Well, I thought with Flavor of Love showing its final episode and only the Reunion Show to look forward to, this blog would die a slow death.new york and red oyster flavor of love show
Wrong! The characters and misfits from the show continue to fascinate and surprise.

A week or so ago I posted the link to New York's webspace blog thingy and said it was fake and not written by the real New York, Tiffany Patterson. Well, whether she is a fake or not she is certainly providing great information on the show.

Apparently my girl is a fan of the Tom Joyner show and on Tuesday last she heard or was told of an interview with Flava Flav wherein the hip-hop legend said the following
1) She (Hoopz) has not returned a single call from Flav Flav since the show ended
2) She (Hoopz) only used the show as a vehicle to further her career in television and movies

So much for keeping it real, uh?

The New York blog posted another video from Flav Flav but I have yet to see it because my computer's version of Windows Media Player is refusing to play it for some technical reason or the other.
Maybe your version of Windows or whatever media player you use will have better luck
The Flava Flav talking about Hoopz interview...

Also on New York's blog a commenter said Bernie Mac -on an interview during the Frank Ski morning show in Atlanta- said Flava Flav had called him long before Flavor of Love aired, begging to appear on the Bernie Mac show because he was flat broke.
I don't know if Bernie Mac is the sort to out a guy like that but that's what was said on the show, allegedly.

Incidentally that commenter also said a friend of his advised him (jeez doesn't this sound long-winded) that Flav Flav was recently seen in an addiction recovery center named Phoenix House.

Anyway, enough of the seriousness, the bottomline is Flava Flav and Hoopz are and were never a couple in any form whatsoever which paves the way nicely for Flavor of Love Season 2.Pretty happy he did not pick Smiley because that would have been too much drama for my girl to handle.
Smiley Smiley Smiley oh how I love you so....
smiley on the beach


  1. Anonymous // 17/3/06 8:11 PM  

    Ha ha I knew he should have picked that bitch New York.
    The link works fine on my media player maybe you need a better pc

  2. Anonymous // 17/3/06 8:14 PM  

    good for hoopz that busta should have chosen smiley or serious or new york

  3. stephieannejanine // 17/3/06 8:49 PM  

    I heard the link, Flav basically says that he still loves Hoopz, but she has no time for him now that she is so popular and all. He never really says that they have broken up, but then again, he never really says that they are still together.

    By the way, I absoulutely love this blog!! It's great.

  4. Anonymous // 17/3/06 11:41 PM  

    ok wtf was that dumb 1877-help flav crap 4.the show was aired last summer so wtf? i dont think he should have picked hoopz he should have picked new york but new york is too much woman 4 him so im glad she found herself a good man.and flav is just dumb im sorry. i beleive this broke ass,clown dressed,loud,desperate,horny,obnoxious,old ass,CORNY, broke down wanna be pimp,no career havin sucka is stilll on crack cuz he is just dumb.i mean c'mon dumbass cant u see that all those women were playin u for a fool.they were just USING you.I THINK THE SHOW WAS A WHOLE BIG FAKE AND VERY RIDICOULOUS AND FLAV IS JUST A STRAIGHT UP "DOG".SUM1 NEEDS 2 WHIP HIS ASS 4 BEIN A RETARD AND EMBARASSING HIMSELF.THE ONLY REASON I WATCHED DA SHOW WAS CUZ OF NEW YORK.2 ME SHE WAS THE ONLY FUNNY,STRONG,AND REAL PERSON IN THE HOUSE BESIEDES GOLDIE.NEW YORK U IZA ~G~ NO DOUBT GIRL.U HELD IT DOWN ON DAT SHOW 4REAL! DAT WAS 2 FUNNY WEN U PUSHED DAT BITCH PUMKIN DOWN.U SHOULDA STOMPED HER ASS.N CHASED HER DOWN.I JUST CANT WAIT TILL DAT REUNION SO I CAN SEE U FINISH HER OL SAGGY FACED,STRINGY HAIRED,LOOKIN ASS OFF!I HOPE U WHOOPED DAT ASS GIRL!U LET IT BE KNOWN DAT U WONT GOIN DOWN LIKE DAT.U KNO HOW 2 WORK N HANDLE YO SHIT N I ADMIRE U 4 THAT.IIGHT PEACE

  5. Pepper // 19/3/06 2:39 AM  

    Well, I hope that I get to see New York handle her stuff next weekend for the reunion show.

    New York's official site is wild. Her diet tips are absolutely terrifying. A breakfast of cigarettes and coffee, some lima beans, and snacks of Dexatrim Max. That diet sure won't improve her mood.

  6. stephieannejanine // 19/3/06 8:04 AM  

    in the preview for the show, i saw New York. she looked real fly. she was skinny as hell....all that diet will do is make her sicker than a dog.
    we will see......

  7. Wilhelmina // 19/3/06 10:44 PM  

    Hello there! I thought you would be interested in an article I ran across in The Detroit Free Press about the Flavor of Love Finale.

    Flavor Flav finale is a VH1 record

    March 16, 2006

    Flavor Flav: Most-watched

    Leading the pack: On both the Detroit and national Nielsen SoundScan sales tote of album sales this week, Juvenile's "Reality Check."

    On the silver screen: Former WDIV-TV (Channel 4) morning news anchor Shon Gables, now in New York. She plays a news reporter in "Inside Man" with Denzel Washington and Jodie Foster, which comes out March 24.

    Engaged: "Desperate Housewives" star Nicollette Sheridan, 42, and oft-derided pop-soul singer Michael Bolton, 53, according to People.com. Sheridan was previously married (1991 for about two years) to actor Harry Hamlin; Bolton has three daughters from a previous 15-year marriage to Maureen McGuire. They divorced in 1990.

    Featured: Thursday night-Friday morning, in the midnight-1 a.m. segment of Liz Copeland's WDET-FM (101.9) show, a discussion of some of the more than 100 showings scheduled at the 44th Ann Arbor Film Festival with executive director Christen McArdle. The festival takes place March 21-26 at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor. Info at http://aafilmfest.org.

    Wed: Actor-musician Jack Black, 34, who eloped with girlfriend Tanya Haden, also 34, People.com reports. Black and Haden met at Crossroads, a private high school in Santa Monica, Calif., but only recently started dating.

    Announced: That "Good Morning America" host Charles Gibson is a grandfather for the first time. His daughter, Jessica, and her husband, Robert Rosen, welcomed a son on Tuesday, Andrew Reece Gibson Rosen, the New York Post says. The parents reportedly met while working for the White House.

    Compiled from various news sources by JOHN SMYNTEK at 313-222-5169 and jsmyntek@freepress.com.

    More proof there is no accounting for taste. While Tony Soprano was cable's biggest star last weekend on premium HBO, Flavor Flav was the king among ad-supported cable networks.

    The finale of VH1's "Flavor of Love" drew 5.88 million total viewers in the 10-11:30 p.m. Sunday time period.

    The unscripted series -- the third for the love-seeking Public Enemy hypeman -- was a surprise hit for VH1, and Sunday's episode ranks as the most-watched program in the network's history. It scored a 3.5 rating and 3.67 million viewers in the 18-49 age demographic.

    The show had the amorous New Yorker, 47, wending his way through would-be lovers in their twenties, elimination style.

    When all was said and done, it got down to two -- dare we say tacky and tawdry women named New York and Hoopz? And Hoopz is a Detroiter. (To protect the guilty, the show won't release real names.)

    In the final show, Flav was so enamored with her booty that she gave him an ashtray with the shape of two buns right in the middle. And it was happily ever for the duo -- at least until the reunion show, which will air in two weeks.


  8. Anonymous // 19/3/06 11:36 PM  

    OMGSH! First of all, I want to say that I LOVE THE SHOW. Leaving to my conclusion, I love this blog! I was just curious to ask, did you know Smiley has a myspace? I don't know if it's real or not, but it might give you better luck at contacting her, perhaps? Here's a link to it: http://www.myspace.com/leilene

    I love your blog! :)

  9. Anonymous // 2/4/06 10:12 PM  


  10. KITYDA1 // 2/4/06 10:34 PM  

    yall hoes need to stop hating on hoopz! she do love flav, and he loves her, so suck something!

  11. Anonymous // 3/4/06 12:05 PM  

    i agree with KITYDA1. yall need to stop hatin cause anybody in they right mind can see that new york was only in it for the money, she is a real good actress. hoopz was real from the beginning and she still is, she's just gettin a lot of attention now since the show aired which is natural for everybody. new york didnt really care about him. she even walked out smiling after she got eliminated so what does that tell u? that sure as hell doesnt say that u really love somebody if u just let it go that easy. new york is a phony ass hoe with some fucked up tracks in her damn head while she tryna act all high class and shit, she look like another golddiggin ass hoe to me. hoopz i love u, u kept it real girl and thats the only thing u can do is just be yourself and im so glad u got picked because it shows that personality and honesty is more important than a bitch who just speads her damn legs and think that she can get whatever the hell she wants. New york i hope u feel stupid as hell cause u gave up the pussy and still didnt get picked lol dumb ass bitch!

  12. Anonymous // 3/4/06 12:44 PM  

    LOL.. some of you people are FUNNY.. to Anonymous above who said.. HOOPZ was real.. Why is she NOT WITH FLAV anymore.. PLEASE.. the ugly ass troll was in it for popularity ONLY..


  13. Anonymous // 3/4/06 1:23 PM  

    in response to the one above who said that hoopz was an ugly ass troll: Hoopz aint with him because she aint got the time for him because of all the popularity now and he couldnt stand that she was gettin some of the spotlight but what does he think is gonna happen with the next show when he picks another girl? tha same thing is gonna happen: the girl will get some of the spotlight from the press cause she was the winner...duh he should know that shit like that is gonna happen cause its all on tv for america to see and even though hoopz and him is no longer together she is still real because any other bitch would have just stayed with him because of his money and wouldnt have to worry about shit the rest of her damn life but instead she took it upon herself to do her own thing instead of depending on him so if that aint real tell me what is. please do not hate on hoopz because she is doin somethin with the popularity that she is gettin because even flav said he still loves her cause she kept it real so why is yall still hatin? and u said that new york is doing her thang on the way to the top--yeah u right she doin her thang by gettin on her knees and spreadin her legs like any typical hoe hoopz didnt even have to do all that shit and she's already at the top so now what?

  14. Anonymous // 3/4/06 2:11 PM  

    i agree with the person right above me.

  15. Anonymous // 3/4/06 6:34 PM  

    I think that flav should have choosen NEW YORK because HOOPZ is to pretty and can find sumbody beta dan him.

  16. Anonymous // 4/4/06 6:06 PM  

    Shoot! Hoopz is beautiful not like that man looking New York, ya know she looks just like her momma. Anyways, I think Hoopz has more class than Flav. Maybe, Flav sleeping with nasty New York has something to do with the way thangs ended up...gross! Do what ya gotta do Hoopz...

  17. Anonymous // 5/4/06 3:26 PM  

    I don't give a fuck what yall say because Hoopz and New york both looks like man.

  18. jay // 5/4/06 6:30 PM  

    hey wuz up yall

  19. Anonymous // 6/4/06 10:04 AM  

    whoever the hell that was that said that hoopz looked like a man u need to shut the fuck up with ur hatin ass u probably look like a fuckin dude urself while u over there talkin shit, u probably look like a fuckin drag queen like new york. stupid ass.

  20. Anonymous // 6/4/06 10:05 AM  

    whats up jay

  21. Anonymous // 6/4/06 1:25 PM  

    Hoopz Look better then errrbody on that show from the inside to the outside most of thtem were lying anyway ....Newyork is really a man I mean come on..Stevie Wonder can see that ...she knew Hoopz looked way better then her so she going go sleep with Flav...just like a slut that she isor he is what ever it is,it's a Dam Shim if u ask me ...I wish u well Nikki Hoopz wit your fine self,I WAS VOTING 4 u sense day 1 Be Blessed.

  22. Anonymous // 15/4/06 8:38 PM  

    Dude, hoopz is so NOT real because if she was, she would MAKE time for her man.

    But hey, thats okay, NY is with a FINE guy right now, so I don't feel bad for her.

    I mean, at the last episode, look how Hoopz was acting vs NY, NY was all nice and happy and Hoopz was acting like a Bitch- she could have been a lot nicer, I think if Flav had seen that stuff earlier he would have thought twice about picking Hoopz.

  23. Anonymous // 16/4/06 5:02 PM  

    i dont know if Hoops is fake or not but all I know is that she and Flav was like taht but not like that. But she is fien as hell though.

  24. Jasmine // 30/4/06 2:34 PM  

    I dont think hoopz is fake at all.New York is really fake because when she left she was smiling and stuff like she didnt even care so she need to go head somewhere.she was trying to act real white and you can tell cause when her parents was on the show they was real country so i know New York was the raised about the same.

  25. Anonymous // 15/8/06 10:41 PM  

    Do you think avian flu is going to be a problem ?

    I heard it would hit USA & Canada this fall.

    Is there anything to the avian flu panic ?

  26. ciara // 7/10/06 8:59 PM  

    well 2morrow is the last season and now is up to "Delicious" and "New York",i think Delicious shouls win,New york is just some fake bitch but dont get mw wrong her coming bac made the show intresting....crazy was fake as well,i thought she was cool n pretty but after i saw she was fake...I like this show n i dont think is fake me n my boyfriend loves it...i cant wait to see who he picks tommorrow....lol

  27. SARAAAAA // 17/10/06 1:45 PM  

    i think new york really loves this man..i mean..she came back for the SECOND time on the show..no1 else woulda done tht..i mean they woulda been already too embarrassed for not bein chosen on the 1st one. anywayz..she does go overboard sometimes..shes crazy..but i mean..shes wats keepin the show hype. shes entertaining everyone lool..without her theres noo drama watsoever. i hope he chose her instead of delishes..new york should be with flave. flave is soo nasty tho..u kno for a fact all the gurls come on this show for their own reasons..they prolly cant even STANDDD flave..hes ughh NASTYYYYYYYYYY..soo wen i see them makin out with him and fighting over him..i get DISGUSTEDDDDD..hes jus tryna put on a good show too tho..he knoes everyone comin on the show will be in it for the fame or money or watever it is..soo watever. if he wanted to find the right person he woulda done so OFFF THE SHOWW..puttin on a show like that will neverrr get u a real girl..theyre all fake ass bitches

  28. Anonymous // 13/11/06 4:24 AM  



  29. Anonymous // 26/5/07 12:15 AM  

    You are a crazy bitch but thats why we all love you! And pumpkin is a bitch for spitting at you good thing you knocked the fuck out of her!!!!!

  30. Anonymous // 20/7/07 5:28 PM  


  31. Anonymous // 17/12/10 6:21 AM  

    I think you Americans need to wake up and stop carrying on like fools. Don't you know the world is laughing at you?
    We watch the show on cable is Australia simply becasue it's so bad that it is good.
    You just cannot take any of it seriously, just like any American show.
    Americans are show ponies that need to get their heads out of their arses so they can see just how much of a joke the world sees them as.
    Thanks US, you make us feel so much better about our society. Try hards.

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