Aurelius has delivered yet another awesome video recap. This is definitely one of my favorites. He pointed out a 'pot calling the kettle black' moment. Sister Patterson looked good rocking the Farrah Fawcett feathered look. On with Aurelius' Video Recap because it's the best thing about this blog besides Revenge, Mysty, That's Hot, Babykin, Groovy Noodles, 3pm, Blacknuts, Sawyer, Lareigna, Electra, Dana, Gabrielle, Beebs, SpeakNTruth, Jane, Elisau *snickers, Irresistible Deliscious, Licious, Pale Black Sheep, Damien, Drama Queen, Mexirican, Half n Half, Sapphire Tigress, Teddy and all of our anonymous readers. Where the hell is my Bubo the Hater? Someone remind not to check my e-mail before I leave for the gym. Now I don't want to go. "B*tch we look like Shamu, get your @ss up and let's go" replies Q.'s thighs.


  1. Anonymous // 24/11/07 5:37 PM  

    Great recap as always Aurelius!

  2. Over "Buddha Love" // 24/11/07 6:27 PM  

    Love the Pretty tribute Aurelius, and thanks for the shout out Q! You make me feel so loved "smile"

  3. steups // 24/11/07 7:57 PM  

    bada bada bing

  4. Anonymous // 24/11/07 8:03 PM  

    quanda what da hell is this

  5. MrNotNice // 24/11/07 8:39 PM  

    That middle pic is weird... Kinda looks like Aurelius is a belly dancer.

  6. Baby // 24/11/07 9:19 PM  

    Thanks for the shout out Q :). I'm back and had a GREAT time! Holla when you can.
    (you might have to put out an APB on your boy Bubo).
    Awesome recap, Aurelius. The bony-ribbed Chance impression was effing highlarious!
    Did Tailor Made's soon-to-be-ex-wife snort-laugh when she was being introduced? Or was I just hearing things?
    Pretty: where there is smoke there is usually fire. Way too many rumors/accusations to be entirely false. That fight with him leaving the house? That wasn't anger at NY, that was fear of being outed on TV. Closets are for shoes, come on out...

  7. Anonymous // 24/11/07 11:46 PM  

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  8. The Q © 2007 // 24/11/07 11:50 PM  

    Chance inpersonation is a CLASSIC! LOL!

  9. Thats Hot // 25/11/07 12:58 AM  

    Q, tell your thighs to shut up!

  10. Anonymous // 25/11/07 1:33 AM  

    thanks a lot

    btw.. am i the only one was thinking mr. wise was cool w/ everything as long as no one touched his drink that night. he only put down his drink once when ny called him out. then he looked like damn this bitch done messed up my happy hour.

    miz karlene

  11. Anonymous // 25/11/07 6:25 AM  

    Gul I loveded you,
    Straight up fo'sho.
    Or I wouldna told dem ova girls
    not to call me no mo.

    I knowed it was true,
    the first day I seed you.
    Why you thank I do,
    the thangs I do?

    Remember how I use ta wine and dine you,
    Schlits Malt Liquor and Bar-Ba-Que.
    I gave you a bubble baze and fed you grapes.
    Dey was on sale that week a dolla ninety-eight.

    Romanic evenins after dark,
    Skreet light walks around the block.
    Like the very first time,
    you came ova to my crib.
    And you got all scared,
    cause that roach was on yo Tims.
    I was right dare,
    with a can of spray.
    To be yo Super Negro,
    and save the day.

    I ain't even pay my light bill,
    so I can take you to da club.....
    Don't knock ova dem candles
    and burn up my rug!

    And dat nite we made luv,
    for a long liddle bit of time.
    I hope you got yours,
    cause I sho'nuff got mine.

  12. lareigna // 25/11/07 11:51 AM  

    lmao @ And dat nite we made luv,
    for a long liddle bit of time.
    I hope you got yours,
    cause I sho'nuff got mine.

    I love the phonetic spelling.

    BTW thanks for the shout out Q.

  13. Gabrielle // 25/11/07 1:45 PM  

    :( the video won't show up on this comp

  14. Jeff Loves New York // 25/11/07 2:06 PM  

    isnt it ironic that real and chance wore there stallionaires shirts but in the first season they said they did not want any publicity, "there apparently set and there record deal is amazing" wat ever i just found that really ironic

  15. Gabrielle // 25/11/07 2:12 PM  

    Ok I got to see it. People talk about my country accent but Aurelius said, "she brought back the AXES" I caught that :) lol but Aurelius how many of those dern Aurelius LOVES Ny shirts you got?

  16. steups // 25/11/07 2:39 PM  

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  17. Anonymous // 25/11/07 3:40 PM  

    happy nut job steups

  18. steups // 25/11/07 4:26 PM  

    why do you hate me so?

  19. Anonymous // 25/11/07 4:40 PM  

    will what do you mean Merry Christmas It’s Still November, Right?

  20. steups // 25/11/07 5:18 PM  

    It is?
    Oh shite!

  21. Baby // 25/11/07 5:39 PM  

    Elle, I like your accent. I love Southern accents in general, they're very comforting. Yes, M'am :)

  22. steups // 25/11/07 6:09 PM  

    Hiya Baby

  23. boss hov // 25/11/07 6:17 PM  

    Anonymous @ 4:40 PM steups is mentally retarded you know that

  24. Anonymous // 25/11/07 6:41 PM  

    how big is your penis steups

  25. Gabrielle // 25/11/07 7:06 PM  

    thanks baby :) and i'm still mad at aurelius cause he didn't shout me out

  26. Anonymous // 25/11/07 7:15 PM  

    woooooow gabrielle

  27. Gabrielle // 25/11/07 7:31 PM  

    wow what?

  28. Anonymous // 25/11/07 7:53 PM  

    somebody got a virus or something. lol

    -miz karlene

  29. Anonymous // 25/11/07 8:10 PM  

    wow your Beautiful, GABRIELLE DO YOU MINE IF I flirt

  30. Anonymous // 25/11/07 8:34 PM  


  31. Gabrielle // 25/11/07 8:57 PM  

    lol wow

  32. Anonymous // 25/11/07 8:57 PM  


  33. Anonymous // 25/11/07 11:53 PM  
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  34. Anonymous // 26/11/07 1:29 AM  

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  35. Anonymous // 26/11/07 2:08 AM  

    wtf is going on in here

    -miz karlene

  36. Thats Hot // 26/11/07 2:53 AM  


    The anon's. on this site are HIIIIGHHHLARIOUS. I wonder how they are in real life?

  37. Anonymous // 26/11/07 3:40 AM  

    steups I really wish you were close by so we could see each other cum. If you have a car A++. I wanna show you what a naughty lil latin boy I could be. If you look cute enough, I'll suck your cock and let you bust in my mouth(condoms of course).

  38. Anonymous // 26/11/07 3:40 AM  

    Daddy, can I please jerk off with you?

  39. Anonymous // 26/11/07 3:42 AM  

    steups send face/cock pic to get a reply

  40. Baby // 26/11/07 11:11 AM  
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  41. Baby // 26/11/07 11:12 AM  


  42. Baby // 26/11/07 11:12 AM  
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  43. Baby // 26/11/07 11:12 AM  
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  44. Electra (trinidad) // 26/11/07 11:13 AM  

    LOL @ Q - girl you are tooooo funny!!!!!

    Am.....BTW Steups what's up with the cold shoulder? Huh? What?

  45. Anonymous // 26/11/07 1:54 PM  

    *close my eyes*


    -miz karlene

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