The rumors made you worry that you would never see the Flavor of Love Reunion Show but have no fear it's on this Sunday April 2nd. That's 2006 if you are still unsure.
If you missed it I posted a link to a leaked clip of the Reunion Show.

Anyway, I know I ramble a bit, introducing all sorts of nonsense about my vacation and trips to South Beach, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago; and I have blathered about things you don't care about.
In fact I write so much superfluous shit I have completely forgotten the man who is solely responsible for all the entertainment we enjoyed over the last few months; Flava Flav.

Sure we rant and rave over Hoops (Hoopz) and in my case ranted and raved over Smiley.
By the way Smiley, that one message you sent me isn't enough, how about another email letting me know how much you love the blog and whatnot?

So, back to Flava Flav, our boy celebrated his 47th birthday at Rock Candy almost two weeks ago and it passed me by. But, I have the pictures and video of the event that included D-list stars like Ice-T and those publicity whores from MTV's Barbershop.
Surely Flava Flav ought to know associating with that click diminishes his star power, but that's just my opinion.
It's not like he is Tom Cruise or anything, though I think if one person needs the Church of Scientology it's Flav Flav.

But I digress, let's get to the pictures and the video links of Flava Flav's Birthday Bash...
flava flav birthday party 47th flava flav birthday bash at rock candy flava flav birthday party flava flav 47th birthdy party in New York

I got those pics from the places noted on the pictures and if you want to see the gallery wherefrom I got two of those pics then you can go to Flava Flav Birthday Party pictures.
But, you need to register to see the pictures in some other way besides thumbnail. That's why I was kind enough to register for you and provide two pictures.
The better thing would be to view the Flava Flav Birthday Party Video. You do not need to register for that...

You would have noticed Hoopz is nowhere to be seen at Flav's Birthday Party; hmmn, that's just too bad. Maybe she was at home taking care of his 146 kids?
Well, she was nowhere to be seen at the party but she is always somewhere around this blog so delight yourself with this picture...
my darling nikki hoopz

And a final finally, on my quest to procure information on Flava Flav's Birthday party I saw the photo below and nabbed it, if the owner of the blog sees this let me know and I will give you credit because for the life of me I cannot recall the site's web address.
inter-racial extreme makeover

I have nothing to say about the picture, you can think of it what you will.
Bye. See you Saturday or Sunday, whichever comes first.


  1. Anonymous // 31/3/06 7:47 PM  

    I found this on Hoopz while searching for your site. I love your blogs...keep 'em coming.

    Also, the first 10 minutes of the Reunion show are on the VSpot at VH1.

  2. Anonymous // 2/4/06 5:47 PM  

    I have one thing to say or ask: was it that Hoopz was the only black girl at the school or what???

  3. Anonymous // 3/4/06 10:26 AM  


  4. Anonymous // 2/5/07 9:01 AM  

    White girl must be the new black...

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