Apologies for posting the wrong video yesterday; who knew Aurelius had a sex-tape with Kim Kardashian as well. It was a lot better than Ray J's though, so those who saw it probably didn't mind.
Anyways, here's the 'real' I Love New York Episode 8 video recap; hope you enjoy it

And much love and credit to Sanyo for the tip-off to the link for Episode 9.

Yes, you can watch the entire Episode 9 of I Love New York 2: Meet the Parents.
Sort of makes the Spoiler a tad irrelevant, sigh.
Lemme know if it was accurate or not because my DSL is buggin' out.

Leave your comments in the post below (youknowwhamean)

Credit: Sanyo

New York of I Love New York 2Last week our 'source' was dead on the money. He/She/They accurately predicted Mr Wise's elimination.
Well, this weeks Episode 9 Spoiler is longgggg, and offers just a bit more information than we have already seen in the previews. But, like last week, the eliminated contestant is revealed.
Will it be Buddha? Tailor Made? The Entertainer? Or Punk?

If you can wait 'til Episode 9 is aired, then I strongly advise you to avoid the comments box and the link to follow.
If you really want to know, however, you can click on to Bourgy for the I Love New York Episode 9 Spoiler.

Oh, I forgot this...we hooked up with a new site that specializes in gossip and celebrity news out of Atlanta. The site is 'Straight from the A', go check it out please.

I've learned with the VH1 videos one can't get fancy or they don't work. New York falls in more than one way in the awesome extra video clip. Enjoy, I laughed. I wonder what Buddha's thinks about the last part of this video Alone Time.

Credit: VH1

Let's face it. Oh, I should face it. The Q. is most likely never going to get to sit down with Mr. Wise over a venti Macchiato upside down. However, it doesn't mean I don't want to hear or read what he has to say. One of my mother's main lessons was 'those who seldom speak are the ones who usually have the most wisdom to offer'. (Y'all know I don't have sh!t in the wisdom department to offer, right?) Solomon Wise may very well be one of those my mother was referring to.

Whether you love him, hate him or just are plain indifferent to him. One has to wonder 'how did he make it to the top 5'? I believe what the production didn't find dramatic and entertaining enough for reality television; New York found mysterious and sexy. Hell I could be wrong but pass the spitting incident why keep him? Someone had to be feeling the Miami Heat and we all can see it wasn't 51 Minds! Hell cause to be frank I saw more of Man Man and how long ago did he leave?

Well The ELLE Word did an interview with him awhile ago. And VH1.com posted an interesting interview with Mr. Wise that I believe sheds light on the talented young artist. Here is a lil' peak of what the 'I Love New York 2' stud had to say on his experience.

What was making you frustrated and unhappy?
The main thing was what happened with Pretty. And the questions that they were asking my ex. They were real disgusting questions. Questions that were too personal. I mean, I understand TV, entertainment. It’s reality, it’s funny, but some of this stuff is just overboard.

Like sexual type of stuff?
They were asking questions about my parents. I had stated to New York that my immediate parents aren’t available one of my parents is a disabled vet. She got real personal and said something to [ex-girlfriend Kia] like, “Is his dad cuckoo?” I just thought it was a little too personal. They were just trying to dig into stuff that they shoulda just left alone.

Mr. Wise of 'I Love New York 2' has plenty more to say. So go on now and click your way over to VH1.com to read the full interview.

Credit: Willie Sterling from Sterling Photography (photos)

A wise Qmoment!

New York and BuddahBuddha a.k.a. Ezra has an important message for the women. In support of all the 'I Love New York 2' we at The Blogspot want to help in spreading their bulletins, rants, beefs & meltdowns.

Date: Nov 28, 2007 10:41 AM

Subject: ***** WOMEN PLEASE READ ******

Body: Females, DO NOT EVERY SEND ME ANY NUDE PICTURES!! I will delete you hoe-ish ass and block you from contacting me FOREVER!!My mom didn't raise a no dog! I don't even know WHAT about my character that you've seen thus far would make a female even THINK that I'm that type of guy. DISGUSTINGLY OFFENSIVE!! and my patience for it is up. p.s. All of my LADIES please don't take offense as I'm only talking to the HOES out there, REAL TALK!.

Well I hope you vagina having munchkins change the errors of your ways. Buddha does not want you sending him photos of your naked behinds. Just say, "NO" to greasing yourself up with baby oil and displaying your body parts. Buddha a.k.a. Ezra's mom raise him better than to ogle your unclothed bodies.

Your welcome Buddha. The Q. will do whatever she can to spread the word. "DO NOT SEND BUDDHA NAKED PICTURES OF YOURSELVES!" I think they got it now.

A butt naked Qmoment!

Magdalena Legz

Big John

Sammie Spades

Brandi Viola

























Like Dat-Darra






Email Blogspot Staff

Email ElleWord Radio

Rican from Elle Word


Revenge is a bombshell


Sexy Mexirican

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Mz D.


Jane Firestarter


Mz Boo_tee


One of our readers sent us a possible spoiler for Episode 8 of I Love New York 2. It's not from our usual source so we cannot vouch for it.
So the choices are yours, to click or not, and to believe or not...

Aurelius has delivered yet another awesome video recap. This is definitely one of my favorites. He pointed out a 'pot calling the kettle black' moment. Sister Patterson looked good rocking the Farrah Fawcett feathered look. On with Aurelius' Video Recap because it's the best thing about this blog besides Revenge, Mysty, That's Hot, Babykin, Groovy Noodles, 3pm, Blacknuts, Sawyer, Lareigna, Electra, Dana, Gabrielle, Beebs, SpeakNTruth, Jane, Elisau *snickers, Irresistible Deliscious, Licious, Pale Black Sheep, Damien, Drama Queen, Mexirican, Half n Half, Sapphire Tigress, Teddy and all of our anonymous readers. Where the hell is my Bubo the Hater? Someone remind not to check my e-mail before I leave for the gym. Now I don't want to go. "B*tch we look like Shamu, get your @ss up and let's go" replies Q.'s thighs.

black-friday-turkeyWhat's up? Y'all good?
I need a Sony VAIO® laptop and E. in a La Perla negligee.


To my "REAL" fiance Wolf!!! Happy Birthday Babe.... Today Wolf turns 25...

Happy "Early" Thanksgiving Everyone...

(P.S. Pretty aint' gay) lol

Aisha told me about Pretty's response and now I am telling you.
Your comments on his explanation will be appreciated.

When you're done, have a look-see at a new site on the block, Hip-Hop Major.com
That's the template I wanted to try until Gabrielle said she'd break-up with me if I did...can't fight my fiancee this time, but when we're married I'll call the shots.
Cheers. (enjoy the rest of your day)

Don't edit my posts Steups if you don't know the reason behind their appearance. Many wonder why Solomon Wise still remains in the 'I Love New York 2' mansion. The Q. believes it's because New York and he have a connection that editing hasn't allowed us to see. Let's face it he is not an extreme personality. VH1.com has this video up on VSPOT. I thought the Mr. Wise fans would enjoy it.

New_York_Episode_7Hopefully most of y'all have checked out VH1.com for the sneak peek of tonight's episode of 'I Love New York 2'. If you haven't you need to go skedaddle on over to VH1.com before your boss starts looking over your shoulder. Episode 7 I Still Have Love for New York looks like it's going to be an interesting and drama filled hour. New York and 51 Minds attempt to bring the six remaining lads' exes up in the crib. Problem is one has a restraining order on her and the other may not exist. In Whiteboy fashion, Buddha & Pretty's sisters take the place of the exes. The 'I Love New York 2' mansion will be overflowing with estrogen with 3 ex-girlfriends, 2 sisters and 1 wife.

New York was looking really great, actually fabulous. However, some of her commentary on the exes irritated the heck out of me. *shaking my head The Q. thought all the women were fairly attractive. I thought Buddha's sister Tyeese was gorgeous.

Oh and of course 2/3s of The Stallionaires come back to interrogate the H.B.I.C.s new suitors. Punk brings new meaning to 'don't let the name fool you' by overturning a table. Before I forget someone needs to put Real a.k.a. Ahmad in a hair commercial. He has absolutely beautiful hair. Pocahontas would even be jealous.

Punk and his lovely ex Crystal

Buddha and his gorgeous big little sister Thais

The Entertainer and his cute ex Meagan

Ex Girlfriend-Meagan-and-The-Entertainer
Mr. Wise and his jealous ex Khia

Mr Wise-and-ex-Khia
Pretty and his pretty sister La Shonda

Pretty-and-sister-La Shonda
Tailor Made and his attractive wife Nancy

Well I am off to take some medicine and go back to bed. Groovy gave me her cold. We aren't on strike just not feeling all that swell. UNPROFESSIONAL, I know! Typing of Groovy, VH1's 'The Shot' recap is up on Reality On The Side along with a recap of last Monday's 'The Salt & Pepa Show' recap. Don't miss tonight's episode of 'I Love New York 2' on VH1 @ 9pm/ 8pm Central.

Credit: VH1

A missing Whiteboy Qmoment!

Anonymous @ 8:43pm: "Blogspot writers are a part of the writer's strike."
Anonymous @ 7:32am: "Don’t start the white boy shit."
That comment made me truly laugh out loudly. Y'all can add your favorite funny quotes if you like, or whatever but, I am testing templates because I hate the Jamaican colors being used now.

Another weekend, another Aurelius I Love New York video recap. It's all simple this time because Aurelius returned late from his trip to Kyrgyzstan.
But, he did have time for a classic black and white opening scene and another showing of New York's breast-implants.
Besides that he adds to the growing opinion that Pretty is gay. Watch for Pretty's reaction to Mr Boston; very similar to the gay PhD student's (Daniel Schuman) when Gilad was on America's Most Smartest Model.
Anyways, watch Aure's recap, will you...

BuddhaThe Q. make no apologies or excuses for my size. I stand 5'8" and weigh 170lbs. If one thinks that I should lose weight; f*ckem. Bottom line I am happy with my size. If I lost 10lbs or 15lbs it would be nice. Simply some outfits would look better on me. However, if I don't lose another ounce I'll be alright. And yes The Q. loves the taste of food. I will eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey without feeling guilty.

Ezra Masters a.k.a. Buddha of 'I Love New York 2' wrote this reply to a comment on his blog regarding Monique of 'Charm School' loving being a curvy girl.


Good Question but my opinion of obesity doesn't change simply because the reference is a fellow celebrity.

Monique's approach toward the obese women is enjoy yourself and love yourself. I'm NOT saying don't "love yourself", what I am saying is "love & cherish yourself" and those that love you.

If you TRULY cherished yourself you wouldn't create excuses for your lack of health and personal inadequacies you would create solutions. If you TRULY cherished yourself you wouldn't let ANY VICE control you. If you TRULY loved yourself you wouldn't over indulge in anything simply because you like the flavor! Mo'Nique

I personally do not agree with Monique making light of the obesity epidemic in this county through jester. The obese women in this country find enough excuses and reason to maintain an unhealthy lifestyle without having a comedian encourage their vices.

I don't find obesity to be a laughing matter when nearly 70% of African American women over the age of 25 are over-weight, 40% of which are suffering from some form of obesity related illness and 90% of which are EXPECTED to suffer from some form of obesity related illness within the next 10 years.

Be clear that I AM NOT condoning super-skinny bean pole models and whatever. I am condoning and applauding my Healthy, Fit, Curvaceous, Women of Color!! Too Often I see and hear plus Plus sized women hate on healthy curvaceous woman to make up for their own inadequacies. I find that disdain to be wholly irresponsible, childish, non-productive and lazy.
In short Monique's approach can be summed up as, "love the woman you are."

Whereas my approach can be summed up as, "CHERISH the queen you are." EVERY WOMAN wants the title of a queen but hardly any woman wants the burdens. A queen now and always holds herself to a FAAAR highest of standards.

November 15, 2007 8:11 AM

Are you going to eat that macaroni?
"Hell muthaf*ckin yes, I baked it. And I am going to have seconds. Thanks."

Credit: Ezra

An overweight Qmoment!

First I have to type. I really truly have love for Trends of 'I Love New York'. He is a really cool breeze type of fellow. So this post is cracking my heart. However, a blogger gots to do what I have to do. And what I have to do is keep you informed (in my half @ss way) on the cast of shows many of us love to watch past or present. No matter what my opinion of the cast as individuals good or bad.

"Why Trends why?! Did you cut your hair off?" *screaming in disbelief

Lawd, The Q. doesn't understand why Trends cut off his locks. I just don't. Trends is definitely a nice looking brother. However, who is going to lust after a handsome Conehead? Unless he has a part in an upcoming 'Alien Nation' movie; the haircut is the most serious hair crime of any of the cast of 'I Love New York'. Trends if you are reading, "Please oh please grow your hair back, @ least some of it."

Disclaimer: This may or may not be the opinion of Trends #1 fan (think Kathy Bates in 'Misery') Groovy Noodles.

Credit: MySpace

A Kojak Qmoment!

New_York_and_Leslie_Grossman_of_Nip/TuckWell, there seems to be no sophomore jinx plaguing New York and I love New York 2 as the ratings continue to match or surpass the first season's.

NEW YORK, November 14, 2007 – The 9:00 PM* episode of "I Love New York 2" scored its second-highest rating of the season with a 2.1 P18-49 rating, up +12% from the Show's first five premieres. The episode attracted 2.3 million viewers in the 18-49 demo and 3.8 million total viewers and ranked #4 for night (11/12) among basic cable.

HoopzGuess who?
I sent her people a request to have her appear on Elle's Internet Radio-show; hopefully she says 'yes'.
And I know what you're thinking; the answer is insomnia and a 4:00am International flight. Now what's the answer to my question!

Random pictures for a random day.
Kelly Jay (Beautuful, FOL2) looks great as usual, Larissa (Bootz FOL2, Charm School) looks like a praying-mantis, Shay's weave needs to match her roots, Sister Patterson (ILNY) looking like hot-sex and Bettie (Nibblz, FOL2) looks perfect.
Sister P better not fall asleep in my bed; that's all I am sayin'.

kelly_jay_bootz kelly_jay_buckeey Sexy_Sister_Patterson
kelly_beautuful_jay Nibblz_Flavor_of_Love_2

Read Bonez' recap of Episode 6 for DrHottie Magazine

It_of_I_Love_New_YorkLast night Elle and I had the pleasure of interviewing IT of 'I Love New York 2'. IT a.k.a. Kwame answered questions from the callers and chatters in the box. All in all it went well. Y'all know ePeople tend to be unpredictable with a few screws loose. However, I must type The ELLE Word listeners and callers for the most part were on good behavior. IT went toe to toe with a caller or two & a cutie from California called in to show her love of IT. Beebs, Mysty, Groovy Noodles, and That's Hot were holding it down in the chat box. Oh and during the IT interview I made the mistake of stating Babykins was in her 30s. (Y'all know I am a bitter old hag who wants everyone to be wrinkled up like me.) Babykins is in her 20s, my bad. There were other regulars showing their support but in all honesty I am trying to make it to the grocery store. So I am rushing this post. Mentioned or not WE THANK YOU! The ELLE Word & The Blogspot are very appreciative of Kwame a.k.a. IT for showing us mad love. Yo son, son, son, son, son, son....

Happy Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom Birthday KWAME!!!

If you missed the interview you can check it out on The ELLE Word. Tonight Mr. Wise a.k.a. Solomon Wise of 'I Love New York 2' will be live on Elle's radio blog tonight. Now I don't know about y'all but The Q. & Elle are excited about this one. Mr. Wise is sippin' Latte Spoken Word HOT!!! I fully understand why Mr. Wise has lasted so long. One editing doesn't show us everything. Two it's the quiet ones who know how to make you want to do big girl things. *giggles Don't miss out on what is going to be a hot interview with Mr. Wise. *sweats thinking about those tattoos Oh and we will touch on the spitting incident that was seen in millions of homes. Listen Live or Join the Chat Box @ 7pm Pacific Time / 10pm Eastern Time, Call in #(646)478-5101.

Credit: LRM Entertainment

An I love the ILNY2 men Qmoment!

new_york_this_christmas_premiereHas New York moved up to the B-list?
It appears she has because our girl doth strode the red-carpet at the Premiere of the latest film with every black actor on planet earth, 'This Christmas'

new_york_this_christmas_red_carpet new_york_this_christmas_red_carpet

More from Rich at the VH-1 blog
And there are more VH1 shows recaps at Reality on the Side


'What if Buddha was my perfect mate, you guys took that chance from me'
So, we are treated to a replay of Buddha's return, but, though 'New York' has seemingly ignored the 'I Love New York' producers; the legal staff are a different kettle of fish.
The guys are asked to legally sanction 'Buddha's' return to the house by way of affixing their signature to a document that, and I am guessing here, absolves VH1 and 51Minds of any liability and responsibility for 'Buddha's' actions.

In order, 'Wolf, The Entertainer, Punk, Pretty' and 'Mr. Wise' sign with nary a concern, but then again, it's not their voice-box inventing sounds (yellllpppp) or their faces being left-hooked.
'Tailor Made' is not that blase about the idea, but signs anyway because his feelings for 'New York' are so strong..."I'm doing this for you and only you", he says.
And with that, 'Buddha' is back, officially. 'New York' is pleased, particularly with 'Tailor Made', as she knows he doesn't want to be "yoked" again.
Sister Patterson is the voice of reason, noting 'Buddha' has a dark side she hopes he can control. She also says he is a "beautiful person", but that's bull. (there ain't a damn thing beautiful 'bout Buddha)

The first morning back in the mansion and 'Buddha' is busy doing reps in the company of 'Tailor Made' who's struggling with his weights. When I read Shauntay's and Baby's comments about this guy I see where they're going (he is short, old, divorced, has a child, balding, meager, can't defend himself and spits on people. No wonder they think he's sexy)
It's challenge time, though, so we are spared another 'Buddha-confessional'.

This Episode's Challenge is culinary and the guys are asked to prepare a dish for 'New York', once again it's that dumb ass 'Buddha' who read the note. (why is he always reading the damn challenges, uh?)
'The Entertainer' opts for 'chicken cacciatore' and phones his mom for tips. That I don't get; why choose a dish you can't cook? If you need help you probably shouldn't be cooking it, is what I'm thinking. 'Tailor Made' says his idea of cooking, is ordering, so his best bet is a salad. 'Wolf' puts his faith (fate, too) in 'chicken fajitas', then acts as if the dish was divinely inspired.
boston_ILNY2_Ep6They can't cook in the mansion though, so the guys and their ideas are taken to a proper kitchen where they are introduced to their Master Chef, 'Mr. Boston' (I Love New York 1).

'Boston' introduces the guys to the "super-secret ingredient" -ranch dressing- and informs them they have 30 minutes cooking-time with one other stipulation; each dish must utilise one cup of the dressing. The prizes are two solo-dates.
With 'Boston' always reminding them to add more ranch, the guys complete their dishes and present them for judging.

'The Entertainer', who really overdoes the Italian shit, prepared Penne alla Vodka which 'New York' enjoyed. 'Wolf' impressed with his 'fajitas', but 'Pretty' flopped with his 'ranch-dressing cheese-cake'.
I mean, really, why would a non-chef male even know how to make cheese-cake? That's woman-food!
I will never, ever, ever, ever be caught eating cheese-cake. Men don't eat cheese-cake! Just like men don't eat-strawberry ice-cream, etc., etc. There are just some foods a man should not eat. If 'Pretty' isn't gay, he should be; because he needs an excuse. And by the way, to make the thing even more confusing, his predilection for ties is classic 'fag-hag' attire. (don't ask how I know that shit). So my guess is 'Pretty' isn't gay but he likes to be around gay men..... (ahhh fuck it, he's gay)

'Mr. Wise' is next, with hot-dogs and fries which 'Sister Patterson' describes as "so white-trash". Forgive me for laughing, but that was funny.
I have to ask...why is he on the show? He is just useless! At least 'Whiteboy' would piss me off, this bugger just hangs around doing nothing. And yeah, his hairline pisses me off, too; and I know I ain't the only one bothered by that...
Anyways, let's ffwd. 'Punk's' 'Bleu cheese burger' was disgusting; 'Tailor Made's' 'salmon and caviar salad' was even worse; but 'Buddha' impressed with his 'El pollo de New York' (makes you wonder how they prepared all that in 30 mins)
In the end, 'New York' chose 'Wolf's' fajitas as the dish to-die-for, earning him a solo-date; whilst 'Sister Patterson' (who looks hungry for Buddha) chose...whom else? Buddha!

new_york_buddha_ILNY_Ep6The Dates

The night's solo date was 'Buddha's' and after sharing a kiss with 'New York' they sat for dinner and engaged in one of New York's classic make-a-man-feel-good conversations.
"When you were gone I felt like I was missing something and it was you", she confessed. (stating the obvious? Or being romantic? Your call).
"I can't say anything bad about you. You're gorgeous, you're hot. You make me feel so, like, hot and passionate and fiery" (Oh geesh; Buddha ain't none o' that shit)
She goes on to lie to say, 'Buddha' in bed "would be the ultimate challenge" and of course she queried his size (it's what she does) to which he assured, he is "fully equipped" (I feel sick typing that; like seriously)

"I have trust issues", New York admitted.
"Your recognizing that is incredibly big of you; but you can't really love someone unless you trust them", Buddha replied. (boy shut the fuck up; always with the corny-ass shit)
They kiss; a kiss which inspires 'New York' to say 'Buddha' is a way better kisser than 'Tailor Made' and she goes further to state, 'Buddha' tastes like chocolate, but not just any chocolate; Valentine's chocolates. To make viewing even more sickening, she takes 'Buddha' to the mirror to see how cute they look as a couple. And there endeth the date.

A normal person would have gone to bed, but this is 'New York', and soon enough she was jumping into 'Punk's' arms for another round of kissing. (her thighs looked really damn good in that scene)

None too pleased by Buddha's solo-date the night before, 'Tailor Made' orders a La Perla negligee which set him back $855.36 (scratches head: da hell?).
It's Wolf's date though, and he and 'New York' leave for the set of Nip/Tuck where the reality television goddess will shoot a scene, specially written for her by executive producer Ryan Murphy (I'm sure he asked someone to write it, but who gives a fug?)

Murphy is a huge fan of 'New York' and her show, and presents her with a bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne before engaging 'Wolf' in a rather uncomfortable line of questioning. Prophetically, he wrote-off the chances of 'Wolf' being chosen, describing him as "a well-mannered gentle guy" (uh-hmmmn) and added "I think she should marry me and leave the reality-show business" (uh-hmmmmn)

They are then left on their own to rehearse New York's lines, but fell asleep, until their rest was interrupted by a Richter-scale fart from 'Wolf'. Dude's body literally shook and poor 'New York' was not more than 18 inches away from the smelly explosion. Wolf's excuse was, it couldn't be helped and blamed the tuna and mozzarella which he likened to a 'cat's tongue' (Uhh? Unless I heard him wrong?)

'New York' successfully completed her scenes with Nip/Tuck stars Leslie Grossman and Julian McMahon, and that was the end of that.
"She came, she saw, she acted, she smoked", was Murphy's take on New York's acting debut.

Back home, a worried 'Punk' makes the desperate move to confess to 'New York' he "feels like he's really falling in love with her, like 100%", but cone-head Buddha interrupts. It's desperation time, because eliminations are near, and even 'Pretty' gets into the act, kissing 'New York' and taking her upstairs, which prompts another memorable 'New York' quote, "bitch you are so smart for putting panties on" (hahaha)
In a private encounter, 'Tailor Made' takes the opportunity to present his gift, 'New York' is hopeful it's a "pack of Indian Remy hair" (lmao) but is pleased by the $800 La Perla nightie..."I am going to let him have me in this"

At the ceremony, 'New York' presides in the very 'nightie' she received just a few minutes ago. Black people always do that, I swear; we never let a gift have a moment's breath.
She warns the guys they aren't "aggressive enough for her" and she "wants a man who'll come seek her out".
The names she calls, she informs, will be those guys whom she considers as making the most effort to be with her...'Tailor Made' is first, then 'Buddha', 'Punk', 'The Entertainer' and 'Pretty'.
One chain is left.

Wolf_ILNY2_Episode6'Wolf' says, "if I get eliminated tonight I'll be appalled", which sounds funny coming from him; whilst Mr. Wise says he is "never 100%" at elimination time (I wonder why?)
However, for some weird reason, 'New York' chooses 'Mr. Wise' because "you made an impact on me" (How, when, where?)
'Wolf' is told he is a "a really nice, sweet, country bumpkin who wouldn't fit in" with her lifestyle.
And that's that, six guys remain in the mansion.

Next week sees the return of 'Chance' and 'Real' so look forward to that....
Thank you for reading the recap.

Recap shouldn't be too long in coming because not much happened tonight, but y'all can discuss her decision to eliminate Wolf (drag and highlight to see whom it is)
If you are interested, you can listen to an interview Elle, Q and Irre conducted with the eliminated contestant.


48 pictures of Flavor of Love/Charm School star Leilene in the nude. Can't tell if these pictures are recent or not, but she does appear to be in possession of breast implants. Not the best breast implants you'll ever see, mind you.
Click here for the first of 48 pictures.
And be reminded....

  1. Gabrielle interviews It, again, at 9:00pm EST (8pm Central/6pm PST) on The Elle Word Radio Show

  2. And of course, even later than that, I will write the recap of I Love New York Episode 6

Yes yes yes... I know alot of you are tired of hearing from 'NOT IT,' but some missed the interview on Friday before it got deleted so tonight The Elle Word will try to redeem itself with an "Official IT" interview.
*Please don't be fooled by the act that 'Not It' puts on, if you go to his myspace page, you will see him acting in a movie called The Monster(by It and his theatre arts class). It may be old but 'IT' is simply an actor.*

Time: 9/8 Central (6 Pacific)


I Love New York Episode 4 pulled a massive 4 million viewers for the VH-1 Network; the third best viewership for a non-Premeire/Finale Episode of the hit television series.
The numbers placed the show fifth among all cable-programming for the week and second among non-sports cable broadcasts.
Congratulations to 'New York'.

Later tonight, or perhaps early tomorrow morning, look for my recap of Episode 6 of I Love New York. I'll try to get it done as quickly as possible.


Remember Beautuful (Flavor of Love 2)?
She has a major role in the Beanie Sigel/R Kelly video, 'All of the Above'
You can watch it here, but you'll regret it.

VH1 has partnered with Nothing But Nets to air a PSA to raise awareness about Malaria and we are happy to assist.
Pity I took so damn long to post this but I have been caught up in the middle, this past week.
Oh, Happy Birthday to Becky, belatedly (tongue-kiss)

NEW YORK, NY, November 5, 2007 — An irritating human-sized
mosquito plays it for laughs to highlight a very serious issue in a new Public Service Announcement (PSA) created by VH1 for Nothing But Nets, a global, grassroots campaign that provides long lasting insecticide-treated bed nets to prevent malaria, a leading killer of children in Africa. The PSA, premiering on Monday, November 5 on VH1, VH1 Classic, VH1 Soul and VH1.com is part of VH1’s partnership with Nothing But Nets to raise awareness and engage individuals in the battle against malaria.
Sherrod Small, Chuck Nice and Laurie Kilmartin from “Best Week Ever” play some of the office workers who are annoyed by the large buzzing mosquito. To view the PSA online please visit http://blog.vh1.com/2007-11-02/nothing-but-nets. “Malaria is a devastating disease that affects many people and we feel it is important to educate our viewers on this issue and how they can help,” said VH1 Executive Vice President and General Manager, Tom Calderone. “When creating this PSA, it was really important to connect with our viewers through humor and there was no better way to convey this message than by using some of the cast from ‘Best Week Ever.’

We commend Nothing But Nets for their commitment and look forward to continuing our partnership in the fight against malaria.” “Here in the U.S., mosquitoes are annoying; but in Africa, they spread malaria, a potentially fatal disease,” said Kathy Calvin, executive vice president and chief operating officer of the United Nations Foundation, creator of Nothing But Nets. “The team at VH1 has done a great job of conveying the gravity of this issue with humor. We've been amazed and grateful for the large outpouring of support from tens of thousands of individuals who are already sending nets and saving lives.
Our partnership with VH1 helps us to reach even more people and we thank VH1 for this creative opportunity.”

In addition to airing on VH1, VH1 Classic, VH1 Soul, and VH1.com, the PSA will also run on Jumbo Trons at NBA, WNBA, and MLS games throughout 2007 and 2008 through the Nothing But Nets’ partnership with NBA Cares, WNBA Cares and Major League Soccer's MLS W.O.R.K.S.Each year, malaria infects approximately 300-500 million people around the world, killing more than one million. Ninety percent of those who die are African children: one child every 30 seconds. One of the most cost-effective and simple approaches to combating malaria is the use of insecticide-treated bed nets; nets can prevent the transmission of malaria by up to 90 percent in areas with high coverage. The World Health Organization recently touted the benefits of free mass distribution of nets as “a powerful way to quickly and dramatically increase coverage,” and cited a decrease in deaths by more than 40 percent among children in Kenya from 2004 to 2006 as a result of wide-spread net distribution and use.
A $10 donation at http://www.nothingbutnets.net/ is all it takes to purchase and distribute a bed net and educate the recipient on its
proper use. It’s an easy way for concerned individuals to take part in the solution to save lives and get involved in the global fight to combat malaria.

So, just $10; let's do it, eh.

I usually just post a picture of the soon to be guest of The Elle Word, but It (aka "NOT IT" for me) is a special case. I HAD to post this myspace video of him freestlying. When we (Quanda, Babykins, Revenge, Mysty, Speak, Groovy etc. *sorry if i missed u*) would have discussions in The Elle Word Chatbox about who looked good on ILNY2 I would ALWAYS say that IT was not cute at all, but when I found these pictures I changed my mind!!! What do you think?

(If you missed the first interview with "Not It" you can check it out HERE. It's worth it, trust me)

CHECK "IT" OUT *again* ON THE ELLE WORD TONIGHT 9EST, 6 Pacific, 8 Texas (central time)

It_I_Love_New_York It_I_Love_New_York
Add "IT's" myspace.
Add Me while you are at it.

Aurelius sent me his recap of Episode 5 of I Love New York, a while back but I was detained elsewhere. So here it is; apologies for the delay

Be sure to check out THE ELLE WORD tonight. We will be interviewing Midget Mac. Show some love. The show is at 9:00pm central (7:00 pacific) 10:00EST. Call in at (646) 478-5101 And Click HERE to get to the Show home and chat room.

What a BUCKTIFUL BABY!!! 20 plus years later who knew she'd Ebonics her way into millions of homes. Becky Buckwild love her or hate her; you ain't stopping her. Seemingly one of VH1's golden children, we've seen her in 'Flavor of Love 2', 'Charm School' & the 'I Love New York 2' After Show w/ Heat & 12 Pack.

Buckwild lost cool points with me when she participated with 'Name Da Negro' on a radio show. However, cool points doesn't pay the bills. So who cares what I think? (I don't most of the time.) Truthfully Buckwild is one funny lady on many occasion. Whether I laugh or not doesn't mean others aren't. Not to mention she's shown The Blogspot a lot of love. 08 November was a special day. It was the day a mother pushed Buckwild's huge head out into this world. (Ooooooh the pain!) All blogging aside, we @ The Blogspot want to give Becky Buckwild a huge Bday wish.


Oh and I heard it's also Steups birthday too. Happy Birthday you !@#$%. It's so hard being a nice blogger.

Credit: MySpace

A Happy Birthday Qmoment!

*thinking of writing something "I'll save it for QGasm." Anyhow, it appears to The Q. that many of The Blogspot's writers are confused. It seems they've come to the conclusion that we too are on a writer's strike. *sighs How UNPROFESSIONAL!!! Where the h*ll is Licious, Irresistible Deliscious & Jane? I truly need Irre to find his fabulousity and pull it back together. Have no fear; I am here to save your Thursday. Or at least I am attempting to save it by giving you a new post about absolutely nothing. Well not nothing, just a lustful moment because Legend reminded me today that The Q.'s lust has been missing from The Blogspot. (This is for you O.F.D.!) *waves to Nasser

Many of you know The Q. is a certified MySpace perve. So tonight I realized my Swagger Man had changed his default MySpace picture. Can I type, "Yummy yum"? *fans self Whiteboy is just too sexy for words. Do y'all think he has love for The Q.? Delusions are running rampant around here... so I can have one or two too. "Yes, Whiteboy remembers who I am & loves me." Now back to reality currently Whiteboy of 'I Love New York' is touring the country with Van Halen & Ky-Mani Marley. (Can a tour bus safely contain all that swagger?) Yep, I typed Whiteboy is swaggering his sexy self through the U.S. on the Van Halen 2007 tour. As Ky-Mani Marley's road manager a man gots to do what a man gots to do. (English majors please leave my poor grammar alone. Thank you in advance.) Does this include boinking groupies? *looks for butcher knife Ky-Mani Marley was selected to be the opening act for Van Halen. Dreads and Rock 'n' Roll how can the concert go wrong? The tour is selling out across the country in spite of high ticket prices. If you aren't cheap like this old woman, try to catch the concert tour when it comes to a town near you. I've heard it's an awesome show.

The next best thing would be to buy Ky-Mani Marley fire hot CD 'Radio' in stores now. I go to Best Buy to cop my music. The Blogspot wishes Whiteboy, Ky-Mani Marley, Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, David Lee Roth and Wolfgang Van Halen continued success!

Credit: MySpace

Another perve Qmoment!

I know that like myself, a lot of you come frequently to see what new posts are up. I guess this is just a slow week. But tomorrow THE ELLE WORD will have a special lil' guest from ILNY2. So thats just a lil for you to go on until more new posts are up..
In the comment box please post who you would like to hear interviews from the FOL's and it's spinoffs.

Tonight, LIVE from her Paris suite, the rap-legend MC Lyte is the guest on The Elle Word Radio Show for the full-hour.
The recent VH-1 Hip-Hop Honoree will discuss her new album, her mentoring Shar Jackson to success on Celebrity Rap Superstar, and the state of Hip-Hop today
Join us now in the chatroom...

MC Lyte LIVE on The Elle Word

DrHottie Magazine engaged the services of former I Love New York contestant, Bonez, to recap the new season's episodes.
Here is Bonez' recap of I Love New York 2: Episode 5

Later tonight at 10:00pm EST, Gabrielle and Brown Suga hook-up with MC Lyte, all the way in Paris, for a LIVE call-in show on The Elle Word. Join us in the chat-room for the latest details.

Tomorrow is her first broadcast on radio-station HOT102.7 in Detroit. Try to listen if you can, try to call if you can, try to plug us if you can, lol.
Groovy will be along soon with a Recap of I Love New York 2: Episode 5

Credit: Perculator

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