It's April Fool's Day and my plan included a totally erroneous story that Hip-hop Rapper Flava Flav had eloped with Hoopz in Las Vegas, but thanks to a reader I can shelve that ill-conceived idea because truth is stranger than fiction.
You remember I posted a link to the Tom Joyner show wherein Flava Flav decried Hoopz, saying she had no time for him anymore and was off somewhere or the other enjoying her fifteen-hundred minutes of fame.

Well Hoopz seems to think Flava Flav is exaggerating. Having heard his outburst the Flavor of Love winner called him on her phone (I bet it's a pink Motorola Razr) and they had a lover's quarrel.

Hoopz in an interview with the Detroit Free Press (a very very reputable newspaper by the way) said that though they are far from in love they are indeed very good friends.
She also refuted any assertion that she has no time for him, revealing they had a London vacation together and she was there when Flav performed in concert. Hoopz described one of the relationship's essential problems as distance and his partying lifestyle.hoopz still with Flava Flav

According to her "we're better off just being friends" because "he (Flava Flav) lives in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York...I live in Michigan. He's more into keeping to entertainment. I'm more just chillin."

I knew Flava Flav spent some time in New York (Tiffany) in a hotel room but I did not know he lived there permanently. Okay, that was a terrible joke.
The truth is, it sounds like baloney to me. Since the show Hoopz has been at more parties than a college freshman and not only that she gets paid to attend. It sounds to me like Flava and Hoopz parted company a week after the show and that's that.
Not that I care, in fact I am glad about it because it increases the chances for a second season of Flavor of Love.
As the article says, 'Flavor of Love' was the highest rated show for VH-1, encouraging nearly six-million viewers.

Which one is more important, love or money?
I think we know the answer to that...Happy April Fool's Day.

Update: If you do not read the comments you would have missed a link a reader posted for a casting call for Flavor of Love Season 2. He or she does not know if it's legitimate and I don't know either, but if you are a beautiful girl and applying let me know what transpired.
Also, another reader reminded me that VH-1's V-Spot has exclusive video of the first few minutes of the Reunion Show. Check it out if it doesn't crash your computer as it did mine.
Here's the dreaded link of that hateful video. V-Spot.


  1. Anonymous // 1/4/06 9:43 AM  

    Here's a link to the casting call for season 2.

    I don't know if it's legit, but hey, it'll supply you with some more material. Keep it coming. Also, check out the Surreal Life on VH1 and Mind of Mencia on Comedy Network (Last night he did a rap about Kanye West and called him a crazy Ni**a, and he said New Orleans shouldn't be rebuilt, let the people take their culture elsewhere. He's kind of raw).

  2. steups // 1/4/06 10:16 AM  

    Thanks for the info. Ill check it out

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