My source dropped three more names for me and a Holiday well-wish while I was away. Which is more than I can say for many of you.

Apparently, those of you whom I once thought were friends didn't care to say Merry Christmas or Happy New Years to me. "Bastards!"

You lot know who you are. "Ingrates!"

Anywho, here are three more names from the 'Charm School' cast:

(I' removed the names to honor a request from VH1. because
but the official Charm School cast photo can be found here)

All I can say is "why". "Why, why, why!"

I am heading back to 'Law & Order' marathon on USA.


  1. 2007 // 31/12/06 3:27 PM  

    can't wait how was your christmas and what are you doing for new years day steups

  2. steups // 31/12/06 3:29 PM  

    Welcome 2007! (I wonder how long it took you to come up with that name)

    I may go to Church, but it will take a few things to occur for that to transpire. (like God appearing before me and wagging his finger or something)

  3. Ice Diamond // 31/12/06 4:25 PM  

    Steups! I missed you!

  4. steups // 31/12/06 4:37 PM  

    then prove it!
    Have my baby!

    Hahahaha. Just kidding Ice.
    You got my email right?

  5. Ice Diamond // 31/12/06 4:43 PM  

    when did you send it?

  6. Ice Diamond // 31/12/06 4:43 PM  

    and I'll do that ;)

  7. steups // 31/12/06 5:19 PM  

    A boy would need at least an hour of intense love-making.

  8. Julie // 31/12/06 6:38 PM  

    Hello, I now have a name as opposed to just "anonymous". Buckwild on this show? That's fine, I am not watching it as I've had enough of that heffa!

  9. steups // 31/12/06 7:21 PM  

    lmao @ Julie.
    A lot of people can't take Buckwild, but she's a nice girl in my opinion.

    Maybe at the end of the show she can shed that communication style of hers.

  10. feel my pain ? // 31/12/06 7:30 PM  

    how do we cancel new york show tell me

  11. Anonymous // 3/5/07 2:43 PM  


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