Recap shouldn't be too long in coming because not much happened tonight, but y'all can discuss her decision to eliminate Wolf (drag and highlight to see whom it is)
If you are interested, you can listen to an interview Elle, Q and Irre conducted with the eliminated contestant.


  1. Re-thinking my "Buddha Love" // 12/11/07 10:17 PM  

    I can't wait until next week...looks like a lot is going to happen...

  2. Baby // 12/11/07 10:23 PM  

    Dayum. My umbrella broke in the rainstorm, I lost a button on my favorite coat and now this:
    My Wolf is gone...(insert heaving sobs here)

    What the hell kind of day is this?!

  3. steups // 12/11/07 10:31 PM  

    You can't sew?
    Hmmn, you're not perfect after all.

    That's too bad PBS

  4. Re-thinking my "Buddha Love" // 12/11/07 11:03 PM  

    I am sorry Baby..I really thought it was gonna be Mr. Wise there for a minute though...

  5. Anonymous // 12/11/07 11:21 PM  

    HORNY NY! did ya'll see how she looked after Buddha kissed her at dinner. pour NY she wants to f%#$ so bad but she doesn't want to be looked upon as a national tv sl&t. she probably had an orgasim at dinner.LOL

  6. Anonymous // 12/11/07 11:29 PM  

    Um, Anonymous didn't you see Flava of Love? NY already looks like a nasty s!#%! Not to mention the way she wears bras that are 2 sizes too small to pour her t!#%&*! out of her outfits like she's about to work the boulevard. She's got the lowest self-esteem of any woman I have ever seen on tv.

  7. Anonymous // 13/11/07 12:07 AM  

    NY is crazy for that elimination. She's been on point this season for the most part, but why didn't she eliminate Wise? He seems indifferent about her and hasn't tried to get to know her.

  8. Anonymous // 13/11/07 12:53 AM  

    because wolf passed gas I guess?
    Her chest looks bizarre now. I thought she was so much prettier before...

  9. Cheesemeister // 13/11/07 1:27 AM  

    Poor Wolf--guess he needs to start carrying Beano and/or Gas-X with him!

  10. Cheesemeister // 13/11/07 1:28 AM  

    Either that or he needs to hook up with Somethin and they can commiserate on their intestinal issues! ;-p

  11. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 13/11/07 1:35 AM  

    i must have powers every person i message on myspace goes home dat episode lol its weird but york

  12. steups // 13/11/07 1:43 AM  

    You must have insider-information, Mr New York.
    And why are you messaging the guys?

  13. Khicago // 13/11/07 3:05 AM  

    About miss Leilene down below, i was in her fuckin corner all through out CS, But it seems she have turned into a big slut. Someone needs a second semester of CS. I PRAY this was done before CS, i pray it was. I think so, because now Leilene wheres beautiful make up now, yea, i think these were b4 CS. and she had gotten breast implants before CS, i think pumkin had made a statement about that when she was fighting with her. Funny how shes a struggling mother with three children but have the time to be in the WWE, go on FOL and CS and get breast implants,but cant take care of her kids?

  14. Khicago // 13/11/07 3:08 AM  

    NY looked her best on FOL season 1, well not her best, but deffinatley she looked more "bad", i mean she looked like she would kill a bitch. That dark eye shadow was hot. Where is Hood NY? I miss her, thats what i'm gonna call fol1 NY, Hood NY.

  15. your mother // 13/11/07 4:26 AM  

    i like that drag- and- highlight- to- see- whom- it- is- thing.. Too bad that the eliminated contestant is in the headline of the recap above.. Again VSpot was too slow ;)

    And those Leilene pictures.. ewww... where do you find that stuff? I've seen pictures of her way more classy..

  16. "drama queen" // 13/11/07 7:39 PM  

    leilene looks way better with her clothes on. these havta be old, her make up and hair look amateur. what camera are these chicks using that shows every stretch mark, bump and riple so clearly, so that I can make sure never to use!!!

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