I've learned with the VH1 videos one can't get fancy or they don't work. New York falls in more than one way in the awesome extra video clip. Enjoy, I laughed. I wonder what Buddha's thinks about the last part of this video Alone Time.

Credit: VH1


  1. Anonymous // 30/11/07 1:53 AM  

    miz k is 1st.yay

    ok was i the only one wondering why wise and punk is half naked...

    i like that but why

  2. Anonymous // 30/11/07 1:55 AM  

    oh yeah my mom would call those humps DRY SEX...
    -miz k

  3. The Q © 2007 // 30/11/07 2:07 AM  

    LOL @ Miz K.

  4. steups // 30/11/07 3:30 AM  

    Dirty Slut

  5. Dana - W for Whatever // 30/11/07 3:39 AM  

    Why did she look like she was yawning at one point during the "make out" session?

    You know where I mean, coming down to the end where her mouth was just wide open (before he bit her)

    Ugh *Shiver*

  6. steups // 30/11/07 8:14 AM  

    I hate when people use my name, it's bad enough I am supposed to be anons but incredibly worse, when anons are pretending to be me.

  7. Gabrielle // 30/11/07 10:17 AM  

    Steups, welcome to my world son

  8. Mysty™ // 30/11/07 10:20 AM  

    The most nauseating sounds were being made during that TM kiss and they looked very awkward together...dry humping aside.
    Baby, I already know you're gonna get me, so show your man what he's supposed to do with his hands in that situation...he seemed confused! lol

  9. Mysty™ // 30/11/07 10:21 AM  

    Hey Gabby! I missed you at Thanksgiving dinner...only had 1 niece present!

  10. Gabrielle // 30/11/07 10:26 AM  

    AWWWWWW!!! What did y'all eat Aunt Mysty?

  11. Mysty™ // 30/11/07 10:35 AM  

    Some of everything...turkey, ham, mac & cheese, yams, greens, cranberry sauce, stuffing, potato salad, peach pie, sweet potato pie, brownies, 4 kinds of cake...you name it and it was on my mom's table! lol
    How was your holiday? And how's the semester crunch going?

  12. Gabrielle // 30/11/07 10:39 AM  

    My holiday was very nice :) I didn't eat much, but I never do. I made sure I got some dressing though :) We had the same things your mom had. I tore up some macaroni too.

    I'm actually having a good end of the semester compared to what I thought. I usually be so stressed about passing that I just give up towards the end, but I've making higher grades and being more attentive in class, I wonder where this came from

  13. Mysty™ // 30/11/07 10:43 AM  

    Stop it...you are very smart, you're supposed to pay attention! I have papers galore to do in the next two weeks, so I will be busy this weekend! Other than that, things are cool. I only have three classes this semester, but they are kicking my butt...can't wait 'til December 13th!

  14. "drama queen" // 30/11/07 12:22 PM  

    Dana, it wasnt a yawn, it looked like she was having an ORGASM, you know NY gets easily excited. Yeah, they was ready to go to the room it seemed. She a ho fo sho, but they love it. I thought she was gonna eat poor Tailor Made.

    I laugh hysterically everytime I see the fall!!!

    As far as the guys being half naked, they pbly just be like that most of the time, I know the men in my family always lounge around the house w/ only shorts or boxers, oh yeah and slippers! I remember when I lived at thome 1 cousin even used to have nerve to try to hang around in his tightie whities, we used to be like oh no, go put some sweats on or something!

  15. "drama queen" // 30/11/07 12:24 PM  

    maybe it's just me but I hate when men wear shirts around the house, at the most a wife beater, Im tearing my husbands clothes off as soon as he's walking in the door, I'm the same too, let's get comfy!

  16. Gabrielle // 30/11/07 12:47 PM  

    Mysty, you are so lucky. I have 10. I hate each and every class individually so it takes at least 10 of my brain cells that i could be using on studying. (Which I can't do) But, I got 3 papers due tomorrow and haven't started on ANY :(

  17. Anonymous // 30/11/07 2:27 PM  

    Pictures of New York W/OUT the infamous WIGS eriously, how much worse could it get. Nevermind the sick eyelashes made from complete horsetails or the pounds of Mac stock going down the drain each time she leaves her dirty imprint on these on some unfortunate suitor, but if they guys won the right to create a "challenge" and they challenged NY to remove everything false (minus the boobs because that would just be gross....wait a minute...everything would) don't you think the show would be a wrap, instantly. Sure the episode would be an instant classic c',mon...who wants to see Kadeem Hardison without the flip glasses in drag????? LMPBAO! What can I say, I'm just feeling good today! :-)

  18. Anonymous // 30/11/07 2:29 PM  

    LMPBAO? laughing my pissy blackASS off?

  19. gam // 30/11/07 2:36 PM  

    The funniest part of that video was how she managed not to spill one drop of her drink as she fell down the stairs...lol


    imm gonna kic his ass~~~mr.new york

  21. "drama queen" // 30/11/07 2:46 PM  

    yeah, she appeared to be a bit tipsy no?

  22. steups boyfriend // 30/11/07 2:47 PM  

    Give me a kiss,

  23. "drama queen" // 30/11/07 2:47 PM  

    whose getting their ass kicked?

  24. Anonymous // 30/11/07 2:49 PM  

    i think new york is a whore sleeping witth 20 man!!!! ohh please she is one of the nastyest whore i ever seen and someone please tell new york that to get real money and do her hair and stopt putting on horse hair

    i don’t give a fuck who says a think cause u can’t do me nothing


  25. Anonymous // 30/11/07 2:51 PM  

    that bitch should give that shit up.she aint doing nothing making a fool of ugly self.nasty trifling bitch.

  26. Anonymous // 30/11/07 2:54 PM  


  27. queenbrina233 // 30/11/07 3:46 PM  

    if any1 has a problem with new york you deal with me you hatin ass bitches

  28. The Purple Mist // 30/11/07 4:40 PM  

    Hey everyone! Don't have much to say except...

    (A)That fall was funny as hell, but damn near inevitable in heels that high, and...

    (B) I don't know, I get the impression that she wasn't really enjoying herself in that kiss. Didn't she say at one point that Tailor Made wasn't a very good kisser? *shrug*

    Hope everyone is doing good...TGIF!

  29. Anonymous // 30/11/07 4:43 PM  

    yeah the kiss began looking really awkward as it dragged on

  30. Anonymous // 30/11/07 4:45 PM  

    queenbrina LMAO shut up you stupid bitch your a whore like new york

  31. dominicanprincess170 // 30/11/07 5:51 PM  

    Wow im gone for a while and this is what i come back to.... priceless.

  32. Anonymous // 30/11/07 5:58 PM  

    Anonymous at 2:27pm, that diatribe wasn't funny when you posted it the first time on vh-1's message board, and it isn't funny now. Get a new schtick please...

  33. steups // 30/11/07 5:59 PM  

    Why the anger?
    And rubs eyes at a semi-decent Queen Brina comment.

  34. steups // 30/11/07 6:02 PM  

    As promised, we got the Spoiler.
    Have you read it yet, Elle?

  35. Anonymous // 30/11/07 6:16 PM  

    steups you were jogging on haight street this am about 1150. you were
    between masonic and central towards divisadero. you were wearing
    black running shorts, dark black hair, handsome.
    we nodded and said hello. i hoped you would look back.
    you were into your run. i was the black guy , about 6'1", 155lbs.,
    active wear. get in touch.

  36. dominicanprincess170 // 30/11/07 6:21 PM  

    Hi steups.

  37. Anonymous // 30/11/07 6:22 PM  

    steups i was waiting for my appointment,had my glasses on,reading the newspaper - you came into the office ,bringing coffee for the staff. we looked at each other with interest.

  38. Anonymous // 30/11/07 6:23 PM  

    LOL hello dominicanprincess

  39. steups // 30/11/07 6:25 PM  

    Hi Dominican...yeah, mate; that was me.

  40. Anonymous // 30/11/07 6:28 PM  

    dominicanprincess are you Light Skin or dark skin

  41. Anonymous // 30/11/07 6:39 PM  

    steups are you looking for a date http://www.uglypeople.tv/

  42. "drama queen // 30/11/07 6:41 PM  

    steups you from SFO??? oh shit, that explains everything!

  43. Anonymous // 1/12/07 2:27 AM  

    the entertainer went from 27 to 35 to 29.. how old is this nerd?

    -miz k

  44. Baby // 1/12/07 10:31 AM  

    Miz K,

    I TOTALLY noticed that as well! This dude is, at best a sun-withered 40. My guess is late 40's.

  45. Baby // 1/12/07 10:55 AM  

    Oh and Mysty,
    I will address your nonsense/falsehoods about Tailor Made and his pre-lovemaking skills later. I gotta study now (you lucky or it would be on!) Why are you examining him so closely, unless you find him sexy too? Hmmm...(this explains the "tm" still next to your handle).
    I don't blame ya....

  46. Sandy // 1/12/07 8:09 PM  

    Okay, I don't get these reality shows. On this one, New York accuses Buddah of not being serious about being on the show. Because he was on He-- Date. Well, my question is why was she on another dating show? I can't recall the name, but there was alot of women in the house with a man. So what's up with that. Are these solely for entertainment purposes? Or are they real?

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