After today you should know at least half of the contestants on "I love New York" but you'll have to wait until Groovy returns from wherever she is.
Until then here's a Mad TV spoof of "Flavor of Love"
The 'Buckwild' impersonator is the best, the 'New York' impersonator, not so good.

Video capture: K


  1. Anonymous // 11/12/06 11:42 AM  

    I am FIRST whoa yea!!!!!!!! lol

  2. Anonymous // 11/12/06 11:46 AM  

    ...AND apparently last lol

  3. DORFAM // 11/12/06 11:49 AM  

    Fun-E clip

  4. DORFAM // 11/12/06 11:51 AM  

    Wiggles does sound like a real name for 1 of his girls

  5. Anonymous // 11/12/06 11:53 AM  

    Man, too bad my job won't allow streaming video...but according to what you just said, YES that does indeed sound like a FOL nickname lol

  6. DORFAM // 11/12/06 11:53 AM  


  7. Anonymous // 11/12/06 11:53 AM  

    Wait, who is playing Flavor Flav?

  8. DORFAM // 11/12/06 12:01 PM  

    That guy is funny. I've seen him do other skits with them b4

  9. DORFAM // 11/12/06 12:01 PM  

    He can almost pass 4 Flav

  10. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:03 PM  

    Do you know who it is, b/c I can't see the video :-(, is he light-skinned or is he shorter and a little darker, b/c there are two black guys on MadTV, i think...But wait, is the guy who's playing him even black? lol

  11. DORFAM // 11/12/06 12:04 PM  

    The shorter guy I think, the one who does the frat boy who's always stoppin, and xzibit

  12. DORFAM // 11/12/06 12:04 PM  

    Steups I know you put that pic of Beyonce their 4 me!!!She still looks better that Kim Kardashy

  13. steups // 11/12/06 12:05 PM  

    You make the call.
    We've found a tonne of other contestants but we've decided that it's better Groovy does it because I, for some shocking reason, never value these guys

    But there is one chap here whom I think would impress even Shawty.

    Do you want to wait?

  14. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:06 PM  

    Really? I'D be impressed? Bring him on lol

  15. DORFAM // 11/12/06 12:07 PM  

    I'm into instant gratification, I'll give them the "value" they deserve

  16. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:07 PM  

    OMFG, now that was some funny shit. LOL I have to watch this again.


    TX, the guy that's playing is black. He used to play on Martin as the hustleman, he was on the wayans movie the lil man movie.

  17. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:07 PM  

    all i can say right now is wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  18. steups // 11/12/06 12:07 PM  

    His nickname is Mr Ass.

  19. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:08 PM  

    OH I know who y'all are talkin about! That's Tracey Morgan..that boy is wild...I love him...well not romantically lol but you

  20. DORFAM // 11/12/06 12:08 PM  

    No Shawn Hustleman was Tracy Morgan he's on 30 rock now, he used to be on SNL

  21. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:08 PM  

    thanks shawn and dorfam

  22. DORFAM // 11/12/06 12:09 PM  

    Bring on the Ass Steups

  23. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:09 PM  

    Dorfam: So its NOT Tracey? lol

  24. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:10 PM  

    Why is his name mr...? Wait this IS a spinoff of FOL, so I shouldn't even be suprised at anything odd that may arise lol

  25. DORFAM // 11/12/06 12:11 PM  

    No, Tracey is on 30 rock, him and a a few of the other SNL crew got the boot from Lorne Michaels cause they were worth the much

  26. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:12 PM  

    Oh ok, when and where does 30 rock come on? who is the guy in the video?

  27. DORFAM // 11/12/06 12:13 PM  

    I don't remember. I don't know who the dude is but he does a funny Xzibit 2

  28. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:15 PM  

    DANG it, lemme see if I can find him...

  29. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:17 PM  

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW he kissed the animals

  30. DORFAM // 11/12/06 12:23 PM  


  31. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:23 PM  

    Actually he was on Martin before. I know he was in one of the Wayans movies.
    And yes he is funny as hell.

    Ok got finish seeing the other 2 videos all I have to say is Dammmmmmmmmmn. I can't believe he actually came out and said that about New York was all bark and no bite and everytime Dee step to her she would run. LOL now that funny.

    But he did say he was not looking for love but for a plaything. LOL.

  32. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:24 PM  

    From what i can tell he was tellin the truth bout the plaything stuff lol

  33. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:25 PM  

    Shawn, do you know which episode of martin, cuz I know all of them and might be able to recognize him...

  34. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:26 PM  

    so are flav and deelishis still together?

    :;sigh:; who knows.

  35. steups // 11/12/06 12:27 PM  

    they aren't together Revenge, didnt you see the Pace Uni video?

  36. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:27 PM  

    ahh ok ladies nad gentlemen, im out of here to go get my baby boy...

    have a good day everyone.

  37. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:28 PM  

    which one?
    there were like98243952345 of them

  38. steups // 11/12/06 12:28 PM  

    I'll have to watch it another time but he seemed to stumble on a question about whats going on between them

  39. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:30 PM  

    Steups is probably right, he may have not wanted to look like a total horn-dog, contrary to the fact that the show was to 'find true love'....mhmm whateva lol

  40. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:30 PM  

    Bye Revenge...

  41. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:35 PM  

    This is so crazy....

  42. steups // 11/12/06 12:36 PM  

    do you people ever get out of the comments box?

    There is a new post and I still have to do the one with Mr Ass.

    Ice D, have you seen the Pace video, that girl looks just like you.

  43. Anonymous // 11/12/06 12:37 PM  

    I'm leaving, i'm leaving...gosh

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