Looking at Sekou all properly attired, I can't help but say this would have been one of those articles tailor-made for Groovy. (pardon the pun)
But we all know why I am doing it. Divorce is hard. (bites lip)

But life goes on, so hears what's the deal with Sekou.
I spoke to a source close to Sekou, really close, really really really really really really close to Sekou and they told me a few things that I trust is the truth.

It appears Sekou read Groovy's article and all the comments related thereto, all 500+ comments and he wanted the readers to know that the pubic hair he revealed was shown "accidentally on purpose".
I don't know what that means but I am sure we have an expert in the comments box who does.

The really really really close source also corrected a few things in our article, namely that Sekou is not from Burbank, but lives in Burbank now. He was actually born in New Orleans and raised in the Bay Area.

And our source had a particular interest in having us know that Sekou qualified his quote on wanting to meet women who "stimulate his sexuality", by saying it's "confined to hot chicks only!"
I wonder what he means by that?
Irre, have you been harassing the man on his My Space? Lmao.

Irre's gonna kill me for that.
Two more things before I go, one of which is very interesting. Sekou played three years with the Arizona Cardinals and our source (who really tells too much for a friend) says with regard to "I Love New York", his "involvement will be surprising."

Any guesses on the surprise?
Maybe he is New York's ex-boyfriend or something.

Nawwww, I doubt that. Finally, I have a direct quote from Sekou he wants everyone on the blog to know that he is "glad to have new fans and friends" so don't be shy about contacting him.


  1. lareigna // 16/12/06 9:12 PM  

    Yummm. Happy Trail man.

  2. steups // 16/12/06 9:33 PM  

    what do you mean by that Lareigna?

  3. lareigna // 16/12/06 9:43 PM  

    Seoku is the man with the happy trail. He's yummy.

  4. steups // 16/12/06 9:46 PM  

    That's your type uh?

    Oh yeah, I forgot you are married to a military man. Your husband probably looks like that.

  5. lareigna // 16/12/06 9:49 PM  

    Not neccesarily my type, but I will always appreciate a sexy man in an enticing pose.

    I wish my husband looked like that. lol. He used to when he was in boot camp.

  6. steups // 16/12/06 9:58 PM  

    Hey, no complaints.

  7. Anonymous // 16/12/06 10:48 PM  

    hello i'm new i like you blogger but i hate that bitch ny she is gross looking and just plane gross how in the hell did she get a tv show i feel bad for hottie because the producers originally wanted hottie but no new york get the spot because she a rating whore that all i hope she get her heartbroken again that would be good

  8. lareigna // 16/12/06 10:50 PM  


  9. Anonymous // 16/12/06 10:50 PM  

    they call me new york hater because i hate ny

  10. Anonymous // 16/12/06 10:51 PM  

    lareigna i'm the ny hater

  11. Anonymous // 16/12/06 10:54 PM  

    i'm sorry hottie that new york got your show

  12. lareigna // 16/12/06 11:00 PM  

    I'm right there with ya NY hater.

    But you know what? I'm glad NY got the show over Hottie. That bitch was just straight up fuckin cuckoo. As much as I don't like NY, she makes some fantastic television.

    Wow, that's thefirst positive think I've ever said about her.

  13. Anonymous // 16/12/06 11:22 PM  

    Why start today Lareigna? Hottie would've been funnier.

    Isn't that so very special of Sekou to appreciate us?

  14. Anonymous // 16/12/06 11:34 PM  

    he he he he

    I feel you on that one.

  15. lareigna // 16/12/06 11:37 PM  

    Quanda, you always give me a reality check. I thank you for that.

    Fuck NY. I need to stop lying to myself.

    BTW, Steups, you are fuckin hot!!

  16. Anonymous // 16/12/06 11:46 PM  

    Your welcome.

    Steups is hot? Not surprised, I didn't think he was a toad.

  17. Anonymous // 16/12/06 11:48 PM  

    Hello Ladies

    You know I am wondering once NY is over with will there be a part 2 to it?

    So out of all the people that was on her and flav show will there be show where all the contestant that didn't get pick, will there be a show with all of them together like real world.

    Also don't you have going on someone myspace page and got so much junk on it that it slow down your computer.

  18. Anonymous // 16/12/06 11:48 PM  


  19. lareigna // 17/12/06 12:05 AM  

    I think there will be a part 2 only if her show is the ratings success FOL1 was. To be honest, I think it will be.

    I hate the myspace page's that have those slideshows on it. My antivirus goes crazy.

  20. Anonymous // 17/12/06 12:22 AM  

    I simply hate my mother in law and New York's eyeshadow. Other than that I am all good.

  21. Anonymous // 17/12/06 12:40 AM  

    I take that back. Hate is all consuming and it's not that serious.

    I very strongly (strong as in super human strength) dislike my mother in law and New York's eyeshadow application.

  22. Anonymous // 17/12/06 2:42 AM  

    Hey Quanda,

    I have a grandmother that I totally dislike. I like the electic blue eyeshadow.

    Yes you are so right about the slides show they do slow down a page.

    Also do any of you guys like Japanese Cartoon. Do you guys know they have a cartoons where people meet in suicides chatroom and discuss on how they want to die. That was so gross.

  23. Anonymous // 17/12/06 8:48 AM  

    ny and her nasty mama new york get it from her mama

  24. Anonymous // 17/12/06 9:08 AM  

    i do hate ny but i do like your blogger fuck i't i'm a flavor of love fan and a flava flava fan i was so glad when flav broken her heart again ok so sue me i like to hate ny i hope the guys on her show uses that nasty bitch enuff said

  25. BettieBrown // 19/12/06 1:43 PM  

    I'd do him!

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