Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Steups, S to the T-E.
Heh, it's better when Jay-Z says it; but you get the picture.

Yes, I am back and better than ever. I missed all of you and especially parts of you (winks at Quanda).
But, we have just a few hours to prepare for the debut of 'I Love New York' so I am not wasting time with the small talk.

For example, are you aware that VH1 will air I Love New York online? Nary a week before it premieres on television!
Yeah you probably knew that; so look for it online on January 2nd or you can wait until the 8th for its proper debut on cable television.

Of course we'll have it here sometime on the third because I know some of you have Macs and can't access the streaming video.
Why people buy Macs is a mystery to me; everyone knows Macs aint worth shit without ketchup and a Sprite ®.

Anyways, I don't want to talk too much about the show until I check my messages on G-Mail & My Space and look under the bed. You never know which disgruntled female might have broken in here and pretended they were my wife or something.


  1. 2007 // 31/12/06 3:35 PM  

    happy new year steups and the people on this blogger love yall

  2. steups // 31/12/06 3:39 PM  

    Happy New Years 2007 (the person not the year)

  3. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 31/12/06 10:31 PM  

    Happy New Years to all.

  4. steups // 1/1/07 2:22 PM  

    Happy New Years Quanda.

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