New York and BuddahBuddha a.k.a. Ezra has an important message for the women. In support of all the 'I Love New York 2' we at The Blogspot want to help in spreading their bulletins, rants, beefs & meltdowns.

Date: Nov 28, 2007 10:41 AM

Subject: ***** WOMEN PLEASE READ ******

Body: Females, DO NOT EVERY SEND ME ANY NUDE PICTURES!! I will delete you hoe-ish ass and block you from contacting me FOREVER!!My mom didn't raise a no dog! I don't even know WHAT about my character that you've seen thus far would make a female even THINK that I'm that type of guy. DISGUSTINGLY OFFENSIVE!! and my patience for it is up. p.s. All of my LADIES please don't take offense as I'm only talking to the HOES out there, REAL TALK!.

Well I hope you vagina having munchkins change the errors of your ways. Buddha does not want you sending him photos of your naked behinds. Just say, "NO" to greasing yourself up with baby oil and displaying your body parts. Buddha a.k.a. Ezra's mom raise him better than to ogle your unclothed bodies.

Your welcome Buddha. The Q. will do whatever she can to spread the word. "DO NOT SEND BUDDHA NAKED PICTURES OF YOURSELVES!" I think they got it now.

A butt naked Qmoment!


  1. Katsgoturtongue // 28/11/07 3:47 PM  


    Thank you Q for providing me with much giggles and sniggles this afternoon!

  2. Anonymous // 28/11/07 3:49 PM  

    I hope she doesn't pick him or Tailor Made!! I really hate them both.

  3. The Q © 2007 // 28/11/07 3:55 PM  

    Your welcome Kats! I am glad to help you sniggle.


    Anon @ 3:49pm

    It's not looking good for you. The Entertainer lives in his parents' basement. There is nothing wrong with still living with your parents. However, I don't think New York is happy about it. So that leaves Punk, Tailor Made and Ezra. You may be typing of the final two if you think about it.

  4. Anonymous // 28/11/07 3:57 PM  

    LMFAO!!! That was a good one! :D

    No Ezra, we all know you wouldn't want a woman like only chased after Tiffany Pollard the biggest reality hoe there is. Give me break.


  5. Anonymous // 28/11/07 4:00 PM  

    p.s. That was great how he quoted R. Kelly's corniest "song" ever, Real Talk!!! :p


  6. ~*~Princess Irresistible Deliscious~*~ // 28/11/07 4:22 PM  

    You know, Buddha is slowly starting to irritate me for some reason. Actually, I've been irritated with ILNY2 ever since I realized that Chance wasn't coming back, but oh well.

  7. The Q © 2007 // 28/11/07 4:24 PM  

    You will be getting a weekly dose of Chance in the future.

    Missed you IRRE!

  8. Katsgoturtongue // 28/11/07 4:26 PM  

    Q you are the best! (-:

    Buddha responding to comments mments on his blog blamed his calling Punk "bi-sexual" on the ILNY2 production team. Weird I know. He said that production constantly asked him if he thought Punk was bi-sexual.

    Oh Buddha, what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive.

  9. ~*~Princess Irresistible Deliscious~*~ // 28/11/07 4:30 PM  

    Q, what you talkin' bout? Weekly dose of Chance? PUHLEAZE elaborate. Although it won't make me happy, cuz if Chance isn't with New York, then..... it doesn't matter WHO he's with.

  10. The Q © 2007 // 28/11/07 4:32 PM  

    Elaboration is not possible.

    We have missed you Miss Fabulousity!!!!

  11. ~*~Princess Irresistible Deliscious~*~ // 28/11/07 4:41 PM  

    >:( Quanda.... secrets are like poison. The longer you keep the in, the more damage they cause. You better call me STAT and tell me what you know. Or I promise I'll evaporate.

  12. Jada // 28/11/07 4:42 PM  

    It's funny on his hell date he talks like him and his current girl or his ex are still cool and still talk - either way he lied - his sister said he hadn't had a girl in 5 years, or he lied and doesn't have a restraining order on anyone at all and his sister helped him lie.

    I still don't like him. How you gonna have little teeth and an underbite?

    As far as sending him naked pictures..... I wouldn't send him pictures of my shaved pubic hair, let alone the actual cootie - no way.

  13. Katsgoturtongue // 28/11/07 4:43 PM  

    IRRE! LOVE HUGS AND KISSES 2 U. Welcome back darlin' - I missed you something awful. *Smooches*

  14. The Q © 2007 // 28/11/07 4:44 PM  

    Call me Irre. LOL! We can't have you evaporating.

    *DEAD* @ Jada

  15. The Q © 2007 // 28/11/07 4:48 PM  


    How does one pin that on 51 Minds?

  16. Baby // 28/11/07 4:52 PM  

    Transparent comedy. This is basically Buddha's look-at-me way of letting us know that women send him nude picts. He could have just deleted them without quietly like he does/did with the male nude pics he also probably gets. But no..he chose to address it through this "message", so now we ALL know that some women are desperate to be with him. (Note: some=3 welfare bunnies)

    He's really a walking pile of impoverished bullsh*t isn't he?

  17. Katsgoturtongue // 28/11/07 4:55 PM  

    You know Q, I wonder the same thing.

    In Buddha's mind nothing is ever his fault.

  18. Anonymous // 28/11/07 4:57 PM  

    He doesn't want the pics of naked women but has nothing to say about naked men pics (that you know he's getting)... Could it be that he is in the closet?? Could that be why the nude woman, which is considered to be an art form, is so "disgustingly offensive" to Buddah?

    And if his momma raised him right why is he trying to break into his so called acting career by playing with people's emotions on dating shows... And how could his momma bear to know that his son was trying so hard to go after NY...

  19. Anonymous // 28/11/07 5:01 PM  

    He talks about his so called character but what exactly is he talking about? The character he invented for reality tv shows? Or his actual persona which we know isn't someone of good character after going after TM and attacking someone so much smaller than him. Thats the character of a bully... And a complete piece of trash...

  20. Gabrielle // 28/11/07 5:02 PM  


  21. Anonymous // 28/11/07 5:05 PM  


  22. The Q © 2007 // 28/11/07 5:10 PM  

    LMAO @ Gigi

    You aren't right.

  23. ~*~Princess Irresistible Deliscious~*~ // 28/11/07 5:14 PM  

    Yea Buddhas rubbing me the wrong way. And Kat, I love you TOO ma~ma! So very much! Missed you too!

  24. Gabrielle // 28/11/07 5:17 PM  

    *thinking* dang and i was just getting ready to go rub crisco on me, jump in front of my bathroom mirror and use my camera phone before i hopped in the shower

    Gosh, Buddha just ruined my plans. Oh well guess I'll just send them to Punk instead *aye Q* WINK WINK

  25. ~*~Princess Irresistible Deliscious~*~ // 28/11/07 5:20 PM  

    Hmmmm..... perhaps some bitch just had a particularly FOUL coochie. Maybe it was a lil' green or sumfin. Hell, if I saw some s*** like that, I wouldn't want any more nudie pix anymore, either. LMAO

  26. Gabrielle // 28/11/07 5:21 PM  

    getting' off work, be back on later

  27. Anonymous // 28/11/07 5:25 PM  

    I Can NOT Wait for the INLY@ Reunion Show Can you imagine the tension at the reunion show, with the BIG GIant Head now mad with Punk, and you know he wants to whop Tailor Made's AND throw him off the balcony regardless if he won or not. Then Pretty having to face New York. Unsure's return after being literally kicked out. I cannot wait!

  28. Dana - W for Whatever // 28/11/07 5:28 PM  

    I started getting the giggles from "vagina having munchkins" but I laughed until I couldn't breathe when I read Elle's comment about Crisco and the mirror (girrrrrrrrrl you have some kinda freak in you)....


    Hi everybody :-)

  29. steups // 28/11/07 5:33 PM  

    I exist therefore I am

  30. Anonymous // 28/11/07 5:34 PM  

    I wouldn't be surprised if NY gets dumped again, but something tells me she may luck out somehow.

  31. Anonymous // 28/11/07 5:35 PM  

    If she picked the BIG GIant Head, I doubt very much they are still together now, after all that bashing on his blogs. I am surprised the VH1 hasn't given his a cease and desist order as yet. If she picked Tailor Made he would NEVER embarrass her like that. If she picked Punk, he will be man enough to tell her before, like he did with his ex.

  32. Dana - W for Whatever // 28/11/07 5:42 PM  

    Nick I miss you

  33. steups // 28/11/07 5:43 PM  

    With all the Buddha hate, let's not forget the revolting snivelling piece of shit that is Tailor Made.

  34. steups // 28/11/07 5:43 PM  

    I miss you too; where have I been?

  35. Dana - W for Whatever // 28/11/07 5:45 PM  

    That's a good question.

    You haven't been with me, that's for damn sure

  36. steups // 28/11/07 5:46 PM  

    I don't know where I've been either. I have issues; of a domestic sort.

  37. Dana - W for Whatever // 28/11/07 5:51 PM  

    Don't shoot me, but I kinda like Tailor Made.

    The Entertainer lives at home, Buddha is arrogant and has ass-titude, I can't look at Punk for too long his head is too big for his body and he makes me think of steroids.

    And Tailor Made...well, they were Manolos right?

  38. steups // 28/11/07 5:52 PM  

    Anyways, I'm off to the airport.

  39. steups // 28/11/07 5:53 PM  

    Yep, Manolos, cowardice and spit has been known to turn many heads.

  40. Dana - W for Whatever // 28/11/07 5:53 PM  

    I'm sorry to hear that Nick. I hope it all gets sorted.

    I saw E by the way, in Trini. She's absolutely, totally gorgeous...

  41. The Q © 2007 // 28/11/07 5:54 PM  

    "And Tailor Made...well, they were Manolos right?"

    I can't breath. Lord this Trini woman is trying to kill me.


  42. steups // 28/11/07 5:54 PM  

    whoopee ding ding

  43. Dana - W for Whatever // 28/11/07 5:55 PM  


  44. steups // 28/11/07 6:00 PM  

    Hey, before I go/leave/vanish/die...we never spoke of Dumble's homosexuality.
    I thoughgt it disgusting, unnecessary and ponce.

  45. Anonymous // 28/11/07 6:01 PM  

    i hate buddha so much he bothers me so much

  46. steups // 28/11/07 6:05 PM  

    Yep anon, Buddha is a cunt; and an ugly one at that. The type with the overgrown clitoris and a mixture of grey and black pubic hair. And corpulent too...

  47. steups // 28/11/07 6:06 PM  

    Oh dear, my gay anon e-lovers are influencing me.

  48. steups // 28/11/07 6:07 PM  

    I'm off. Bye all, and everyone else.

  49. Dana - W for Whatever // 28/11/07 6:08 PM  

    Q - I'm just telling it like it is. It's not like he's a cowardly spitter who gave her a T-shirt with his hand prints on it, now is he??? The man is making an investment, putting his money where his d*ck is, letting us see something tangible - because on these shows words often don't mean shit.

    Steups - Dumbledore is NOT gay

    Anon @ 6:01p.m. - I agree

  50. Dana - W for Whatever // 28/11/07 6:12 PM  

    Not that worldly possessions mean anything either - but at least you have them to keep you company (or throw off a cliff or at the man in your fit of rage) after he goes on the recap show and tells everyone that he fell in love with Tiffany and ended up with New York.

    You know what I mean??? For that kind of humiliation my girl deserves flowers, Manolos and a little nightie that can't begin to cover her boobs and any thing else TM wants to throw her way IN ADDITION TO her VH1 cheque

  51. Anonymous // 28/11/07 6:13 PM  

    steups Hola como estas pasaba para saludar y decirte que tengo una nueva cancion y si no es mucha molestia t agradeceria que opinaras cualquier critica sera bn aceptada oki se me cuida mucho y mucha suerte en todo lo k t propongas att Jair Espero que estes pasando un buen fin de semana. Cuidate y espero que me escrivas.
    Miguel Angel.

  52. steups // 28/11/07 8:38 PM  


  53. Baby // 28/11/07 9:24 PM  

    LOL @ Dana! You're absolutely right :)

  54. Anonymous // 28/11/07 9:26 PM  

    hey steups, what do you think about this link its about Buddha very funny:

  55. Baby // 28/11/07 10:04 PM  


  56. Anonymous // 29/11/07 1:18 AM  

    did Buddha just say he is not a dog?!?!?
    I can't possibly begin to pull his card but its obviously that he wasnt talked about or giving pity for being such a wonderful intelligent....- bite me!
    This is his sad way to keep his name out there. Comes shows end, he knows he us done!
    Seems his sorry ass moved back to the what what 305.
    Gave up on trykng to act in Hollywood so soon or did it laugh you home to mama.
    dang that was harsh but its that time of the .... And I can't stand him!

  57. Thats Hot // 29/11/07 2:23 AM  

    Why don't women send them over to someone who'd appreciate those pics. more than Buddha; like IT? How many back flips do you think IT would do if he go the pics. Buddha received?

  58. Zuley // 29/11/07 4:17 AM  

    OK! This niggas really is pushing his 9 minutes of fame! This is sooo dumb just because New York is fiening for his dick doesn't mean all the other women are. Cause I sure as hell would not look twice at him. This dumb ass message is ridiculous he is no Shemar Moore or Tyson Beckford to be doing all that for. To me he looks like Debo from Friday if we really are being honest. Buddha jump in a hole!

  59. Anonymous // 29/11/07 11:24 AM  

    I lurk on this blog from time to time and enjoy the comments that the posters leave on here. I'm also a fan of the blog writers and their honesty. My problem today is Buddah or "boo hoo" as I like to call him. I'm also disgusted with the blog commenters on his Myspace blog. Ladies stop riding "Boo Hoo's" Di@#!. There is nothing honorable or respectable about this man. He's an egotistical, self important, delusional jerk! As over the top as New York is, even she doesn't deserve the hypocrite that is Boo Hoo.

    His constant attention whoring to the cameras is so fake. He had the nerve to call out the Entertainer as attention seeking. Boo Hoo isn't that what you're doing as well? To then get pissy because Punk said what a lot of people have been thinking anyway (he pouts and seeks attention from New York), he resorts to the level of calling him homosexual. Why is it when an intelligent, "light-skinned black man, who isn't "thugging" it out and doesn't talk with slang, is looked at as being soft. I have been told to have a keen eye or "Gaydar" if you will, and I don't see Punk as being gay. (Not that there is anything wrong with that)

    I just had to get that off of my chest. If the women that post on Boo Hoo's blog read this site; please stop feeding this overgrown idiot's ego. He's not hot. Not intelligent, and he sure as hell isn't keeping it real, as he puts it. Just because one chooses to broadcast their ignorance by stating an opinion over and over, it doesn't make them "real" or "right". Real stupid and delusional, but not real. Grow up Boo hoo. If you're reading this like I suspect you read all the blogs (because you're so narcissistic), don't hate on a brother who was looking out for someone who he's trying to pursue by telling her that you weren't keeping it real. The show isn't about you and your relationships with the guys. It was supposed to be about you trying to win someones heart, which you've conveniently forgot about. I respect Punk for telling it like a lot of people have been seeing it for weeks. Don't hate on the Harvard brother. Btw, I noticed you edited that blog. Didn't want that litigation from that brother (lawyer) on that ass for libelous statements, eh?

    Sorry for the essay people. Like I said; it's been building up in me. :)

  60. Jada // 29/11/07 12:04 PM  

    Actually, he might only be posting the comments that are flattering to him - I've posted something on his blog that put him on blast and have yet to see it...

    Don't feel bad for hating Buddha - I do too. Part of the dislike is the fact that I thought I saw so much potential in him at first.

    Now all I see is an overbite with Roid Rage.

  61. Anonymous // 29/11/07 12:33 PM  

    On His Myspace page I actually called him out for talking about The Entertainer like that, and he was like"no that's my boy- I love him" yeah whatever.

  62. nunya // 29/11/07 12:49 PM  

    I can't stand his ass, ew.

  63. Anonymous // 29/11/07 12:54 PM  

    Boo Hoo isn't going to post anyone stating an opinion that's not started off by fawning over him. I tried to post a comment and it hasn't appeared either. Shocking! He only wants to post negative comments that start off by saying they're a fan of his. I didn't start mine that way and refuse to look like a fawning idiot ike some of the other people posting over there. I couldn't read half the commentary from Boo Hoo or the posters because the lack of proper word usage was starting to make my ass itch.

    On another note. Advice to his "cough" legion "cough" of fans. Don't put NY or Sister Patterson's looks on blast when you have your own pictures posted right next to the comment. {{{{Shivers}}}}

    I'm just ready for Boo Hoo to get on his Schwinn bicycle and ride off into the sunset.

  64. Katsgoturtongue // 29/11/07 2:52 PM  

    A ^standing^ ovation for Anon@11:24am and @12:54pm


    I couldn't have said it better myself.

    Who knew when Prince wrote the song ARROGANCE he had Ezra Masters in mind. *smh*

  65. Groovy Noodles // 29/11/07 3:49 PM  

    Did Ezra copyright that bulletin too?

    Just curious.

  66. Jada // 29/11/07 3:57 PM  

    Yes, Groovy (love your recaps by the way). He copyrights everything like it's the Gospel or something. Just when I think he couldn't possibly be any more self-absorbed, he proves me wrong.

    The hilarious part is the fact that he copywrote the "letter" he wrote about Tailor Made... like someone is going to copy those played-out cliches he calls elloquence - bitch, please.

    And it's true - he never posts anything negative that people post on his blog. He just can't handle the fact that people are anything other than smitten by him - he had the nerve to say that NY approaches him with "reverence" - like his a god or something - I can't believe I was pulling for this cat in the beginning.


  67. Groovy Noodles // 29/11/07 4:04 PM  

    Jada, I'm with ya girl. (Thanks for the compliment on my recaps, btw.) He was one of my favorites in the beginning, but now I can't stand him. But I seriously doubt he's really copyrighting his shit. If he is, he's gotta be going broke doing it. Slapping the copyright symbol on the end of your writing doesn't make it copyrighted. And if he's paying for his copyrights, that boy's getting ripped off, because as you pointed out, no one would want to steal that crap.

    There's nothing wrong with having high self-esteem, but dude takes it to a whole 'nother level.

  68. Groovy Noodles // 29/11/07 4:12 PM  

    Ya know what? I might be wrong about this copyright thing. I'm looking into it. But I need to go get my hellions, so it'll have to wait. If I was wrong, I'll gladly take it back.

    But I still can't stand Ezra. ;)

  69. Katsgoturtongue // 29/11/07 4:40 PM  

    What's really good Groovy!

    Ezra Masters makes me **Yawn***

  70. Katsgoturtongue // 29/11/07 4:43 PM  

    ARROGANCE by Prince - perfect for Ezra Masters:

    What makes a man wanna rule the world? (A double A double arrogance)
    (u got it)
    Make him man enough to say he's 50-50 girl (A double A double arrogance)
    (u got it)
    What makes a man wanna curse and swear? (A double A double arrogance)
    (u got it)
    Then blame it on heaven cuz he's already there
    Pimprag, tootsie pop, and a cane

    'NUFF Said!

  71. Groovy Noodles // 29/11/07 5:22 PM  

    Hey Kat, nothin's really good. I'm researching copyright laws because I'm anal. What's really good with you?

    And was that song specifically written for Ezra? (I think I might be boycotting calling him 'Buddha' because the real Buddha is wise and god-like.)

  72. Groovy Noodles // 29/11/07 5:30 PM  

    HA! Here's what I found on copyright laws, taken from here:

    "Do I have to register with your office to be protected?
    No. In general, registration is voluntary. Copyright exists from the moment the work is created. You will have to register, however, if you wish to bring a lawsuit for infringement of a U.S. work."

    So if I'm interpreting it correctly, Ezra's letter about Tailor Made is copyrighted (as are all of his and everyone else's bulletins) but unless he paid to have it registered, he can't sue if anyone uses it. So, y'know, y'all can knock yourselves out using it if you want to take the risk that he didn't register it.

  73. The Q © 2007 // 29/11/07 5:52 PM  

    Groovy you are a mess. LMAO!

  74. Groovy Noodles // 29/11/07 5:54 PM  

    Yeah, well, you know. I gt an idea in my head and I become obsessed with it. LOL

  75. The Q © 2007 // 29/11/07 6:42 PM  

    New post up for those who care....

  76. Miss Lil Miss // 1/12/07 2:49 PM  

    Anon 11:42- i love you! You made my weekend- said all id wanna say but cant cause im typing on my phone.
    Arrogance by Prince? Gotta download that one right quick.
    I am so curious as to what Bumhole sees when he looks in the mirror.
    Is he proud at how he is making a mockery of a strong black intelligent man of honor?Does he not wear his shades when its sunny just for the chase some chicken head will start frenzy? Does he feed off of the praise he gets from fans because at the end if the day he is still lonely and unsatusfied with his " real" life.
    I feel sorry for him because he went about his 15 minutes the wrong way and doesnt realize that once the hype, the fad is over, so is his temporary fame.

  77. Buddha is a hypocrite! // 2/12/07 4:59 PM  

    What a hypocrite! He doesn't like hoes? Then why was he after Tiffany? She is the trashiest hoe ever! I hope she picks him because they deserve each other.

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