I tell you, when Mother Steups made me two decades ago I never thought I'd be in a position where I have two good-looking Asian-American guys fighting to have their videos appear on this site.

Dang, she must be so proud of me right now (brushes a tear away)
Just kidding. I love those two guys; without them the site wouldn't be the same.

Here's video of 'New York' on the Fox reality remix awards. You'll see 'New York' kissing Flavor Flav, acting the fool because of her drunkenness and sharing the podium with 'Pumkin'.

Courtesy KC. Have a good New Year my friend.
You too Ponlork; let's kill them with 'I love New York' video for 2007.


  1. feel my pain ? // 31/12/06 7:22 PM  

    when is i love new york final episode airs in march or april can someone tell me the date the show end i'm looking forward to the show ending

  2. steups // 31/12/06 7:31 PM  


  3. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 31/12/06 10:42 PM  

    *winks @ Steups*

    LOL @ feel my pain....I feel the same way.

  4. hutche // 1/1/07 12:05 AM  

    can omebody please tell mike boogie to sit his white ass down please, no disrespect but I hate when people get all "black" when they are around black people. As soon as he notivced Flav in the front "Holler"

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