I don't know if Smiley and New York will return for a second season; indeed I do not know if there will be a second season of VH-1's reality television show 'Flavor of Love.'What I do know however is 'Flavor of Love' was a huge hit as far as cable-television goes and especially so in the coveted 18-34 demographic.
According to MediaLife Magazine, Flavor of Love was, and consistently so, the top rated reality television show for all of cable television.

The article dotes on that Ashley Parker Angel series on MTV but the information recognizing Flava Flav as a reality television star is there for all to see. Incidentally, the Ashley show, 'There and Back' isn't half-bad. The guy comes across as a really sincere kid with a really insincere nag for a wife, but that's another blog. Hopefully it works out for him and his yet to be released album is a smash hit.

Anyway, back to the rumor-mongering that says Flavor of Love will have a season 2. A reader posted a website in the comment box which looks as genuine as Pamela Anderson's breasts, but you never know. Go look for yourself and judge it to be authentic or not.

Just found the updated Nielsen ratings and Flav Flav is a Nielsen's goldmine. Flavor of Love was second only to the Sopranos with a 5.9 share. Even Zack and Cody were bested and I so totally watch that show. The mother is sexy.
Nielsen Ratings for March 6-12 from USA Today


  1. Flavagirl // 15/3/06 6:43 PM  

    Those ratings are ridiculous they most definitely will have a second season

  2. Anonymous // 15/3/06 8:21 PM  

    so flave and hoops broke up? I don't get it...

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