Apologies for posting the wrong video yesterday; who knew Aurelius had a sex-tape with Kim Kardashian as well. It was a lot better than Ray J's though, so those who saw it probably didn't mind.
Anyways, here's the 'real' I Love New York Episode 8 video recap; hope you enjoy it

And much love and credit to Sanyo for the tip-off to the link for Episode 9.


  1. Anonymous // 30/11/07 9:27 PM  

    They got to Aurelius finally, NO CLIPS.


  2. Gabrielle // 30/11/07 9:42 PM  

    lol sigh


  3. Gabrielle // 30/11/07 9:45 PM  

    ok WAIT!!! Something is most definately wrong this recap! What happend?

  4. Q. // 30/11/07 9:55 PM  

    The clips Gigi are gone. He doesn't want to be shut down again.

    VH1 has finally scared the clips out of Aurelius.


  5. Gabrielle // 30/11/07 10:00 PM  

    Oh well, I got my shout out and thats the most important part of the recap :)

  6. steups // 1/12/07 12:51 PM  

    Elle, that 10:00 comment is (shakes head)

  7. Anonymous // 1/12/07 1:27 PM  

    Hey, Steups, check out this video its about Pretty very funny!!


  8. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 1/12/07 2:52 PM  

    oh no, you all saw that? shit...how "unprofessional" of me

  9. Anonymous // 1/12/07 2:55 PM  

    steups you still alive

  10. steups // 1/12/07 2:59 PM  

    Ha, yeah Aurelius we did. Lol.
    Hey anonymice

  11. Dana - W for Whatever // 1/12/07 3:45 PM  

    I can't get to see the Episode 9 video below.

    It tells me that it's "not available in my territory" and I only get to see a lame commercial with a woman on a train.

    What the hell?


    I dreamt about you last night Nicholas

  12. Anonymous // 1/12/07 3:54 PM  

    dana you cant get Episode 9 get out of London move to the United States

  13. Thats Hot // 1/12/07 4:02 PM  

    I swear, if Buddha's muscles melted into fat, I'd start calling you Darra.

  14. Thats Hot // 1/12/07 4:03 PM  

    *calling him

  15. The Q © 2007 // 1/12/07 4:06 PM  

    Dana, you truly worry me.

    Great Recap Aurelius! Thanks for the mention!

  16. Anonymous // 1/12/07 4:08 PM  

    q what up fam

  17. Anonymous // 1/12/07 5:40 PM  

    DJ Backside look like gabrielle

  18. PaleBlackSheep // 1/12/07 7:12 PM  

    Awww I miss Flava...

  19. Anonymous // 1/12/07 7:17 PM  

    why do you miss flav paleblacksheep he be back in next month? for flavor of love 3

  20. PaleBlackSheep // 1/12/07 8:20 PM  

    I know and i can't wait, just watching the marathon on VH1 and remember how much I loved the orgianl Flavor of Love....when I really thought all of this reality stuff was real LMAO...

  21. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 1/12/07 9:04 PM  

    blacksheep, the first season of FOL was one of my first reality shows, and I actually thought in the confessionals, they were done everyday after a challenge and the producers would make'em put on the same clothes lol

  22. PaleBlackSheep // 1/12/07 9:42 PM  


    I did too! And I still can figured how Sapharyi has the same hairstyle before her makeover on charmschool after she won and had a different hairstyle! does that make sense?

  23. The Q © 2007 // 1/12/07 10:18 PM  

    Y'all are scaring me.

  24. Thats Hot // 2/12/07 12:13 AM  

    PaleBlackSheep, she actually answered that via her Myspace, where she said she just took her wig off momentarily and put the slurpee-wig on momentarily.

  25. Groovy Noodles // 2/12/07 12:23 AM  

    Aure, amazing recap, as always. You truly are osome. ;)

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