I grope myself in front of my mother all the time, thats just how I roll.

  51. Anonymous // 16/12/06 2:35 AM  

    Yep, that's New York all right.
    In the middle picture on the bottom row, her mother doesn't have that possessed by Satan look in her eyes for a change. Maybe she just woke up and hasn't had a chance to let the evil flow through her veins yet.

  52. Anonymous // 16/12/06 8:09 AM  

    Good Morning Everyone,

    Have you guys ever look at this blog in netscape?

    Well finally her boobs look tone down.

  53. observer // 16/12/06 8:48 AM  

    i agree that ny looks like a hooker

  54. lareigna // 16/12/06 11:02 AM  

    Good Morning everyone.

    Is anyone here?

  55. Anonymous // 16/12/06 11:11 AM  

    Good Morning

    How are you today?

  56. Anonymous // 16/12/06 11:38 AM  

    good morning everyone.

  57. Ivory // 16/12/06 12:49 PM  

    Hi everyone. I haven't been on here in several days, it looks like I missed a lot. How is everyone doing? Good I hope. Anyway, don't have much to say, I will probably come back later on tonight, hope you all have a good Saturday.

  58. Anonymous // 16/12/06 4:53 PM  

    anyone here?

    ::looks around::

    heh. there sure are alot of shadows here tonight.

  59. steups // 16/12/06 5:42 PM  

    Good evening everyone.
    I'll be around in an hour or so if anyone wants to chat.

    Welcome back cheesemeister, welcome pleasant, hi hemroids (sp)

  60. Anonymous // 16/12/06 7:09 PM  


  61. Anonymous // 16/12/06 7:16 PM  

    Hey Everyone,

    I hope you all are enjoying your day. Can you believe 7 days before xmas.

  62. Anonymous // 16/12/06 7:17 PM  

    Hey Revenge and Steups.

  63. lareigna // 16/12/06 7:53 PM  

    Hi everyone.

    Did you'all get to finish your xmas shopping?

  64. steups // 16/12/06 7:54 PM  

    Finish? I just got started.

  65. steups // 16/12/06 7:55 PM  

    I'd say 'hey' to Shawn and Revenge but they're probably outta here already

  66. lareigna // 16/12/06 8:02 PM  

    Well, at least you started. I haven't yet.

  67. steups // 16/12/06 8:20 PM  

    do you have many gifts to purchase?

  68. lareigna // 16/12/06 8:34 PM  

    No. Not any more. People do fucked up things around Christmas time.

  69. steups // 16/12/06 8:36 PM  

    Oh dear, that sounds so strange coming from you lareigna.

  70. lareigna // 16/12/06 8:39 PM  

    Why does that sound so strange?

    Why is that funny?

    I didn't mean that people don't do fucked up things to me, I meant that payroll decided to fuck me over on my check. That's what I meant. Oops.

  71. steups // 16/12/06 8:43 PM  

    'Twas strange to read you curse like that.

  72. lareigna // 16/12/06 8:44 PM  

    Sweetheart, if you talked to me face to face, it wouldn't be so strange, trust me. I swear like a sailor.

  73. steups // 16/12/06 8:49 PM  

    well dang, the pretty face and the nerdy glasses don't suggest you do.

  74. lareigna // 16/12/06 8:53 PM  

    lmao. I think the glasses are tres chic.

    When are you going to post a picture of yourself? I'm getting kinda tired looking at Flav.

  75. steups // 16/12/06 9:00 PM  


    And the Flav thing works because many people add me under the impression that I am Flavor Flav.

  76. lareigna // 16/12/06 9:08 PM  

    That's kinda mean. :(

    ::getting teary::

  77. steups // 16/12/06 9:21 PM  

    (not at the tears mind you)

    You haven't seen me?

  78. lareigna // 16/12/06 9:23 PM  

    No, I haven't seen you.

  79. steups // 16/12/06 9:29 PM  

    email me at

    and we'll sort that out right away.

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