I gave a preview of this guy one post backwards but now it's time to really get to know "Trends", a contestant on 'I Love New York'.
Something about this dude I like, and you know it took a lot of effort to say that. From what I've seen and heard, he is a rap-artist, a model for Polo jeans and a My Space Pimp.

I added the latter because you'd have to see to believe the number of beautiful women that have sent me messages praising this guy. Perhaps he rounded up every woman he knows to message me but it's still impressive.

I have listened to two of his tracks and he is not short on talent, so hopefully he capitalizes on the exposure. You can download, for free, his MixTape Vol1 and you can visit Trend's My Space for information on Vol2. Some of his stuff is on sale so don't be shy; artists have to eat too.

According to his Bio, "Trends" hosts a cable access Hip Hop show called 'Show Off' and has appeared in numerous magazines (Blender, Rolling Stone, Vibe, Source, People and Paper) and has been seen on many a Television Network so it's hardly likely he'll be starving for Christmas.

Anyways, it's picture time.

trends-love-new-york-02_jpeg trends-love-new-york-03_jpeg


  1. Anonymous // 8/12/06 9:24 PM  

    WOW first again. Oh yeah Oh yeah do my scooby dance.

    He ok not feeling the dreads but he skin is dynamite.

  2. Anonymous // 8/12/06 9:41 PM  

    lol...hey shawn.

  3. steups // 8/12/06 10:26 PM  

    Sup everyone.

    Just so you know Trends knows the blog is up so keep the opinions going and don't forget to add him to your My Space.

    Revenge, are you there?

    Edited by Groovy to add: It sucks that this is the only way I can comment.

  4. Anonymous // 8/12/06 11:21 PM  

    Is that second pic with the woman professional?

  5. Anonymous // 8/12/06 11:21 PM  

    YAY i can be on now STEUPS lol

  6. Anonymous // 8/12/06 11:23 PM  

    Well back Tx.

  7. Anonymous // 8/12/06 11:25 PM  

    Thanks shawn...it was soo dark and lonely not being able to comment...they didn't give us food and they treated us horribly lol

  8. Anonymous // 8/12/06 11:28 PM  

    Is groovy still locked out?

  9. Anonymous // 8/12/06 11:28 PM  

    Is groovy still locked out?

  10. Anonymous // 8/12/06 11:29 PM  

    wow i only sent that once, it's sending two...o-kayyyyy??? lol

  11. Anonymous // 9/12/06 2:57 AM  

    Well we need to pull out the whips and chains.


  12. Anonymous // 9/12/06 3:01 AM  

    The pic of this dude in his bedroom is a little messy.

  13. Anonymous // 9/12/06 4:02 AM  

    steups you need to bring back anonymous

  14. Anonymous // 9/12/06 4:08 AM  

    my name is blacknuts

  15. Ivory // 9/12/06 9:02 AM  

    Hey! How are you guys doing this morning? Glad you are back, Shawty.
    Groovy, I miss you, I hope you will be back soon, please let Jesse's family know that many of us are praying for him and his safe return. I can't imagine anything more devastating than what they are going through.
    Anyway, lately I haven't been able to get on here too often, but wanted to say hi to you all, let you know I love the way the blog is looking now and also, in my opinion, having no anons is a plus. I realize there are people who write as anonymous who have intelligent things to say, but in general the anons who comment here do nothing but take up tons of room just hating on people.
    But, speaking of tons of rooms, I better end this now. I do miss you guys, hope to get back to being on here all the time again, lol.

  16. Ivory // 9/12/06 9:04 AM  

    whoops, I mean "tons of room", not "rooms"
    gotta have correct grammar, right? lol

  17. steups // 9/12/06 11:55 AM  

    The name is "Nuts", "Black Nuts"

    Don't think I've forgot you Ivory.

    Where is everyone?

  18. Groovy Noodles // 9/12/06 12:25 PM  

    WOOT!!! Groovy can comment again!!

    *breaks into a verse of The Bitch is Back*

  19. Anonymous // 9/12/06 12:31 PM  

    good afternoon

  20. Groovy Noodles // 9/12/06 12:37 PM  

    Hey Revenge, how are ya?

  21. Anonymous // 9/12/06 12:48 PM  

    welcome back mama..

  22. Groovy Noodles // 9/12/06 12:53 PM  

    Thanks! I was totally withdrawing yesterday.

    Any weekend plans?

  23. Anonymous // 9/12/06 1:12 PM  

    cleaning, cooking, company, and possibly some writing done.

    u? missing ur lil girl?

  24. Groovy Noodles // 9/12/06 1:13 PM  

    Oops, I got so excited that I have my comment rights back that I totally forgot to read previous comments.

    Ivory, thanks. I've talked to Jesse's mom a lot this week. She's just devastated. She looks so tired. It's so sad. I can't talk to her for more than a few minutes without both of us crying our eyes out. I just wish I could do something. But I've told her that a lot of people are praying, and she's very grateful. I wish they would find him, one way or another. That poor family needs closure.

  25. Groovy Noodles // 9/12/06 1:16 PM  

    Yep, Revenge, I'm missing her a ton. But she's been good about calling 7 or 8 times a day, and she's finally coming home tonight.

    I think she's homesick. Her laundry list of complaints keeps growing. Last time I talked to her, the camera that she borrowed from me wasn't good enough. heh I hope this opens her eyes so that she finally realizes that she's not ready to go away to college. ;)

    How's the baby doing?

  26. steups // 9/12/06 1:17 PM  


  27. Anonymous // 9/12/06 1:21 PM  

    being a crazy toddler, lol. driving me crazy but then again i havent had a cigarette in four days...
    ::sigh:: cold turkey is hard but my cardiologist will have me committed if i smoke one more cigarette, lol.

    good afternoon steups.

  28. Groovy Noodles // 9/12/06 1:24 PM  

    Revenge, my doctor was on me to quit, too. He gave me 3 months worth of Wellbutrin to try and kick it. I'm taking the Wellbutrin, and it's helping some, but I'm still smoking.

  29. steups // 9/12/06 1:25 PM  

    good afternoon Revengeisabitch

  30. Anonymous // 9/12/06 1:27 PM  

    lol well my dear groovy, i quit out of necessity, my heart is beating to a salsa rhythm and we're all a little worried about heart defects and me dropping dead by the time in 30...either way, its fucking tough. lol


  31. Groovy Noodles // 9/12/06 1:32 PM  

    Awwwww Revenge, I'm sorry hon. Hang tough, cookie. I've been keeping you in my prayers.

    *waves to Steups*

  32. Anonymous // 9/12/06 1:33 PM  

    in any case, my issues are of no consequence, que sera sera.

    i love this dudes complexion but im not feeling the dreads....so far i get the sense that they are alllll trying way too hard...why is that calm confidence i find so attractive in men.


  33. Anonymous // 9/12/06 1:34 PM  


  34. Groovy Noodles // 9/12/06 1:40 PM  

    Y'know, maybe I'm weird, but I'm diggin' the dreads. I've always had that long-hair fetish, though, so maybe that's it.

    But on the other hand, one of my two favorites so far has short hair and the other one is bald. Can't wait for the show to start though! (Watch -- my two will be eliminated the first night.)

  35. Anonymous // 9/12/06 1:45 PM  

    ghostbusters is great...

  36. Groovy Noodles // 9/12/06 1:46 PM  

    I never could get into that movie.

  37. steups // 9/12/06 3:14 PM  

    I have some news on that favorite of yours

  38. Porker // 9/12/06 4:04 PM  

    Hey guys!

    Not really into any of the contestants so far... still praying for a hottie...

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