It's 7 right?

Ok (exhales); the latest "I Love New York" contestant is Wil (short for William, I presume).
He is good-looking and has arms that look like my legs.

I don't want to perform a brain canal to find something to say about him so you'll just have to visit William's web-page to read what he says about himself.
Here are a few pictures to encourage you to make the jump-off.




  1. DORFAM // 11/12/06 1:02 PM  

    MOre, more, more!!!!

  2. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:02 PM this is the man we've been hearing so much about?

  3. DORFAM // 11/12/06 1:03 PM  

    Steups you are working your way up to #1 in my book 2day:)

  4. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:04 PM  

    hehehehehe *Blush*

  5. steups // 11/12/06 1:05 PM  

    I think he looks like shit

  6. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:05 PM  

    Aw Steups, you're so mean

  7. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:05 PM  

    Steups: I'm guessing you want me to rate his, they are indeed a # 1 on the pec scale, but oddly I am not attracted to the body-builder type, I like the more leaner, thinner, b-ball, in some cases football-type athletically built....boy I have weird tastes! lol

  8. DORFAM // 11/12/06 1:05 PM  

    I am so respecting the save Darfur info on his page

  9. steups // 11/12/06 1:05 PM  

    and hard shit; the type that makes you want to kill yourself

  10. DORFAM // 11/12/06 1:06 PM  

    I already hope he doesn't win cause that dingy NY can't get with that

  11. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:06 PM  

    ..don't like em too big...i'm still trying to decide about him...

  12. steups // 11/12/06 1:06 PM  

    clicks on the red X

  13. steups // 11/12/06 1:06 PM  

    Oh, it's white actually (clicks on that)

  14. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:07 PM  

    lol @ steups' hard bowel movement comment

  15. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:07 PM  


  16. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:09 PM  

    my 'x' is

  17. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:11 PM  

    everytime I come back there is a new post lol

  18. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:13 PM  

    Hi Guys, I am back but for a while.

    This goodly gentleman reminds me of Sean Crawford (I think that's his name. The athlete who participates in sprint events.

    Anywayz, these days I really can't look @ a man and see much because I am really love sick and it STINKS so I really won't be able to make a proper assessment of anything.

    (E going back to work)

  19. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:13 PM  

    Steups is on his job...even tho it pains him to post fine males lol

  20. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:14 PM  

    Aww E...we'll assess them FOR you lol

  21. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:14 PM  

    And Dorfm I am sorry I thought u were male, only now I realise that u are a member of d fairer sex. Laterz

  22. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:16 PM  

    Coot TX. Talk to u guys a little later on.

  23. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:16 PM  

    I'm lovesick too....this is pathetic....

  24. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:19 PM  

    Ice...who infected you with 'lovesickness'?

  25. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:20 PM  

    Steups (joking) I guess I'm lovesick because I'm not in love. I'm not even in a relationship. So I guess I'd be sick b/c I don't have love...

  26. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:20 PM  

    Well Ice and E you two work on getting better ( lovesick ) and Tx, Dorfam and myself will worry aboutthe men lol

  27. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:21 PM  

    Hahahahaha alright

  28. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:23 PM  

    WOOOOWWWWWWW! I wuz going to, he'd be ECSTATIC to know I guess I more guy-ish when it comes products containing the 'love' ingredient...but its not cause I don't want it tho, I love the thought of it, but sometimes it can scare me...but enuff about
    I'm pretty sure you have some admirer waiting to love you, don't pay so much attention b/c it seems as though everything comes when you're not expecting it, ya know?

  29. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:24 PM  

    NV: Soooooo true...y'all go ahead and rest in bed for your lovesickness, we'll be the nurses, and when we're not on our shift we'll assess the men lol

  30. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:27 PM  

    I have too much energy now lol

  31. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:28 PM  

    SEE NV: That energy drink works wonders lol

  32. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:32 PM  

    I see I might need to see you every morning for one lol

  33. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:33 PM  


  34. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:34 PM  

    Sweet Peter Jeter. There is some MAJOR eye candy on this show. As if I needed another reason to watch! ANYWAYZ, HI everybody! *giggles*
    What's been going on? Oh and Steups I e-mailed you kiddo. No hard feelings. I was thinking about it all this weekend, and suddenly you seemed much more HUMAN to me. I was idolizing you like some Prince Charming, but, as it turns out, you're just a guy. Plus you're like 30? *cringe* that would never work, because in 20 years I'd be wanting to water-ski, and your idea of exciting will be CHANNEL surfing. (LOL), so screw who you want, dude. It's your prerogative. Fast shouts to all the people who helped me get to this point, including Ivory, Shawn, Revenge, Dorfam, and especially NV. Smooches Bitch! Tell little man I said hello!

  35. DORFAM // 11/12/06 1:34 PM  

    Thank you Steups for these post cause right now I'm hating my job

  36. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:36 PM  

    I know dorfam, isnt' he a LIFE SAVER?

  37. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:37 PM  

    lol @ IRRE, for having steups channel surfing

  38. DORFAM // 11/12/06 1:37 PM  

    I am so sick of hearing women belly aching I can't I can't I can't

  39. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:39 PM  

    um...dorfam??? what are we talkin about hon? lol

  40. DORFAM // 11/12/06 1:39 PM  

    Whine, whine, whine

  41. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:40 PM  

    Oh, and I scoped the picture below (and printed it, too!) and as it turns out, all the guys in the picture with Heat are also in the cast photo. Okay, so of course y'all can see where Heat is in the cast photo. The guy in the second picture (with the long braids) is directly behind new york, and wearing shades. The guy in the secon picture who has on a hoodie is beside Chamo in the cast picture and he's wearing a red hat. The man in the second picture who's wearing the hat with the dollar sign is standing behind the red-hat guy in the cast photo, and he has on a tan fisherman's cap. And the cheesy white guy in the second photo is behind tan fisherman cap guy, and he's wearing shades. HAHAHA, I was a "where's waldo" champ in my youth, and it shows.

  42. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:40 PM  

    You welcome Irre baby glad all our talkign this weekend paid off

  43. DORFAM // 11/12/06 1:40 PM  

    My temporary despise for my job

  44. DORFAM // 11/12/06 1:40 PM  

    I'm a caseworker

  45. DORFAM // 11/12/06 1:40 PM  

    a seriously jaded caseworker

  46. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:42 PM  

    it's gonna be ooookkayyy dorfam! Take a look at the strippers lol...focus on the stripper

  47. DORFAM // 11/12/06 1:43 PM  


  48. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:44 PM  

    did that help? lol

  49. DORFAM // 11/12/06 1:45 PM  

    She wants to lie on a job application, and is telling me this!!!

    Isn;t deception what has you in a homeless shelter

  50. DORFAM // 11/12/06 1:46 PM  

    Stripper man, stripper man

  51. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:48 PM  

    lol..she's telling you...I don't know if i wanna know what she wants to lie about.

  52. DORFAM // 11/12/06 1:49 PM  

    # of jobs

  53. DORFAM // 11/12/06 1:50 PM  

    fired not fired

  54. DORFAM // 11/12/06 1:51 PM  

    Anybody want to go to fat tueday's

  55. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:52 PM  

    you must be really trustworthy for her to be tellin all this knowing that you could very likely hold her fate in your hands...that's all lol

  56. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:53 PM  

    Do any of u know what a Pastelle is?

  57. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:54 PM  

    no...the first thing i though of was pastel colors, but that isn't spelled the same lol

  58. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:55 PM  

    It's a dog isn't it?

  59. DORFAM // 11/12/06 1:55 PM  

    Rescue me now!!!

  60. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:56 PM  


  61. DORFAM // 11/12/06 1:56 PM  

    H E L P

  62. DORFAM // 11/12/06 1:57 PM  

    Thank Tx, I don't get apid enough for this shit

  63. Anonymous // 11/12/06 1:59 PM  

    Now when you think of sh*& that you're NOT getting paid for this job, you should directly go to a thought of Mr. A*& lol

  64. DORFAM // 11/12/06 1:59 PM  

    NY iz 1 lucky biatch!!!

  65. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:00 PM  

    s*&^ should definitely be associated with a*&

  66. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:01 PM  

    we should do that...Go on a show and act like we own the joint and maybe we could get our OWN show full of eligible, yet possibly opportunist bachelors lol

  67. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:02 PM  

    It's a very popular West Indian delicacy made with minced beef, well seasoned (with garlic, chopped onions, chives, tyme, hot pepper, black pepper, salt etc) , mixed with chopped olives (and capers if u wish) and raisins wrapped in a crust made from cornmeal, cornoil and water. Its wrapped in cleaned banana leaves and steamed.

    Then Viola - Pastelles. Its most popular around CHRISTMAS.

  68. DORFAM // 11/12/06 2:03 PM  

    I'd luvvv 2 but it might piss off my husband:)

  69. DORFAM // 11/12/06 2:04 PM  

    E, is sounds like a West Indian Tamale

  70. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:04 PM  

    Dang E, that sound deliscious, I'm HONG-REE, and yes 'HONG-REE', because that's how hungry I

  71. DORFAM // 11/12/06 2:05 PM  

    Where the hell is Steups, and even more where the hell has Groovy been hiding!!!

  72. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:05 PM  

    Dorfam: that would make for an even interesting show to have your husband come home and all those guys on you and then it would turn from FOL to Jerry

  73. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:07 PM  

    TX without I would never laugh lol

  74. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:08 PM  

    NV: What are you laughin at? (like a lil kid) What'd I do?

  75. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:08 PM  

    Yeh its real tasty.

  76. DORFAM // 11/12/06 2:08 PM  

    tx, my husband has what he call an island temper(his words not mine), and that would go from FOL to the OJ trial

  77. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:12 PM  

    OH LAWD dorfam...when he get mad he get just a lil bit crazy, huh? That mean he'd kill all the guys AND you...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lol

  78. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:12 PM  

    Dorfm what's an Island Temper?

  79. DORFAM // 11/12/06 2:14 PM  

    According to him, Island temper is when you can go from 0-100 in a snap!!!

  80. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:14 PM  

    Is he from the Caribbean? Does he have what we call here a 3line or cutlarse?

    U know when people get u mad in the Caribbean instead of shooting u they Chop u (except for the up coming generation).LOL

  81. DORFAM // 11/12/06 2:14 PM  

    Like I said E, those are his words not mine!!!

  82. DORFAM // 11/12/06 2:15 PM  

    OMG E, that's what he told me!!!!
    He's from Haiti

  83. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:16 PM  

    Well island temper is no good then.

    I had an island temper once when I was a child and a teen but then with age brings reason. Plus, most of my fam are cops so my mom carried me and showed me what they do to people who has island tempers.LOL

  84. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:16 PM  

    OH LAWD...never make em mad...just leave it alone! They ram my car, i'll be like "wow, just a little dent", knowing full well my car is totaled...nothing that little wax won't cure lol

  85. DORFAM // 11/12/06 2:18 PM  

    LMFAO Tx

  86. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:18 PM  

    TX has me in tears

  87. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:19 PM  

    He has to be an islander to tell u about that temper. I hope he's good to u.

    Down here men can't take a horn (unfaithfulness) but they quick to have 2 and 3 or even more wormen @ the same time and everyone expects for u to tolerate it and say - "u know how men are, leave d man alone nah, u knw is u he love and is u he coming home to"


    That's Y AIDS is so damn rampant

  88. DORFAM // 11/12/06 2:23 PM  

    No, he's good. Besides I have some of that Island temper too, My grandpa is cuba ,and the rest of my family migrated here via the bahamas

  89. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:25 PM  

    I ain't pissin NONE of y'all off up in here...y'all be done e-mailed me a picture of something crazy, and my slow self probably believe you can get to me lol

  90. DORFAM // 11/12/06 2:25 PM  

    That pic of the 5 contestants is hhhoooottttt

  91. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:25 PM  

    Oh but u as a woman dont horn them u know because u are labelled an old hoe, a bad ting, a sketelle, a old bake, a twartie, a baddest, a trick, a jezebelle or delilah and the list goes on and on.

    Plus now they killing u too and killing themselves. Or chopping u up.

    Geez its so hard to find a good man these days and sometimes when u do find one, u dont love them.

    My mother always tell me - Dont love who u love, Love who love u. (Wise woman).

  92. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:26 PM  

    E: that's true...

  93. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:26 PM  


  94. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:28 PM  

    That's great Dorfmn I am glad.

    Anywayz speaking about my mother she just came in today from NY so I am going now and visit her home with the kids so I will talk to u guys later on tonight if God spares life.

    Have a good one.


  95. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:28 PM  

    E: Please don't leave work and hurt nobody lol, but double standards exist between the genders. In my eyes, you can't get mad if you did to them, what's being done to you now. What's good for the duck is...wait nah, that ain't right, lol oh what's good for the goose is good for the gander lol

  96. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:29 PM  

    Aight, bye E, we LOVE you lol

  97. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:30 PM  

    TX please do a comedy show PLEASE

  98. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:30 PM  

    NV: you over there shouting in your office like you're in church, you better sit down...better yet thats better than you fainting with the holy ghost lol

  99. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:30 PM  

    Bye E

  100. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:31 PM  

    NV: I just flew in from dallas and boy are my arms tired....*nothing*...Is this thing on lol

  101. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:32 PM  

    LMAO @ TX. Bye Ladies

  102. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:32 PM  

    TX: E got to preaching in here I got Happy my bad but really my coworker just came n and asked was I ok cause I had tears rolling down my face I told her yeah but I was in here laughing at you

  103. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:33 PM crazy NV

  104. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:34 PM  

    TX I meant for real you are too funny

  105. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:35 PM  

    TX: thats all you man you make my day on here

  106. DORFAM // 11/12/06 2:35 PM  


  107. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:36 PM  

    over there them thinkin Luther died...AGAIN! :-( lol I was liable to die when I found that out

  108. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:37 PM  


  109. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:37 PM  

    Dorfam this girl is tooo damn funny

  110. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:41 PM  

    R.I.P. Luther 'Cleophus' Vandross...although I highly doubt that was that man's middle name....HIGHLY

  111. DORFAM // 11/12/06 2:51 PM  

    She's killing me

  112. DORFAM // 11/12/06 2:52 PM  

    Well I'm off to go see one of our teenagers that lives her at her basketball game!!! Talk 2 all 2 morrow

  113. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:53 PM  

    Dorfam: who's killing you? that woman wit the fake jobs is still in your office? THink stripper man...he loves you, he needs you lol

  114. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:54 PM  

    Bye Dorfam

  115. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:56 PM  

    BYE dorfam and TX she was talking aboutyou

  116. Anonymous // 11/12/06 2:59 PM  

    Oh...had a slow moment there...ahem...thought that lady was still in the office

  117. Anonymous // 11/12/06 3:04 PM  

    lol dont feel bad I have blond moments toolol

  118. Anonymous // 11/12/06 3:06 PM  

    hey actually i DO have blonde highlights tho lol oh wow..that explains my momentary lapses, if my WHOLE head were blonde, i'd be gone in tha head ALL the time lol

  119. Anonymous // 11/12/06 3:36 PM  

    Hello America,

    You guys are so funny. Irre all I can say to you is BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO a DIVA is reborn.

    Tx and Dor you ladies are a mess.

  120. Anonymous // 11/12/06 3:40 PM  

    What's goin' on y'all? Guess what? I had to curse out a record 13 people today. No lie. I hope y'all had a better day than I did. And fas-shouts to TX for making me laugh. LOL when you spelled the word HONG-REE I almost pissed my jeans, and that's something you just DON'T do in Abercrombie's.

  121. Anonymous // 11/12/06 3:41 PM  

    Hey Shawn! How you doin' Gurr? And HELLOOOO NV baby how art thou? Girl do some WORK for a change. (LOL). I e-mailed you today. (I think.) Oh, and how did you like the scorpions?

  122. Anonymous // 11/12/06 3:44 PM  

    thanks IRRE...shoot sometimes that's how it is, you're not just 'hungry', you're HONG-REE lol and imma pray for you over there cursin out

  123. Anonymous // 11/12/06 3:54 PM  

    Girl PLEASE don't pray for me, pray for THEM bitches b/c they're the ones who have it coming to them. I'm FINE. (LOL)

  124. Anonymous // 11/12/06 4:05 PM  

    Wow 13 people. Irres don't let those folks get to you. It's the time of year where people want to try your patiences.

    Hell you better then me I would had to get me a drink.

  125. Anonymous // 11/12/06 4:07 PM  

    Oh and the best part is that today isn't even OVER. There is STILL drama going down b/c I just got into it with my Mommy. I swear. Drama just follows me. I have GOT to get far, far, away from all of the drama that comes along with being Irre. But where will I GO? Peru?

  126. Anonymous // 11/12/06 4:08 PM  

    ok skip all the yadda yadda why did you curse 13 people out

  127. DORFAM // 11/12/06 4:11 PM  

    Irre come to Key West we're drama free....psych!!!, but come anyway:)

  128. Anonymous // 11/12/06 4:22 PM  

    Well, 6 of these people were supposed FRIENDS of mine. I got into an argument with person number 1, a gay guy who was my best friend after he called me ugly. After that, 5 others who I considered to be friends egged him on and took his side. So that explains how THOSE six got cursed out. After that, I was in enough of a bad mood that the remaining six people didn't really.... DO much of anything, they were just unfortunate enough to be near me. I think I cursed one dude out for blowing eraser shavings on the desk in front of him. (LOL), but alas, I didn't bring any of that to the blog. I'm gonna be POSITIVE. So how are YOU guys? Oh and Dorfam Key West sounds like a delisciously fun idea, but I've already decided to move to ATL with my dear friend (and REAL woman) NV. Speaking of which NV, I'm looking up colleges right NOW, and it's not going so good.

  129. Anonymous // 11/12/06 4:23 PM  

    Oops. That's bad math. Six plus Six is twelve. My bad. SO I must have cursed out SEVEN unlucky civilians, then. My bad.

  130. DORFAM // 11/12/06 4:27 PM  

    Irre who would have the Juevos to call ou ugly...they must be blind:)

  131. Anonymous // 11/12/06 4:27 PM  

    Irre I will help you look but I told you more than likely you may have to choose one uniersity here like Gastate or Clark Atlanta and take Theater for a major baby OH Ciara opened a dance Studio here if ou didnt knowlol

  132. DORFAM // 11/12/06 4:28 PM  

    I'm a REAL women too:( (tear)
    ...and Key West has Florida Keys Community

  133. Anonymous // 11/12/06 4:30 PM  

    dorfam I dont think he meant it like that

  134. DORFAM // 11/12/06 4:31 PM  

    I'm joking I know better:D

  135. Anonymous // 11/12/06 4:34 PM  

    Of COURSE I didn't mean it like that, Dorfam. I LOOOOVE You! And it's funny you say that Wiz (NV), because I just gave up on a perfoming arts school and started looking at Morehead and Clark. I'm really AMPED about this now. And no, I DIDN'T know Ciara opened up a dance school. And Dorfam, that was very sweet of you to say that to me. I actually needed to hear it. And I don't know what the HELL Juevos are, but I like how they sound.

  136. Anonymous // 11/12/06 4:34 PM  

    Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn NV I didn't know she open a dance studio. Damn I wish it was somewhere closer I love to dance.
    Get my earth wind fire shoes out of the closet and party. LOL

    Iress I take it that this is stuff that happen in school today. I give till friday that he will be trying to kiss your ass.

  137. DORFAM // 11/12/06 4:36 PM  

    Juevos, cajones...balls...testicular fortitude:)

  138. Anonymous // 11/12/06 4:39 PM  

    Friday? You must not know 'bout me. He's already left an apology message on my home phone. Girl PLEASE. And LMAO to the Earth wind and fire shoes. I most certainly hope NO ONE still owns those. And if you do, you should stomp them into the ground (EARTH) Toss them into a hurricane (WIND) and burn them. (FIRE). LOL!! And dorfam, I'm gonna have to borrow that word "Cajones", because kicking someone in the "Cajones" sounds SO much more fun.
    *giggles maniaclly*
    Oh, and for anyone who didn't notice, I posted on Caramels Cream like... an HOUR ago.

  139. Anonymous // 11/12/06 4:41 PM  

    Irre,I just left an open plot twis on the bog and yeah look at those schools and jump onit Applications aere due soon baby

  140. DORFAM // 11/12/06 4:42 PM  

    Irr you pronounce it ka hoe nes:)I use it a lot 2

  141. Anonymous // 11/12/06 4:46 PM  

    I'm really feelin' Clark University right now. Is it hard 2 get into? ANWAYZ, Lemme take my fly ass on over 2 the blog and see what's goin' on. LOVE YOU GUYS! (Most of you)

  142. Anonymous // 11/12/06 4:48 PM  

    WAIT Nv... had you read what I posted about the zodiac, and pulling you by the arm, and all of that?

  143. Anonymous // 11/12/06 4:48 PM  

    naw Clark is one of the easy school lol to get into

  144. Anonymous // 11/12/06 4:49 PM  

    lol @ Irre's play on words for earth, wind, and fire lol

  145. Anonymous // 11/12/06 4:52 PM  

    I have read EVERYTHING IRRE

  146. DORFAM // 11/12/06 4:54 PM  

    Irre are you ever going to post on your blog again

  147. Anonymous // 11/12/06 4:57 PM  

    Aww Dorfam.. you know... I'm not really sure. Ya see, I'm a perfectionist at times, so I'd say that blog was my first true FAILURE. So I've dismissed it. It's kinda "uner the radar", if you will, especially since I haven't posted since November. But if you wanna start a blog, I'd be GLAD to help you with it by posting.

  148. Anonymous // 11/12/06 4:58 PM  

    Oops. Shawn must really HAVE some of those shoes. She hasn't posted since I said that. (LOL) I'm sorry ma-ma! Dust them thangs off and TAP back on over here to the comments box. Iree LOVES you!

  149. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:02 PM  

    lol Irre you are so crazy about them shoes...

    c'mon back Shawn, Irre was just playin, them shoes are STILL HOT baby lol

  150. steups // 11/12/06 5:10 PM  

    even when an argument comes around
    you take your time to break it down

  151. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:10 PM  

    I show'll wish I knew what you were talkin about lol

  152. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:10 PM  

    I'm here laughing so hard. Yes I have those shoes. Actually I got them for a party and just kept them. They so comfortable. You know how stuff always come back alive. It's alright just watch Puffy is going to bring those shoes back in style.

  153. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:13 PM  

    No shawn...Diddy ain't gonna bring those shoes back lol...the boy can't even stick with ONE nickname...Puff Daddy, Puffy, P.Diddy, Diddy...what's next? P.Diffy? lol

  154. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:14 PM  

    lol TX is back at it

  155. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:17 PM  

    and so is NV with all the the cubicle chair working?

  156. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:18 PM  

    Jesus would have to perform a resurrection to bring those things back. GO 'Head and bury them things, Shawn. NO, NO, NO. Oh, and hello there Nicholas. GREAT NEWS EVERYBODY! I just posted (again), and I can proudly say this is the most outrageous plot-twist ever concieved. Go check it out but don't take too long b/c I'll miss y'all....

  157. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:19 PM  

    yeah its working fine lol

  158. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:19 PM  

    And WHY am I still not considered part of the staff of this blog?


  159. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:23 PM  

    lmao shit Irre now Ihave to think before I can post lol that was a great post lol

  160. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:29 PM  

    LOL Thanks dear, and I LOVE you too. *laughs*
    Oh this is sooooo much fun. And tell Tica not to "magically" make me reappear, b/c you know how she is. I'll continue to post, but probably in other peoples' points-of-view. Particularly Sean.

  161. DORFAM // 11/12/06 5:30 PM  

    The babysitter gave my son the boot 2 day after 1 day

  162. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:30 PM  

    go right ahead keep posting
    you may want to start with Tica you knwo she will make you pop up like a rabbit in a hat lol

  163. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:31 PM  

    damn what did your son do

  164. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:31 PM  

    Dorfam: That quick? lol

  165. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:32 PM  

    I know right, NV, that's what I'm sayin lol Have that poor babysitter running outta that house talkin bout "never again" lol

  166. DORFAM // 11/12/06 5:32 PM  

    she even gave me a refund. He's a fighter, and he has an awful temper. does naybody know the #2 nanny 911

  167. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:33 PM  

    At least you got ONE FREE day of She should give out coupons if she's gonna do that

  168. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:34 PM  

    Oh, I'm not gonna post again TODAY, silly. I'm just saying, I'm not gonna immediately start back posting as Sincere. It adds to the suspense. And Hmmmm Dorfam, looks like you have a ~*~BRAT~*~ on your hands. Me and Wiz know ALLLLLLLLLL about those. I'd love to meet him and compare notes. Even I didn't get the boot after one day. (LOL) I remember this ONE time mommy dropped me off at the babysitters, and I snatched off the womans wig and threw it in the fishtank. BEFORE pushing the fishtank over.
    Ah.... childhood.

  169. DORFAM // 11/12/06 5:35 PM  

    we had he christened but the water just kinda sizzled off

  170. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:36 PM  

    I am so slow you have been saying Wiz and my slow ass was like who I am use to Tica saying Wys lol

  171. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:36 PM  

    ok I need to go home

  172. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:37 PM  

    Dorfam: If she was running out of the house muttering something along the lines of "spawn of Satan" you may need to but if she says, 'seed of Chucky', you're good worries

  173. DORFAM // 11/12/06 5:37 PM  

    omg if you weren't gsy and 18 and the fact that i've never met you i'd swear this could your child irre.lmao:)

  174. DORFAM // 11/12/06 5:38 PM  

    lmao tx

  175. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:38 PM  

    I am out guys Iree call me later

  176. DORFAM // 11/12/06 5:39 PM  

    he's snatched my nanna's cane out from under her b4. and stood there and laughed

  177. DORFAM // 11/12/06 5:43 PM  

    he's only 2 what's next

  178. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:44 PM  

    Okay, if someone calls your son the "seed of Chucky", I'd say you'd have a LOT to worry about. Have you SEEN that thing? (LOL) Anywayz, can we get a round of applause for the men of "I Love New York".
    *gives standing ovation*

    *whew it's getting hot in here.* But who get's the "hottie of the house" award? I'd say it's a tie between the man in the black hoodie in the pic below the cast photo, and the man in the GREEN hoodie in the same picture.Whooo they are HAWT. Oh and NV darling, you KNOW I'm gonna call you.

  179. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:45 PM  

    Okay, if someone calls your son the "seed of Chucky", I'd say you'd have a LOT to worry about. Have you SEEN that thing? (LOL) Anywayz, can we get a round of applause for the men of "I Love New York".
    *gives standing ovation*

    *whew it's getting hot in here.* But who get's the "hottie of the house" award? I'd say it's a tie between the man in the black hoodie in the pic below the cast photo, and the man in the GREEN hoodie in the same picture.Whooo they are HAWT.

  180. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:52 PM  

    Ummmm where IS everybody?

  181. Anonymous // 11/12/06 5:58 PM  

    Well BYE Dammit. I'm going to call NV.

  182. Porker // 11/12/06 6:41 PM  

    MMMMM... finally, a hottie. Thanks steups. I agree with Irri... this is some serious man candy right here.

    Dammit Irri... no shoutout for me?!! *mopes and pouts*

    I need validation too!!!!!! *sniffle, sniffle*

  183. Anonymous // 11/12/06 8:05 PM  

    what the hell steups

  184. Anonymous // 11/12/06 8:11 PM  

    steups you are pussy whipped

  185. Hard Working Girl // 11/12/06 9:18 PM  

    VH1 has another preview up of I Love New York!!!!

  186. steups // 11/12/06 9:40 PM  

    They do?
    I guess my source was right when he/she said she was in LA filming a promo.

    How you doin' Hardworking?

  187. steups // 11/12/06 9:42 PM  

    Do you want me to link your site half-black?

  188. Hard Working Girl // 11/12/06 9:52 PM  

    Yep. Its under the extras for the I Love New York show. It was still them watching the auditions.

  189. Anonymous // 11/12/06 9:52 PM  

    good evening everyone.

    im off to VH1 to watch the new promo although im pretty sure steups will have it up in about twenty minutes.

  190. steups // 11/12/06 9:55 PM  

    Nope. But maybe Pon Lork will

  191. Hard Working Girl // 11/12/06 9:57 PM  

    I was all excited like a little kid on Christmas morning when I saw the preview.

  192. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:09 PM  

    didnt make it to vh1...perhaps tomorrow.

    gn everyone.

  193. steups // 11/12/06 10:20 PM  

    what side-tracked you?

  194. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:22 PM  

    steups give me your predictions on i love new york show

  195. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:32 PM  

    steups i dont have a site

  196. Anonymous // 11/12/06 10:34 PM  

    but i do want your predictions on the show

  197. steups // 11/12/06 11:12 PM  

    I have none.
    When we gather all the guys around I'll predict.

    I know a black guy will win

  198. Anonymous // 11/12/06 11:25 PM  

    thank for comments steups i just sign on to this blogger keep up the good work

  199. Anonymous // 11/12/06 11:29 PM  

    i'm sorry thank you for the comments

  200. steups // 11/12/06 11:34 PM  

    you're welcome half and half.
    Do come back.

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