The ELLE Word interviewed Punk a.k.a. David of 'I Love New York 2' last night. has their interview up now. It's an interesting interview to read. And Punk finally shares who started the Pretty a.k.a. Rikado gay rumors. It wasn't Princess Irresistible Deliscious who started it all! LOL! However, he sure in the hell called it first here @ The Blogspot. If all is true what Punk said last night on The ELLE Word we are on some Lance of 'N'Sync' ish. On with the's interview...

For the record, you’re straight?
Straight, straight as they come. Straight, not bi nothing. Completely straight. Only women.

So wait, it was Buddha who accused Pretty of being gay?
Buddha told the Entertainer about this, but I didn’t even know Buddha told him. Buddha told me separately and said, “Watch out, because I think he’s checking you out, too.” His exact words were he was checking me out hard. Pretty thinks he and Buddha are best friends. He doesn’t know Buddha is the main one who’s accusing him of being gay. But I really did think that Pretty has something to hide. [I think] he left because he was gay. It was coming out. He made this whole big deal about how they asked his sister all these inappropriate questions and I was like, wait a minute, they asked everybody that. They asked Buddha that, they asked all the girlfriends that, and he got really upset about that. And then it wasn’t until afterwards that he found out that own sister said that there were rumors that he was gay. Everybody in the house was kind of shocked.

For the rest, go to the ultimate source of our entertainment Oh allow me to link you cause I know some of you are flat out lazy. If it's more than a click you may not go. THE PUNK INTERVIEW

A punked Qmoment!

A Little Something for the Readers

"It's the Elle Boogie" and before I became the host of The Elle Word and I writer on the blogspot, I was just a reader who waited 5 months before I left my comment. After going to other Flavor of Love blogs and sites like Media Fake Out I realized that I was so lucky to be able to comment on this blog without having to sign up for anything like I would on others. I just want to encourage those who read the blog to take a little time out to post just one comment on your blogspot visit.....

On To Other thigs...... "ELLE, Where is Steups? I need my recap"
To that I say, this will never happen again but I'm going to do a brief recap of what happened on the show this Monday, since I didn't do the recap on The Elle Word due to the interview with The Entertainer and his Mom. Don't hate me for this, I'm not as great a writer or recapper as Groov-ay, Steuped or The Q.

New York took the remaining three guys; The Maid(Tailor Made), Debo(Buddha) and The Hulk(Punk) to Miami, which is were Wango Tango, White Boy, Yours, Midget Mac, Mr. Wise and 4 of the other ILNY2 guys are from. They end up at a hotel and as soon as they get there Debo get's so excited that he doesn't just have to look at New York's face anymore that he begins flirting with the first woman he lays eyes on, which is the hostess at the hotel.

After getting settled in the guys get to have dinner with New York. They immediately begin fighting over who gets to sit by her which ends up with The Hulk sitting in The Maid's lap. hmmmm. The Maid and The Hulk could not wait to bring up the flirting that Debo had done with hostess which upsets New York. Debo then begins snarling and growling on her, kicking up his hind leg and sniffing on her neck which he licks. She actually likes it so much that she asks Debo to escort her back to her room. The other two guys get the priveledge of eating with The Mother. New Yorks mom expresses her disgust in Debo and wants the other 2 to get him out of the competition (as if they had any authority). In the extras, The Maid says how much he wants to confront Debo at that moment........ I know it was just to impress the mother but I was cracking up at just remembering what happened at the last confrontation between he and Debo.

New York and Debo go to her room where they argue about New York not being sure if Debo is sincere and Debo tells her that if she's not sure then she needs to forget about them. New York says she hopes that ILNY looks good on his resume... then says she loves him.... goodnight... yada yada (I try to keep my Debo moments as short as possible, sorry)

Debo goes back to the room which it looks like all 3 of the men are sharing and he wants the guys to think that he slept with New York so he told them that he had to put his pants on in the hallway... (I would think he got kicked out of the room due to disappointment if he told me that).

The next day everyone is in the limosine getting ready for the days excursion and The Maid and The Hulk couldn't wait to tell New York about how disgusted that they were about her and Debo getting it on. (I could swear these 2 became rather chummy after The Maid got kicked out of their room, maybe it was because Pretty came inbetween them before) New York, was furious and told Debo how mad she was that he would do that.."Your a pig, u disgust me....."

They get to the Zoo and New York has seperate dates with all three of the men. On The Maid's date, they get to see a 6'5 bird that urinates on his foot. On The Hulk's date he save's her from this big andaconda lookin snake. On Debo's date New York confronts him about what the other two boosom (sp) buddies are saying about him. (In the extra's Debo is running his mouth to the Zoo staff about them having the most dangerous animal, as if they don't know how to do their jobs. I just wish The Hulk would have bust him in the throat just one good time to shut him up)

Next The Hulk gets free time with New York where she licks Whip cream off of his chest. They discuss being in love with each other and New York says she feels the chemistry.
Then The Maid gets his date where he presents her with yet another lacey thingy thats expensive, because we all know that love can be brought when you are on national TV. The date ends with The Maid picking New York up and taking her to the bed where they get under the covers and do whatever it is that you do when you have to hide yourself under covers on national tv. lol Before they could actually get into something, a knock at the door interupts and New York and The Maid have to rush downstairs to meet The Mother.

The Mother is downstairs with the other two guys when New York and The Maid arrive. The discussion leads up to The Mother finding out that Debo is an actor. Debo gets mad and storms out while the two Momma's girls tell New York not to give in to his desperate attempt for attention. New York stays inside and that really upsets Debo.

Side note: This entire episode New York has been doggin Debo and saying how she is so ready to get rid of him.... "she has two men who love her and one who gets on her nerves....."

The three guys stand: The Maid, Debo and The Hulk. New York Gives the Maid his chain first. Secondly New York expresses to Debo that she can't keep him around because she made a list of things about him and there are just too many things for her to be able to make it work with him. She's not sure if he is there for her or not.... but she just can't let him go. Which leads to the Heavenly realease of Doves as David "The Hulk" O.... is eliminated. He goes out like ole' girl from Flavor of Love 1...not smiley but... happy... grinny... something like that, I don't remember the name. He tells her that she told him that she loved him and that she couldn't see any flaws in him yet she is eliminating him. She tells him that she's not in love with him. The Mother gets up and approaches New York with David. She asks New York is she afraid of Buddha and expresses that it was not right for her to get ride of David for Goliath. New York Hugs David and has the nerve to mouth to Debo "I Love You"


Yeah yeah yeah, This was the worst recap ever, but I hear that Steuped is shooting missles and ducking and dodging through caves looking for Bin Laden lol so I threw this up real quick. I know there are alot of typos and errors, Sorry, I had an exam in 4 hours so SUE ME lol . The pictures were taken from

I want to say congrats to the Elle Word staff for breaking 2 records this week. With The Entertainer and the David Otonga (sp) interviews. We have promises to hear from both of the guys after the reunion so stay tuned. Please don't forget to check out IRRE'S Debut of "ASK IRRE" today on The Elle Word. Call in and ask Irre questions you want advice about. Thursday tune in to The Elle Hour where the cartoon by Aaron McGruder, "The Boondocks" is discussed. Friday The Q and Babykins will have a social topic as always.

I will end this post with Part one of Buddha on Gay Straight or Taken. I really want someone to jab Debo in the throat after watching this one because he just wrecks my nerves with his blog. Dude has no heart at all. lol Good night.morning all.... And don't forget to comment. (P.S I will link the interviews later)

While GabriELLE is slaving away trying give you the reader a recap. I decided to share Buddhaha's recap of Episode 10. I don't care what any of you or he (Buddha) has to say ...BUT WITH THIS BLOG THE MAN HAS TOLD US WHO HAS WON. One has to love all of that Buddha Pride & Buddha L<3ve cause now we ain't got to watch the finale. Speaking of the finale, some of the men of 'I Love New York 2' swore I was sitting next to Mr. New York @ the taping of the 'I Love New York 2' reunion show. It wasn't me folks, I promise. Later on today you may see New York in all her reunion sparkle. *sighs She looked good in a very tight, tight dress. If she is pregnant (as in currently)/was (as in reunion show taping) on Thursday, December 6th; the father is a hummingbird. I see no signs of Buddha Jr. or Princess T.M. growing within her womb.

NOTE: This was taken from Buddha's myspace page in the wee hours of the morning. If you go to his page and see an edited versiion. Great! But this is what he posted when we retrieved it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


note: Please excuse any typo's. I did what I could but the kid ain't perfect ;-)


What you didn't see is...

1. ALL of us were speaking with the Vietnamese woman and the conversation was explaining to her what "I Love New York" is ... you'll notice the conversation was muted out to make it appear as though I could be saying anything PLUS the conversation lasted about 20 secs, while awaiting the elevator, but of course production made it seem like not only was I all of the sudden miraculously STUPID enough to be flirting with some random unattractive chick but I was also dumb enough to do that for an exaggerated amount of time... Just ask yourself "how long could it possibly take for a called elevator to come down 4 floors?" LOL!

2. The Punk IMMEDIATELY got piss drunk and tried to throw The Maid over the balcony. The Punk cradled The Maid hanging over the 4th story balcony. The Maid CRIED & YELLED for me to help him and "get this motherf!%ker (Punk) off me!" I reluctantly helped The Maid by pulling him back from over the edge to safety and pushing them both inside. Several Minutes later Punk fell asleep into a drunken stupper.

3. The Punk & The Maid "boy wrestled" with each other in the limo THE ENTIRE WAY OVER to the first date with New York. You'll notice the two of them continued to "boy fight" each other with ass grabbing and "couple tussling" in the seat pretending to REEEEEALLY want to sit next to New York while just so happening to be rubbing asses in each others laps. You'll notice I was FAAAR back trailing the two "lover boys" and then just simply sat on the other side of New York (if they REALLY wanted to sit next to New York why didn't they each just take one side of her??? Unless they just REEEEEALLY wanted an excuse to continue "playing"with each other). I've NOproblems with gays but I ain't that and I damn sure don't play that way and neither do ANY grown heterosexual men that I know of.(PERIOD!!)... you call it.

4. At the club Priestess Patterson hired two blonde chicks to come flirt with me in hopes that I'd entertain their non-sense. Unfortunately for her, her plan backfired when I told both of the drunk hoes (yes! "Hoes!") off in front of everyone. New York got turned on while the "three stooges" stared at each other dumb founded at how bad Patterson's plan worked out. LMAO!! I'm not convinced New York didn't know about that however The Maid did mention to me later how suspecious he found it that the two blondes came directly to me and no one else... he thought production (NOT Patterson) put the girls up to it... he was probably right.

5. The night I walked out of "the club" I went into the limo to leave, 10 mins later The Maid was sent away by New York so that her and The Punk could be together alone. That night, prior to elimination, The Punk spent the night with New York.

6. When Punk was told to go he stood there whining and complaining for 10 mins about how "ill-logical & contradictory" she was being based off of what was said and done between them the night before when he'd slept over her place... the sh*t was almost as pathetic as Yours' plea.

-------EPISODE 10 - THE BUDDHA CONSPIRACY-----------------

Well... I now have summarized conclusively that New York "get's off" on drama and I am wholly a pleaser by nature, so drama is what I give her. The Punk is a COMPLETE back-stabber and uses New York's trust in him to manipulate her with his lies. What you also didn't see is while he was conspiring and plotting against me behind my back he was pretending everything was all good to my face... you call it. He got played and pimped by New York but from my understanding he found plenty of other boys to wrestle in South Beach before leaving.

The Maid and Chump were using New York's weakness (her personal insecurities) against her so I decided to do the same thing to them. I never told them her and I had sex (because we didn't) I only spoke VERY general and let their imaginations play on their insecurities & seeing as how these two "boy friends" are always lying on me anyhow I might as well give them something to talk about ;-) It was not disrespectful by any means and I'm slightly insulted that production chose not to display the prank in its full HILARIOUSNESS!! The camera men could hardly hold the camera's straight from laughing so hard later... it was not by any means disrespectful but it was STATEGY. The following morning New York DID find the prank funny however production left out her laughing for dramatic purposes. I didn't care to justify my actions because they were self-evident to anyone paying attention and New York is hardly as dumb as The Chump thinks she is.

At the "Club" couch I walked away after calling out the obvious conspiracy between The Three Stooges (The Maid, The Chump, & The Priestess) and that's when I told New York, "if you can't see what's going on here you're blind" and I left. Truthfully I could always give a sh*t about her following me. Only a true LOSER would sit there while being so utterly disrespected and insulted. In the real world I would of left her ass sitting there and drove home to bed.

As far as The Maid and Patterson go... well ... they don't surprise me at all so there's nothing really to talk about with them. The Maid is the same ole spineless amoeba who has nothing to offer but worship and you'd have to be a COMPLETE IDIOT to believe that she'd be interested in him had he not been lavishing her with gifts (she'd already stated how unattractive she found him in Episode 1. He only became interesting in Episode 2 after the $700 shoes were given to her).

Oh! and New York and I DID have a conversation about me being an actor THE FIRST NIGHT I was in the mansion. I asked her did it bother her that one of my professions is Acting and her response was "Not at all!! I can't be upset at you for being successful at what you do.

p.s. It will be obvious to the more intelligent viewers (and those familiar with script writing) that production is purposely trying to create a juxtiposition with what is currently seen as my character (The Hero) into that of the exact opposite (The Villian) by leaving out key events that happened here that are COMPLETELY consistent to who I really am (ALL that you have seen in previous episodes).

Obviously they would know at this point MANY people would think highly of me and (for anyone who knows a thing or two about script writing) at this point production would need to relay a counter posistion to my previously portrayed charater in order to "keep audiences guessing" and humanize the winner. Unfortunately, some simple minds will fall for this elementary story board tactic. They now give you mixed feelings about me so that you are torn about who is the "good guy and bad guy." They make it seem like The Maid's previous actions were "not really so bad" and I'm really the "evil man." LOL... WOW!! After reading some of my "loyal fans" comments and how they've now flipped on me I am only now realizing how easily manipulated and simple the public really is. WOW!!! There's an old chinese proverb some might do well to learn, "a person is not who you see today but who he has always been all the days prior."

See you next week.

-With Love,Ezra Masters aka Buddha

I wish all of you a great and positive day. If you have your Boise headphones handy at work listen to The ELLE Word's interviews with Buddha a.k.a. Ezra or Tailor Made a.k.a. Mr. Babykins (just click the 'I Love New York 2' contestant's name of your choice). Don't miss Elle's first written recap below. *smiling like a proud Mama blogger

Credit: Ezra

A delusional Qmoment!

Many were shocked to see Punk go on last nights episode. Tonight Punk will take your questions on The Official Radio Show of The Blogspot: THE ELLE WORD

We have alot of listeners in the chat room who say, "I WANT TO CALL IN BUT I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO ASK" so I will give you a few questions you can call in and ask:

  1. What did you think about Buddha coming back?
  2. When you flipped the table over on Real's leg did you expect to be eliminated?
  3. What did you think about New York's opinion of your mom?
  4. Have you spoken to your ex girlfriend since the show?
  5. Do you still have love for New York?
and yes I will still be taking questions from the chatroom tonight so be there on time
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Trusted sources who are not anonymous; yet will be remain nameless have given me something to ponder. 51 Minds/ Vh1 may not be through with the men of 'I Love New York' & 'I Love New York 2'.

Those I trust have told me 51 Minds passed up on the Tango/ Mr. Boston show. However, Mr. Boston is too much of a gem to let go of in my opinion. I hope Mr. Boston eventually gets a show of his own or with another entertaining reality celeb.

Rumor has it that there is a strong chance (pun intended); the VH1 viewer will get a taste of a Real & Chance show. (Do you all think Real uses that Horse Mane & Tail Shampoo?) *seriously wondering Besides The Stallionaires, the faithful VH1 viewer may very well get a taste of some foolery at it's height. Sources shared with The Q. that old & new scores may be settled in a 'Challenge Show'. Will this be like grown men battling in mud ripping each other clothes off? If so please recast Whiteboy, Punk, Midget Mac, The Entertainer, Nico, Wolf & Yours. OMG! Oh and let's throw Champion in for Sister Patterson.

Alrighty I hope I 've answered some questions y'all been asking me. And a HUGE thanks to MY SOURCES, you are appreciated. (Sorry about the CAPS, Buddha is rubbing off on me.) Where are Babykins, Lareigna, Revenge and STEUPS?
One last thing PUNK of 'I Love New York 2' interview tonight on The ELLE Word @ 7PM Pacific/ 10PM Eastern Time. Call In # (646)478-5101.

Credit: Kats, (photo) & Nameless Faces

A who told you Qmoment!

The Entertainer a.k.a. Frank and his MOM (Susan) of 'I Love New York 2' will be on The ELLE Word tonight @ 7PM Pacific/ 10PM Eastern.

Elle and I have no problem asking The Entertainer & Mrs. Susan tons of questions. Let's face it we are not mind readers. So how about you LISTEN IN LIVE and ask them the questions you want the answers to. They don't appear to hold their tongues back for anyone including Sister Patterson. So call in and introduce yourself and ask your question @ (646) 478-5101.

Tomorrow night on The ELLE Word, we have PUNK a.k.a. David of 'I Love New York 2'. Solace and her staff get to freakin' work. Y'all have work to do.

An Italian Qmoment!

There is one good thing about The Q. not attending a reunion taping. If I don't attend there is no $1,000,000 contract hanging over my head. So I don't have to keep my fingers on the hush. I can type away to my hearts content.

Do you all want to know who the winner is? I bet you do. But I am not typing about it because I am not trying to ruin the finale for anyone. However, an anonymous tipster has given us the low down on what 'allegedly' went on at the reunion show. I wasn't there but decided to play guess who is who. After time wasted putting a lot of thought into which contestant was who; I decided to allow you to fill in the blanks for yourself. Have fun!

Before you start filling in the blanks, I have a reminder for y'all who care. Monday, Dec 10th The ELLE Word interviews The Entertainer and his MOM (Susan) @ 7pm Pacific/ 10pm Eastern. Call In #(646) 478- 5101. Call in and ask The Entertainer and MOM the questions you are dying to know the answers to. If you don't want to know what 'allegedly' happened this past Thursday, STOP READING NOW!!!

"My step-brother is a contracted bodyguard for Video Hits One for breaking up fights on reality television and reunion specials. Well anyways, my step brother called me this morning to inform me that he was, once again, a body guard but a body guard on the Reunion special for I Love New York 2. He told me that any person who takes part or surfaces up on any Reunion show for a dating game show such as ILNY2 is required to sign a contract(initiated by VH1 Management) to not give away surprises when a dating show has not surpassed its seasonal run. But he said they did not say anything about hints. So he let me in on the spoilers as hints so what you read stems from my Step-Brother's view on the Reunion Special this past Friday night in Los Angeles.

Alright so hear it goes, my step-brother told me that three contestants try and almost succeeded on ganging up on another contestant, a contestant __________ throws his chair on stage and is asked to leave, a contestant __________ verbally assaults and almost assaulted the host 'NEW YORK' of ILNY2 and is forcibly removed from the reunion by security, a contestant __________ reveals his true intentions on the reunion which my step brother states was a waste of time on the reunion, an old contestant __________ resurfaces and starts a commotion with harsh and foul words which results in four contestants ___________ trying to attack him __________, a contestant's parent _________ verbally assaults the host 'NEW YORK' and host's parent 'SISTER PATTERSON' via satellite, a contestant __________ degrades another contestant's __________ height and is verbally assaulted by the host 'NEW YORK' , a contestant __________ gets up in the host's NEW YORK'S face about the comments the host 'NEW YORK' made about the contestant's __________ family but is told to get back to his seat, a contestant __________ is ridiculed on his posture in the house by the host 'NEW YORK' and two contestants __________, four contestants __________make fun of the host's parent 'SISTER PATTERSON' which my step brother also states was the highlight of the reunion; he said it lasted for about 4 minutes, the winner __________comes out on stage and is met by hazing and insults from other contestants, and this may sound unbelievable to some but my step brother told me this also so here, a contestant __________ breaks down in tears when the contestant __________ hears the host's remarks made about his parents and verbally assaults the host 'NEW YORK' with rage. My Step-Brother also told me some other things happened but he failed to remember because of all the other stuff that was going on in the show. So Take care guys."

We really appreciate the tip Anonymous & Step Brother. Is there really a step-brother? Oh and let me give a huge wave to Cheryl, the Reunion Show Taping Veteran. *waves Babykins a.k.a. Mrs. Tailor Made your reality hubby is looking mighty sexy getting that chain. Congratulations to Mr. New York if he made it to the reunion and got to meet his dream woman. Now where is Bubo the Hater and Sawyer Stash?

Credit: Anonymous with a heart of gold, 51 Minds &

A rare spoiler Qmoment!

KatsGotYourTongue got us some info on the NY Pregnancy situation. Is NY confirming or not?

BlockquoteYou may have noticed this week, the rampant rumors on the web concerning
the state of Tiffany “New York” Pollard’s womb. We can exclusively confirm that
as of right now, New York is not pregnant.
However, all of that could change very soon. In a recent interview with New York for our Ask New York series (see Part 1 and Part 2), we asked New York this question sent in by Devans00: “What’s next for you after you get your man? What are your goals? What’s the next big thing New York will conquer?” Without having to be pushed at all, New York revealed that baby may be on the way for her very shortly. Says New York:

“There’s something that’s going on with me right now and…uh, I’m almost ready for mommyhood. I’m really nervous and I can’t believe I just said that, but there’s something starting to tick in me. And you know, I’m only 25, I’ll be 26 in January, and I’m almost to that point where I can almost see myself being a mommy, like, real soon! So I think that’s next.“ Blockquote

I'll do some more research for those who care. (I sure hope this isn't a publicity stunt for a new show.)

Credit goes to: Kats

My super secret side-kick who LOOOOOOOVES Bossip, found these pictures of Deelishis in the Smooth Magazine Christmas edition article. My side-kick accidentally sent this to another woman at her place of business and now is being stoned in her cubicle as I type. (smh) (I could have sworn that not more than a month ago, Deelishis received a radio hosting job. Does she still have to show the FANNY off? lol I'm not hating, but we know what she got back there.) For more pictures in the article click on the Pic of dee, or you can click HERE!!! The best part about the Bossip article are the comments that people are leaving.

There are two more that I just couldn't bring myself to post on our "NICE" "WHOLESOME" blog!!
But to blow these two up just click on them.

"Bah humbug!"

Today is the 'I Love New York 2' Reunion taping. I am not there standing in line is the cold or maybe rain. The men of 'I Love New York 2' are most likely loading up in the vans to make their way to the studio.

I would type that I am jealous of all who are attending. However, I'd be lying. I am just not up to it this time around. Though I am dying for some odd reason to see Buddha in action. We all know he has a lot, lot to say. I am dying to know what La La & New York are wearing. *wonders if Solange Knowles will be there again

Anyhow, we'll get to see the edited version of the reunion in two weeks. That'll just have to do. In the meantime, enjoy this dance number in the Christmas spirit.

"I see ILNY2 elves."

Credit: Kats &

A scroogified Qmoment!

The Entertainer (I Love New York) was interviewed by Rich of the VH1 blog and this is an excerpt.

She called you a “loser” before she eliminated you. Did that hurt your feelings?

Absolutely not. People try to hurt my feelings and knock me down all of the time. I laugh at those people.
You know, I don’t have the greatest job in the world, I work for UPS and to be honest I don’t even work for them anymore. I ended up leaving them because they wouldn’t give me a truck because I was on the I Love New York show and it was just a whole bunch of drama at work, so I just decided to leave there. Right now, I’m actually delivering pizza.

You can tell I have no shame. I could tell the whole world that I’m delivering pizza and I could care less if people make fun of me. I’m my own person and I’m gonna do whatever I want, that’s how I’ve always been. My whole life’s been like this, I never had money so, I could care less, it’s not a big deal. And I’ve always been a happy person so, you know, it doesn’t matter to me.

Dang, I kinda like the bloke's attitude after reading that.
Read The Entertainer interview, here...

Nip/Tuck New York cameoDon't know how many of you caught it, but New York's cameo in the plastic-surgeon series 'Nip/Tuck, aired last night (December 4th if you're in Australia or some shit).
By all accounts, she did well; but how can you go wrong playing yourself...although technically she wasn't playing herself, but let's not get too surreal here.
There was an ad for Episode 10 of I Love New York 2 after her cameo, so expect her ratings-numbers to receive a tiny boost.

Thanks to Shawn for reminding me yesterday, although I forgot to remind you lot.
Enjoy the rest of y'all day.

Credit: Shawn & TV Guide

First I received a link from a (non-commenting) Blogspot Reader named Eric and he showed me what 'Media Fake Out' had to say about Miss New York being pregnant. You can click HERE to get that rumor.

I then did a little 'Googling' to see if there was any truth to this rumor and found an article on which you can read HERE.
I went to the Wikipedia link at the forum, and even though Wikipedia is not always a reliable source I was willing to see what they had to say. I went to the link just to find that it was not there and then I found this really crappy video on YouTube, which, after showing these lame semi-nude pics of Hoopz; called just about all the ILNY2 men gay.
You can check that out here...

PS. You may want to mute the video...... FAIR WARNING

These Rumors are all different.

  1. Media Fake Out Says that New York was not pregnant based on tests taken before the show but 2 weeks later they did the exiting pregnancy test and she was. (I'm a little curious to know why they tested the guys for pregnancy before the show)

  2. said that New York was pregnant with TANGO's baby. Which was from Season One.

  3. The video on YouTube says the father is someone from Season One but it happened during Season Two.


Credit goes to: Eric H

R.I.P Pimp C

Just saw this as I lurked on the S2S Board. An artist named Victor Fraser, does an Alicia Keys album cover with chalk in Toronto, Canada.
Watch the video....

Credit: Lellow

Cristal goes blonde

Flavor of Love and Charm School star, Cristal 'Serious' Steverson has a new blonde look. Don't much matter to me, because the body is what matters.

Uhmmmn, you think she's blonde all over?

The Entertainer and his parents, Gary and Susan

Aye, this Episode 9 flew by; let's hope the recap does as well.
Four guys left and they all look rather nervous. 'Punk' laments 'Mr Wise's' elimination but is optimistic no one will ever feel that way about him. He is now the bookmaker's favorite to win it all; doing just enough to be interesting and not too much to annoy 'New York'.
'Buddha', the second favorite, thinks he and 'New York' know each other very well so it's now time to enjoy each other. (this is one corny-ass brotha, let me tell ya)

It's note-time though, courtesy 'Big Ant', and 'The Entertainer' reads and reveals the parents are on the way and they have to clean house.
This they do, with 'Tailor Made' assigned the toilets. It would have been too cruel to have him clean the kitchen with his suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Slap Disorder)

The first to arrive are 'The Entertainer's' (Frank's) parents, and they seem nice enough, especially mom who is eager to 'meet my future daughter-in-law'. She has the thickest New York accent ever and describes New York as "pretty"
'Tailor Made's' father is next to arrive and describes his son as a "role model" (fuck outta here with that)...obviously 'Tailor Made' told him what to say, because he seems able to contact anyone he wants -the ex-wife, the florists, the lingerie shop.

Punk's mother and sister (why?) show up and make it obvious they aren't pleased the Harvard man is looking for love on television. On meeting them 'New York' notes, "Punk got all of the looks in that family, he skipped the gene that would have rendered him otherwise" (hahahaha, I think that comment rules out Punk as the winner)

At last, 'Buddha's' dad arrives and he greets him as 'Big Mike' (a bit odd, I thought). New York thinks he looks hot.
Within a minute, we learn why Buddha is such an arrogant ignoramus, as his dad assaults New York with , "being the beautiful black woman that you are, why do you smoke so much?" (he must be a fan of the show?). And warns her it will ruin her beauty.
New York is taken aback, coming from someone who 'could be over 90 and wears diapers'
With everyone settled in, New York goes about meeting the parents.

Sitting with 'Punk' and his family, New York asks mom, "how would you feel about Punk and I together?"
"It would take getting used to", she replied, then buries her head in her hands. (is it that serious?)
Punk's sister -who is the spitting image of her mom- looks on as if to say, 'bitch please'.
Later she (New York) admits to 'Punk' that his family doesn't approve and asks what are they gonna do about it. (hmmmn, it's not like New York to care that much)
She then announces -after the parents have joined her and the contestants- that she will take to dinner, 'The Entertainer', 'Punk', and their respective family members. Silently, 'The Entertainer' worries about sharing a table with his mother and 'Sister Patterson'. (he ain't never lied)

Dinner Date with Punk and The Entertainer
Sister Patterson argues with SusanAt the restaurant (a cheap-looking one, I might add) the two sets of families arrive to see New York and 'Sister Patterson' already seated. The dynamic duo never stand to accept greetings from the parents, and the rudeness worsens when The Entertainer's mom asks, "what do you think of my son?"
With 'The Entertainer' absenting himself for a bathroom break, 'Sister Patterson' replies, "I hope you take him home tonight".
"I am not gonna take him home because he likes your daughter" (but you gotta hearya say 'daughta' for yourself)

With that the dinner escalates into the 'War in Iraq'...first 'Sister Patterson' accuses Frank's mom of putting her greasy hand in her face (which you probably know is a well-known insult to Italians). But Frank's mom isn't backing down and New York is forced to intervene and let's her know, "you have to have respect for my mom"
Which is a bit of a joke, really, because 'Sister P' has no respect for anyone.

Unbelievably, 'Sister Patterson' yields and walks out, with New York in tow, saying she's not 'wasting time' with The Entertainer's parents, as they leave, Frank's mom yells, "mother and daughter, low-class trash" (hahahaha, the woman has balls)
'Punk' and his family look on in dismay and Frank's dad has a look as if he's seen this happen many times before (lmao)
I will not sit next to her (pronounced her-ah), Frank's mom orders.

Having returned to the aftermath, 'The Entertainer' follows New York and her mom downstairs and tries to make peace, but is told off by 'Sister Patterson', "you need to talk to your mother; so why are you in my face when I'm tryna have one-on-one time with my daughter"
As he departs, 'The Entertainer' characterizes New York as Sister Patterson's pet!
Upstairs, Frank's mom says, "I don't think I am getting an apology from her (New York) or that transvestite" (lmmfao)

Surprisingly, they return to the table and Frank's dad offers a toast to 'good health'. And then it starts again...
Sister P: excuse me sir, what is your name?
TE's Dad: Gary
Sister P: I am Michelle
(wtf? she is flirting with Frank's dad! Lmao)

'Sister P' calls Frank's Dad a "knock-out", and adds to the uncomfortable nature by asking, "doesn't your wife tell you how gorgeous you are?" (and lemme tell ya, the woman looks sexy when she flirts)
But she ain't slick and Frank's mom gets on her again and soon they going back and forth. "You have too much testosterone", Frank's mom accuses.
"I do; and I look better than you", Sister P states matter-of-factly.

I can't remember much of the repartee, but I do recall, Frank's mom saying, "I'd rather wear his jock-strap than that wig on your head" (bumboclaaaattttt, lol)
Sister Patterson walks away for a second time, but not before she said, "shut-up, you fat-ass bitch"
The battle was a tie, probably, but Frank's mom won the tie-breaker for staying put.
As the dust clears, 'The Entertainer' is the real loser of the battle as 'Punk' accurately points out.

Family Day with the Buddha's and the Tailor Made's
A new day, a new beginning; but Punk's mother can't forget yesterday and describes the dinner to Tailor Made's dad. She objectively, appreciates both sides, New York defending her mother, and a mother defending her son. But is opposed to the swearing, "those words are not acceptable in our family" (not even during sex?)

Buddha is just happy to not be part of the drama for a change (stop the lying, you know your ass is a drama-queen) and is there to witness New York and Susan (The Entertainer's mom) exchange false pleasantries in the kitchen.
Susan is still angry, and suggests New York has no respect for older people and "wasn't raised right by her mom" (ain't you the one with a 30yr old son in the basement? Fuck outta here)
She ends the confession by saying she no longer wants New York for a daughter-in-law (as if you ever?)

But it's about 'Buddha' and 'Tailor Made' today; and their date is poolside in the back-yard (which suggests they were never going home this week)
'Tailor Made' fusses over his dad's choice of outfit, noting, he and pops are never gonna compete with 'Buddha' and Big Mike in a bath-suit (I hope for Christ's sake, Buddha isn't calling his dad 'Big' because he is....that would take their arrogance to the sickest degree)

The family's gather outside and do not wait long for New York and her mother. New York's breasts look great in her bikini top, whilst Sister P looks sexier than ever in a sarong-thingy (I keep tellin' y'all, the woman is the hotness)
Tailor Made's father asks if Sister P is New York's sister, the oldest line in the book, that...
But it seems to work on Sister P, and she immediately warms to him.
Completely disregarding yesterday's event, New York opts to play volleyball with the sons and leaves the Dads to her Mom, for questioning.

Sister Patterson confronts the dadsThe Dad's look nervous, and Sister P wastes no time in spilling the beans on 'Buddha'. But spills a little too much, turning to Big Mike to say, "your son beat the crap out of his son"
There was "blood everywhere", she exaggerates.
Big Mike is skeptical, saying he'd rather hear it from 'Tailor Made' (witness intimidation?). Sister Patterson isn't impressed with his level-headedness and offers an alternative view, "when Buddha's father opens his mouth to speak, it's nothing but hot gas"

Sister P's 'hyperbole (Tailor Made's word) eventually gets to an eavesdropping Buddha (messy boy ain't he?) and he confronts her. They exchange words and he says "you have no good in ya"
He storms off (what's new?), followed by New York.
He admonishes her, stating "you deny me when we are around other people" (deny me? This muffucka thinks he is Christ, or some shit)
The second parent's date ends.

New York cooks
Back in the mansion, New York announces, "I'm gonna make dinner for everyone, tonight", to dispel the belief she's only, "hair, makeup, nails and tight-clothing". (don't forget 'chunking')
As she departs to the kitchen, everyone else has their own issues to sort out....
'The Entertainer' and his Dad convince Susan to keep her mouth shut, while 'Buddha' and Big Mike wax philosophical about New York and her mother, using a mirror as a metaphor (they would wouldn't they? Oh the vanity!)

'Punk' takes the time to do damage control with his family and asks mom to be Frank (haha, I couldn't resist). "What do you think of New York?", he asks.
"I think she is wild and aggressive. I don't deal with people like that"

In the kitchen, New York is a bit overwhelmed. She drops a chicken-wing, retrieves it and dumps it in the pot. (y'all better not pretend, because everyone has done that. it's gonna boil anyway)
A thoughtful Frank enters the kitchen, offers to help, and is rewarded with a makeout session on the kitchen counter.
Right on cue, 'Buddha' stops by, observes what's up and walks away; sulking.
He walks outside, for fresh air apparently (for attention, actually)...with New York in cold pursuit.
Buddha-broodsOutside, 'Buddha' does his best impression of the 'Whiteboy' towel scene. But on this occasion, New York is confrontational.
She states the obvious, that "Buddha is fucking up", but he sees the situation as her mother being afraid he's gonna rescue New York from her victimisation (is this boy for real?)

It's been a "disastrous day", New York confesses, but the dinner-table is surprisingly quiet, until 'The Entertainer' says it's surprisingly quiet. 'Buddha' and Big Mike are brooding, which prompts New York to opine, "only an arrogant asshole would enjoy another arrogant asshole"
Tailor Made's publicist Dad says his son is truly in love.

To keep things moving, New York asks Susan about her living arrangements with Frank and she admits she pretty much does everything for him. He chips in however with walking the dog, taking out the trash and mowing the lawn. 'Tailor Made' describes him as a "loser" (laundry is women's work, anyway, so I don't get what the fuss is about)

That's that, though, the end of whatever they were eating. It's time for elimination. As New York and her mother exit, only 'Punk' has the manners to arise from his seat. (obviously, that is a dude with a good mother)

Everyone is nervous, save for 'Tailor Made' who sailed through this episode. 'The Entertainer' says he feels great, and his Dad says if he's eliminated he'll just return to the basement,but laments, "when I said 'til death do us part', I didn't say it to him" (lmfao)

The first chain is awarded to 'Tailor Made', understandably. "Do you have love for New York?", she inquires.
"So much", Tailor Made responds.
'Punk' is next, no surprise there...even his sister looks a bit pleased. New York says she has butterflies and goosebumps for the Harvard man.

THE ENTERTAINER ELIMINATED EPISODE 9And so it's down to the Final two, 'Buddha' and 'The Entertainer'.
Turning to 'Buddha', New York says, "your father doesn't like me, and at times I don't know if you like me"
But, in the end, it's 'The Entertainer' who is eliminated, because, "I need a man who can support me and check me. With all due respect to you and your parents, you are a loser!"
(da hell? lmfao)

We are not treated to the response of Frank's parents, but I am certain it was explosive and it'll soon be uploaded on VH-1.
The remaining three guys celebrate with champagne, but are warned to not drink too much because they are off to South Beach, Miami.

So that's that, next week will be a banger and we will give you a spoiler on Friday, hopefully.
Thanks for reading, and thanks to Groovy for writing last week's recap.

Pictures courtesy VH1

Ok, I am minutes away from beginning the recap for Episode 9; so here are the usual details for you to apply for tickets for the Reunion Show. Usually they'd email it to me or Q, but they didn't this time. Or maybe they sent it to my enemy Q and she forgot to pass it on.
Anyways, here it is, chicas...

Are you the
ULTIMATE “I Love New York” fan?

Do you know everything there is to know about New York and the guys? Why not put your knowledge to good use by attending the taping of the “I Love NY2” Reunion?

You’ll get an opportunity to ask questions of your favorite cast
members, hear them revisit good times and bad, and even to be among the first to find out how things went for the guys after they left New York and the show. The taping will be held in Los Angeles during the afternoon of Thursday, December 6, 2007. The taping is FREE but by invitation ONLY. So to secure your spot at what is gonna be one of the hottest reunions in VH1 History, write us at:

In your email, please include the following

Your first name
Your age and sex
Your city of residence
Your contact numbers and email address
The names of the people that you will be bringing to the reunion (NOTE:we cannot reserve more than four seats for any one person)

Early respondents do have an edge, so get your response to us ASAP.
You will be contacted by a producer the week of November 26th if you are selected for the audience.

You must be over 18 to attend the taping and have your own transportation to the taping in Los Angeles.
The production cannot provide lodging or transportation. THIS IS NOT A CONTEST.

All audience members will be REQUIRED to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to being admitted to the audience

Thanks to Shawn and

Should be an early recap today...
After the spoiler, the link to the entire Episode and the lunch-time airing of Episode 9, you should know who was eliminated.
If you don't, stay away from the blog mate.

Some of you care about this stuff -I know I do- so here's the latest...
I Love New York 2 Episode 7 grabbed 4.4 million viewers two Mondays ago. The giddy numbers placed it 1st among reality television shows for that week and 7th overall among all cable fare.
Yep, it's a hit.

I really hope VH-1 is paying her well, because the only shows beating her are wrestling, football and Disney's garbage.


Bonez has his recap on DrHottie for you guys to read...if you choose to.

Saaphyri was a celebrity guest at the Donnie Simpson 40th bash

View Episode 9 of I Love New York before anyone else

And here's a picture of Beyonce for D; she has your mind, boy.
Beyonce has your mind

New York french manicure

New York's brother contacted Rican and spill the beans of an upcoming role for the 'I Love New York' star. She's already shot her role in the soon-to-be released movie, 'First Sunday'.
Here's the IMDB link with the plot outline, stars and whatnot.
I don't see her name listed anywhere, though...

Credit: Rican

After yesterday's Flavor of Love marathon, Hoopz mania is back again; for the weekend at least. Here's a picture that ought to guide you to Hoopz' Official MySpace...
Nikki Hoops Alexander
The Flavor of Love winner will soon be seen in the movie 'Ghetto Stories'.
Need more information? Click over to the official Hoopz website.
And New York is also set to star on the big screen as well. I'll have more on that later today.
That's it for me then, I need to throw-up...

Sean Taylor murder-accused, Jason Mitchell

Jason 'Scott' Mitchell, one of four men charged with unpremeditated murder in the shooting death of Washington Redskins safety, Sean Taylor; is a fan of Larissa Bootz Aurora.
Jason Mitchell's MySpace

Mitchell has been arrested twice, most recently in October on charges of driving with a suspended license and violation of probation. The Miami Herald reported Mitchell cut the player's lawn and did other chores at the house, and The Naples Daily News quoted a woman who identified herself as his mother, as saying her son was at a birthday party at Taylor’s home within the past two months.

Taylor was shot in the upper leg as he surprised burglars at his Florida home. The bullet damaged the femoral artery in Taylor’s leg, causing significant blood loss. He never regained consciousness and died early Tuesday.

Source: S2S and MSNBC

Punk of I Love New York and DJ BacksideOne of The Blogspot's faithful readers e-mailed me a picture of the lovely DJ Backside and Punk. Word in eWorld is that Licious invited DJ Backside to hang out with her and the handsome hunks of 'I Love New York 2'. Besides Punk, Wolf and Buddha were in attendence during this V.I.P. club outing. One night in November they all had a fun time at the club Facade in Hollywood, CA. DJ Backside has mad skill so check her out on her myspace.

A Hollywood Qmoment!

Apologies for posting the wrong video yesterday; who knew Aurelius had a sex-tape with Kim Kardashian as well. It was a lot better than Ray J's though, so those who saw it probably didn't mind.
Anyways, here's the 'real' I Love New York Episode 8 video recap; hope you enjoy it

And much love and credit to Sanyo for the tip-off to the link for Episode 9.

Yes, you can watch the entire Episode 9 of I Love New York 2: Meet the Parents.
Sort of makes the Spoiler a tad irrelevant, sigh.
Lemme know if it was accurate or not because my DSL is buggin' out.

Leave your comments in the post below (youknowwhamean)

Credit: Sanyo

New York of I Love New York 2Last week our 'source' was dead on the money. He/She/They accurately predicted Mr Wise's elimination.
Well, this weeks Episode 9 Spoiler is longgggg, and offers just a bit more information than we have already seen in the previews. But, like last week, the eliminated contestant is revealed.
Will it be Buddha? Tailor Made? The Entertainer? Or Punk?

If you can wait 'til Episode 9 is aired, then I strongly advise you to avoid the comments box and the link to follow.
If you really want to know, however, you can click on to Bourgy for the I Love New York Episode 9 Spoiler.

Oh, I forgot this...we hooked up with a new site that specializes in gossip and celebrity news out of Atlanta. The site is 'Straight from the A', go check it out please.

I've learned with the VH1 videos one can't get fancy or they don't work. New York falls in more than one way in the awesome extra video clip. Enjoy, I laughed. I wonder what Buddha's thinks about the last part of this video Alone Time.

Credit: VH1

Let's face it. Oh, I should face it. The Q. is most likely never going to get to sit down with Mr. Wise over a venti Macchiato upside down. However, it doesn't mean I don't want to hear or read what he has to say. One of my mother's main lessons was 'those who seldom speak are the ones who usually have the most wisdom to offer'. (Y'all know I don't have sh!t in the wisdom department to offer, right?) Solomon Wise may very well be one of those my mother was referring to.

Whether you love him, hate him or just are plain indifferent to him. One has to wonder 'how did he make it to the top 5'? I believe what the production didn't find dramatic and entertaining enough for reality television; New York found mysterious and sexy. Hell I could be wrong but pass the spitting incident why keep him? Someone had to be feeling the Miami Heat and we all can see it wasn't 51 Minds! Hell cause to be frank I saw more of Man Man and how long ago did he leave?

Well The ELLE Word did an interview with him awhile ago. And posted an interesting interview with Mr. Wise that I believe sheds light on the talented young artist. Here is a lil' peak of what the 'I Love New York 2' stud had to say on his experience.

What was making you frustrated and unhappy?
The main thing was what happened with Pretty. And the questions that they were asking my ex. They were real disgusting questions. Questions that were too personal. I mean, I understand TV, entertainment. It’s reality, it’s funny, but some of this stuff is just overboard.

Like sexual type of stuff?
They were asking questions about my parents. I had stated to New York that my immediate parents aren’t available one of my parents is a disabled vet. She got real personal and said something to [ex-girlfriend Kia] like, “Is his dad cuckoo?” I just thought it was a little too personal. They were just trying to dig into stuff that they shoulda just left alone.

Mr. Wise of 'I Love New York 2' has plenty more to say. So go on now and click your way over to to read the full interview.

Credit: Willie Sterling from Sterling Photography (photos)

A wise Qmoment!

New York and BuddahBuddha a.k.a. Ezra has an important message for the women. In support of all the 'I Love New York 2' we at The Blogspot want to help in spreading their bulletins, rants, beefs & meltdowns.

Date: Nov 28, 2007 10:41 AM

Subject: ***** WOMEN PLEASE READ ******

Body: Females, DO NOT EVERY SEND ME ANY NUDE PICTURES!! I will delete you hoe-ish ass and block you from contacting me FOREVER!!My mom didn't raise a no dog! I don't even know WHAT about my character that you've seen thus far would make a female even THINK that I'm that type of guy. DISGUSTINGLY OFFENSIVE!! and my patience for it is up. p.s. All of my LADIES please don't take offense as I'm only talking to the HOES out there, REAL TALK!.

Well I hope you vagina having munchkins change the errors of your ways. Buddha does not want you sending him photos of your naked behinds. Just say, "NO" to greasing yourself up with baby oil and displaying your body parts. Buddha a.k.a. Ezra's mom raise him better than to ogle your unclothed bodies.

Your welcome Buddha. The Q. will do whatever she can to spread the word. "DO NOT SEND BUDDHA NAKED PICTURES OF YOURSELVES!" I think they got it now.

A butt naked Qmoment!

Magdalena Legz

Big John

Sammie Spades

Brandi Viola
















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