Hi, this just may be the first of many guest articles and it comes from the resident New York stan and gossipmonger, Sanyo.
Hope you enjoy.

miss-michelle-16'New York' is back on the spotlight, and better than ever!!
Not only because she is still in the motherfucking house, but this time, she OWNS the house. On her new reality show "I LOVE NEW YORK", 20 bachelors are invited to her Hollywood Mansion to try and win her affection, and her Momma's approval (yeah, good-luck with that guys).

Some promotional photos of her new show have been released this week with solo shots of Ms. New York and Momma New York.
WAIT! Only Momma New York?
Yes, that question came to my mind immediately. So the questions is, where's Papa New York? You would think both parents would be there. So why is Daddy New York out of the picture? The only reasonable explanation is that her parents are DIVORCED!!!
And there is a pile of evidence to make the claim.

Evidence #1:Mrs. New York's MySpace states that she is SINGLE!!
It COULD be that the person that set-up her MySpace (yes, she is a diva so she can afford to have people do it for her) thought that her marital status was negligible and unimportant!
BUT, a couple of months ago, her status was IN A RELATIONSHIP and now it's back to SINGLE, so obviously the person that is managing her MySpace is paying some attention to her marital status.

Evidence #2: Originally, Bucky Blends (New York's manager) had a picture of himself with Mr & Mrs New York on her Myspace. That picture has now been edited to crop out Blends himself and Mr. New York!! This suggests that Mrs. New York did not want Alex (Mr. New York's real name) in the picture because she is either divorced or separated from him.

Evidence #3: On Flavor Of Love 2, she went off on Mr. New York at one point and EVEN told the producers to get him (Alex) away from her!

Evidence #4: As mentioned before, the promo pictures themselves tell something, a lot actually.
Only mother and daughter are present! Need I say more?

Evidence #5: This too is related to the promotional pictures.
Again, need I say more?

There it is, the evidence speaks for itself!
The only evidence I am missing is the divorce papers (and I am sure they will eventually surface).
There is a pile of proof that suggests that not everything is paradise in the House of New York.

Now it's your turn to be the judge. I know what my verdict is ( they are divorced or separated), what's yours?


  1. Anonymous // 17/12/06 3:16 PM  

    ha!ha!ha! middle finger new york and her mother

  2. Anonymous // 17/12/06 6:30 PM  

    Now that is some juicey gossip. Maybe she want to get her freak on liku NY.

    Sanyo or Steups on that clip who is the girl with blue bathing suit stripping or dancing to the guys?

  3. Sanyo // 17/12/06 7:22 PM  

    HEY STEUPS!! How r ya my man??? *Sigh* I DON'T wanna go to work 2morrow T__T , at least not a 8 30am! Oh well, at least there are some cute boys I can look at while working so it's not so bad i guess...hahhahaha....thanks for posting my article. lol

  4. lareigna // 17/12/06 7:49 PM  

    I love me some gossip.

    But it doesn't realy come as a surprise though. I mean, what was such a seemingly nice, quiet man doing with Satan herself anyways? I hope he's found a better woman then that ugly beast. And I mean ugly on the inside and out.

  5. Sanyo // 17/12/06 8:05 PM  

    HEY LAREIGNA!! What's up??? i couldn't agree more!! Mr. New York is an angel on the inside and out....he deserves a woman that will treat him with the respect he derserves. How he ended up marrying a woman like Mrs. New York is a mystery to me

  6. lareigna // 17/12/06 8:22 PM  

    I don't know man, maybe she did some voodoo love spell on him. She looks like a fuckin witch as it is.

    Great article by the way Sanyo.

  7. Sanyo // 17/12/06 8:30 PM  

    thanks Lareigna! I have no idea how I am gonna top that.....I am sure I will think of something. Is it just me or do I feel like we're the only ones on this message board?

  8. lareigna // 17/12/06 9:00 PM  

    I think so , lol. It's funny, when I don't have the time because I'm busy working or have to get up early the next day, this message board has like 400 comments. But as soon as I'm on vacation, nothing happens. It's ok though. I'm just dying for something good on tv.

  9. Anonymous // 17/12/06 10:46 PM  

    i come home to anothe rlovely comment from gay rapper on my blog...im going to leave it posted becaause im too tired do all the necessary work of disassociating myself with bullshit like gay rapper.


    good bye everyone it was really a pleasure coming here daily to laugh and commiserate but alas my time is up.

  10. Anonymous // 17/12/06 10:52 PM  

    Why do I like New York Hater so much?

    I am happy for Alex if they are no longer married. He seemed like an alright guy minus the pig tail. Oh hell, why did I bring up the pig tail? Now I am really mad that New York would even have the nerve to talk about Delishus's mother when BOTH OF HER PARENT'S HAIR IS JACKED UP. NOT TO MENTION HER ON AWFUL WEAVES, she is a ragamuffin.

  11. Anonymous // 17/12/06 11:11 PM  

    Wow Revenge,

    I am so sorry. If you are reading this I wish you so much luck and happiness. Stay strong for your son and never give up hope.

  12. Anonymous // 18/12/06 1:40 AM  

    Revenge, I am going to miss you very much. I added you to my friends' list. I hope to hear from you.

    Now I personally don't think the dog is cute. But I will give credit when credit is due. The dog is cuter than New York's mother.

  13. Anonymous // 18/12/06 4:09 AM  

    george jackson aka gayrapper was murder and carjack and shot in the face early this morinig he died on the way to the hospital

  14. Anonymous // 18/12/06 6:42 PM  

    People have some serious issues.

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