I wonder why I titled that previous post Pace University Pt2?
That shit makes no sense at all.

(exhales) Maybe I was too taken by the girl in the video. I love to see women in those pants, especially when they have nice fall-to-the-side hips.
Yep, I'm feeling that girl. She looks a lot like Ice Diamond.

So, the video. This video, may I remind you, was shot during the Pace University Amateur Night and Flavor Flav agrees to take a few questions.
Here he discusses 'New York', 'Deelishis' butt and the poop incident with 'Somethin'. He describes 'Shitgate' in great detail and reveals she had on a thong. According to Flav's logic a thong is the worst underwear to wear when you have diarrhea because it splits the mess in two, lol.

The video is 10:44 (apologies to the readers on dial-up)

Flav at Pace University picture galley
Flav at Pace videos


  1. Sanyo // 10/12/06 3:04 PM  


  2. Sanyo // 10/12/06 3:04 PM  


  3. steups // 10/12/06 3:09 PM  

    Yo, I'm here.
    I can't see all parts of the blog Sanyo.

  4. Sanyo // 10/12/06 3:12 PM  

    ya, well, i guess u haven't seen my e mails either? *rolls eyes* wutever.... :P I realize how much u hate this too ;)....;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

  5. Anonymous // 10/12/06 3:24 PM  

    Congrats on first Sanyo!!! I feel so immature but if feels good to be first.

    Steups, Lucas tendencies are highly attractive. Mr. Lucas is quite a gentlemen and a thoughtful man.

  6. steups // 10/12/06 3:28 PM  

    hugs myself

  7. Anonymous // 10/12/06 4:48 PM  

    Woooow!!! I am a person who believes in mercy but how FF described dat doo doo incident I would of sent Somethin ass packing long ago.

  8. Anonymous // 10/12/06 5:18 PM  

    lmao...did i hear him say he was "abducted" into the rock n roll hall of fame?

    if he did thats hilarious, i love me some flavvvvvvvvvvv.

    electra i feel you madame...that was just ew. ::shudders::

    steups...that girls thoghs are quite nice indeed, i completely understand, she looks like an ex-girlfriend of mine actually.

  9. Anonymous // 10/12/06 5:20 PM  

    @ 8:06, yeah ur man been abducted.


  10. DORFAM // 10/12/06 6:14 PM  

    That shitty description was a bit 2 detailed for me

  11. DORFAM // 10/12/06 6:18 PM  

    I wish somebody would have asked him what he thought about NY calling his children little bastards

  12. Anonymous // 10/12/06 6:21 PM  

    dorfam new york is a whore we all know that

  13. DORFAM // 10/12/06 6:26 PM  

    I'm not calling any female a whore!!! Don't let Steups hear you say that

  14. Anonymous // 10/12/06 6:31 PM  

    dofam what do you call somebody that call your kids little bastards new york is not ms perfect

  15. DORFAM // 10/12/06 6:32 PM  

    I call her ass outside to take it to the streets, but not a whore. trust I know Ny is far from perfect I've made it quite clear I'm noooooooo fan, but women don't deserve to be called sluts and whores

  16. Anonymous // 10/12/06 6:37 PM  

    dorfam i have kids myself and if somebody call my kids little bastards i'm going to call them name man or woman

  17. DORFAM // 10/12/06 6:39 PM  

    Soooo, then is okay if a person of color says something to negative to someone not of color for that person to call him or her a "N"!!!

    Essentially what you're saying is it's okay to speak with a sharpened tongue when it comes from an angry place. That's scary

  18. Anonymous // 10/12/06 6:41 PM  

    dorfam dont be kissing new york ass because new york is not perfect ok i wont call her a whore no more

  19. DORFAM // 10/12/06 6:44 PM  

    WOW, ok, I didn't realize I knew her to kiss her ass, but whatever. I understand if you can't hold a civiliezed conversation. And answer the questions with civilty. Just humbly back away.

  20. Hard Working Girl // 10/12/06 6:44 PM  

    Some woman tried to call my son a bastard but was too chicken shit to come and say it to my face... I welcome the day when I mop the streets with her face!

  21. Hard Working Girl // 10/12/06 6:44 PM  

    But no I wouldn't call her a whore... Until I was done whooping her ass...

  22. Anonymous // 10/12/06 6:45 PM  

    dorfam i get your point i'm sorry

  23. DORFAM // 10/12/06 6:46 PM  

    No apologies necessary, everybody's opinion deserves respect. I apologize if I seemed to not respect yours

  24. DORFAM // 10/12/06 6:48 PM  

    much luv 2 all gots 2 go delivering Christmas trees to the needy. Peace

  25. Anonymous // 10/12/06 6:49 PM  

    dorfam are we cool or what

  26. DORFAM // 10/12/06 6:50 PM  

    Azz a fan

  27. Hard Working Girl // 10/12/06 7:17 PM  

    everybody gone?

  28. Anonymous // 10/12/06 7:18 PM  

    hard work girl it's me

  29. Anonymous // 10/12/06 7:20 PM  

    buy my new cd call pac's life

  30. Hard Working Girl // 10/12/06 7:26 PM  

    ok, i'll buy it friday when i get paid...

  31. Anonymous // 10/12/06 7:36 PM  

    hard working girl i'm talking to you from the dead

  32. Anonymous // 10/12/06 7:39 PM  

    i'm a dead celebrity

  33. Hard Working Girl // 10/12/06 7:49 PM  

    well we all gotta be something, right? i'll be a dead nobody at some point. lol.

  34. Anonymous // 10/12/06 8:45 PM  


    that is hilarious. and your baby boy is adorable...i have a 23 month old boy.

  35. Hard Working Girl // 10/12/06 9:18 PM  

    aww. yeah, all baby boys rock!

  36. hutche // 10/12/06 9:59 PM  

    You know this is off topic but I was just watched the interview wendy williams did with Buckey and can I say I'm really in love with this woman now. All the qualitys I loved and still loved about Dee Bucky inhibits, Shes cute bubbily and dead sexy, . Steups I know Its al about new York But whats been up with Buckeey lately what has she been up to?

  37. lareigna // 10/12/06 10:07 PM  

    Speaking of Wendy Williams, Huntche did you see the interview that Wendy did with NY on the red carpet on the "Big in 06" awards? They did the Jaws music zooming on Ny's breasts, and when Wendy asked her what happened to her boobs, NY said that she has so much love in her heart, that it overflows in to her boobs. It was on late last night.

  38. Anonymous // 10/12/06 10:19 PM  

    damn i missed both the wendy williams interview with buckeey which iw as dying to see cuz that girl is so freakin cute and i missed that interview lareigna..damn damn damn.

    youtube links anyone?


  39. Anonymous // 10/12/06 10:23 PM  

    Hey Revenge!

  40. Anonymous // 10/12/06 10:25 PM  

    good evening TX how r u mama?

  41. Anonymous // 10/12/06 10:28 PM  

    I am good, how are you REVENGE? lol y must i continue to capitalize your name? lol

  42. hutche // 10/12/06 10:49 PM  

    Lareigna , I just saw that on youtube. . All I can say is wow. they look even bigger in video. I really like what shes doing, I cant help it.

    Did anybody see the clips of the interview wendy did with carmen Naz's baby mother, LOL Wendy is just straight disrespectful. She sprayed her hand with lysol after greeting her lol.

  43. Anonymous // 10/12/06 10:55 PM  

    hutche can you post the link to the big in 06 interview?

    and no tx no caps, lol, imn not a big dog, lol.

  44. Anonymous // 10/12/06 10:55 PM  

    Hutche: Wendy sprayed her hand with LYSOL? That's messed up...yet intriguingly hilarious...lol

  45. Anonymous // 10/12/06 10:56 PM  

    yes...i agree, you're not a big dog...lol

  46. Anonymous // 10/12/06 10:58 PM  

    dont do crack

  47. Anonymous // 10/12/06 10:59 PM  

    I agree crack head jack...crack ain't good lol

  48. Anonymous // 10/12/06 11:00 PM  

    flavor flav is a crack head just like me

  49. Anonymous // 10/12/06 11:05 PM  

    that right txshawty crack ain't good look at me

  50. Anonymous // 10/12/06 11:09 PM  


  51. lareigna // 10/12/06 11:16 PM  

    I saw that one too Hutche. Wendy and Charlemagne were really harsh on her. Wendy didn't even want to give her a kiss on the cheek. I guess she's just another Superhead to them.

  52. Anonymous // 10/12/06 11:18 PM  

    Lareigna: When did this come on?

  53. lareigna // 10/12/06 11:24 PM  

    Last night. Real late around 12ish 1ish?

    Thats when the Wendy Williams show usually comes on. Its on Vh1.

  54. Anonymous // 10/12/06 11:24 PM  

    wow i just finished watching that...they were rally harsh with her...judgemental people :;shrugs:; fuck'em.

    TX no you...up in here? you are a big dog. lmao

  55. Anonymous // 10/12/06 11:32 PM  

    lol @ revenge's disdain for wendy williams and her staff

    I'm a big dog? Is that good? lol

  56. hutche // 10/12/06 11:38 PM  

    Yup that wendy sprayed her hand with lysol after greeting Carmen right in front of her. DAMN.

    Heres the Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF4MMTb3MG8

  57. hutche // 10/12/06 11:39 PM  

    Damn am I wrong for feeling bad for Carmen.

  58. Anonymous // 10/12/06 11:43 PM  

    I feel the smidgetest (small + midget= smidget, lol) big sorry for her, but ppl can't help but know what they are walkin into when they go on the "Wendy Williams' Experience", if i'm a 'somewhebrity', or some -what a celebrity, lol, and there's something i don't wanna discuss, I SHOW'LL ain't going on her show, so she can str8 diss me...that's what Wendy's known for lol

  59. Anonymous // 10/12/06 11:45 PM  

    I was even nervous for Deelishis going on her show, but Dee can handle herself, she seems sweet and genuine and even WENDY couldn't help but fall in love with her...definitely an FEAT to accomplish lol

  60. Anonymous // 10/12/06 11:49 PM  

    yes thats good, that means you're an important person mamacita, lol, you're known and well loved.

    yeah i feel bad for carmen too cuz wendy is the LAST one to talk and charlemagne is just a lap dog.

  61. hutche // 10/12/06 11:51 PM  

    I know but damn. Maybe its her demeanor but I felt like she really got the shaft more so then anybody else. True she is a superhead butwith all that stuff I heard about Wendy she dont need to be talkin smack about carmen.

    I mena it ws ruff becuase they didnt even pretend like they were gonna respect her.

  62. Anonymous // 10/12/06 11:56 PM  

    yea, me personally, i have a hard time being mean to ppl sometimes even when it's deserved, but that is just crazy how easy it is for them....lol! But I KNOW I shall never set FOOT...no better yet place one baby toe, or let a strand of my hair fall within ten feet of that wretched place lol....

  63. Anonymous // 10/12/06 11:59 PM  

    I may be late on this subject, but what about Wendy's reputation? Is she a..um...steups asked us not to call any woman a 'ho', but um....is she a 'ho-stess cupcake'? lol

  64. hutche // 11/12/06 12:12 AM  

    Well lets put it like this word around town is she Put the "stess" in hostess. I'm not to familiar with all the details but apperently she didnt discriminate in the age department neither they say every body got a turn.

    Method man even put her on blast in a recent inteview he did.

  65. Anonymous // 11/12/06 7:02 AM  

    *yawns and stretches*

    Oooh it's been a long, fabulous, orgasmic, hyper-fun, emotional and INFORMATIVE weekend. I'm totally charged now, and ready to handle anyTHING *cough-cough* and anyONE. Oh and I have a new best friend! Me and NV finally got the chance to talk on the phone this weekend and we totally clicked. I Loooove her! Hiya NV, how are you sweetie? ANYWAYZ, I have a question regarding the blog, so I'll direct it towards the more CIVILIZED poster. Groovy.... i see TXShawty's name, Quanda's name, Dorfam's name, and Revenge's name on the "staff" section. Why no irresistable? *pouts*
    This HAS to be corrected. I'm a plastic and I ALWAY's get my way so I want my name on there too, PLEASE?

  66. Anonymous // 11/12/06 7:12 AM  

    Oh but WAIT there's more I have to say. Okay, First of all I watched "Date Movie" like, seven times this weekend. And guess what? The homo we know and love (well, MOST of us, anyway *cough cough*) as Chamo has a special cameo in that movie. He plays a gay spanish house-boy, and booty shakes directly into the camera. *cringes*
    I was so TOTALLY surprised. And another thing.... who else thinks that the "rapper/writer/model Hashim SMith is TOTALLY fugly? I mean he looks worse than Flav if you ask me.

  67. Ivory // 11/12/06 7:27 AM  

    Hey Irre! Went to Caramel's Cream the other day, you guys are doing an AMAZING job with it. It does however, make me realize how much I am missing out on right now, lmao.
    He was in Date movie? I'll have to rewatch that.
    Anyway, hope you all are have a great day! I really want to be a staff member too, but then, I don't really do anything, do I? lol
    Alright, talk to you guys later!

  68. Anonymous // 11/12/06 8:21 AM  

    GOOD morning to all u beautiful people.

  69. Anonymous // 11/12/06 8:41 AM  

    Good morning everyone, Hey irre darling and thank you Ivory @ the blog comment

  70. Mz.D // 11/12/06 8:53 AM  

    Good morning peoples!!!

  71. Mz.D // 11/12/06 8:53 AM  

    how late am I?

    pictures come up now?...hmmm..

  72. steups // 11/12/06 8:57 AM  

    Good morning E, nv. mz. dand the lurkers.

  73. Mz.D // 11/12/06 8:58 AM  


    Good Morning steups...how iz ya today?

  74. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:10 AM  

    Hey Mz.D Hey Steups

  75. Mz.D // 11/12/06 9:12 AM  

    Hello NV...

  76. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:13 AM  

    How are you and the little one?

  77. Ivory // 11/12/06 9:16 AM  

    Hi NV, MzD, Electra, Steups!
    How are you all this morning? I like you pics, MzD.

  78. Ivory // 11/12/06 9:17 AM  

    What does the note say though?

  79. Ivory // 11/12/06 9:17 AM  

    Aah, I see it, Steups is my groupie", lol

  80. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:18 AM  

    Hey Ivory I am barely up

  81. Ivory // 11/12/06 9:18 AM  

    Me either, I need more coffee

  82. Mz.D // 11/12/06 9:21 AM  

    We're okay this morning...waiting on her to wake up...

    hello Ivory...

    I changed the pic again..lol..

  83. Ivory // 11/12/06 9:22 AM  

    OMG! Your baby is sooooo adorable!!! How old?

  84. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:23 AM  

    Awww look at the pookie she is tooooooo cute

  85. Ivory // 11/12/06 9:24 AM  

    I know, she is sooooo cute, what a precious little girl!

  86. steups // 11/12/06 9:25 AM  

    Hi to everyone who said hi; and everyone else

  87. Ivory // 11/12/06 9:25 AM  

    Aw, I want a cute little baby...although I do have an adorable neice, she's 4 though, not a baby anymore

  88. Mz.D // 11/12/06 9:25 AM  

    shes 9 months now..that pic is a little old...Im looking for a recent pic that will fit...

  89. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:27 AM  

    Hey Guys. NV what Y are still sleepy? What were u doing last night?LOL

    Anywayz, I have taken an oath to be a good E today.

    No running away from work and no talking all day on the Blog and neglecting my work.

    So if u guys dont see me around much is because I have to set a good example for my Jr Officers cause every time they come into my office they always catch me on this Blog.LOL

    So when they disappear, what can I tell them? All I say is - Christmas Shopping? (while I am grinding my teeth hidden behind a smile). LMAO

    So if I have to lead, I got to do so by example.

    From now on, once I am at work, I'll do what I do home - sneak to get on the Blog. :) (At least for today).

  90. Ivory // 11/12/06 9:27 AM  

    she's beautiful, MzD! I just dragged my mom to the computer to see her, she is just adorable

  91. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:28 AM  

    OOOOOh Gooooh OOOOOOh Goooooh OOOOh Gooooh

    That little angel is sooooooo sweet Mz D.

  92. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:29 AM  

    Morning ladies...and gentlemen? or gentleMAN? whatever, Good freakin morning lol

    Good Job E...setting an example..lol

  93. steups // 11/12/06 9:29 AM  

    If babies didn't poop so much they'd all be perfect

  94. Ivory // 11/12/06 9:30 AM  

    hey Electra!! Been meaning to ask you, how is your grandfather doing? Well, I hope..

  95. steups // 11/12/06 9:30 AM  

    you have them creeping on the floor, poor things can't keep their head up for more than a minute; then all of a sudden they poop for no reason at all.

  96. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:30 AM  

    Mz D I meant - Oooooh Gooooosh, Ooooooh Gooooosh, Oooooh Goooosh. LOL Goooosh not Goooooh

  97. Mz.D // 11/12/06 9:32 AM  

    LOL...you learn to get over the poopy part...well some ppl do...hubby hasnt touched one diaper like that since she was born.

  98. Ivory // 11/12/06 9:33 AM  

    of course, it's always Mama that does the poopy diapers, lol

  99. Mz.D // 11/12/06 9:33 AM  

    LOL..Hey electra...I'll tell her you said hello

  100. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:33 AM  

    lol...is there a REASON y'all are discussing baby poop?

  101. Ivory // 11/12/06 9:35 AM  

    well, Steups mentioned that the poor things do a lot of pooping, which they do, lol

  102. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:36 AM  

    oh, ok...makes sense lol

  103. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:36 AM  

    Hey Ivory - Grandad is fine. I am worried about him though. We may have to get a nurse or something to be with him when none of us are around.

    LMAO @ TX

    Steups babies are perfect because, unlike us, their hearts are pure. They hold no malice.

    As far as their poooping goes, its because they have A1 colons. Its not mucked up like adults who eat the wrong foods that blocks up our system. Everytime u eat a meal, u are supposed to get a bowel movement with 30mins to 1hr after.

  104. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:37 AM  

    E: I suppose that NOW the conversation is going to turn into colon cleansing or something lol

  105. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:37 AM  

    Mz D please do and tell her I have a 2yr old daughter she can be frinds with. :)

  106. Mz.D // 11/12/06 9:38 AM  

    dagggg....see...it is true ...you do learn something on the blogs...

    Im all messed up then...

  107. Ivory // 11/12/06 9:39 AM  

    E, I will pray for him.
    All this baby talk is making me think how bad I want a little one....

  108. Ivory // 11/12/06 9:40 AM  

    wow, a bowel movement every hour? That would really, um, disrupt things, wouldn't it, lol

  109. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:40 AM  

    lol @ mz.d's messed up colon

    E: Hey I thought that full digestion takes like hours and the actual 'exiting' isn't supposed to happen until like the next day? At least that's what i learned in nutrition..lol

  110. Mz.D // 11/12/06 9:40 AM  

    I most def will tell her Electra....

    ya know what...I will be right back..maybe...gonna go wake her up so I wont mess up nap time...

  111. steups // 11/12/06 9:42 AM  

    Babies hold no malice; but three year olds do.

    My nephew ran his truck over my instep a few days ago. Tore the top-most flesh right-off and giggled.

  112. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:42 AM  

    Nah TX I was just educating our brother a little.

    Since we are on that topic, u know u should clense your colon at least twice a yr? I good clense I mean. Or maybe a colonic once in a while and a colonscopy (did I spell it right)to ensure everything's OK becaue more and more people are developing colon cancer.

    My aunt had to do an operation because of that and now she has one of those "bags" (u knw what I mean?)

  113. Ivory // 11/12/06 9:43 AM  

    ooh, MzD, please tell the little angel I say "hi" too, and although I don't have a child myself, I have an adorable niece who loves babies

  114. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:43 AM  

    E, I'm sorry about your grand-dad, he'll be in my prayers. My grandmother had alzheimers' so i gotta some first-hand knowledge on taking care of the elderly :-(

  115. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:43 AM  

    lol @ STEUPS' smart nephew lol

  116. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:44 AM  

    lol @ E: I thought we weren't going in the direction of colonoscopies and colon cleansing?! lol

  117. Ivory // 11/12/06 9:45 AM  

    E, I know exactly what you mean about the bags, I have a friend of the family who had to have a bag like that after major surgery, and I've heard about the rising risk of colon and rectal cancer
    lol@Steups and his instep

  118. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:45 AM  

    TX u are right but what about all the food u ate prior to the last meal? I dont know I am into Law.

    All I know is that we dont get the required amount of movement that we should and it is messing up our bodies. :)

    If u come across something, please do tell.

  119. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:48 AM  

    Hold on E, i'll get you some information...can't believe i'm looking up how often we should make butt chocolate lol...

  120. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:50 AM  

    Yeh Guys this colon thing is really serious. I feel so sorry for my aunt she always has to worry about it and if people would realise that she has one.

    Anywayz, thanks all u guys for your support re: My Grandad. I love him very much. My dad passed away in 94 so besides my uncle, he's the nearest thing to a Dad I have.

  121. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:51 AM  

    See, d same thing I was saying. The Deputy Executive Director walked in on me Blogging. Dont worry I got it under contol.

  122. Ivory // 11/12/06 9:51 AM  

    um, since we are on the subject, I have heard that people vary, some people might have a movenment (I'm trying to be classy here and it's not that easy) twice a day while other have it twice a week..whatever is normal for you I guess, but we'll see what TX finds out officially, lmao

  123. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:53 AM  

    Steups, I wonder why your sweet little nephew would do such a thing to his loving uncle?

    I am sure u provoked the poor little angel into it. LOL :)

    By d way u knw when my daughter does not get her own way she attacks people? Literally.

    (I wonder where she got that from?)

  124. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:53 AM  

    Ok in reference to bowel movements:

    The frequency of bowel movements varies with each person. But the normal range could be from 3 times a day to 3 times a week. Anything less than 3 times a week is constipation and anything more than 3 'watery' stools could be diarrhea.

    There's your BOWEL FACT OF THE DAY, sponsored by TX-COLONICS, where we separate the BULL from the S*&^ lol

  125. Ivory // 11/12/06 9:57 AM  

    ha ha, that is actually pretty damn close to what I said, wasn't it? well, we DO learn a lot here, thanks for looking that up TX

  126. Mz.D // 11/12/06 9:57 AM  

    LMAO @ TX

    Im gone...I gotta get out of here...you guys are silly...

    its eat eat time ...

  127. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:58 AM  

    Ivory: Yea you were REALLY close lol

  128. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:59 AM  

    E , i am tired because I have been up all weekend doing some of everything lol

  129. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:00 AM  

    Exactly, so everytime u have a meal(which is 3 times a day), u are supposed to have a bowel movement. (at least normally right?).

  130. Ivory // 11/12/06 10:00 AM  

    Ok, I better log off now, I have a lot to do today, but I hope you all have a good day! I'll maybe check in later tonight, maybe you guys will be on then. Although I have a knack for coming on when no one is here.
    Anyway, I will be thinking of your grandfather E, I wish him and your family the best. Bye Steups and TX! Talk to you all later, have a great day!!!

  131. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:01 AM  

    and just Why are we talking about Bowels

  132. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:01 AM  

    Good for u NV. I am going on vacation leave in Jan and I intend on having a good time (I hope).

  133. Ivory // 11/12/06 10:02 AM  

    Oh, didn't know you came back, NV and MzD, hope you guys have good days too!
    Better get off now, before more people come on and I leave someone out, lol

  134. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:02 AM  

    E: Yea, at the most, but everyone's body is different. So I KNOW that it takes a few hours to digest your food, so are you really crappin out the food from the PREVIOUS day?

  135. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:03 AM  

    NV: When I came in we were on baby poop, we have since delved into ADULT crap, because after age 3, you grown and it ain't poop no more, cuz that's when the REAL funk kicks in lol

  136. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:04 AM  

    Bye Ivory and Mz D.

    Well NV, Mz D was talking about her little angel and Steups started talking about how they pooop all d time. So I was explaining that u are supposed to pooop after meals. The TX went to look it up.(breath, breath). So there u have it. :)

  137. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:05 AM  

    Couldn't have explained it better myself, E lol

  138. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:07 AM  

    Bye Ivory and Mz. D, Electra I am sure you will enjoy your vacation and TX how are you darling? I was just wondering cause I didnt read it all so I was alitlle lost on why we were talking poop

  139. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:07 AM  

    Yeh TX, I suppose. Hey do we have any nutritionists, doctors or nurses in the house?

  140. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:08 AM  

    Hey NV, i'm good, how are you?

  141. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:08 AM  

    Aww NV leaving so soon? TX how are your exams going?

  142. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:09 AM  

    Don't you have to wait about an hour or two for your food to digest before you go swimming to avoid catching a cramp?

  143. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:09 AM  

    Oh my Bad u were telling Ivory and Mz D bye. (Dumb E, tapping head)

  144. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:10 AM  

    Yeh the recommended time is 2hrs

  145. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:10 AM  

    I haven't taken any quite yet, but I've been studying my BOO-TAY off...show'll wish they would hurry up and come so I can get them over with!

  146. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:12 AM  

    I am doing fine better if I wake up, I was telling the mBye because they were leaving

  147. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:14 AM  

    good morning!!!!

    totally ignoring the poop talk...oh god im tired.

  148. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:14 AM  

    I would do the slap,slap, wake up thing but I like NV too much to do that...lol...Guess I should just splash her face with water lol

  149. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:15 AM  

    Good Morning Vengey lol...that is the most HORRIBLE nickname EVER lol

    E: I read that it can take up to 33 HOURS to poop after a meal lol

  150. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:15 AM  

    Thanks TX and Hey Revenge

  151. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:18 AM  

    i know i did post a few minutes ago...::sigh::

    good morning ya'll

    (totally ignoring the poop talk) god, im tired.

  152. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:18 AM  

    i know i did post a few minutes ago...::sigh::

    good morning ya'll

    (totally ignoring the poop talk) god, im tired.

  153. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:18 AM  


  154. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:19 AM  

    Why ya so tired revenge? EVERYONE's tired, so is NV, and just hearing y'all talk about how tired y'all are makes me tired lol

  155. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:20 AM  

    Revenge: Now i know you're supposed to spout out spanish phrases to help me, but I didn't know we were having a pop quiz, cuz I don't know what tha HEL-icopter that means

  156. DORFAM // 11/12/06 10:20 AM  

    Morning 2 all:)

  157. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:21 AM  

    True TX? I guess its according to what u eat because some food digest faster than other then I heard there are some that dont digest at all. Did u know that? Do u know what does not digest>

    On d xams thing girl i feel u because although u think u are not adequately prepared, u still want them over with,(stress, stress and more Stress)

  158. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:21 AM  

    hiya dorfam

  159. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:22 AM  

    Mornig Revenge. Y u so tired?

  160. DORFAM // 11/12/06 10:23 AM  

    Christmas is just how many days away?!!!

  161. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:23 AM  

    Hey Dorfman

  162. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:23 AM  

    E: That was EXACTLY how I felt about the exams. And in reference to the bowel movements: I didnt' know that some food isn't digested, like what? I know that beef takes a long time, I think to the next day to actually digest! It digests REALLY slow, that's y they say chicken and fish is better for you!


  163. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:24 AM  

    Now Dorfman u dont want me to get any wk done? Y u got to go on my fav topic? I love Christmas!!!!!

  164. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:26 AM  

    TX girl I dont know, that's what I heard. I will double check that when I get time.

  165. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:28 AM  

    E: CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS! lol *as I speak more and more work goes undone*

  166. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:28 AM  

    Guys I am leaving for a while, I got to set that good example so I will talk to u later this afternoon or tonight.

  167. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:29 AM  

    my work computer is actingup and im too tired to get upset over it...sooooo

    i was up all night witha fussy toddler who was having some tough seizures. we have a dr. appt. today with the neuro at 4.

    and carajo = damn. literal translation is hell or something.

  168. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:30 AM  

    See Shorty dont say that word man. I am running out of here before I dont do any work.


  169. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:30 AM  

    Aww i'm sorry Revenge...is the baby alright?

  170. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:31 AM  

    bye E :-(

  171. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:31 AM  

    Sorry to hear that Revenge and go with God's grace.

    Laterz for real this time. :)

  172. DORFAM // 11/12/06 10:32 AM  

    Revenge I know what it's like dealing with sick babies!!!! No fub, your sorry for the kids but people to realize the toll it takes on the mommies.

  173. DORFAM // 11/12/06 10:34 AM  

    Sorry, (people don't realize)

  174. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:38 AM  

    revenge i will pray for your baby I hope all goes well

  175. DORFAM // 11/12/06 10:42 AM  

    Revenge God Blesss I'm sure all will be fine, like I've told Groovy b4 when prayers go up...blessings rain down:)

  176. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:44 AM  

    lol, e.

    he's ok...just tough sometimes...mostly on me more than him half the time he doesnt even realize he has them an dthey are strictly nocturnal (hopefully it remains that way) he was diagnosed with epilepsy in aug. so we're ok...i just need a nap, lmao.

  177. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:44 AM  

    DORFAM: Don't you be bringing no church up in here...gone have me actin a fool in this here cubicle...lol Dorfam is telling the truth tho

  178. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:46 AM  

    oh and good morning nv and dorfam...

    thanks guys! ive been stressed about this visit...seeing the director of the epilepsy program.

  179. DORFAM // 11/12/06 10:47 AM  

    Children are amazingly reselent, it's us that I worry about these days:)

  180. steups // 11/12/06 10:49 AM  

    Dang, you miss 15 mins and you have 40 comments to read.

    Basically my nephew loves his younger uncle and hates me. Not hate as in I will kill you hate.

    But hate as in
    "come kiss Uncly."
    "why not?"
    "shrugs shoulders"
    "I have chocolate"
    "hand extends"
    "come for it, come."

    "fuck outta here"
    "Mommy, mommy, mommy"


  181. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:50 AM  

    It IS us that we need to worry about, because we're the not-so-innocent ones...children learn from us, so we have to worry about ourselves so that they, in turn, can watch us and know how to act. So in essence, with caring for ourselves, we care for them!

  182. DORFAM // 11/12/06 10:50 AM  

    LOL @TX

  183. DORFAM // 11/12/06 10:51 AM  

    Steups do you have kids?

  184. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:51 AM  

    Steups: Sounds like you with women, lol..

    Here's the chocolate, now come to me lol

  185. steups // 11/12/06 10:56 AM  

    Not that I know of.

  186. steups // 11/12/06 10:57 AM  

    I was told it's tradition for the uncle to teach the nephew to curse

  187. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:57 AM  

    Who lied to you and told you that?

  188. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:58 AM  

    oh boy

    we guys are trying to convert me...i REFUSE. LMAO

  189. DORFAM // 11/12/06 10:59 AM  

    My auntie taght me my 1st curse words

  190. DORFAM // 11/12/06 11:00 AM  

    In english and spanish

  191. Anonymous // 11/12/06 11:01 AM  

    See, dorfam learned curse words from the AUNTIE, NOT the uncle lol

  192. Anonymous // 11/12/06 11:01 AM  

    Dang Dorfam, she had you cursing bilingually...lol BOTH sides could've gotten a few words from you, eh?

  193. DORFAM // 11/12/06 11:04 AM  

    "Chupa mi papaya", (not intended for anyone here)

    I got the shit knocked out of me for that one

  194. Anonymous // 11/12/06 11:04 AM  

    lol, i'm afraid to ask what that means

  195. steups // 11/12/06 11:05 AM  

    isn't it funny though, how kids completely and perfectly understand when to curse?

  196. Anonymous // 11/12/06 11:06 AM  

    good morning steups

    god i hate this computer's connection.

  197. DORFAM // 11/12/06 11:06 AM  

    What's not funny is how aunt's and uncle's set the kids up, Steups:)

  198. Anonymous // 11/12/06 11:07 AM  

    Maybe they use context clues and expressions from adult faces to understand, hey she's mad and she used this word. We don't give the lil darlings enough credit, them lil boogers are smart lol

  199. steups // 11/12/06 11:07 AM  

    baby girls are the best though.
    Cuter and they have not yet broken away into girlie things.

    They are like good-looking boys at 2 and 3.
    (looks around for FBI)
    Am I the only one who thought that came across as a bit sick?

  200. Anonymous // 11/12/06 11:08 AM  

    good morning steups

    god i hate this computer's connection.

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