I know that like myself, a lot of you come frequently to see what new posts are up. I guess this is just a slow week. But tomorrow THE ELLE WORD will have a special lil' guest from ILNY2. So thats just a lil for you to go on until more new posts are up..
In the comment box please post who you would like to hear interviews from the FOL's and it's spinoffs.


  1. Anonymous // 7/11/07 7:10 PM  

    who next gabrielle

  2. Anonymous // 7/11/07 7:15 PM  

    dam were is Everybody today

  3. Anonymous // 7/11/07 7:24 PM  

    Is it Midget Mac!!!

  4. Anonymous // 7/11/07 7:59 PM  

    wow obviously midget mac..
    a lil too easy

  5. Anonymous // 7/11/07 8:08 PM  

    gabrielle what is your blog

  6. Anonymous // 7/11/07 8:43 PM  

    Jeff stop askin

  7. Gabrielle // 7/11/07 9:44 PM  

    I don't have a blog. When i signed up for G-MAIL they made me sign up for a blog, so i just made up something. I don't write nothing on it.

  8. April // 7/11/07 9:51 PM  

    Please interview It or the Entertainer.

  9. Gabrielle // 7/11/07 10:27 PM  

    April both have been interviewed

  10. April // 7/11/07 10:57 PM  

    wow where have i been? thanks i'll read them

  11. The Q // 7/11/07 10:57 PM  

    April The Entertainer will be on The ELLE Word again!!! He has promised us.

  12. Anonymous // 7/11/07 11:23 PM  

    MR. WISE!

  13. April // 7/11/07 11:27 PM  

    cool. i'll make sure i catch him this time.

  14. Anonymous // 7/11/07 11:39 PM  

    How about you spell your headlines right first?

  15. Anonymous // 8/11/07 12:02 AM  

    gabrielle what up shawty

  16. Anonymous // 8/11/07 12:27 AM  

    Isn't today Steups birthday?

    Does anyone know?

  17. Anonymous // 8/11/07 12:48 AM  


  18. Anonymous // 8/11/07 1:07 AM  

    Happy 29th birthday!!

  19. Anonymous // 8/11/07 2:18 AM  

    QUEEN BRINA you still sucking me off Tomorrow Oh Yeah good luck with the Oral Herpes i gave you

  20. Melanie // 8/11/07 9:03 AM  

    So I'm pretty bad with remember what radio show it was, but alot of reality people go there and its in NY, I'm sure someone knows who I'm talking about but Tailor Made went on a radio show and left pissed off because the the lady spoiled it and said he was the winner of ILNY2 and also in another interview she did, perhaps it was with Chealsy lately she said that her mom really helped her this reason because she was "dead on" with the guys she picked adn TM is a momma's boy ..

  21. Baby // 8/11/07 11:37 AM  

    As long as Buddha or the Entertainer don't win, I'm good.

  22. Anonymous // 15/11/07 1:28 PM  


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