I see you winding and grinding up on that pole,
I know you see me looking at you and you already know
I wanna love you, you already know
I wanna love you, you already know

Ahhhhh, this is the life.
(sips on pina colada)

Besides putting your mouth you-know-where, is there anything that tastes better than a pina colada?
I doubt it.

I hope you are doing well because I don't have a care in the world, unless you count the worrying thought that I may have forgot to unplug the iron.

Dang, writing it makes it seem suddenly more serious. I hope I have -unplugged the cord- because my life will be pretty much fucked if I haven't.
You know what, I think I may have to call someone; so let's end it here with the video of New York's fabulous commercial for "I Love New York".
Courtesy Ponlork of course:

(searches for cellphone)


  1. lareigna // 23/12/06 1:08 PM  

    Wooooww Steups.

    Nothing in this world tastes as good as a pina colada.

    Not even those special places. You are entitled to your opinion however.

    I hope you are having a great holiday wherever you are.

    BTW- That commercial was freaking so funny it was awful. So awful it was funny. NY needs some acting lessons.

  2. newyorkhater // 23/12/06 1:41 PM  

    wow don't new york look like a sluty tramp and a prostitute and a whore all together

  3. newyorkhater // 23/12/06 1:45 PM  

    that commercial ny look like a prostitute ha! ha! ha!

  4. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 23/12/06 2:00 PM  

    Well the first 16 seconds, I was impressed. I thought she looked good (which is rare) and I was liking the male tower and music. Then she started screeching and I lost what little interest I had in watching the show.

    It's official, I am not watching the show. I'll just sit on pins & needles until Charm School and Project Runway airs. I guess I am going to be a productive member of society, until then.

    *hopes Steups unplugged the iron*

    *listening to 'Burning Down the House*

    23/12/06 1:58 PM

  5. lareigna // 23/12/06 2:53 PM  

    Quanda, how can you not watch the show??? ::gasps::

    Somebody besides meneeds to be here to criticize NY's trainwreck of a show. Which will incidentally rob me of my ability to look away.

  6. hutche // 23/12/06 3:22 PM  

    she looks real good in this commercial, I see this is after the enhancment too.

    Love me more bitches!, shes a trip. Honestly to say you wont be whatching this show is a joke, come on now, Ive said it before and I'll say it again dont read to far into this just take it for the entertainment that it is. Its there so just whatch it. why would you not.

  7. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 23/12/06 3:55 PM  


    I know I am your second righthand in the New York Bashing Team (new york hater is your first...LOL) but I really don't want to watch her fakeness for 30 minutes to an hour. The few seconds in the commercial disgusted me.


    You are totally correct it isn't that serious. And I am sure many will find her show entertaining. I just don't think it is going to be my cup of tea. It's like 'Brokeback Mountain'. A lot of people loved the movie. It got critical acclaim. However, I have no interest in seeing it. I might be missing out on the best movie ever made......oh well the interest isn't there.

  8. desbeleaf // 23/12/06 4:29 PM  

    New York and her leaning tower of "man I am desperate for attention where's my daddy?". I tell ya. She needs to know something about herself. Stop showing yourself to people, you are screwing up little kids minds about making it big in the world. I mean can you really look up to someone that is not from this planet? Although she did play a good role in little shop of horrors as "THE PLANT".

  9. hutche // 23/12/06 11:04 PM  

    I dont really get that reference to the little shop of horrors quanda the reason I sa that is becuase youll be whatching the show, I know this you know how I know this? I had the same view point towards flavor of love 2 and had a passing interest in the first season. I caught the last couple of episodes and of coarse the reunion during the reairing and well you know the rest, my point is whther your their at jan 8 or not youll be tunning in eventually. I know it.

  10. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 24/12/06 6:51 AM  

    Oh I love a challenge! I am as stubborn as......

    I will not be watching. No need to, you all will fill me in...lol.

  11. desbeleaf // 24/12/06 9:59 AM  

    Well hutche just for you I will break down the little shop of horrors reference. New York is a woman that is not from this planet, hinted from me in the past we just found out it is a fact. She played a vital role as the lead ALIEN lifeform from little shop of horrors. Therefore since she is an ALIEN she needs to be casted in ALIEN movies like.....uh...."ALIENS: The Return Home" but she needs to actually go home, back to jupiter I say. ALIEN SCUM!

  12. hutche // 24/12/06 10:53 AM  

    Thats funny becuase I say over reaction. But what do I know.

  13. desbeleaf // 24/12/06 12:30 PM  

    Overreaction, counteraction, underaction, preejaculation, whatever. She needs a face lift and Human DNA for that not to be overreacting of me. But what do I know.

  14. ? // 24/12/06 4:39 PM  

    this show is going to suck bring on flavor of love part3

  15. Snoop Dogg // 24/12/06 9:24 PM  

    fo shizzle mah nizzle make sure yall go cop my new album blue carpet treatment or ill bust yo azz

  16. Snoop Dogg // 24/12/06 9:51 PM  

    snoop D-O double gizzle dont play dat

  17. steups // 24/12/06 11:11 PM  

    Merry Christmas y'all.

  18. MIKE TYSON // 25/12/06 12:08 AM  

    i'm still the greatest pound for pound boxer ever and not sugar ray robinson

  19. Ivory // 26/12/06 7:55 AM  

    Good morning everyone! I hope very much you all had a wonderful Holiday and you all got great gifts. Speaking of gifts...it seems we all have at one point received a not-so-lovely sweater. It's like a holiday rule - at some point every one of us will receive an ugly sweater. Which brings me to my news of the day...

    Ivory's News Of The Day:

    Two male sheep, who left their home on a farm in New Zealand six years ago have now returned. And they have big, big "sweaters." Why? Because it has been six years that they have been shorn. Anyway, the reason they decided to return home? They were horny. No, seriously, they were. Isn't it just like a man to come back for sex, lol. Apparently the huge number of ewes attracted the two furry rams and now, upon their return, they are to be shorn finally.

    Hope you all had a great holiday, and look forward to talking to you all soon!

  20. DORFAM // 26/12/06 10:01 AM  


  21. Anonymous // 26/12/06 11:07 AM  

    Good Morning Everyone,

    I hope everyones christmas was great.

  22. revenge // 26/12/06 12:59 PM  

    good morning everyone.

  23. revenge // 26/12/06 1:00 PM  

    good afternoon i should say...damn it im asleep, time to go get some lunch.

  24. Anonymous // 26/12/06 3:09 PM  

    Ok where is everyone? It's so boring and rainy here that it's making me so sleepy.

    Revenge, how was your lil man christmas? I read your blog and love his name.

  25. massromanticrights // 26/12/06 10:16 PM  

    $50 that all these guys are gay.

  26. revenge // 27/12/06 9:58 AM  


  27. revenge // 27/12/06 10:04 AM  

    thanks shawn...my sons name is very oldfashioned spanish-italian. it means "the sun" which he is. he the light of lights...thank you for reading my blog. he loved christmas, paid more attention to the wrapping paper than anything else, lol.

  28. DORFAM // 27/12/06 10:39 AM  

    Revenge Merry Christmas mama, isn't the best part of Christmas when you're a mom seeing the lil peoples faces:)

  29. revenge // 27/12/06 10:52 AM  

    yes! lol. how was ur christmas dorfam?

  30. DORFAM // 27/12/06 11:13 AM  

    Wonderful I'm officially out of storage space in my house:)

  31. revenge // 27/12/06 11:35 AM  

    awwww lol.

  32. Ivory // 27/12/06 8:29 PM  

    Hi you all. I realized I completely forgot to do my daily news feature today, and since I know that at least one person reads it, I will make sure to do a good one tomorrow to make up for it. And for all the post-Christmas depression. I can't be the only one a little sad that it's over, right? So much prep for it and then...it's done. :(
    Oh well, New Years is coming so that will make things a bit more festive and happy again I hope. Alright, have a good night and I'll be back tomorrow morning with my "news".

  33. kerolynn // 28/12/06 1:50 AM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  34. kerolynn // 28/12/06 1:53 AM  

    I love New York... even tho she nervouses me

  35. NV // 28/12/06 10:58 AM  

    Good Morning all hope your holidays were well

  36. Anonymous // 28/12/06 11:51 AM  

    NV you're back at work?

  37. Ivory // 28/12/06 12:37 PM  

    Good morning everyone, or I should say good afternoon I guess, as it's past noon. Anyway, hope all of you had a great Holiday and are getting ready to end the year on a fun note this weekend. And as promised, here is the news of the day.

    Ivory's News of The Day:

    Did anyone give their children a Bratz doll as a gift? The very popular dolls sold well this year and surely have made lots of children happy. Well, most of them at least. Six year old Kristina Arce of Miami received a Bratz doll who sings, named "Jade." Jade isn't the sweetest little doll though. Kristina's father Luis was shocked and angry when his daughter told him that Jade had said, as she worded it, some "bad words". After listening to the song the father and the rest of the family all agreed that a few words at the end of the song were less than child-appropriate. Since this is not exactly a children's website, and Lord knows how many swears have been said on here, I will tell you that the exact words the doll sings are "fuck" and "bitch." How sweet. Anyway, CBS4 news anchor Natalia Zea listened as well and apparently the obscenities are so clear and so obvious that they had to bleep the words out to air them on television. CBS4 contacted the toy maker but has yet to get a response. Makes good old-fashion silicone-chested Barbie seem more like a kid-friendly toy, doesn't it? The family will not keep the doll, but did not mention how they will get rid of it. My bet? It ends up on Ebay within weeks.

    So that's it for today. Hope you all have a great day, and I will be back tomorrow - you know, it's my job, lol.

  38. Anonymous // 28/12/06 1:11 PM  

    Ivory: OH MY GOD! lol...Tryna use the Bratz dolls to subliminally ingrain curse words into children's everyday vocabulary...wait, i don't think it would be subliminal if they dolls are OUTRIGHT CURSING lol...this world, this world

  39. NV // 28/12/06 1:59 PM  

    sorry TX had a meeting yes I am back at work today and tomorrow then off till wednesday lol

  40. Anonymous // 28/12/06 3:38 PM  

    Yea, I'm only taking off the day after I think...I think??? lol

  41. Ice Diamond // 28/12/06 8:15 PM  


  42. Porker // 28/12/06 11:00 PM  

    Does anyone have a link to Big Rick's limo service? Or a phone number?

    Thanks in advance.

  43. Ivory // 29/12/06 9:49 AM  

    Good morning to anyone who may be reading this, all 1 of you, lol. I know with holiday vacation and New Years on it's way, not many of us are coming by to chat. Still, I take my duties as extended faculty seriously, therefore I am here, with my news. Today's item is a good end-of-year one.

    Ivory's News Of The Day:

    What is hot? What is beautiful? It's said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that is probably true. But in some cases there are people who most everyone finds to be very attractive, and that's what this item is about. Superficial? Maybe. But, as Steups has noted, there seem to be quite a lot of good-looking bloggers on here. So, here are a few people who are considered by many to be the most attractive in 2006. Let's start with the ladies. Scarlett Johanson was named "Sexiest Woman Alive" by Esquire. Ask Men named Jessica Alba the "Most Desirable Woman." Maxim magazine chose Eva Longoria as their "Hottest Woman in the World" in 06. And People chose - big shocker here - Angelina Jolie. Jolie topped the annual list of "The World's Most Beautiful People." Let us not forget about the guys. People magazine chose George Clooney to be "Sexiest Man Alive," which has him following the footsteps of other previous winners like Brad Pitt. All in all, not really suprising. But perhaps the biggest and most important "winner?" That would be, according to Time magazine, "you." That's right, all of us were picked "Person of the Year" by Time, because we are "transforming the Information Age through user-generated content such as blogs on the Internet." Yep - that's us alright!

    Of course our opinions on who's "most beautiful/sexy, etc" will differ, we can all agree at least that we are the people of the year. Til tomorrow, have a great day!

  44. DORFAM // 29/12/06 10:00 AM  

    BIg rick's limo info is on his myspace page

  45. Anonymous // 29/12/06 11:28 AM  

    Ivory: I read you "News of the Day" s, lol!

    That's interesting that they would say we were the 'Person/People of Year' lol....even though they meant b/c we buy their magazines and they don't actually think we're hot....they ain't slick lol...they could've at LEAST said we were hot lol

  46. DORFAM // 29/12/06 11:34 AM  

    tx "that's hot,"(best Paris voice)

  47. Anonymous // 29/12/06 2:16 PM  

    Hello Everyone

    I hope everyone is having a grand day so far. Did anyone seen Buckney calander she got out yet?

  48. DORFAM // 29/12/06 2:21 PM  

    i didn't see it but I got a bulletin on myspace. It looks pretty, *she's hot*, (paris hilton voice)

  49. Anonymous // 29/12/06 2:38 PM  

    @ dorfam: I say that all the time....lol

  50. Anonymous // 29/12/06 2:39 PM  

    Who is Buckney?

  51. Anonymous // 29/12/06 2:39 PM  

    Oh, or Buckeey?

  52. Anonymous // 29/12/06 2:43 PM  

    More than likely y'all are referring to Buckeey, unless New York's manager has his own calendar out...{shudders thinking of him in speedos and such} lol...

  53. Anonymous // 29/12/06 3:12 PM  

    Yeap Buckeey (sorry for the misspell). Yeap she look hot. lol.

    Tx, wouldn't that be a sore eye to see. lol

  54. DORFAM // 29/12/06 3:12 PM  

    DON'T BE GROSS TX:) Ofcourse it's Buckeey

  55. Anonymous // 29/12/06 3:13 PM  

    What's also funny is how NY maid or whatever she is keep posting stuff about that dollar store stuff.

  56. DORFAM // 29/12/06 3:14 PM  

    Where is everybody I don't remember approving all this vacation time for these people..Steups, Groovy, Revenge, Nv, Irre, Quanda....

    THank goodness, Ivory, Shawn, and tx still have work ehtic:)

  57. Anonymous // 29/12/06 3:30 PM  

    I know for a whole week nobody wasn't here. Well thank god for a 4 day vacation that we all have due to Ford death.

  58. Anonymous // 29/12/06 3:52 PM  

    Shawn: That's so sad, but he left us a day off...

  59. Anonymous // 29/12/06 3:57 PM  

    So So true Tx,

    So how was you ladies xmas? Did Santa bring you naughty gifts or laughter to your hearts from your kids?

  60. DORFAM // 29/12/06 4:01 PM  


  61. Anonymous // 29/12/06 4:04 PM  

    I don't have any kids....at least not for awhile lol!!

    But I got to see family from houston (i'm in dallas) come in and there were 3 new editions to the families...so cute, yet so bad! lol

  62. Anonymous // 29/12/06 4:05 PM  

    How was your shawn?

  63. Anonymous // 29/12/06 4:07 PM  

    That's good dorfam. That's we need to make our day till it bedtime then we can have peace for 6 hours and then it start all over again.

    I think I made a big boo boo I gave my 4 years old a cellphone for emergency at the daycare. Man oh Man why do she call me for everything that is wrong. And now since school is over with I got my oldest good real good, I set her butt up with the daycare to help out. LOL mothers always win.

  64. Anonymous // 29/12/06 4:10 PM  

    Tx it's was good. Me and the kids had so much fun opening presents and video taping everything.

    I can't wait till school is back in. You know I never thought that being a mom would be so much fun. Most of my friend enjoy the toddlers stage do you all know the teens stage is the bomb. LOL.

  65. Anonymous // 29/12/06 4:17 PM  

    Shawn: That's nice....hey what do you expect from a 4 year old with a phone? I'd be calling you every 2 seconds...."Mama, what chu doin"....Shawn: 'Baby you called 2 seconds ago, i'm doing the same thing i was doing then'

    Me: "Which was??" lol

  66. Anonymous // 29/12/06 4:20 PM  

    LOL so true.

    have you went to see dreamgirls yet?

  67. DORFAM // 29/12/06 4:28 PM  


  68. Anonymous // 29/12/06 4:39 PM  

    Dorfam: WHAT?????? Why not? Where tha HECTOR GONZALEZ are you? lol

    Shawn: No, I haven't seen it but I think my friend saw it with her boyfriend, I've heard nothing but rave reviews for it from critics (who barely give black films good ratings, lol) to local radio stations...Have you?

  69. DORFAM // 29/12/06 4:42 PM  

    Key West, they always do this shit with black films, I just go to MIami

  70. Anonymous // 29/12/06 5:06 PM  

    Dorfam: Uh-uh, that ain't even cool...(lol @ my ebonics kicking in)

    I really hope to see this movie and Will smith's movie, The Pursuit of Happiness...

  71. Anonymous // 29/12/06 5:42 PM  

    Now I do want to see that movie with Will Smith and his son. So is it true his wife is pregnant again?

    With dreamgirls yes I have heard alot of critics giving it good reviews.

  72. Anonymous // 29/12/06 5:53 PM  

    You know shawn i dont know if she is pregnant...they make beautiful babies lol

  73. Anonymous // 29/12/06 6:17 PM  

    oh yes they do. lol. what time do you get off tonight? I will be here till 10 tonight.

  74. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 30/12/06 2:35 PM  

    LMAO@ Ivory

    Though I am grateful for the nod as Faculty, I did not apply. So when boredom sets in I am more than happy to comment away.

    However, bills must be paid, kids loved & nutured, holidays celebrated and for me (as for most of us)life beyond this blog continues.

    Dreamgirls was a good movie. I understand why Jennifer Hudson is getting all the rave reviews. She acted and sang her behind off. I hope she gets nominated for an Oscar. Beyonce did an excellent job playing Deena. I believe all of the cast shined and nailed their parts. Eddie Murphy was a pleasant surprise (his character touched me)and Anika Rose can act her ass off ( I loved her!) She brought the character Lorrell home. So if you haven't seen it, try to if you can.

    Hopefully, I am off to see 'Children of Men' sometime this evening. I love me some Clive Owen.

    I hope you all have a Happy New Year! Please remember to stay safe, have cab money or a sober driver.

  75. steups // 30/12/06 4:54 PM  

    Guess who's back?

  76. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 31/12/06 2:58 AM  

    That was a short vacation....LOL.
    Welcome back!

  77. DORFAM // 31/12/06 11:30 AM  

    Now I ain't one to gossip so yopu ain't heard it from me.....but does NY look a little
    "puffy" in her new commercial, like pregnant "puffy".

  78. steups // 31/12/06 1:44 PM  

    Yes, it was a short vacation; but it was absolutely brilliant!

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