Sorry I wasn't around much of the day, the afternoon and the evening.

As you may have noticed the comments box is now restricted to registered members only and that basically means you need to have a Blogger account to comment. It's not my preferred choice but it's the way it has to be to add a stumbling block to some rather aggressive spammers.

I have news of another contestant on I Love New York but I can't do that now. Why slave to write something on one contestant when I can provide a picture of the entire cast of I love New York.


I see they have replace Big Rick with a big ......

Credit to my girl Ms Boo Tee who nabbed it from New York's My Space.

And visit Concrete Loop for more I Love New York promo-pics
You know, not being arrogant or anything, but why the hell don't I receive promotional stuff? Dang.


  1. Anonymous // 7/12/06 8:59 PM  

    Aww why did they not keep Big Rick he was the right one to keep things under control.

  2. steups // 7/12/06 9:02 PM  

    I thought your Internet was busted?

  3. Anonymous // 7/12/06 9:04 PM  

    the one dude sitting next to her looks gay

  4. steups // 7/12/06 9:05 PM  

    sammie, you figure? Lol

  5. Anonymous // 7/12/06 9:05 PM  

    i know i love big rick!

  6. steups // 7/12/06 9:06 PM  

    Am I the only one who thinks it's a waste to have the comments drop down like that?

    Would y'all prefer the comment box to just pop-up when you click 'comments'?

  7. steups // 7/12/06 9:07 PM you doin'?

  8. Hard Working Girl // 7/12/06 9:07 PM  

    Thats awesome! Thanks Steups!

  9. steups // 7/12/06 9:08 PM  

    I think that gay guy is Chamo, no?
    Mauricio Sanchez.

  10. steups // 7/12/06 9:08 PM  

    Hard working, say hello to Nurse mom for me.

  11. Anonymous // 7/12/06 9:13 PM  

    Yeh it was busted but It's fixed now. Can't stick around though I am tired.

  12. Anonymous // 7/12/06 9:17 PM  

    hello steups my name is blacknuts i'm new hear i like your blogger keep up the good work

  13. Hard Working Girl // 7/12/06 9:17 PM  

    will do

  14. steups // 7/12/06 9:17 PM  

    Okay E. I see what you're up to.

  15. steups // 7/12/06 9:18 PM  

    Welcome blacknuts (giggles)

  16. lareigna // 7/12/06 9:20 PM  

    I like the pop up Steupz.

  17. Hard Working Girl // 7/12/06 9:21 PM  

    will do

  18. Anonymous // 7/12/06 9:28 PM  

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Nice pic. That is not the guy that was posted as contestant #1.

    Oh mine now that guy that is behind her with the beige shirt on is Suppppppppppppppper Sexy.

  19. Anonymous // 7/12/06 9:29 PM  

    UIsnt the guy next to her 'Chamo' or am i confused? lol.. new york looks sexy :)

  20. Anonymous // 7/12/06 9:30 PM  


  21. Anonymous // 7/12/06 9:31 PM  

    What am I up to OH WISE SAGE?

  22. Anonymous // 7/12/06 9:32 PM  


    I prefer if you slave away about one contestant. I do appreciate the whole cast picture. I really do. However, my husband is away. And there is something extremely sexy about a man slaving. So please slave away.


  23. lareigna // 7/12/06 9:35 PM  

    The guy with the open green shirt and glasses next to the guy in that hysterical pose with his hand under his chin, is cracking me up. They are trying waaaayyy too hard.

    They remind me of the guys in those poser mobile commercials.

  24. Anonymous // 7/12/06 9:42 PM  


  25. steups // 7/12/06 9:42 PM  

    Okay, I'ma slave...but first let's test a new template and you give me your opinion ok?

  26. Anonymous // 7/12/06 9:43 PM  

    SO let's back up for a min the guy in the pink shirt and hand is a contestant?

  27. Anonymous // 7/12/06 9:43 PM  


  28. Hard Working Girl // 7/12/06 9:46 PM  

    I think the guy sitting next to her is their version of "Big Rick" kinda like her side kick ya know... scary...

  29. Hard Working Girl // 7/12/06 9:47 PM  

    whoa! that new template freaked me out when i refreshed the page...

  30. steups // 7/12/06 9:51 PM  

    lmao. So what do you think.
    Better? Or no significant difference.


  31. Anonymous // 7/12/06 9:54 PM  

    I like this template. One question when you click on the name tab do it suppose to go to the stuff they have posted or site or myspace page?

  32. steups // 7/12/06 9:54 PM  

    Actually, it's worse

  33. Anonymous // 7/12/06 9:58 PM  

    Don't forget to ping your blog to let people know you have updated. Also I wanted you to know everytime you updated it's get index in the search engine in the first place.

  34. Anonymous // 7/12/06 9:59 PM  

    I hope I have made some sense to you on this. I'm a blog geek. Do anyone know if there is a grey anatomy blog out there.

  35. steups // 7/12/06 10:02 PM  

    Yes it makes sense Shawn and there is an auto-ping facility. I also ping pingoat when I remember to...

    Don't know about the Grey's anatomy blog because I don't watch the show

  36. Hard Working Girl // 7/12/06 10:02 PM  

    I like this one better. It has a more appealing look.

  37. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:03 PM  

    Good night. I'll talk to people who actually answer me tomorrow.:)

  38. steups // 7/12/06 10:05 PM  

    Good night Electra

  39. steups // 7/12/06 10:06 PM  

    I like it too Hardworking. But it's been this way for a year. It's time for a change.

  40. Hard Working Girl // 7/12/06 10:08 PM  

    Yeah you should keep the same layout only the background is black.

  41. Hard Working Girl // 7/12/06 10:08 PM  

    I think I saw that on there as an option, maybe I'm wrong. It happens sometimes, lol...

  42. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:10 PM  

    Hi guys...

  43. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:10 PM  

    steups what happen to anonymous comments

  44. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:11 PM  

    If you into blogger and click on the template html you can change the background there.

  45. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:14 PM  

    Blacknuts: ppl kept coming in and pretending to be regular posters and saying crazy ish, so steups and groovy decided to go with blogger accounts to cut down on that...sorry to butt in lol

  46. steups // 7/12/06 10:16 PM  

    I don't really want to change the background color.

    It appears you lot want me to

  47. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:17 PM  

    ok txshawty

  48. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:17 PM  


  49. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:18 PM  

    and check your myspace more often steups lol

  50. steups // 7/12/06 10:20 PM  

    I really should tx because I'm supposed to receive NY's number this weekend.

    Or at least her manager's number.

    What do y'all want to ask if I am lucky to ask it for you?

  51. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:24 PM  

    1) is she pregnant? that's what IRRE thinks...
    2) is she still with the guy she met on her show
    3) Is she gonna pursue her newfound fame beyond reality television

  52. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:25 PM  

    1) is her MOM gonna pursue HER newfound fame beyond her reputation as 'reality t.v. mom'?

  53. steups // 7/12/06 10:27 PM  

    I had that third question Shawty. We are connecting girl-child.

    But do you know any reality-star who's gone on to do anything else?
    I know that Real World guy did comics...and these is that dude I can't stand Jesse something (the activist/writer)

  54. steups // 7/12/06 10:28 PM  

    I gave y'all two smileys to feed the hunger for a dark background

  55. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:28 PM  

    steups won't you get a interview from new york

  56. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:29 PM  

    If this don't work for her is she going to the other show "Date My Mom" to get a man that's on MTV.

    Can you imagine Mrs. Michelle on a date with 3 guys to see if they are the one for her.

    LOL ok have to go and put my lil one down and change the TV to cartoon network. They need stock options for that company.

  57. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:31 PM  

    lol @ 'girl-child'...

    Can't say that I know any reality t.v. ppl going on outside of

  58. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:32 PM  

    tell her she could make reality tv HISTORY if she does manage to do that...maybe it'll give her drive to try lol

  59. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:33 PM  

    to shawn's child: Nighty Night, honey bunches lol

  60. steups // 7/12/06 10:34 PM  

    I don't know if I will Blacknuts.
    Bucky asked for my number a month ago, maybe longer and it got buried in my My Space message box.

    And I forgot. Now it looks as if I dissed her so I have to beg, cajole and plead

  61. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:36 PM  

    See that's EXACTLY y u need to check your myspace more often...u bad man u lol

  62. steups // 7/12/06 10:36 PM  

    I'll be on the phone for a few minutes so don't think I am ignoring anyone.


  63. steups // 7/12/06 10:37 PM  

    sounds like there's something you need me to read.
    Should I read before my call?
    Or after?

  64. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:38 PM  

    Nope, i'm just messin with ya...not need to speed up on my account

  65. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:39 PM  

    * NO need to speed up/rush on my account...

  66. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:47 PM  

    *hold music plays as we await steups' return lol*

  67. steups // 7/12/06 10:52 PM  

    Are you and I the only people around, TX?

  68. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:53 PM  

    yep at least i think so...i wuz almost gone

  69. steups // 7/12/06 10:54 PM  

    Ok, I'm on My Space and I just noticed something I always have when I'm on there.

    This blog has the sexiest readers. I mean seriously.
    All of you are the shit.

  70. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:54 PM  

    steups check out my new girlfriend hot or not you better say she hot

  71. steups // 7/12/06 10:55 PM  

    Good thing you told me too look out for something. I would have missed your message

  72. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:55 PM  

    lol...FLAVOR OF LOVE has the sexiest? wow...yesssss lol

  73. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:56 PM  

    yea...but i didn't want u to check for me...u just seem like the type who wouldn't check on it very often lol

  74. steups // 7/12/06 10:57 PM  

    Blacknuts, you worry me, son.
    She has a spectacular ass

  75. Anonymous // 7/12/06 10:59 PM  

    ha, he worries U? lol...yea, but we shouldn't worry about steups, eh? lol

  76. steups // 7/12/06 11:00 PM  

    I saw your text TX. And I replied.
    And I want an answer. And it better be something I want to read.

  77. Anonymous // 7/12/06 11:02 PM  

    what are you saying steups are you dissing my girlfriend

  78. Anonymous // 7/12/06 11:04 PM  

    Nope...sorry to disappoint...nah, i'm lying no i'm not lol

  79. Anonymous // 7/12/06 11:05 PM  

    * not sorry to disappoint that is lol

  80. Anonymous // 7/12/06 11:06 PM  

    yea steups, U DISSIN BLACKNUTS girl? lol

  81. lareigna // 7/12/06 11:06 PM  

    Hey Steups, did you see this pic?

  82. steups // 7/12/06 11:08 PM  

    Nope...I've been offline all day. I should link it.

  83. Anonymous // 7/12/06 11:09 PM  

    wow lareigna...I like that picture...howd u find that michelle actually looks fairly fly in this photo lol

  84. steups // 7/12/06 11:15 PM  

    what's not funny is I had it in my mind today to write this bastards and tell them i wanted promo pics this time.

    And wouldn't you know it, they dropped today. If I like Rodney Dangerfield I'd quote him.

  85. steups // 7/12/06 11:17 PM  

    Lareigna..are you Lareina?

  86. lareigna // 7/12/06 11:17 PM  

    I don't know about "fly", but she does look like a fly, as in an insect.

    ::ducks a swing from Steups::

    But enough negative, I thought the big pic in the back of NY dressed as a drag queen, I mean queen "oops", was pretty cool.

    ::ducks again::

  87. Anonymous // 7/12/06 11:17 PM  

    lol...y don't u like Rodney? Hey quote him 'in remembrance' lol

  88. lareigna // 7/12/06 11:17 PM  

    Yes I am

    I am "The Queen"

    Why? Did you just finally figure that out?lol

  89. steups // 7/12/06 11:18 PM  

    I just want to be sure, because linking that picture irritated me, lol.

    But if you are Lareina then I'll swallow my anger

  90. Anonymous // 7/12/06 11:18 PM  

    Lareigna...girl u so crazy! lol @ ms michele looking like a fly. lol no offense...that wuz cool how they had a pic of NY in the "U know u want to holla" lol

  91. steups // 7/12/06 11:19 PM  

    No (rolls eyes at sarcasm)
    I just like to be absolutely certain because I wouldn't want to credit Lareigna with your stunning looks if she didn't deserve it

  92. Anonymous // 7/12/06 11:19 PM  

    dam new york mother is ugly

  93. lareigna // 7/12/06 11:20 PM  

    No its me. Lareina is always taken, so I spell it wrong on purpose in my emails and log ins. Its still pronounced the same.

  94. steups // 7/12/06 11:20 PM  

    someone made me login to My Space for nothing. It appears.

  95. Anonymous // 7/12/06 11:20 PM  

    lol blacknuts is she THAT awful looking?

  96. lareigna // 7/12/06 11:20 PM  

    Why did linking the picture irritate you?

  97. Anonymous // 7/12/06 11:21 PM  

    that PERSON never gave u ANY inkling that there was anything worth reading on

  98. lareigna // 7/12/06 11:21 PM  

    I think the picture in the back was the best part of the whole photo, TX. NY is so diluted sometimes.

    ::ducks again::

  99. steups // 7/12/06 11:22 PM  

    No blacknuts, she isn't.

    Well for the first time (drumroll)
    Lareigna, you are a looker. A genuine make-you-look-twice woman

  100. lareigna // 7/12/06 11:23 PM  

    Awwww thank you. You are always making me blush. I don't get compliments often.

  101. Anonymous // 7/12/06 11:24 PM  

    Yea that self-portrait in the back was prolly the best...I wuz feeling that

  102. steups // 7/12/06 11:24 PM  

    Lareigna/Lareina: it irritated me because they should send me a promo pic too, no? I am, envious. I am envious.

    TxShawty: you win this round, but we'll see whose hand is raised at the end

    Now, if you ladies will excuse me. I have to use my phone.

  103. lareigna // 7/12/06 11:25 PM  

    Use away......

  104. Anonymous // 7/12/06 11:26 PM  

    Yes...a REAL man accepts and acknowledges his defeat...well done steups, well done lol

  105. Anonymous // 7/12/06 11:27 PM  

    txshawty have you seen a picture of new york mother on concrete loop got dam

  106. Anonymous // 7/12/06 11:30 PM  

    nah I haven't seen does she really look THAT bad? lol

  107. lareigna // 7/12/06 11:32 PM  

    I think she does. When she cme back in FOL 2 , I thoght she was one of the ugliest women I had ever seen, phaysically and personality wise.

  108. Anonymous // 7/12/06 11:33 PM  

    I was just trippin out on how she was talkin about other ppl and her weave wuz just horrible lol...but they were so fun to watch

  109. Anonymous // 7/12/06 11:33 PM  

    yes txshawty look at the picture

  110. Anonymous // 7/12/06 11:37 PM  

    awww... for WHATEVER reason my computer is not pulling up concreteloop..which is very JACKED UP because I really want to see them lol

  111. Anonymous // 7/12/06 11:40 PM what is the point of the gay guy in NY's show? like what is his purpose and motivation in the show?

  112. Anonymous // 7/12/06 11:56 PM  

    Steups are you slaving?

  113. Anonymous // 7/12/06 11:58 PM  

    that is not new york mansion she is not living like that

  114. steups // 7/12/06 11:59 PM  

    anyone here?

  115. steups // 8/12/06 12:01 AM  

    Is that you Quanda?

  116. Anonymous // 8/12/06 12:02 AM  

    goodnight steups

  117. lareigna // 8/12/06 12:04 AM  

    I am. But I'm going to bed. Good night Steups!

  118. steups // 8/12/06 12:09 AM  

    Goodnight Lareigna. Good night blacknuts

  119. steups // 8/12/06 12:26 AM  

    If anyone is around say hi, or register to say hi; because I have stuff to do and I'd love some company

    Or some coffee

  120. Anonymous // 8/12/06 12:41 AM  

    Yes it's me, sitting down.

  121. steups // 8/12/06 1:30 AM  

    Ok, you are very pretty

  122. Anonymous // 8/12/06 1:31 AM  

    Do anyone go to sleep?

  123. Anonymous // 8/12/06 1:49 AM  

    Thanks Steups

    Yes Shawn we sleep, what are you doing up?

  124. Anonymous // 8/12/06 2:24 AM  

    steups this is me speaking to you from the dead steups keep your head up playboy

  125. Anonymous // 8/12/06 2:50 AM  

    steups now i have to go now because my homeboy biggie big pun big-l eazy-e jam master j and my girls aaliyah and left eye are having a party up in heaven playboy tell all my nigga i love them

  126. Anonymous // 8/12/06 4:56 AM  

    setups i dont know if this will work what about the poeple who are having problems signing in

  127. Anonymous // 8/12/06 4:57 AM  

    i dont like the new layout much either

  128. Anonymous // 8/12/06 6:30 AM  

    Hey there morning u all. Steups the new layout is fine. Sometimes change is good.

  129. Anonymous // 8/12/06 6:54 AM  

    What on EARTH happened to the blogspot? For a moment I thought I had MAJORLY fucked up. Well, this new layout is very different, and I'd go as far as to say it's rather sophisticated. Anywayz, I'm beside myself b/c there's a picture of my girl New York and ALL those beautiful, BEAUTIFUL men.

  130. Anonymous // 8/12/06 6:58 AM  

    And steups I have a PROBLEM with your last post. You said, (and I quote)


    Now just what in hell is that supposed to mean? Who knew you were such a fuckin' HOMOPHOBE. I'm hurt. And mad, too.

  131. Anonymous // 8/12/06 7:14 AM  

    i agree setups that hurt my feelings when u said that

  132. Anonymous // 8/12/06 7:24 AM  

    Elisau SHUT THE HELL UP. U only dogging Steups because he don't have time for your mangy ass.

    All u do is bring negativity. You speak nothing of relevance.

    I know what it is, it's a case of sour grapes.

    U can't get his attention so u decide to get any kind of attention, even bad attention.

    Well now u have my attention.

  133. steups // 8/12/06 8:02 AM  

    He looks like a big prick or a big dick but I didn't want to say that there.

    Of course you've forced me to now.
    And you thought I meant?

  134. steups // 8/12/06 8:05 AM  

    Uhmmn Electra. When you say things like that you'll make people believe we are having an affair or something

  135. steups // 8/12/06 8:09 AM  

    Today is a day to speak the truth.

    Do you like the layout?
    Do you hate the ads?
    More color?
    Less color?
    Do you think we are too pro-New York?
    Do you want to add your My Space to the site?

    Just say whatever.
    I'm off to shower, I'm late.

  136. Anonymous // 8/12/06 8:18 AM  

    Well Steups honey all I have to say is:

    res ipsa loquitur (Latin for - the facts speaks for itself) :)

  137. Anonymous // 8/12/06 8:19 AM  

    Well Elisau honey u have just addressed the E so I am not going to leave u alone until u start acting like an adult and stop playing childish games.

  138. Anonymous // 8/12/06 8:21 AM  

    im not playing games boo and im a grown ass man

  139. Anonymous // 8/12/06 8:21 AM  

    extrememgayboys for life!!!

  140. Ivory // 8/12/06 8:27 AM  

    Wow, the Blog looks AMAZING! I don't think anything needs to be changed, the layout, the colors - I like everything. So yeah, keep it like this Steups and Groovy, cause I like it, lol.
    I will try and come back later tonight, if I don't I hope you all have a great Friday!

  141. Ivory // 8/12/06 8:28 AM  

    Electra, just noticed you are on now, how are you? How is your Grandfather?

  142. Ivory // 8/12/06 8:34 AM  

    I must repel people or some shit, look at how much activity there has been here and then I come and everyone's gone, lmao!
    But seriously, I better leave now too, or I will be late for an appt. Hope you all are doing well.

  143. Anonymous // 8/12/06 8:38 AM  

    Hi Ivory, Grandad's fine (Thank God). Thanks for your concern.

    AMMMM Elisau (E's foot in mouth dont know what to say).

    Whatever Elisau, Whatever. I'ma step back now. :)

  144. Anonymous // 8/12/06 8:38 AM  

    Fuck yall then if you guys dont wanna talk to me.

  145. Anonymous // 8/12/06 8:45 AM  

    But Ivory sweetie, I answered u, so why u cussing us all out? LOL

  146. Anonymous // 8/12/06 8:46 AM  

    Sorry, lol

  147. Anonymous // 8/12/06 8:58 AM  

    No scene Ivory. It's all good. LMAO

  148. Anonymous // 8/12/06 8:59 AM  

    Good morning All

  149. Anonymous // 8/12/06 9:08 AM  

    Morning NV

  150. Anonymous // 8/12/06 9:13 AM  

    How are you Electra?

  151. Anonymous // 8/12/06 9:17 AM  

    Cool NV, just a little bitcy. U know how it is when the custom of women is upon u.

  152. Anonymous // 8/12/06 9:20 AM  

    Do I ever and I am sorry you are feeling that way

  153. Anonymous // 8/12/06 9:31 AM  


  154. Anonymous // 8/12/06 9:33 AM  

    Girl for real, but what can we do? It comes with the territory, us being the superior sex and all.LOL

    Hi TX what's up?

  155. Anonymous // 8/12/06 9:35 AM  

    Nothing much...just checkin in to the Blogspot Hotel lol

  156. Anonymous // 8/12/06 9:35 AM  

    Do u guys ever notice that I put 'lol' on almost everything? lol Dang TX stop laughing all the time...

  157. Anonymous // 8/12/06 9:46 AM  

    Yeh TX, I noticed but I aint mad at u. You're just doing u. U laugh a lot, that's a good thing.

    U know u and revenge are a real paradox.LOL

    No offence Revenge, you are just doing u too. :)

  158. Anonymous // 8/12/06 9:52 AM  

    Thanks E...

  159. Anonymous // 8/12/06 9:55 AM  

    No, thank u for bringing a little more joy on the Blog.

    Hey, where did NV disappear too?

  160. Anonymous // 8/12/06 9:57 AM  

    hmmm why?

  161. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:00 AM  

    Hey revenge!

    Thanks, so sweet!

    *tear, trying to muffle the sounds of touched emotions*


  162. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:01 AM  

    good morning!

  163. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:19 AM  

    LOL @ TX

    Hey Revenge, why what?

    Well TX is always so bubbly and Revenge is always.....well..... Revenge is always Revenge. LMA

  164. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:27 AM  

    lol @ revenge is always revenge...

  165. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:28 AM  


    sokay, i know im an aquired taste, im bitchy cranky and sarcastic.

  166. DORFAM // 8/12/06 10:29 AM  

    I'm luvin the heat that NY has in those men behind her!!!!Dizamn!!!!
    I admit I am noooo fan of Ms NY, I respect her gangsta but still no fan:) But I am wanting to watch the show more and more now!!! STEUPS, bring on the next constestant!!!

  167. DORFAM // 8/12/06 10:30 AM  

    Maybe, boyfriend next to her is her faaabuulous, instructor!!! Like Ms. J on ANTM.

  168. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:34 AM  

    Man...I'm feelin the guy on one knee with the red had tilted ever so slightly, with the almond glaze colored

    I should be a friggin poet i tell ya Lol

  169. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:35 AM  

    Revenge...ur cool with me...Acquired tastes are unique and only a select few get to understand just y they are wonderful lol

  170. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:37 AM  

    TX i simply adore you, your intelligence and wit makes me think of you as this gorgeous little pixie from like the movie, legend. you are UNA.

    look her up, she's gangster, lol.

    im not sure who i think is attractive yet, im damn near blind without my glasses.

  171. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:38 AM  

    lol @ the 'blind' comment...Unfortunately for this picture we can't ENLARGE it...cuz ole boy in the red hat looks like he'd be fine up close

  172. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:40 AM  

    thanks revenge

    Now I love my chocolate brothas, but do y'all c the one on the right-side of the picture...his hair is blonde-like and he's REALLY dark, wearing a REALLY dark color? Black on black crime i tell ya, black on black crime lol

  173. Mz.D // 8/12/06 10:43 AM  

    Good Morning All !!!...

    OOOOH New Look!! long has this been up?..Im always late.

  174. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:45 AM  

    Morning Mz.D...the look hasn't been up that long..just this morning if I am correct

  175. Mz.D // 8/12/06 10:46 AM  

    cool...I think I like it...a little..

  176. DORFAM // 8/12/06 10:47 AM  

    Shawty ya wrong for that:) You are right but ya still wrong!!! Look like somebody beat him with a bottle of peroxide:D

  177. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:48 AM  

    lol...see DORFAM...u already know who i'm talkin about! That's just terrible...but maybe he'll look better live on the show, ya know? I don't wanna jump the gun, but I've already gotten prepared for the leap.

    Mz.D: Just a lil bit? lol

  178. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:48 AM  

    I can't belive I signed up for blogger just for this...

  179. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:49 AM  

    oh god....didnt that go out of style when cisco beat it into the grave?

  180. DORFAM // 8/12/06 10:50 AM  

    I'm still feelin Mr.Stripper man, Strippers man!!! lol (reminiscing)He reminds me of someone I used to date!!!Hmmmmm(daydream)

  181. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:50 AM  

    hey guys I got to go I have a function to go to later on and I have to prepare for it so have a great day and well will pick up.

  182. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:50 AM  


  183. Mz.D // 8/12/06 10:50 AM  

    LOL...yeah..just a little...gotta get use to always takes me some time...

  184. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:51 AM  

    Sisqo beat it down, stomped it out, and threw it if it barely worked for someone of Sisqo's skin tone, y did this guy think it would work for him? Like i am seriously confused...but i digress, maybe he'll look better in person/on the show...I'm keeping hope alive...but its barely living..hopefully it won't flatline on me lol

  185. DORFAM // 8/12/06 10:51 AM  

    That, thong,thong, th-thong:D

  186. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:52 AM  

    Hold up - WAIT!!!!!!

    I just noticed Mz D. Mz D how u doing girl? Long time no see.

    I have to go time running out on me.

    Bye guys


  187. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:52 AM  

    bye E have fun

  188. steups // 8/12/06 10:52 AM  

    do we like the font or you prefer the old font.
    Good morning to all (except Irre and Elisau)

  189. DORFAM // 8/12/06 10:53 AM  


  190. steups // 8/12/06 10:53 AM  

    and elisau, just so you know, we don't call women hos around here. Ya feel me?

  191. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:53 AM  

    Morning steups...I don't know I'm still tryna decide...(jeopardy music plays)

  192. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:54 AM  


  193. steups // 8/12/06 10:54 AM  

    and we especially Electra?

    Do I seem angry today? WELL I AM!!!

  194. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:54 AM  

    I feel ya! OOoohh, who got called a ho?

  195. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:56 AM  

    oh nevermind, u said it was Electra...

  196. Mz.D // 8/12/06 10:56 AM  

    im lost...

  197. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:56 AM  

    good morning!

  198. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:56 AM  

    good morning!

  199. DORFAM // 8/12/06 10:57 AM  


  200. Anonymous // 8/12/06 10:58 AM  

    so am i mz. am i! Wait: nevermind I found myself b/c i think elisau referred to Electra as a ho, but u ain't hear that from me! lol Nah really u didn't HEAR that from me, cuz ur READING it from me lol

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