Last evening VH1 released more video to add to the I love New York promotional blitz and naturally we have it thanks to the video capturing skills of Ponlork.

I can feel the buzz growing and this show looks like it might be huge. I hope they can add a few surprise guests to the I Love New York cast because as exciting as it promises to be, it's going to be difficult to encourage male viewers to watch man-flesh on a weekly basis.
That's why we have wrestling!

Here's the video. Add Ponlork because I interrupted him during surgery to get this video for you guys.

'Oh Hell no' at the guy who looks like Mr Rogers and straight to hell for the guy who slept with his cousin.
We'll have news on Sekou in a minute or a couple hundred minutes.

Thank yous: Hard working girl


  1. DORFAM // 12/12/06 1:29 PM  

    I'm #1 , I'm #1

  2. Anonymous // 12/12/06 1:33 PM  

    Elephant stomp and booty flasher...

    Can a diva handle me.....

    Good hair and viagra...

    Last but not least, penis pump.....

    Wow, New York, wow New York...I am going to pray for you. LMAO

  3. steups // 12/12/06 1:33 PM  

    and you deserve to be.
    Were it not for you I'd have completely forgot about this video

  4. steups // 12/12/06 1:35 PM  

    "I can feel the buzz growing and this show looks like it might be huge."

    was anyone turned on by that?

  5. Anonymous // 12/12/06 1:39 PM  

    Not me, but man cabana boy and slaving does wonders for me.

  6. Anonymous // 12/12/06 1:49 PM  

    Hello Everyone again,

    I like the guy name LaMonty he seem like he worth something.

  7. Anonymous // 12/12/06 1:56 PM  

    where did Irre Go? Hey all

  8. DORFAM // 12/12/06 1:57 PM  

    Well Steups maybe they'll throw some of the former FOL females in there 4 the for good measure.......
    who would like to see again Steups

  9. DORFAM // 12/12/06 1:58 PM  

    Besides, Serious

  10. steups // 12/12/06 2:00 PM  

    Smiley, Bootz, Tiger, Spunkeey, Rain

  11. DORFAM // 12/12/06 2:01 PM  

    Maybe VH1 is enough woman to carry the show

  12. DORFAM // 12/12/06 2:01 PM  

    Maybe VH1 thinks

  13. DORFAM // 12/12/06 2:02 PM  

    thnks NY

  14. steups // 12/12/06 2:04 PM  

    Dorfam, are you feeling well?

  15. DORFAM // 12/12/06 2:05 PM  

    Physically, yeah

    Emotinally, mentally, com si com sa

  16. DORFAM // 12/12/06 2:05 PM  


  17. steups // 12/12/06 2:06 PM  

    have an affair is my prescription.

  18. DORFAM // 12/12/06 2:07 PM  


  19. steups // 12/12/06 2:13 PM  


  20. DORFAM // 12/12/06 2:13 PM  

    Don't freeze up Steups I'm just joking:)

  21. DORFAM // 12/12/06 2:14 PM  

    Long Distance affairs never last!!(swoon)

  22. DORFAM // 12/12/06 2:18 PM  


  23. DORFAM // 12/12/06 2:18 PM  


  24. DORFAM // 12/12/06 2:20 PM  


  25. steups // 12/12/06 2:21 PM  

    only if it's not yours...and "ha" at your thinking I froze.

  26. Anonymous // 12/12/06 2:22 PM  


  27. steups // 12/12/06 2:24 PM  

    elaborate Shawn

  28. DORFAM // 12/12/06 2:29 PM  

    It's mine

  29. Anonymous // 12/12/06 2:31 PM  

    Steups did you like Skunky, I mean Spunkey? And who in the hell is Rain?

  30. steups // 12/12/06 2:32 PM  

    I loved Spunkeey and still do.
    I sent you an email then

  31. steups // 12/12/06 2:33 PM  
  32. DORFAM // 12/12/06 2:33 PM  

    Rain the obsessive one from FOL1 with the gap 2 smile

  33. Anonymous // 12/12/06 2:40 PM  

    Memories of the moonlight....

    Wow, thanks for the Rain Van escapade....LMAO

    Stealing my energy and blanking out....LOL

  34. DORFAM // 12/12/06 2:41 PM  

    NY would have whipped Rains azz

  35. DORFAM // 12/12/06 2:42 PM  

    back away from anybody who's says they're going blank....they never remember where they put the body

  36. steups // 12/12/06 2:43 PM  

    Is it her swagger or switch? Is is her style of dress? Is it the curves of her body? Or the look in her eyes or the devilish grin on her face? - Quanda

    It's in the eyes. Women with intense sexual energy seem to have a look in their eyes that's almost evil

    And by the way there is a lot wrong with me. I am under construction. But that is a whole other story and for my women's group. - Quanda

    There is a women's group in here right now

  37. Anonymous // 12/12/06 2:47 PM  

    Spunkey is so pretty. I'm glad they did her hair. The ringlets are cute but when it's out she look hot.

  38. steups // 12/12/06 2:51 PM  

    where/when did you see Spunkeey, Shawn?

  39. steups // 12/12/06 2:55 PM  
  40. steups // 12/12/06 2:56 PM  

    Now that's a fine looking woman

  41. steups // 12/12/06 3:01 PM  

    Dorfam, tell Bryna to Add me please.
    Those lips are kerazeee

  42. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:13 PM  

    i think the old white guy is perfect for her she need a sugar daddy in her life

  43. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:14 PM

    Go to her spot on digitaldolls.

  44. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:18 PM  

    good afternoon steups how are you doing today

  45. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:18 PM  

    Well thank you for that long overdue response.

    This is not a women's group. It is a co ed group.

    And Spunkeey is an attractive woman, something irks me about her on FOL2.

    So you liked Rain too?

  46. Hard Working Girl // 12/12/06 3:21 PM  

    I didn't get a shout out for telling you guys about the video last night

  47. steups // 12/12/06 3:22 PM  

    Nope, I didn't like Rain until after the show when we talked a few times.
    I meant Tika Rain at first?
    I think she was Sweetie; but I went with the other rain.

    Half/Half, I am fine. Thank you for asking.

    Hmmn, Shawn is a fan.

  48. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:22 PM  

    Thank you HWG.

  49. steups // 12/12/06 3:22 PM  

    Oh shite.....sorry Hardworking

  50. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:23 PM  

    quanda what do you think about this show

  51. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:23 PM  

    Spunkeey was weird and they didn't do anything to make her appear sexy. She look like a flower child ready to be bust.

  52. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:24 PM  

    Oh, I see.

    Your tastes are very eccletic.

    We are similiar on that note.

  53. steups // 12/12/06 3:25 PM  

    I sorted you out, Hardworking

  54. steups // 12/12/06 3:31 PM  

    have we accounted for all the white guys on New York's show?

  55. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:31 PM  

    steups why are you dissing me like that

  56. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:32 PM  

    Half n Half,

    Are you asking about 'I love New York'? If so, I haven't seen it as of yet. So I can't give an informed opinion.

    I am on the fence about watching it. I don't care for New York's (TV persona) and don't find many of her cast mates attractive enough to tune in.

    I am sure it will great entertainment for many. I just don't know if I am going to tune in.

  57. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:35 PM  

    me two quanda

  58. DORFAM // 12/12/06 3:36 PM  


  59. DORFAM // 12/12/06 3:37 PM  

    Steups I will ask my girl B, I love that girl like a play cousin

  60. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:40 PM  

    i'm not going to watch this show because i'm not gay

  61. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:41 PM  

    Well that's why I've been on the fence about watching it. If it weren't for this blog, I could honesty type 'Quanda is not watching the New York show.'

    So considering I have an addiction to this blog, I might have to watch. Then another blogger reminded me that we blog about other issues too. So I might not have to watch it.

    I just don't know.

  62. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:44 PM  

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I didn't know that. Quanda I understand on how you feel. I guess I like to watch it all because I know she is going to act like a fool. Her and her momma. Too bad they don't show the dad. Now that would be funny.

  63. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:45 PM  

    Call me crazy, but I actually thought Penis Pump kid was kinda cute. Kinda VERY cute. I liked Lamonty, too. *swoon* But I already know who my favortire boy in the house is, by far. I just don't know his name.

  64. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:45 PM  

    Don't feel to bad about being addictive to the blog. I was on another board and it was so sad so I quit. Then I found this spot and it feel so cozy.

  65. DORFAM // 12/12/06 3:46 PM  

    I said earlier maybe Vh1 feels that NY is enough woman 2 carry the show by herself

  66. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:46 PM  

    Yes LaMonty is the one where she ask him about bringing another chick in her house. LOL wonder who that is.

  67. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:46 PM  

    where are you?

  68. DORFAM // 12/12/06 3:46 PM  

    Which 1 Irre, cause "I'm in love with a Stripper"(best attempt at singing):)

  69. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:47 PM  

    Half Panamanian and half Black...
    You're a MAN? I had no idea you were a guy. What a beautiful combination of races. I bet you look shockingly attractive. But anywayz, speaking of SHOCKING...
    I can't get over the old guy who actually thought he had a chance with NY. He looked like tales from the crypt with a bad toupee. *gags*

  70. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:49 PM  

    Groovy and Steups do an excellent job with this site. And not to take credit away from all the bloggers who search, dig and share information and clips with them. I am often tickled by some of the stuff these people share with us.

  71. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:49 PM  

    ooooh GIRL. My favorite guy in the house is The guy in the picture with Heat. (The one where they're in the club.) The dude with the green hoodie and the hat with a "$" sign on it is by FAR my favorite, because he has a truly genuine look in his eyes, and I can tell he has a beautiful soul. I'm crushing on him VERY hard. Oh, and HI NV Boo~Boo! I miss YOU!

  72. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:51 PM  

    Hey sweetie, I was tryin gto tell outhe publisher that is watching emailed me the mind control over aphane is to sci fi the story has to stay urban fiction

  73. steups // 12/12/06 3:52 PM  

    If Kenya Moore was my cousin i wouldn't have sex with her; but I'd peep at her in the shower

    (drops to knees and prays)

  74. DORFAM // 12/12/06 3:52 PM  

    See Irre you wrong 4 that(Crypt Keeper):) I can do the laugh pretty good myself........
    I'm feelin homeboy with the braids

  75. DORFAM // 12/12/06 3:53 PM  

    Ok I'll bight, who's Kenya Moore, Kim Kardashy's cousin:)

  76. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:54 PM  

    Oh. I understand NV. You can take it out then.

    *sighs emotionally*

    Dorfam which one of the contestants is a stripper? B/C I don't recall him. And Steups, who is Kenya Moore?

  77. steups // 12/12/06 3:54 PM  

    (raises one eyebrow at (dorfam)

  78. Hard Working Girl // 12/12/06 3:56 PM  

    YAY! Thanks Steups, that just made my day!

  79. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:56 PM  

    No Irre you know I dont touch people work you can revise it and give it a new spin

  80. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:56 PM  

    Yea Stallionaire is a cutie, but the guy in green is astonishing. You know... I'm feeling really, REALLY sad all of a sudden. Like a failure. NV I'm sorry for messin' up your blog. You should have never let me join, b/c this story could make you rich and more famous than you ever imagined, and I'm NOT gonna mess that up for you. I'm really sorry and I'm kinda reluctant to post ANYTHING else.

  81. DORFAM // 12/12/06 3:58 PM  

    Who is she, don't look at me like I'm crazy...I am but still

  82. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:58 PM  

    Do pray Steups! I remember meeting some of my first cousins for the first time at 18. I had seen them and thought, " Wow, they are fine." Then my aunt walked over and said, "Baby I want you to meet your first cousins." Then she walked me over to the two absolutely fine brothers. When I tell you I felt nauseated and disgusted. Well they instantly became 'unfine'. The scary part was that one of them was always trying to chase me. And I kept saying, "Hell no, we are cousins. Leave me the f... alone."

    His reply would always be, "I don't care, I want you."


  83. DORFAM // 12/12/06 3:59 PM  

    Irre I think it's the 3rd or 4th contestant that Steups revealed

  84. Anonymous // 12/12/06 3:59 PM  

    Irre Stop that we went over this last weekend you didnt do nothing wrong it was my fault because she gave me guidelines to follow but i dismissed them its ok I want you to post and that blog WILL MAKE US rich and famous so chin up understand

  85. DORFAM // 12/12/06 4:00 PM  

    Quanda I had a 3rd cousin who was crushing hard on my 1st cousin, when my nanna told her that was her cousin she replied"So cousins make dozens," she like 9-10

  86. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:01 PM  

    Oh I remember now. He's a bald guy, right? Yea....

    .........He was a cutie. And again I ask, WHO is Kenya Moore? She sounds as if she would be an indie rock poetry chick.

  87. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:01 PM  

    Kenya Moore

  88. DORFAM // 12/12/06 4:01 PM  

    wait does that make my family look weird?... don't answer I just did on my own

  89. steups // 12/12/06 4:02 PM  

    Well a 2nd and 3rd cousin isn't so bad, genetics-wise

    Kenya Moore

  90. DORFAM // 12/12/06 4:02 PM  

    Hell yall remember me with all the rich and famousness!!!lmao

  91. steups // 12/12/06 4:03 PM  

    Quanda beat me to it

  92. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:03 PM  

    *stares at the floor while NV is talking to him*

    I don't know, NV. It just doesn't FEEL right anymore. How can we be truly creative if we have to follow a path? And after hearing you adorable son, I can't do ANYTHING that might jeopordize your well-being, b/c you and your seed deserve the best of everything. My style of writing is too quirky and unconventional.

  93. DORFAM // 12/12/06 4:03 PM  

    Can I get a link(Kenya Moore)

  94. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:04 PM  

    Kenya Moore ran for Miss Usa.

  95. DORFAM // 12/12/06 4:05 PM  

    She is pretty

  96. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:06 PM  

    Irre cut that shit out thissecond the path has always been there I just was notworried about it and really I am stiill not and trust me baby we WILL have the best all of us remeber what I told you this weekend you are only as strong as the attitude you carry and right now this is not my Irre MY Irre never doubts himself and MY Irre NEVER lets anything hold him back so you ge tback to posting and I dont want to hear another down remark that blog is not worth it with out you

  97. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:07 PM  

    Oh......THAT'S Kenya Moore. Oh she's nothing special. Kinda manly if you ask me. The sad part is that I followed that link specifically to compare myself to her. And I win, b/c I have BRAIN power on top of a fabulous appearance. I bet she's dumber than an old, wet, tampon. Oh and NV I already removed that wretched post. I'm SO sorry...

  98. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:08 PM  

    you better have removed it to repost it with a better twist Irre

  99. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:11 PM  

    NV you're so sweet but SO caring. And in this case that's a bad thing. Stop being so NICE to me, and be REAL with me. Whether you know it or not, this story could very well determine the rest of your life for you, and it's not something to be taking lightly. The publisher's still haven't given you a verdict on whether or not they want to invest in the story. I couldn't live with myself if they decided not too, simply b/c I turned the story into a romantic version of Star Trek. So NO, NO, NO!

  100. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:13 PM  

    LOL, I think confidence is great. And if you think she is nothing special, your opinion is the only one that truly matters to you.

    I think Kenya Moore is stunning. I know she is far from dumb....LMAO

    Question IRR DEE, I thought you were a male all this time. Why would you compare yourself to a female, let alone anyone else?

  101. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:13 PM  

    ANYWHOO, that Kenya Moore is a little rough around the edges. Is that how you like 'em, Nicholas. I mean, I have to admit she has a certain "EDGE", if you will. An abrasive one, but an "EDGE" nevertheless.

  102. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:14 PM  

    Do you guys mind if I read it?

  103. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:15 PM  

    I am being real with you I tell you what if you dont post watch I shut the bitch down and then the publisher cant invest in it casue it wont be there and baby writing is not my life I am in the legal profession I will make money either way trust me and please dont call my bluff I will shut it down then imagine how you will feel Irre that blog is not gonna make or break me it could only add to me so the decisionis yours When are you going to post?

  104. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:15 PM  

    LOL Quanda I AM a guy. And of course I have my reasons for comparing myself to her. See.... it's like THIS. Let's say there was this guy you liked at one time. He kinda ignored you, but you heard there was this OTHER girl he would openly throw himself at. So of COURSE you would want to check her out to see what she had that was so much better than you, and you would want to check for similarities. Did that make sense?

  105. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:16 PM  

    Quanda Irre is a guy

    Shawn: the Blog is Caramel's Cream and start at the bottom and read up to read the story

  106. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:19 PM  

    Read what, Shawn? That ridiculous post I made? B/C that is ANCIENT history. It's deleted, without a back-up copy, so anyone who hasn't seen it yet never will. I'm sorry. NV, that wouldn't be fair to Tish, b/c writing is something she truly enjoys and is passionate about. So you can't do that. Tell you what, since that post I made is erased, we'll act as if it were never there, and after one of you two posts, I might decide to follow your lead, but if I ever DO post again, I won't do anything original, I'll just follow what you and Tish say without doing anything dramatic on my own. And you KNOW I'm not playing about not posting b/c you SEE I haven't posted on my own in a month.

  107. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:20 PM  

    LMAO.....NOW I SEE. It now makes perfect sense to me, excuse I forgot who I was blogging with...LOL.

    I have been in that situation. However, I didn't think she was better than me or less. I just thought 'I am hot chocolate and he likes mint julip.'

  108. DORFAM // 12/12/06 4:20 PM  

    I noticed you haven't!!!

  109. DORFAM // 12/12/06 4:21 PM  

    Stop being so stubborn and re-write Irre!!!(soory not my fight)but you are an excellent writer don't sell yourself short

  110. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:22 PM  

    you must really think I am playing go post Irre or I will shut it down I am not playing Tish works for the government her kids are feed she dont need this blog either so go make your post like now we need the next installment so i can post and i cant post without you ou helped make that story and truly that is notthe only publisher in the world you are talking like the world ended GO POST

  111. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:22 PM  

    THANK YOU DORFAM, he is a brat and better go post

  112. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:23 PM  

    I heard that NV. Did you hear her IRR DEE.....get to posting!

  113. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:24 PM  

    Irr I need something to read when I get bored at work or those late night treats. Ok NV I will start reading down and going to the top.

    I have to pickup some fruits and wine to relax with. I will tell you guys in about 4 hours.

  114. DORFAM // 12/12/06 4:25 PM  

    Yeah....he better go post:)

  115. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:25 PM  

    he knows I am not playing Irre is an excellent writer and he knows this I cant tell him enough

  116. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:26 PM  

    ok Shawn and I promise you will be hooked lol

  117. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:27 PM  

    LOL PLEASE! Seriously though, I'll post after YOU do b/c I don't know what to say. And where did Nicholas go? He hasn't answered a SINGLE thing I asked him.

  118. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:29 PM  

    ok cool I will go post in a second and you better post after me Irre and Steups always disappears

  119. DORFAM // 12/12/06 4:30 PM  

    Write 2 words NV and let him do the rest:) I luv Caramel's Cream

  120. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:31 PM  

    *faints* lol i thought aboutthat Dorfam but no I will post for real lol and i didnt know you read Caramel's Cream Thank you Leave comments so we know what you like and how you feel aboutthe story

  121. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:32 PM  

    Don't expect much, either. My promise to you and God is that I'm only gonna ELABORATE on what you already said, nothing shocking, nothing dramatic. The blog thrived and excelled PRE~iree, and I'm NOT gonna fuck up the rotation.

  122. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:33 PM  

    not exceptable Irre you have to post the way you used to or I shut it down

  123. DORFAM // 12/12/06 4:33 PM  

    Irre, I swear I gonna put you over my knee for NV

  124. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:34 PM  

    you have Never messed up nothing and you didnt have to delete that post you could have changed that one part and flipped it to something else I like the mind altering thing i thought it was cool and it showed how Sin abilities were advancing

  125. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:35 PM  

    Dorfam he needs a spanking

  126. DORFAM // 12/12/06 4:37 PM  

    I'm scared he'll think of it as a reward and not ounishment.........I do:)

  127. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:38 PM  

    W/E to both of you. Steups I have a job for you! I really....Really....REALLY want you to find out who that guy is that I'm soooo crazy about! I need to be able to have a name to put with that gorgeous face. Oh and on another, totall unrelated subject NV.... Clark Atlanta is my choice. I'm mos def gonna apply there, cross your fingers! As for you putting me over you knee dorfam....
    sprout an adams apple and I MIGHT just like it. (LOL)

  128. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:39 PM  

    lmao lol Irre knows i love him and he knows I am so serious and how passionate I am abou thim doing well

  129. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:40 PM  

    Come on now. I'm not falling for I Love New York. Men that look like this would never flock to a cracked out looking hemaphrodite like 36yr old Tiffany whatever her last name is.

  130. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:47 PM  

    Hello there Kneequa, have we met? And who KNOWS, I seriously doubt many of them went there to find true love, but what guy wouldn't want to bone New York? I mean, I even bet some of those guys are fan's of Flav's. To date New York would be like... the ULTIMATE collectors item. He's HUNCHED her.

  131. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:47 PM  

    I am glad you chose clark Atlanta now get your App in and agree to post like normal and the world will be right for me again

  132. DORFAM // 12/12/06 4:51 PM  

    "HUNCHED", Wow I haven't heard that in a loooonnnngggg time.

  133. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:52 PM  

    NV have you heard Ciara's new song with 50 Cent? It's SOOO Hawt. How's the weather in ATL?

    *averts eyes away from NV*

  134. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:52 PM  

    that is Irre's word lol
    and Irre I told tish on you she said you better post right or she gone get you

  135. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:54 PM  

    No to the song
    the weather was 70 today lol
    and dont try to change the subject either

  136. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:54 PM  

    LOL shut up Dorfam! I can't help it, I'm still just a big kid @ heart. Dorfam help me come up with a nick~name for the dude in the house I like. But... how would Steups feel with you going in heat mode whenever we talk about the Stripper, hmmmm? (Jesus Hay~zeus I'm taking this really well aren't I? I feel like a recovering addict. I'm free of him! I'm FREE, dammit!)

  137. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:56 PM  

    LOL that was so cute you told Tish. Gimme a break heffa. (LOL)
    NV which "I Love New Yorker" do you think is the sexiest?

  138. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:57 PM  

    really I have not looked at any of them and until the show comes on i couldnt tell you they got all special to take these pics I need to see they everyday and I DID TELL TISH AND YOU NEED TO AGREE TO POST NORMAL

  139. Anonymous // 12/12/06 4:58 PM  

    NV are you buying Fantasia's CD? It comes out today. You really should buy fantasia's cd that comes out today. Did you know that?

  140. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:04 PM  

    you knowwhat ignoring it will not make e go away I tell you what I will shut it done till you agree to post brb

  141. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:06 PM  

    where are you going? I had at least 20 more subject changing phrases to throw at you...
    Besides I already SAID I would post after you and Tish. That I promise to you. In the words of the immortal and inbred Buckwyld, " Fa Sho, Dawg!"
    *excuse me for that*

  142. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:06 PM  

    you said you would ELABORATE I said i wanted you to post like you always did

  143. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:10 PM  

    Trust me, I got your back girl. If it's one thing I know how to do well, it's being creative and safe at the same time. Which is exactly what I'm going to do. And that's that. But, NO........MORE...........PLOT twists from Irre. If we're going to negotiate, you have to give in to something, too. So i'll post as normal, but YOU will take care of all major plot twists. Capeesh?

  144. DORFAM // 12/12/06 5:11 PM  

    Irre, if I had 2 come up with a nickname 4 him it would be THUNDER, cause he looks like he can bring it:)

  145. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:12 PM  

    Dorfam give me a sex. I mean SEC....
    (lol I ACTUALLY typed the word sex!)

    *okay I'm good now*
    He TOTALLY looks like he can bring it. Thunder. Oh GAWD I just get this electric chill everytime I type it. Until we know his real name, we'll refer to him as Thunder. *oooh it happened again*

  146. DORFAM // 12/12/06 5:14 PM  

    THunder, Thunder, Thunder!!!!

  147. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:15 PM  

    *ooh, Ooh, OOH*
    (LOL) Dorfam you are so krazii. But what exactly IS a Dorfam? What does that mean, Hun? And NV where did you go?

  148. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:15 PM  

    ok fine all plot twist will be me and Tish FOR THE TIME BEING once you find your groove again you will contribute to the plot twist and futher more you shall continue to post as normal DEAL OR NO DEAL?

  149. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:18 PM  

    Find me a fine Atlanta gentleman and I think we have a deal.
    (LOL), I LOooooOOooOooOOOoooooOoove
    you NV! You're officially my best friend. Oh, and I was dead serious about the "fine Atlanta Gentleman"

  150. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:19 PM  

    *searching for a fine Atlanta GEntleman right now* glad we can compromise lol and both be spoiled lol

  151. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:23 PM  

    Ooooh you make me SICK NV. (LOL) it's not faiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir...


    I've never had to negotiate BEFORE. Why couldn't you just have let me have my way?

    *pouts again*

    I can't wait to get to ATL so I can go on my little "Closet Raid".
    You are SO going to Pride with me the next time it rolls around.

  152. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:25 PM  

    lol I will go I hear its fun ( cant say that I have been even though I have ben stuck in traffic dealing with it ) Irre there comes a time when you have to make a first for everything even negotiating

  153. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:28 PM  

    All jokes aside, NV....
    You really are turning into my favorite person in the world. Who knew that I could get along so well with a fellow Arian? Even if I never make it to Atlanta, you will always hold the title of "Best Friend of Iree", and I'll consult you before making all major, life-altering decisions. Including what to wear on my first date with that FINE Atlanta Gentleman.

  154. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:30 PM  

    *wiping tears... no for real*

    That was so Sweet I lov eyou too Irre and think Positive you ARE coming to ATL

  155. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:31 PM  


    A lot of men think New York is attractive. I haven't heard of one man who said she looked good on the Big Awards. However, she has a lot of admirers.

  156. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:35 PM  

    Shut up and don't get emotional!


    Honestly though, I believe that just like there's a soul~mate for everyone, I think there is also that one person who compliments you and looks out for you that companion level. Your like my twin, girl! (Plus boobs) And I wish you the best, and Atlanta is SO not ready for me. I'll eat that peach WHOLE, do you hear me?

  157. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:36 PM  

    lol aww i have to call you I have SOMETHING JUICY to tell you while we are talkingabout Peaches what time you gettinghome?

  158. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:41 PM  

    new york look real ugly at the awards show

  159. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:42 PM  

    I am out of here you guys, be sweet ~smooches~

  160. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:42 PM  

    (LOL) prolly around 6:30, but good luck getting through to me. (I'll explain later) If you DON'T get to speak to me, then e~mail it to me. B/c this certainly sounds deliscious.

  161. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:43 PM  

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey there Big Mike. I like your name. I like it a lot. How you Doin'? Oh, and see ya later NV. Love ya too much!

  162. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:45 PM  

    i'm ok deliscious

  163. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:47 PM  

    (LOL) Just to be sure, you know you're talking to a guy, right?

  164. DORFAM // 12/12/06 5:52 PM  

    Dor Fam= Dor is my married name Fam is family in Creole my husband is Haitian

  165. DORFAM // 12/12/06 5:53 PM  

    Alright Irre, beware of strangers, don't fuck around and get abducted

  166. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:54 PM  

    >_< *glares at screen*

    Thanks for answering, and it only took ten days. Oh! And I didn't know you had a husband. How deliscious. And a Haitian one, too. I dated a Haitian once. He was an 11. (You DO know what I mean by that, don't you?)

    *whew... it's gettin' HOT in here*

  167. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:55 PM  

    Hell, if his name REALLY suits him (BIG Mike), HE could be the one gettin' abducted. Girl don't you know 'bout me? LOL you're cool peep, too. I like you a lot. You're mos def one of my more favorable blogger companions.

  168. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:56 PM  

    i had no clue that you are gay

  169. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:58 PM  


    I wouldn't worry about IRR DEE. It's the strangers who need to be careful...LMAO

  170. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:58 PM  

    Oh GAWD. Do you hate me now?


    Oh well you won't be the first.

  171. Anonymous // 12/12/06 5:59 PM  

    You betta SPEAK the truth Quanda. (LOL) I like you too. I love you ALL. Especially YOU, Big Mike.


    You should stick around here.

  172. Anonymous // 12/12/06 6:00 PM  


    I am about to fall out on the floor!

  173. Anonymous // 12/12/06 6:02 PM  

    i'm not gay but i dont have hate in me i like all people

  174. Anonymous // 12/12/06 6:02 PM  

    oh boy

  175. DORFAM // 12/12/06 6:21 PM  

    My case work never stops

  176. DORFAM // 12/12/06 6:22 PM  

    I'm doing long math with autistic cousin...Pray 4 me

  177. Porker // 12/12/06 6:29 PM  

    I need some freakin therapy after reading all that.

  178. Anonymous // 12/12/06 8:07 PM  

    Is anyone home? Where's everyone?

  179. Anonymous // 12/12/06 8:38 PM  

    new york is hella easy new york is so damn easy i think she would sleep with anybody if she wanted too they probably going to get the bitch drunk so they can fuck her she did all that sleeping with flave on boths seasons and did not get picked

  180. Anonymous // 12/12/06 9:20 PM  

    Way, way off the subject, did anyone else read about the 8 week old pitbull puppy nawing off a baby's toes?

  181. Anonymous // 12/12/06 9:53 PM  

    GEEZUS, help me!

    My nephew just used my computer and didn't sign out of his myspace account. This idiot is in junior high trying to talk another child into having sex with him.

    And the other child told him to give her 2 weeks so she can get use to him!

    Right now, I am going to talk to his father. I already messaged the girl and told her she better not have sex with my nephew. Actually I told her she better not be having sex with anyone.


  182. Anonymous // 12/12/06 10:00 PM  

    Well that talk was short!!! I was told the my nephew is a man and a pimp.....what should I expect.

    I pray everyday that there was a mishap in the hospital and there was a baby switch. Somewhere out there is my real brother ......

  183. Anonymous // 12/12/06 10:02 PM  

    good luck quanda, good luck!

    i want to invite veryone to check m yblog out, i redid and the topic is very special to me. this is an open invitation.

    goodnight everyone!

  184. steups // 12/12/06 10:39 PM  

    I guess I am too late for the party.

    Once again people, if anyone wants their my space added, please type the address in the comment box

  185. steups // 12/12/06 10:41 PM  

    Your brother answered the way I would and it would still be wrong.

    It won't be so funny if she gets pregnant, would it.
    That's too much "would" for this topic, lol.

  186. Anonymous // 13/12/06 12:48 PM  

    Steups, I don't understand that response. While you say it's wrong, you would still say some ridiculous crap like that.

    Why are boys raised and guided to respect themselves and their bodies? Why aren't they told that having sex is basically playing Russian roulette with their lives? They can go to jail, catch life threatening diseases, cause emotional damage to another person and be responsible a baby. Boys will be boys is such crap. If boys aren't suppose to be able to control their sexual desires, what makes them accept responsibility for the rest of their actions. What makes one think they will have the sense enough to protect themselves and their partners? What makes one think they won't become serial rapists?

    Let me stop when my nephew get home today.....he is going to get it.

  187. Anonymous // 15/12/06 8:20 AM  

    elephant stomp what?

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