I think if it's one thing reality television proved is if you place strong personalities in an enclosed environment there will be drama. So it's not surprising that we had a little fallout in the comments box this afternoon, because that thing is like 6 inches x 3 inches.
It usually takes a mansion for it to jump off on 'Real World' and 'Flavor of Love'.

Still no word on Texas-Shawty and Groovy. Groovy was last seen smoking a cigarette at 3: 50pm and Texas was reportedly seen on the AOL Blackvoices messageboard in the Cartoon thread.
We should start our own cartoon thread. Here is a sample comment:

Donald Duck is a pervert. How da hell you just gon' walk around with no pants on and nobody don't say shyt. Duck ding-a-ling just swingin' to and fro and blowing in the breeze.

Smurfette might be a tramp. Okay, why is she the only chick who hangs with all those smurf dudes? She got to be the jump off.

Goofy has to be on drugs. I mean I don't see any other way. He seem like he smell like weed. That's all I'm saying.

Raphael was a self-hating turtle. All the other turtles were cool with their fate but he always had an attitude. But, he changed it up when April the reporter was around, who just happened to be a white chick. Yeah we know how ya'll self-hating turtles roll.

Captain Planet is lazy. Not only do you have to call his azz five times (Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Heart) but you have to call him all at once or else his azz don't want to come to work.

Skeletor was a repressed homosexual. He was just too obsessed and fascinated with He-Man. But he wasn't ever gonna get that because He-man likes his men with some meat on them.

Wiley Coyote is a masochist. Why da hell is he still chasin' the roadrunner? How many anvils have to be dropped on his head before he gets it?

Well I've gone on much too long so I'll leave you with a picture of "I Love New York" contestant Hashim "Trends" Smith. More from me, on him, in about thirty minutes.



  1. Anonymous // 8/12/06 8:23 PM  

    Touch down I am first. Oh yell Oh yell.

    Well he don't look like anything. He is not sending any messages to lil one. Nope

  2. steups // 8/12/06 8:25 PM  

    Hi Shawn

  3. Hard Working Girl // 8/12/06 8:48 PM  

    Sounds like a Buckwild commentary

  4. Anonymous // 8/12/06 8:49 PM  

    Hey Steups (giggles)

    Thanks so much. Now with the cartoons what about the fairy tales?

  5. steups // 8/12/06 9:14 PM  

    Shawn, after this afternoon I don't want to even be associated with anything that sounds like an attack on gay men.

  6. steups // 8/12/06 9:14 PM  

    I hate the font on this new design.
    I need to change it

    (Edited by Groovy to add: Well, I can't post my own comments. But I can still crash Steups' comments. heh)

  7. Anonymous // 8/12/06 9:25 PM  

    I feel You on that on.

  8. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:46 PM  

    Steups sugar dumpling,

    For those of us who have sight issues, would you consider a larger font size?

    Size does matter....

  9. hutche // 8/12/06 11:44 PM  

    Steups what happened here. whis aud what? It seems like Ive been in some kind of race debate with every board Ive been too. I dont know it seems no offence to any one, that white people say the most horrendous things when they think no black people are around, Whats really good america. And you knwo how I get so its been exhausting. i actually got banned from one site becuase I was like the only black memeber and they just didnt care for my opinion on the issue of racial slurs, aint that a bitch, you know I feel like hitting somebody

    By the way like the layout

  10. hutche // 8/12/06 11:51 PM  

    And Steups you know I heard goofy was on Pcp. he use to put it in his cigerettes, him and Mickey use to have a problem back in the day, Mickey cleaned up though

    You know Donald got a temper and got brought up on some charges for spousle abuse. Mmmhmm I seen it.

  11. Anonymous // 9/12/06 12:00 AM  

    And what about snow white with her 7 men and cinderalla being a gold digger.

  12. Anonymous // 9/12/06 12:01 AM  

    lol @ hutche

  13. Anonymous // 9/12/06 12:01 AM  

    lol @ shawn...

  14. Anonymous // 9/12/06 12:03 AM  

    alice may have been on that stuff too, because she was hallucinating that she was in some type of wonderland...c'mon now a disappearing cat? lol yea...crack kills

  15. Anonymous // 9/12/06 3:01 AM  

    lol oh yeah she had some magical stuff.

    Have anyone notice tom and jerry is violate.

    Bug bunny too.

    So why havn't anyone complain about those cartoons.

    But on a serious note I think my cat is weird. He sit all royal and stuff. I never seen a cat that just sit there when you clean and you have to flip his Fat ass over to clean up.

    Ok way too much to drank.

  16. Anonymous // 9/12/06 3:58 AM  

    steups you need to bring back anonymous

  17. Ivory // 9/12/06 9:16 AM  

    lmao @ Shawn
    Ha ha, I have a really strange cat too. He's enormous and he always acts like he's the king of the house. But when I clean he goes crazy about the vacuum, I guess it's the suction he likes, cause he will not let you vacuum at all, he keeps sticking his fat head and body in the way. Now we vacuum him regularly and on a serious note, it has actually been beneficial in the amount of hair balls he um, coughs up. Sorry bout the visual, lol.

  18. steups // 9/12/06 11:57 AM  

    Vacuuming the pussy. Hmmn.
    I must try that.

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