romance-and-princess-love-new-yorkJust a quick note.
A Liberal Democrat birdie told me that one of the nicknames given on 'I Love New York' is "Romance" and the person to whom it was given is Ricky Perillo

As Groovy revealed last night he is in love with his dog, Princess, which coincidentally is the word that is tattooed across 'New York's' left breast.

I am sure Groovy will expand on that later but that's all from me for the moment. You can resume the political discourse in the other box. Let me say however that I love all Texans, tall and shawt.

(Wink wink)


  1. Sanyo // 13/12/06 2:05 PM  

    WUTS UP STEUPS????? FIRST!!!!!!! hahahhahaa

  2. Sanyo // 13/12/06 2:06 PM  

    Btw, I don't have a myspace or a website, but it's OK :) lol!!!

  3. steups // 13/12/06 2:07 PM  

    what up Sanyo?
    Is that dog a pompek or a Pekingnese and isn't that the same thing anyway.

    Catch you later.

  4. Sanyo // 13/12/06 2:29 PM  

    hey steups!! i am no vetranarian so can't help u there!!! lol I know I am not one of those gay guys that carries a Chiwawa....just in case u thought that hahahhaha ;)

  5. Sanyo // 13/12/06 2:30 PM  

    ** veterinarian lol......I know how meticulous u r with grammar and spelling hehehhehe

  6. Anonymous // 13/12/06 2:44 PM  

    I think that is a Yorkshire guys...and she's so precious lol

  7. DORFAM // 13/12/06 2:46 PM  

    Tx you left the politico whirlwind:)

  8. Anonymous // 13/12/06 2:48 PM  

    (like Arnold Sw...whateva lol) I'll be BACK! lol

  9. steups // 13/12/06 2:54 PM  

    lmao @ Sanyo.
    I didn't think that, son.

    Yep, it does look like a Yorkshire terrier.

  10. DORFAM // 13/12/06 2:59 PM  

    Steups did you B added you on myspace:)

  11. Sanyo // 13/12/06 3:00 PM  

    STEUPS!! I just rememebered something!!! Why hasn't anyone else sent u a pic of themselves with a "Steups is my groupie" sign?? i have one but I can't give it to u because
    a) I don't have a scanner. Yeah, it ain't a digital photo. I know, I am FAR behind in technology lol
    b) I don't really feel comfortable exposing myself on the internet., but then again, it would be awkward to send u a pic with a sign completely covering my face lol

    OMG! I want a YOrkshire terrier now! lol

  12. Anonymous // 13/12/06 3:00 PM  

    Personally I like big dogs myself, but this is not the 'TxShawty's Canine Hour' so I

  13. Sanyo // 13/12/06 3:01 PM  

    OH! and
    C) No one else has sent u a pic lately so I would feel awkward if I was the only one! lol Maybe if more pppl sent u the pics then I might reconsider

  14. Anonymous // 13/12/06 3:03 PM  

    Sanyo, you should send the sign, maybe more ppl will do it!

    But I, on the other hand, do not wish to claim steups in ANY way whether it be in a nice, positive way, or the derogatory way. lol

  15. Sanyo // 13/12/06 3:13 PM  

    hahha i think u have more rights than me TxShawty!! Ur name is on the faculty list after all! although, my name would be there too if I had a myspace or a website hehhehee

  16. Anonymous // 13/12/06 3:18 PM  

    Sanyo, you should get a myspace and send it to steups so you can be a 'FACULTY' member, ewwww never in my LIFE have I wanted to be considered to be a faculty school at least lol

  17. DORFAM // 13/12/06 3:20 PM  

    Hey have you ever been the faculty lonnge?

  18. DORFAM // 13/12/06 3:20 PM  

    Our teachers had it pimp

  19. steups // 13/12/06 3:26 PM  

    True Sanyo, no groupie-signs. And I removed the best one from the header because it seemed a touch self-serving.

  20. Anonymous // 13/12/06 3:26 PM  

    dorfam: yes, my teacher sent me to pop her popcorn! lol

    *Flashes back*

    I knocked on the door, and entered the forbidden paradise...

    Teacher: Yes?

    Me: Mrs. *&^%$% asked me to pop her popcorn.

    Teacher: C'mon in...

    *A great light from heaven seemed to illuminate the whole room. Beauty shone throughout the small room of joy. Refrigerators, microwaves, candy, food, etc. all used to heat up food we would never be able to taste for lack of delectable foods, otherwise known as Cafeteria food.

    *Flashes back*

    Yea, but i've been in there before, lol

  21. DORFAM // 13/12/06 3:30 PM  

    Those teachers at my school had a floor model TV(the era pre-flatscreens) three massage chairs and free concession..we wouldalways get free soda

  22. Anonymous // 13/12/06 3:38 PM  

    Lol@ Tx and her popping expedition.

  23. Anonymous // 13/12/06 3:44 PM  

    thanks Quanda, i had to go in depth in order for the reader to get a better perspective and see that this was considered a forbidden paradise in the mind of a child lol.

  24. Anonymous // 13/12/06 4:38 PM  

    I had a dog named Princess. I loved that dog. I had her for 15yrs then we had to put her to sleep, poor thing she was suffering.

  25. Anonymous // 13/12/06 4:58 PM  

    E! What kind of dog was she?

  26. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:02 PM  

    WHOA I had to get outta that other box because that's just too much for me. What's goin' on in here? Hi Electra how are ya sweetie?

  27. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:04 PM  

    Nothing is poppin in here, except for that popcorn story I told lol

  28. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:05 PM  

    That is most def a Yorkie I own 4

  29. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:06 PM  

    The gangs all here.

  30. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:06 PM  

    NV: Awww you own FOUR Yorkies, they are sooo cute

  31. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:06 PM  

    What kinda dog is that he is holdin on too.

  32. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:07 PM  

    Shawn: Yorkie (Yorkshire terrier)

  33. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:07 PM  

    Shawn its a Yorkie and yeah TX I love them high ass dogs lol

    Irre cheer up baby

  34. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:07 PM  

    You know this remind of the movie THe Johnson family vacation one big get together.

  35. DORFAM // 13/12/06 5:07 PM  

    Irre you left some sentimental stuff behind in the other box:)

  36. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:08 PM  

    Irr you need a Hug honey.


  37. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:09 PM  

    Grouppppppppppp HUGGGGGGGGGGGG lol

    Grabs Irre, tho he tries to fight the love!!!!! WE LOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEE US SOME IRREEEEEEE!!!! ;-)

  38. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:11 PM  

    Dorfam you don't know the HALF of it and don't pretend to. You have your own opinion of me and nothing I say will change that so just leave it at that before this escalates to something far nastier than it already is.

    I've accepted that I'll always be a princess to you. I'll never be nothing more than a Fairy to Tex. I'm just NV's token gay friend, nothing more than an accesory. And i'm a walking abomination in Quanda's eyes. Irre knows how to read between the lines and TRUST me, it's cool. I'm a master at dealing with this. It's practically my job.

  39. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:12 PM  

    ok now hold the hell up i am seriously gettin gpised when did i make you my token Gay friend you speak as if I only have 1 gay friend or as if i have alienated you in some sort of way

  40. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:13 PM  

    But for the record, as you can CLEARLY see, there's more to me and my people than a sitcom can EVER portray. You never see the ugly part of being gay. Just the glittering, color~coordinated, fabulous, rainbow colored LIE that the media presents. I may be a fairy, but I'm a TOUGH one.

  41. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:15 PM  

    NV don't play innocent. Did you or did you not say you couldn't wait for me to come to ATL so I could closet~raid and through out all the unfasionable stuff that might be in there. I'm a PROP. A talking set of earrings, basically.

  42. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:18 PM  

    I was actually playin with you but you taking all this shit to heart becasue of whatever rampage you on and last time i checked YOU said it first not me I dont have to play shit period point blank I have always been there for you from beginning to end but true friendshi is obviously not enough for you onmy behalf anytime anyone went sideways with you I had your back but seriously this is bullshit I digress and I am out of here Later peoples

  43. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:18 PM  

    The hyper feminine deity you all know as Irre isn't a facade or a charecter. I'm usually bubbly and girly simply because that's just MY personality. By the luck of the draw, I unfortunately turned out to be what you normally see on TV, but I HATE being treated like (and compared to) the people on TV. I'm fabulous because I'm GERON, not b/c I'm a queer. I was gay before it went mainstream. This....IS....ME.

  44. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:18 PM  

    Hey Irre Del, how are u tonight?

    TX girl I dont know the breed of that dog nah girl all I know it had somr pothound in it that's y it lived so long.LOL

  45. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:23 PM  

    Whoooo Electra that's the million dollar question. I wish I could say I was sad, but apparently the contract that comes along with my sterotype says I have to remain a peppy comical queen. Fuck! Sometimes I wanna be angry. But NO. Everyone espects me to smile and look pretty. Sometimes I want to cry, but I'm forced to hide my tears behind a cute shirt and some designer jeans. I just want people to look DEEPER into Irre, and all the other gay people in the world. There's more to me than this.

  46. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:25 PM  

    OMG...I never said you were an adbomination.

    First you are not the only person in this world who has suffered because of the way they were born.

    And I would hope that you'd respect my honesty. Instead of me trying to sugar coat my negative reactions.

    Bush is an adbomination. IRR DEE isn't in my mind. You are who you are......if anyone one has an issue with it......IT IS THEIR PROBLEM NOT YOURS.

  47. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:27 PM  

    And for the record, I can't stand Yorkshire terriers. They look like hairy little rats to me.

  48. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:27 PM  

    quanda: NOOOOOOOOOOOO yorkshire terriers are cuties lol

  49. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:28 PM  

    although they do have a slight rat-like charm lol

  50. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:29 PM  

    I only came back to say anyone reading Caramel's Cream Thanks it was fun, but its gone

  51. Sanyo // 13/12/06 5:29 PM  

    Hey Irre and Everyone!
    hahhaha......Being a gay guy myself, it's understandable that we are portrayed as being all glitzy, pinky, and wearing lotsa hair spray and make-up and carried a Louis Vuitton bag......NOT that there's anything wrong with that, but it just ain't my style. I am the type of gay guy that people won't know that I'm gay unless I tell them. I'm the type that likes going to the gym and wearing muscle shirts and stuff like that. Once I tell ppl I am gay they are either shocked or don't believe. I do have a lot of flamboyant gay friends and I don't have a problem with what they do. U are who u are........peace Sanyo

  52. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:29 PM  

    Rats have charm?

  53. Sanyo // 13/12/06 5:30 PM  

    Wuts up TxShawty!!! Yeah, I REALLY should get a myspace since everyone has one, but I am too lazy to sign up and being busy with school and everything, I just don't have time to sign up, much less decorate the sight and making it look fancy and everything. For now, communicating with u guys through this forum and e mail suits me just fine :)

  54. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:33 PM  

    Sanyo I had no idea. I know YOU understand, don't you? The pressure is phenomenal, isn't it? And be honest, you know if you were to come out, things would be different, and you'd probably lose some friends. Hey here's my e~mail address kiddo, FINALLY someone gets me.

    and you can add me to myspace too if you want:

    It took a lot of courage to say that online, and I hope It was b/c you really wanted to, not b/c it was a "heat-of-the-moment" thing. Much love to ya Papo.

  55. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:40 PM  

    Well Irre Del I am going to tell u what I do.

    I dont front and pretend for anybody. U should not either.

    We are all human beings with feelings and it would be very unreasonable for someone to think that just because u are gay u dont have feelings.

    However, u should not let the opinions of others dictate how u feel about yourself. I know its hard sometimes, but pressure is what makes a diamond in the rough a precious stone.

    On d other hand, everyone has their own beliefs and opinions and u should not feel offended just because people dont have the same view on things like u do.

  56. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:42 PM  

    Irre Del I hope u know where I am coming from and dont take offence because u knw part of our relationship is always being straight up with each other.

  57. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:43 PM  

    NO, I wasn't blowing up on them simply b/c of any old opinion. You can have an opinion of a football team. You can have an opinion on the weather. But to have an opinion or an image of someone simply b/c the way they appear is total racism. Why WOULDN'T I be upset. Black people get mad when someone assumes they're a gangsta b/c they wear low jeans. Blondes are offended when people consider them dumb by default. So YES, I'm mad that people expect me to walk around blowing pixie dust simply because I'm gay.

  58. lareigna // 13/12/06 5:43 PM  

    I love men with teeny tiny dogs!

  59. Sanyo // 13/12/06 5:44 PM  

    Hey Irre. Ya, I don't have a myspace account YET!! And u can send me an email at! hahhaha glad we finally got to talk. But yes, the pressure is intensive and I've been wanting to come out many times but just didn't have any courage to because I know it's a life changing decision that could have many consequences. I just got out of a relationship that ended bitterly. Not many people knew about it, but some of my close friends and Steups, Ivory, and Groovy knew too. hahhaha They're my support team that I love oh-so-much!

    Anyways, believe it or not, i've been reading some of ur commentary since day one and I find some of them hilarious! hahhaha I could immediately tell that u were the type of gay guy that society portrays us to be and I've seen ur myspace too......FABULOUS! hahahhaha Man, I rarely ever say that. lol But yes, just wanted to let u know that i've been keeping a close eye on u since day one. hahahhaha. Don't think I am a stalker though because I am not.

  60. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:45 PM  

    *did I say RACISM? I meant prejudice. See I'm so worked up I have word-vomit now*

  61. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:48 PM  

    I feel u Irre Del.

  62. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:49 PM  

    No Sanyo I'm flattered. I'd tell you exactly HOW flattered, but that would turn this into another kind of chatroom. (LOL) YOU e~mail ME first, okay?? The two of us should get PAID to make speeches. Hell. And don't worry, even though my inner fabulosity is the cause of my pain, I'll totally help you bring out yours. But I must say I like you better masculine.
    *giggles while batting eyelashes*

    (Let's see what's said about me after THIS post)

    *flies away to the fridge, leaving a trail of pink happy dust behing him, grabs a Fiji water, and puts on some lip gloss before sitting back down.*

  63. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:51 PM  

    Speaking of e~mail, it appears MY e~mail box is blowing up like a gay man's lips after botox. So lemme skip (or should I runway walk?) on over to my inbox and see how many of them get deleted.


  64. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:52 PM  

    to the person who hit me on myspace and you know who you ae Idont know if the blog will reopen right now my answer is no if it changes i will keep you posted

  65. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:53 PM  

    Electra you're smarter than I give you credit for. Finally we reach an understanding. So what have YOU been typecast as, lately?

  66. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:57 PM  

    I really wanna prove a point here. Perhaps I should become another stereotype. A goth, maybe? I certainly can't be a dumb jock b/c I'm almost too gay to function. Maybe I'll just go buy some pocket protectors and become a nerd. I feel like being ANYONE but ME right now, that's for sure.

  67. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:58 PM  

    A sanctimonious hoe.LOL

  68. Anonymous // 13/12/06 5:59 PM  

    WAIT, I have the perfect solution. Maybe I'll change who I am, since ME is the worst thing I could possibly be. From now on, everytime I come to the blogspot, I'll use words like "YO", and "DOPE". I can totally be str8 if that's what you all want.

  69. Anonymous // 13/12/06 6:02 PM  

    sanctimonious hoe? Ooooh that's a good one. Bit of an oxymoron. At least you're not a fairy queen. I've been called Tinkerbell, Queerbait, fairychild, girlfriend, and miss thang. And that was just FIRST period.

    The Sanctimonious Whore and the Glitter Goddess. We're perfect for each other...

  70. Anonymous // 13/12/06 6:02 PM  

    I'm outta here for today. I'm bout to lose my effing mind here.

  71. Anonymous // 13/12/06 6:08 PM  

    LOL. Yeh Irre Del like Batman and Robin. Or the Lone Ranger and Tonto (who is going to be Tonto,lol)

    Anywayz u have a great night.

    Bye everyone I have to go take care of my kids.

    Catch u soon

  72. DORFAM // 13/12/06 6:10 PM  

    I quit, Irre I apologize if I offended you in any way....I have always attempted to be a person of Acceptance,not tolerance if I failed today I apologize...
    Everybody is put in boxes and you're sooooo right Irre nobody deserves that...I live in boxes that people attempt to put me in, but you're right I can never be put in your exact box to understand what you live through daily.....Again my sincerest of apologies

  73. Anonymous // 13/12/06 6:19 PM  

    Well my feelings are just that MY FEELINGS, right or wrong....I have them.

    If they are misinterpreted so be it. Really nothing new for someone to be misunderstood.

    Am I the only one on here to doesn't care for Yorkshire Terriers? Is this a an undercover Yorkshire Dog Lover's club?

  74. Anonymous // 13/12/06 6:41 PM  

    I kinda don't care for that kind of dog.

    Ok I think I see it now. Now before anyone jump on me I went back to read all the previous post and now it all just coming out.

    Let me put it this way. Let's put ourself into Irr shoes just for a min. He's 18 years old, his last year in highschool, he decided to about his life well part of it anyway. Everyday he goes to school he has to deal with people that call him names and truly just don't understand.

    Irr if you are reading this ok. I am sorry but I was speaking of the people that was or in my life. Let me tell you ok I'm going to sound like a momma again. For you to take that step be proud. But you have to realize people will always have opinions. We can't judge you or no other gay person. DO we understand why are you gay. NO. But by me asking and yes I do ask. Most have told me how they momma always wanted a girl and there son as a girl, some been rape, or they feel like a female is trap inside their bodies. This is only a lil of what I have been told. I don't know your story.

    If this shit is happening in school go home and tell your mother or someone close to you about what is happening to you in school. I know you are far from being a punk but the name calling has to stop. Go to the principal and tell. No you are not what they are calling you you are a human being with feeling.

  75. Anonymous // 13/12/06 6:48 PM  

    Well I least I'm not alone....

    little furry rats....lmao

  76. steups // 13/12/06 6:54 PM  

    Groovy said that we should open a message-board and maybe we should.

  77. Sanyo // 13/12/06 7:23 PM  

    nah........i am okay with this steups, but do whatever u want :)

  78. Anonymous // 13/12/06 7:28 PM  

    you should open a message board I will help moderate

  79. Anonymous // 13/12/06 7:47 PM  

    i wanna message board or a chat room...chatroom is better, lmao.

    oh god.

  80. steups // 13/12/06 7:48 PM  

    not enough people yet but it's something to consider. Oh oh..sorry to cut this short but I think I just got an angry email from someone

  81. Anonymous // 13/12/06 7:48 PM  

    irre you are sucha your gay ass feminity i am the masculine aggressive, so stop throwing hissy fits you silly boy! and you can't say shit to me because I KNOW FIRST HAND

  82. Anonymous // 13/12/06 7:48 PM  

    whats its like to be gay.

  83. Anonymous // 13/12/06 7:54 PM  

    Hey Revenge

  84. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:00 PM  

    I like Revenge's idea, chat room would be awesomely crazy.

  85. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:01 PM  

    you right Quand but in a chat room if you miss something its gone as oppossed to a messageboard its more like this

    and Steupz trust if you started one the people would flock

  86. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:02 PM  

    good evening NV and quanda!

    anyone else tired of the IRRE tirade?

  87. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:04 PM  

    can we have both?
    a chatroom andddddda message board? i say why not?!

  88. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:05 PM  

    irre i adore you darling and i want to talk to you further.

  89. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:05 PM  

    its not even that revenge its more so he is tired of people waking assumptions about him but he turned around and did the same thing he assumed he was my token gay friend "news flash" he is not my only gay friend I have plenty

  90. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:06 PM  

    i say a messageboard with a chat room

  91. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:08 PM  

    so revenge whats your story

  92. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:10 PM  

    Well I can't say I am tired of IRR DEE. I just think as far as my words are concerned...things were misinterpreted.

    Revenge, of course we can have both!!!

    Daddy Steups,

    Can't we have both?

  93. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:13 PM  

    girl it would take more that this little comment box to hold my story.

    but what i will say is that his temper tantrums are reinforcing teh very image he is tired of people stereotyping him as. if you act like a diva people will treat you like one. but then again he is young. who knows?

    ive been told that i am cold and manly and unfeeling and very masculine. ::shrugs:: i guess i am but thats not all that i am. and thats the truth with everyone. there is the first impression and then there is the knowing someone for ten years. once you know me you see that i am fragile and delicate and very feminine. the whole thing is TO GET THE FUCK OVER IT.
    ::winks:: you know?

  94. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:15 PM  

    lets have both!

  95. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:21 PM  

    I don't know you Revenge, but you look feminine to me.

    I have been accused of being cold, aloof, mean, evil, blah,blah, blah

    Those compliments come courtesy from people who are usually nosey or intrusive...LMAO

  96. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:22 PM  

    Irre, you don't know me, I've been a lurker. But keep on doing your thing. You're great, so don't change. When you left for a few days I was like "dammit, what happened?!?"

    I would LOOOOVEEE a message board.

  97. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:23 PM  

    What is involved in getting a chatroom going in here?

  98. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:25 PM  

    trust me revenge I know all to well I am a mixed girl who grew up in the south and not just mixed black /white i mean mixed 5 ways black Puerto Rican hawaiian thai and Native american and no matter what people will always see that someone cant always see your sexual orientation I have been called everything in the book by blacks whites and the likes and you know what it made me stronger I know first hand he is fighting a fight but at the same time you have to pick your battles and not battle people who care about you and also check your myspace

  99. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:32 PM  

    i know how to get a messageboard with a chat room

  100. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:34 PM  

    NVVVVVVVVVVV chatroom n message board LETS GO

    oh and check ur myspace, lol.

  101. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:39 PM  

    Iam all for it but daddy Steups and Momma Groovy have to get it all together I am more than willing to help

  102. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:39 PM  

    myspace check lol

  103. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:46 PM  

    baby bed time...ill be back, NV i didnt forget about you.

  104. Anonymous // 13/12/06 8:47 PM  


  105. steups // 13/12/06 10:03 PM  

    lmao @ anonymouse
    (sips merlot)

    Groovy is not well this evening so I will be writing the latest contestant introduction.

    See you adorably intelligent people in 30 mins.

  106. Anonymous // 13/12/06 10:06 PM  

    mmm merlot...i do enjoy an aussie or chilean merlot.

    goddamn it im going to bed early i hae to stop myself from comfort eating, lol.

  107. Sanyo // 13/12/06 10:22 PM  

    where is Groovy???? she hasn't been on ALL day!!!

  108. Anonymous // 13/12/06 10:24 PM  

    why what'd i do?!?

  109. Sanyo // 13/12/06 10:24 PM  

    anyways, i am off to bed now! i gotta get to work early tomorrow.......GOOD NITE STEUPS!!

  110. Anonymous // 13/12/06 10:37 PM  

    Ok where did everyone go? Oh well I guess I need to go over my project.

  111. lareigna // 13/12/06 11:16 PM  

    30 minutes ago Steups? ::checks watch:

  112. steups // 13/12/06 11:50 PM  

    Oops, I am watching "The Wire", yo.
    But I'll do it before I go to bed.

  113. Anonymous // 14/12/06 12:57 AM  

    Is this a repeat or a new one? i hope they bring back Avon or Barksdale.

  114. steups // 14/12/06 1:19 AM  

    shawn what are you doing up at this ungodly hour?

  115. Anonymous // 14/6/07 9:15 PM  

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