shay-buckeey-johnsonSomeone wondered about the other VH1 reality series, Charm School; starring the comedian/actress Monique.
Well, it's definitely on; contracts have been signed and the Show will air around summer-time I presume.

My source (who's been wrong once or twice) says there will be 13 'students' at the school. I tried my best to get the names of the girls who were selected from the pool of 'Flavor of Love' contestants but I was only moderately successful.
I offered to sleep with the person but I was told he/she had better and never had worse.
I think that was an insult.

As I said I was moderately successful and that means I got some names and those are...
(drum roll please)

Cristal Serious Steverson
Shay Buckeey Johnson (see picture)
Larissa Bootz Hodge

So that's that for 'Charm School' with Monique. Doesn't move me to be honest.

In more relevant news, I can confirm that Mauricio Sanchez' name on the show is 'Chamo'. Yeah, I know it's not earth-shattering news or anything,, but at least it's confirmed and you don't have to qualify yourself by saying "I am 99% certain".
Here are pictures of 'Chamo' showing his stylish side and hamming for the camera with 'New York' and 'New York's'' mom, Miss Michele'.

chamo-miss-michele chamo-new-york
chamo-new-york-2 chamo-new-york-1


  1. Anonymous // 14/12/06 2:45 PM  


  2. Anonymous // 14/12/06 2:45 PM  

    Oooh that felt so good to finally be able to do that. Now I can actually READ the article.

  3. DORFAM // 14/12/06 2:46 PM  


  4. steups // 14/12/06 2:47 PM  

    Dang, that was quick Irre.
    Refresh for two more pictures if you haven't seen all five

  5. Anonymous // 14/12/06 2:48 PM  

    Thanks Steups sweetie, and thanx for the faculty addie!!! Smoochies, biotch! LOL.

  6. Anonymous // 14/12/06 2:48 PM  

    ::singing:: i workk hard for the money, so hard for the money...

  7. DORFAM // 14/12/06 2:49 PM  

    Soo they better treat you right

  8. Anonymous // 14/12/06 2:50 PM  

    New York looks FABULOUS in that white ensemble. And Chamo is werkin' the HELL outta those embroidered palest pink slacks. (LOL) Umm.... I still think I'm right about there being gays in the house, and Chamo being the resident GAYDAR of the house. Do you believe me, Steups?

  9. steups // 14/12/06 2:52 PM  

    I don't have a gaydar myself.
    I was promised one for a good price in South Beach, but I haven't picked it up yet.

    You threw me off there I had something to say and now I've forgot.

    Hi Revenge.

  10. DORFAM // 14/12/06 2:52 PM  

    Irre can I call this fabulous?:)

  11. steups // 14/12/06 2:53 PM  

    Oh yeah, this is what I wanted to say..notice the size of New Yorks breasts?

  12. DORFAM // 14/12/06 2:53 PM  

    Now Steups you've been to Miami, you should have forwent 3 more hours to come further South:)

  13. Anonymous // 14/12/06 2:54 PM  


    I miss my boo, Sanyo. Who KNEW he was eligible all this time?

    *smiles and remembers the e~mail from last night*


  14. Anonymous // 14/12/06 2:55 PM  

    o lord

  15. DORFAM // 14/12/06 2:55 PM  

    That must have been an old pic!!! Those huge boobs are new, they still have the tags...

  16. DORFAM // 14/12/06 2:56 PM  

    At the Big in 06 awards they looked like they hadn't even dropped into place yet

  17. Anonymous // 14/12/06 2:57 PM  

    I'm good at that. Something about me always sends mens minds in a tizzy and jumbles thier hormones and thoughts. And Dorfam, don't be that way. (LOL)

    If something is fabulous, you call it like it is, honey. SPEAK ON IT!
    And Steups, this picture is definitely pre-boob-job for New York. *wonders why steups is LOOKING @ her titties*

  18. Anonymous // 14/12/06 2:57 PM  

    this is to gay for me i'm out

  19. Anonymous // 14/12/06 2:57 PM  

    new yorks breasts were very nice BEFORE surgery.

    hey steups how are you?

  20. Anonymous // 14/12/06 2:57 PM  

    New York's are preop right? Was is Chamo prettier than her mother?

    And I am definitely watching Monique's Charm School. I am definitely interested in that show.

  21. steups // 14/12/06 2:58 PM  

    Electra is suffering from Shawty's disease; she can read but can't comment.

    Pobrecito mio.

  22. steups // 14/12/06 2:58 PM  

    I'm ok Revenge, how was your first night with the meds. Or was it second?

  23. Anonymous // 14/12/06 2:59 PM  

    no darling, we are starting on the 29th.

    ::waves to electra::

  24. steups // 14/12/06 2:59 PM  

    I've been to South Beach Dor, more times than you'd believe

  25. steups // 14/12/06 3:00 PM  

    I always have to make a fist to stop the chill when you refer to me as "darling"

  26. steups // 14/12/06 3:01 PM  

    it's so Bette Davis; sexy and authoritative.

  27. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:02 PM  

    LOL@Bette Davis

  28. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:02 PM  

    We have something in common, BlackNuts. I'm out, too! Proud member since 2004! When did you go public? (LMFAO) New Yorks mom is absolutely atrocious in that picture. She's like the black cracked out Joan Crawford. Ewwwww.

  29. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:02 PM  

    oh god, now im depressed and missing my son...two more hours and i get to go home.

    i actually think that new york looks really cute in the picture. her mother does not.

    and i have to say, ilove me some buckeey. she is too damn cute. i hope nibblz is on there too. heh.

  30. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:03 PM  

    steups what the hell is wrong with you

  31. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:04 PM  

    blacknuts I can't get over your name. It's so.... "IN-YOUR-FACE" and graphic. (LOL) And the question you asked is one I've wondered for many moons.

  32. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:05 PM  

    steups, then you would love my nighttime voice.

    ::giggles:; (yes, i giggle too damn it)

    ok, thats enough.

  33. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:06 PM  

    lmao@dr.'s name: Dr. Hardick-Dacko

    anyone else think thats funny?

    ::laughs all by myself::

  34. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:08 PM  

    irresistable i'm sorry i dont go that way but i'm out holla

  35. steups // 14/12/06 3:09 PM  

    I need a Motrin.
    Revenge is in my head and I need her out.

    Sup Blacknuts, the question is "what isn't wrong with me?"

  36. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:10 PM  

    i can get you a percpcet steups...that w ould work even better. with a nice glass of merlot. heh.

  37. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:13 PM  

    Are you supposed to drink merlot with that?

  38. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:15 PM  

    lol no arent supposed to drink with any perscription pain killers...but it wont hurt you it will only just make u sleepy and long as its only ONE glass of wine

  39. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:17 PM  

    I hate Chamo's outfit!!! It is so, so, so, so ............eewwwwwwww

  40. steups // 14/12/06 3:18 PM  

    are you gonna watch me sip it?
    If it be my last breath I want it to be staring into your eyes

    with the skull-cap thing you wear, lol. Don't forget the skull cap.

  41. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:19 PM  

    Steup you have issues.

  42. steups // 14/12/06 3:22 PM  

    Revenge, Electra said "hi" and thanks for being the only one to care about her predicament.

  43. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:22 PM  

    sure...whatever you want.


    quanda, i totally aggree with you, he is getting on my nerves already.

  44. steups // 14/12/06 3:22 PM  

    yeah Quanda, but thankfully I am not Steup.

  45. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:22 PM  

    hey electra!!!! i do miss when you are not around ot balance out my yang to your ying...remember light and dark, good and evil.

    miss u around here!

  46. steups // 14/12/06 3:24 PM  

    See Electra?
    Make it one huge email this time

  47. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:24 PM  

    Y'all are too funny!

  48. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:24 PM  

    wait ok what happened to E, where was I

  49. steups // 14/12/06 3:34 PM  

    she has Shawty's disease. She can read but can't comment.

    And she doesn't think it's my fault, unlike two other people

  50. steups // 14/12/06 3:36 PM  

    E says there is no balance between good and evil because she is incredibly good and you can never be as evil to measure the appropriate balance.

    I think that was a compliment

  51. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:40 PM  

    Kay I'm back. Did I miss anything, y'all? And HI NV!!

  52. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:40 PM  

    i am so slow

  53. steups // 14/12/06 3:40 PM  

    Have any of you had a relationship with an old person before?

    And I mean old and not older, if you catch my drift.

    Because I saw a hot 50+ woman the other day and a fantasy ran through my mind, just saying.

  54. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:40 PM  

    Well goodbye you all, I hope you have a pleasant day. I have a crook in my neck.

  55. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:42 PM  


    Please Steups, dear GOD, please tell me you're joking. I used to hang out with one of my friends @ the restaurant where she worked, and old guys would hit on me all the time, slipping me tips as if I worked there or something. (EWWWW) Steups you certainly aren't exclusice with it, ARE you?

  56. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:42 PM  

    Hey Irre, Bye Quanda

    if we had a message board E could log in

  57. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:43 PM  

    No, I have never had a relationship with an old person. I've had a couple of Sugar Daddies 50+ try in recruit me but I have never seen an old penis and the thought scares. And I am married now.....and he is younger.

  58. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:47 PM  

    NVCakes! Have you been productive today? And did she say Old Penis? Sweet Jesus. Somebody give me a vicatin. The visual that comes along with that word is undescribably horrific.

  59. steups // 14/12/06 3:47 PM  

    y'all crazy.
    Some women look damn good at 50 and I am sure I can deal with a wrinkly vagina if I have to.

    Lord have mercy, this shit isn't for the blog. I need to return to S2S with this shit

  60. steups // 14/12/06 3:48 PM  

    Who loves hip-hop?
    I don't; but I am tired of these nostalgic cats reminiscing the hell out of everything.

  61. steups // 14/12/06 3:50 PM  

    You know, if we had a slutty-type woman/man we could have a Real World cast; just saying.

  62. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:50 PM  


    *slaps him on the arm*

    Eww. In my opinion, the only thing worse than a vagina is a wrinkled one. *shudders* Are you really that hard up? I bet wrinkled vaginas look like soft tacos. But worse. *literally gags* We're in DRASTIC need of a subject change. However, if a kay daddy was cute enough and had a black card, I'd totally pull an Anna Nicole and hunch the LIFE out of him, literally. Does that make me evil?

  63. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:50 PM  

    Iree yeah I have been doign pretty good today

  64. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:52 PM  

    ok Steupz which person of the cast would I be

  65. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:53 PM  

    You know, you're right about the real world cast Steups. The ultra~fab gay guy, and the cruel outsider, and the playboy, and the TELL-IT-LIKE-IT-IS chick, and the hot black diva, etc, etc...

  66. Groovy Noodles // 14/12/06 3:54 PM  

    Y'all know I can read, right? Watch it with the old people remarks.

    I'm off to pick the kids up from school.

    *mumbling about turning 40 in March*

  67. steups // 14/12/06 3:55 PM  

    I am not saying nv, but you might be the boring always perfect type that makes the viewers say "why the hell did they pick her?'

    Just saying

  68. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:56 PM  

    LOL Love ya Groovy. Hell, forty is the new thirty, didn't you know. But then again, 30 is the new OLD. (LOL), j/k ma~ma, you're HAWT.
    *calls her fabulous in the same way New York does*

  69. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:56 PM  

    So is he a contestant or not?

    NV I hope you feel better.

  70. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:56 PM  

    Groovy Aries or Picses?

  71. steups // 14/12/06 3:56 PM  

    I heard someone use the n-word on this years Real World. True?

  72. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:57 PM  

    I am good and Steups you think I am the goody type that is boring wowo you really dont know me

  73. steups // 14/12/06 3:57 PM  

    who is Shawn?

  74. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:58 PM  

    Yeah Stephen called tyrie a nword not saying i watch it lol

  75. Groovy Noodles // 14/12/06 3:58 PM  

    NV, Pisces.

    OK, I have 3 minutes.

    Irresistable Deliscious, you're about to get sent to your room young man.


  76. Anonymous // 14/12/06 3:59 PM  

    oh you are early March me and Irre are aries

  77. Groovy Noodles // 14/12/06 3:59 PM  

    NV, I'm right in the middle of March. The 15th.

  78. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:01 PM  

    Yea, I'm an avid Real World fan, lemme tell you bout what happened.
    *pulls up chair*

    Well, everyone was out partying at various clubs. The gay guy of the house, Davis, decided to go home early to call his b/f. The moment he left, the black republican (Steven) got into an argument when someone called him a nigger. Steven thought that Davis left b/c he didn't want to help Steven. SO Steven ratted to Tyrie, the other black guy in the house. Tyrie was pissed b/c he thought Davis deserted Steven, and Tyrie got into a VERY nasty argument with Davis. Davis' got very upset (and drunk) and said that he was "going home tommorow b/c some NIGGER wants to kill me". It was all very dramatic. Reality TV classic.

  79. Groovy Noodles // 14/12/06 4:01 PM  

    OK, my 3 minutes are up. Y'all have a good day.

  80. steups // 14/12/06 4:01 PM  

    that should have been
    who is, Shawn?

    so what's the dynamic of that n-word usage? Two blacks talking to each other?
    or otherwise?

  81. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:01 PM  

    oh ok I am March 28 and irre Is April 13(?) dont kill me Irre if I am wrong my mind is bad

  82. steups // 14/12/06 4:02 PM  

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, so what happened next?

  83. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:02 PM  

    Sorry Mom. But lots of guys are TOTALLY into older women. I'm told something is sexy about them, in a claire huxtable type of way. But mama Groovy, you're NOT old.

  84. steups // 14/12/06 4:04 PM  

    Is tyrie that martial-arts fella I saw in the preview. He looked like a right asshole.

    And this supposed racist? What's his story?
    Was it a slip? Or a revelation?

  85. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:06 PM  

    Davis (the gay guy) is white, by the way, which causes an absolute uproar. Davis is scared of Tyrie at this point, so he orders the producers to get him a hotel room. (Nothing like a gay guy who demands what he wants) and he spends the night away from the mansion. The next day he expresses his desire to go home, but him and Tyrie reconcile thier differences. They even HUGGED! It was absolutely beautiful. I LOVE it when a str8 guy isn't a homophobe.

    It's so cute.

    *slaps NV's hand. It's April 15th. And when is your's again? March WHAT?*

  86. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:06 PM  

    Yes it's true. The guy name Davis said about tyrel.

    I was about Chamo. Is he a contestant or bodyguard type?

  87. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:07 PM  

    Yea, Tyrie is the martial arts dude, and he's NOT an asshole. He's nothing more than a big (sexxi) Teddy Bear. And Davis isn't a racist. He's just from a very small hick town and doesn't know any better. It didn't help that he was pissy drunk. He could barely stand.

  88. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:08 PM  

    :;finishes the last milano cookie in bag:;
    FUCK, im gonna get fat.

  89. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:08 PM  

    SHAWN? Did you SEE what Chamo had on? He is SOOOOO not a contestant. Look at that POSE and that SMILE. (LOL) You haven't got a gaydar at ALL do you, you poor dear?

  90. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:08 PM  

    I was asking Chamo?

  91. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:08 PM  

    Sorry and if you know I got your birthday wrong you know when mine is you read it lol

  92. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:09 PM  

    Nope I don't have the radar.

  93. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:10 PM  

    Oh yea. Us Arians are so sexxi. But the sexxiest sign of all is Libra. Have you ever dated one of them? They are so charming and mysterious.

  94. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:12 PM  

    *wonders how New Yorks boob job affected her tatoo. Does it say Queen now?*

  95. DORFAM // 14/12/06 4:14 PM  

    Funny Princess....Queen

  96. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:15 PM  

    Hi Dorfam.

  97. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:16 PM  

    I love seeing a chocolate females wear blue eyeshawdow. Now I give NY credit she can wear some blue eyeshawdow.

  98. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:18 PM  

    The dude in the pic with buckeey is that suppose to be her man? According to her bullentins her photographer is her man.

  99. DORFAM // 14/12/06 4:18 PM  

    Hi Irre...
    just finished the DCF inspection

  100. DORFAM // 14/12/06 4:19 PM  

    Buckeey is sooooo hooottt!!!

  101. DORFAM // 14/12/06 4:19 PM  

    after sweepping, mopping, hanging out of windows, dusting she never even looked at the damn rooms...

    hate this job

  102. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:20 PM  

    Speak on it Shawn. She DID rock the hell out of that blue eyeshadow. NY might not be the MOST beautiful thing ever (look @ her parents!) But she works with what she's got. And she has an undeniable presence about her. Hiya New York Sweetie, I know you're reading!

    I'll bet she likes me as much as I like her.

  103. steups // 14/12/06 4:20 PM  

    Yes Shawn, Chamo is the new Big Rick, on some level.

    I don't think I could hug anyone who called me a nigger. That would be one of those no turning back moments.

  104. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:21 PM  

    WAIT! Dorfam, you're gay TOO?

    *literally scratches head*

    Where the HELL have I been? Is ANYONE Str8 here?

  105. steups // 14/12/06 4:21 PM  

    No doubt about that. New York could definitely have my children.

  106. DORFAM // 14/12/06 4:23 PM  

    NOt gay not gay it's all relative.(don't tell my husband thoughlol

    Steups I agree with you..nobody could call a nigger and expect to hug em

  107. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:24 PM  

    Steups, it's one of those moments where you have to be open~minded. And besides, Tyrie is a Human Relations major. After that little squabble, Tyrie and Davis get really close, and in the next episode, Tyrie defends Davis when someone calls him gay. I mean PHYSICALLY defends him. BESIDES, Tyrie called him a faggot, which is JUST as rude.

  108. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:26 PM  

    LMAO @ Steups' kids. Ooooh JESUS what would those things look like?

  109. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:27 PM  

    And Tyrie could have MINE. He's mos def a real man. Secure with his manhood, and VERY mature b/c it takes a special kind of man to forgive something like that.

    *swoons @ the thought of Tyrie*

  110. steups // 14/12/06 4:29 PM  

    To be honest. I think that guy shames me as a black man.

    His defending the guy after is not an affirmation of anything good to me, it just makes him look like a fool

  111. steups // 14/12/06 4:30 PM  

    Chamo's shirt-sleeves are too long.

  112. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:31 PM  

    and this from a man that defends bush? I digress back to work ...

  113. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:32 PM  

    NO, a REAL man will not get upset when called a nigger. A nigger is not a name you have to claim. And a REAL man can let something like that go. Tyrie gained a million brownie points with me for that move. He actually went as far as to say he WANTED Davis to remain in the house. That is SOOOOO sweet. You should be more like him, Steups.

  114. Porker // 14/12/06 4:35 PM  

    You know Steups... there's a magazine called "Over 50" for individuals with your kind of preferences. For those parcial to... ahem... larger women, there are a few titles to keep you happy including "Plumpers" and "Celulite Sweeties"... not that I've ever read any of those...

    *whistles and looks away*

  115. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:35 PM  

    Oh, and that overlong shirt is actually the latest "thing". It's called the shaggy sleeve, and It's usually a punk~rock kinda thing, though. But great eye, Nick....

  116. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:36 PM  

    stups you said ny can have your baby new york is only good for one thing the bedroom

  117. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:38 PM  

    *slaps porker in the same fashion he did steups*

    For SHAME! And for the record, the word "cellulite" and "sweeties" shouldn't be used in the same DAY, let alone sentence. Ugh Cellulite is like curdled milk. And I don't even WANT to disgust ( I mean discuss) the whole plumper thing.Gag me.


    May I ask how you know about this?

  118. Groovy Noodles // 14/12/06 4:38 PM  

    I'm not really here. I'm just delivering a message, and I know I'm way late with it, but it was in my Inbox when I got home. From Electra...

    Hey Tell Irre Del that he's right, Librian are the best I am a Libra although they said we are the worst drivers, I can attest to dat.LOL

    Carry on, I'm off to count money.

  119. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:39 PM  

    *claps hands and jumps up and down*


    *straightens shirt and sits down*

    Where've you been?

  120. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:40 PM  

    Ewww, SHE's a libra? Oops, did I say Eww? I meant to say OH.

  121. steups // 14/12/06 4:42 PM  

    I said 50 as in age not in breast size, thank you very much.

    And Irre it is not about being upset it is more about being chummy with someone who disrespects you in the worst way.

    What else? Ahh, Big Mike; why do you hate her so. She is New York, the embodiment of all that is good about a woman.

    Worship her or fantasize about her; those are your two choices. The only two choices.

  122. DORFAM // 14/12/06 4:43 PM  

    Steups you know how I feel about that word with everything I told you...none of those people that spit on me could call me thier friends 2day 2 morrow or ever

  123. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:44 PM  

    deliscious i'm trying to get in new york pants one day

  124. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:44 PM  

    *smiles @ steups for the first time in a long time*

    But I'd say the two of them were about even when it comes to disrespecting each other. Just sayin'. Steups, what am I the embodiment of????

    *that was totally a loaded question*

  125. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:46 PM  

    I watched that episode last night and it was a lot fakeness in the air.

  126. DORFAM // 14/12/06 4:46 PM  

    I personally favor the duel at least competition is real

  127. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:46 PM  

    she good for one thing steups if you dont know ask flav

  128. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:47 PM  


    but I think holding a grudge against someone for calling you an "N" would be basically living up to the title. A Nigger isn't a black person, it's an ignorant, unintelligent neandrathal of a person. It would show true sophistication and class to let it go and accept the other persons naivit'e. Showing someone you are mad @ them let's them know they get to you and gives them OH so much power.

    And GOOD luck getting in those pants, Mike. Have you SEEN some of the cast of I Love New York? (not sayin' you're ugly or anything.)

  129. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:49 PM  

    I'm not really a duel fan. It's nothing more than sweaty muscular men out in the sun, wrestling and flexing while performing strenous and totally purpuouseless tasks. What the hell am I saying? I LOVE the Duel. But MTV over~hypes it and adds to the drama.

  130. DORFAM // 14/12/06 4:50 PM  

    Irre the histtorial conotation that the word holds(in my opinon) doesn't allow for absolution. I bet you Davis wouldn't have called the other white boy in the house a nigger

  131. steups // 14/12/06 4:51 PM  

    Irre, if anything you said there made practical sense someone other than African people would be offended by it on a general scale.

    I agree with you Dorfam.

  132. DORFAM // 14/12/06 4:51 PM  

    I'm glad Robin is gone!!!

  133. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:52 PM  

    steups new york is all about sex just look at flavor of love 2 new york give it up easy to flav

  134. steups // 14/12/06 4:52 PM  

    I'm so good I wrote I agree with Dorfam expecting her to reply at the time I did.

    We must have connected on a level deeper than I have ever connected with another woman.

  135. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:53 PM  

    Not mad just disagree, the word has been historically used in reference to black people. A word to imply that we are less than. The word is insulting.

    I liken the N word to the F word. The f word implies that one is less than. You know the blowing pixie dust scenario.

  136. DORFAM // 14/12/06 4:53 PM  

    DOn't know my husband is in the dog house lately...when you coming to Southbaech again:)

    just playing

  137. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:53 PM  

    Of course DAVIS meant it in the way that demeans blacks. Yea you're right about that. But I say get over it, or give yourself in to the taunts and jeers. And don't get me wrong, b/c we ALL know I'm a total biatch. I probably wouldn't have forgiven him, either, but I think a truly good person would have, and I find it commendable that Tyrie did.

  138. steups // 14/12/06 4:54 PM  

    Big Mike if New York is about sex we'll find out around JANUARY 27TH

    Robin is a fool. I don't watch this particular show but I remember her being a fool. I love Beth.

    I'd DO her in a New York minute.

  139. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:55 PM  

    steups you are whipped

  140. DORFAM // 14/12/06 4:55 PM  

    Irre did you forgive those people in school that were taunting you the otherday.

    If you did I say they didn't deserve it(your forgivness that is)

    did you get my emails

  141. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:56 PM  

    Quanda I TOTALLY think the "F" bomb is as bad as the "N" bomb, too. If not worse. B/C Nigger is unspecific, and you don't have to claim that title. But Faggot is LITTERALLY another (more rude) word for homosexual, so that word is blatant in-your-face disrespect.

  142. steups // 14/12/06 4:56 PM  

    In England they say 'poofter', that's totally less insulting than F****t

  143. DORFAM // 14/12/06 4:56 PM  

    Me too Steups OMG, Beth is ruthless

  144. steups // 14/12/06 4:57 PM  

    that's a whippin' I gladly take (uses dixie acent)

  145. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:57 PM  

    And NO I haven't been able to check them yet, Dorfam.
    (damn firewalls) And in regard to your question, I didn't so much FORGIVE them as I did IGNORE them. And you're right, they DON'T deserve it, that's what makes giving someone like that forgiveness so much more of a good deed.

  146. DORFAM // 14/12/06 4:58 PM  

    Poofter sounds worse 2 me

  147. Anonymous // 14/12/06 4:59 PM  

    *stares @ Steups w/ mouth open as if he just punched me*

    WOW I can't believe you just said that, yo.

  148. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:00 PM  

    *still in shock*.......

  149. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:00 PM  

    *mouth still open*

  150. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:01 PM  

    *practices what he preaches and gets over it. Now that I think about it... knowing Steups... am I REALLY surprised?*

  151. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:02 PM  


  152. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:03 PM  

    We disagree again. It might be the generation gap going on. The word has been used to describe black people. And it is an in your face insult just as the F word is.

    The F word has been used to infer homosexuality, inadequate performance or feminity. I think the words are equally offensive.

    I can't stand Robin's retarded behind. And if you like Beth, you would like New York.

  153. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:04 PM  

    Truer words were never spoken.

  154. steups // 14/12/06 5:06 PM  

    Are you pretending to be hurt by the word 'poofter'?

  155. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:08 PM  

    Well I've been called 'keifer' and went totally Sapphire on a woman.

  156. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:08 PM  

    Steups I never pretend. Don't type it again. And let's play nice, b/c we JUST resolved our differences from last time. And I really like it better when we're friends. I'm not gonna argue with you, though. I got upset last time because I was in love with you, and only people I care about on that level can upset me to the point of tears. But all that is So over and done, so you can't hurt me this time. My exterior is stronger than diamond.

  157. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:09 PM  

    Do I even WANT to know what a kiefer is?

  158. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:10 PM  

    The N word

  159. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:12 PM  

    Oh, dear. FUCK Sapphyri. I'd have went SUPERMAN on her ass. Especially if she didn't know me. I wish I was more like Tyrie, too. He's my GUY idol. My GIRL idol is New York, DUH. SO I guess that means I'm seriously fucked up. I'm have sugar and half spice. That's what drives men WILD about me.

  160. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:14 PM  

    I've been called the N word and I have verbally attacked the users with two exceptions.

    But to call me the N word thinking I wouldn't know that you were insulting because 'I was a dumb black woman.'

    That called for an ass whopping, I think she needed a honest reason to call me a name.

  161. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:16 PM  

    You betta BEAT that ass, Quanda. (lol) Oh jesus.

    wipes a laughing tear from my eye. i friggin' LOVE me.

  162. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:17 PM  

    *jamming like a lunatic to Ciara's CD, track 10. Get's up and does the running man, then splits*

  163. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:17 PM  

    *pop locks, drops to the ground and does the worm. Rises slowly and begins to robot*

  164. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:18 PM  

    *shakes irratically, SEIZURE STYLE, but in perfect time to the music.*

  165. steups // 14/12/06 5:19 PM  

    I just find it strange that you would be offended by an innocuous statement that that's a word they use in England.

  166. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:19 PM  

    *jumps up-and-down*

    Quanda and Steups, DANCE with me!!

    *SHAKE it Quanda!*

    *Steups does the butterfly*

  167. steups // 14/12/06 5:20 PM  

    especially when you wrote "B/C Nigger is unspecific" and it didn't bother me.

  168. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:20 PM  

    *grabs Steups by the arm, totally igonoring the silly English word. Dances as Steups laughs @ him*

    It's all love, Nick. I'm not mad.

  169. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:20 PM  

    LOL@Steups doing the butterfly

  170. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:21 PM  

    Am I the only one who hates Chamo's outfit?

  171. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:23 PM  

    Nigger IS unspecific, baby. And I'm sorry, I didn't know that hurt you, you should have told me. But yeah as I was saying, don't take the "N" bomb so personal. IGNORE it because I don't know about you, but that word doesn't apply to ME. Back in the day, slaves were referred to as Niggers because the slave Masters didn't understand them. They thought we were just dumb tree climbers. But we know better. We have always been an intelligent and advanced people. So don't let that dumb word get to you, the slave masters were niggers for not realizing our greatness.

  172. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:25 PM  

    I think it's cute, but I wouldn't wear it. Slightly too flambouyant for this small town. I'd be painting a target on my back. But I'd wear that to Atlanta Pride or something like that, just for the hell of it. It IS a bit dramatic (or BUSY, as I like to call it). I guess that's why I like it.

  173. steups // 14/12/06 5:25 PM  

    Quanda, uses Michael Jackson voice

    You are not alone.
    I agree with you.
    He cannot dress
    I am unimpressed

  174. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:26 PM  

    *continues to dance. Booty pops, slow winds like Ciara..... bends his back like the matrix*

    (and I can really do all these things, too!)

  175. steups // 14/12/06 5:27 PM  

    I should get one of those MySpace players in here

  176. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:27 PM  

    LOL @ Steups and the Micheal Jacko voice. WHOA.

    *The.Club.Is.Jumpin', so GET UP!*

  177. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:28 PM  

    ok this is killing me but has anyone ever thought the slave owners were dumb to use the word not knowing where it TRULY derived
    if you are lost read

  178. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:28 PM  

    Thank you, because I thought I might be alone on my serious dislike of that outfit. It has an untailored wannabe pimp air about it. And the shoes are just so wrong. And I don't have the energy to figure out the slacks.

  179. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:28 PM  

    Steups, DANCE with me!!!!

  180. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:29 PM  

    I have always thought the slave owners to be ignorant among other things.

  181. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:30 PM  

    NVCakes! You've returned just in time to dance with Iree!

    *Say Ichi-Me-Sun! Get In, Get in, Get OUT!*

    Nv I can't wait to go shopping and boy watching with you. Seriously. I bet we would have SO much fun in a grocery store.

    *cart racing.....*

    *continues to dance, throwing one leg up in the air and twirling around*

  182. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:30 PM  

    and Quanda they were they did not invent the word they changed the spelling cause they dumbasses could not spell and didnt know what it meant

  183. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:31 PM  

    I am so excited about the 'Charm School'. I really am.

  184. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:32 PM  

    *grabs NV and makes her dance. NV begins to shake them boobies! DO IT NV!*

  185. lareigna // 14/12/06 5:33 PM  

    I hear/read somewhere that Pumkin is going to be a student in the "Charm School".

  186. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:34 PM  

    Irre rain check on the dance baby I am out of here have a good one babies ~smooches~

  187. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:34 PM  

    I HOPE she is, she mos def needs to be. I bet is she spit on Monique, Monique would BEAT THAT AZZ. And HI Lariegna, haven't heard from you in a sec. Wanna dance?

    *Lareigna does the cabbage patch*

    I really wish y'all could hear how infectous this song is.

  188. DORFAM // 14/12/06 5:39 PM  


  189. DORFAM // 14/12/06 5:40 PM  

    Irre did you check your email

    Go Irre , Go Irre....(doing my whaite girl dance)

  190. DORFAM // 14/12/06 5:43 PM  

    Do you all think ANgelina Jolie would adopt me b4 Christmas

  191. DORFAM // 14/12/06 5:52 PM  

    Y iz it when I'm here everybody leaves!!!

  192. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:55 PM  

    What country are you from Dorfam?

  193. DORFAM // 14/12/06 5:57 PM  

    I'm American, why do I have an accent:) lol

  194. Anonymous // 14/12/06 5:59 PM  

    Nope, no chance that your going to be adopted by Jolie.

    Had you said, "Vietnam, China, Kenya, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Russia"

    You might have a chance. America, nope no chance at all.

  195. DORFAM // 14/12/06 6:01 PM  

    Sad but true;)lmao

  196. Anonymous // 14/12/06 6:17 PM  


    you know, everytime i read all the comments i have missed in between all the mommy stuff i have to do, i either get annoyed or extremely irritated, then i remind myself that this is a blog and that 99.9% of the people who comment on here fuckin rock. so i'll leave the slight that was thrown indirectly at me. perhaps im just crazy ass paranoid.

    good evening everyone!

  197. Anonymous // 14/12/06 6:18 PM  

    electra mama when you read this just know that we truly have to be the ying and the yang for i am a libra as well. our duality is amazing.

  198. Anonymous // 14/12/06 6:19 PM  

    im off to make dinner. ill retun to be a part of the madness later on tonight.

  199. Anonymous // 14/12/06 6:34 PM  

    Hey Electra,

    How come you can't post anymore? What is going on? I miss your comments!

    Revenge, I am in the 99.9% aren't I?

  200. Anonymous // 14/12/06 6:34 PM  

    AAHHHH Finally, I am home and I can comment.

    Damn those anons. If it was not for them I would of been able to comment @ work.

    (E showing anons her fist of fury)

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