Can we start all over again and just eliminate Pumkin from episode 1?
We can't? Oh okay, well can we just take that girl to a back-alley somewhere and beat her ass until she learns to spell Pumpkin.
Yeah I know it's not her fault it's Pumkin, but I couldn't think of anything funny to say; sue me!

Maybe I should get to the point, but before I do, Smiley Smiley Smiley will you please send me an e-mail.
Some crackpot wrote me confessing to be a friend of hers and said she loves this blog and the fact that she is, or rather was, my favorite.
Well prove it Smiley, write me and let's meet. I will support you, your two husbands and your three kids. Wtf am I saying, I can barely support myself.

Anyway, that walking piece of reality television trash, Pumkin, wrote this on her blog

Ok . . . so as most of you know, I was eliminated last night from Flavor of Love. I know . . . so sad :-( Anyway, this is really what went down that night. My mom came and met Flav and told him that I had been on game shows and dating shows before. Big surprise, huh? I mean, after all, the producers knew about every girls past experience on tv and each one of us have definitely been on something before! So, I was pissed because Flav was calling me out when he already knew what was up. I mean how can Flav sit there and question my intentions . .. look at his track record. Surreal Life, Strange Love, Flavor of Love . . . all reality shows, hmmm? I was pissed because he was being a hypocrite in my eyes. I was telling him that he had a pot of gold left and a pot of shit left and I hope in the end he goes with the pot of gold. New York butted in saying her usual and for me to go get a face lift. Well, I just did what everyone else wanted to do and wanted to see. So, I spit in her face. No, she did not hit me. No she did not really push me. My clutzy ass tripped over the rug in my high heels. Regardless of what happened, the bitch deserved it and the show went on. So, please understand that I am not a bad person . .. I am normal and when people press your buttons sometimes you do things out of character. However, I have absolutely no regrets!

Much Love, Pumkin

If you must know I corrected her spelling of hypocrite, I can't stand shit like that, but you know what I truly cannot stomach?
Lying-ass reality television bitches talking lying-ass shit on their lying-ass blog!

And if you read the comments all of them are in support of her. Hmmn, what's the chance of that happening? The rude woman doesn't have the decency and integrity to print all the comments.
I say my readers, all 1 million -that's in Yen- of you, go to Pumkin's blog and tell her what's really up with spitting in a girl's face, even if she is a transvestite, a transexual, or from Transylvania.

And, I don't want to play the race-card, but is it not oh so pathetic for black men to be supporting her decision to spit in New York's face.

You know what, I don't give a damn, let's play the race card.

What black man in his right mind would say a white girl, or a girl of any other ethnicity, was right to spit in a woman's face. That shit just isn't copasetic.
I will grab those photographs from her blog and show the faces of those ingrates for all the world to see.

In another post on her blog she blames the editors for creatively editing her comments to make it appear she threatened to shoot New York. Read it for yourself

oh my goodness . . .

ok, so I was just watching Flavor of Love and it shows me saying that I was going to come back to the house and shoot her with a gun. Just so everyone knows that is not what was said . . . in my interview I said "I hate the bitch with everything inside of me but it's NOT like I am going to come back to the house and shoot her with a gun." I am completely pissed at this because it was edited to turn around on me. I am completely hurt by the editors of vh1 to portray me this way. I want my fans, friends, and family to know I absolutely did not say that and I am by no means a crazy ass psycho. I mean I did not even throw a punch . . . I definitely would not bring a weapon into it! Fuck that!

No bitch 'Fuck you!'
Is that your complaint? That they edited it to make it turn around on you?
Is this bitch mixing crack with her cereal?red oyster_new york_pumkin_spit
Listen Pumkin, what turned it around on you is your spitting in a girl's face!
Am I the only person in the world who knows that spitting in someone's face is wrong, or has Bush passed another law without my knowing?
Somebody tell me, because if it's the case I have a lot of spit saved for Pumkin's face.

No no no wait, I can't leave without saying thanks to all those who contacted me on Yahoo! and MSN Messenger. If I have not yet replied to some of you, be patient, I haven't had this many friends since that day I stole $100 and took it to kindergarten.

Editor's oops: now we know why all the comments are favorable, only her 'friends' are permitted to comment.


  1. Anonymous // 1/3/06 10:05 AM  

    I'd slap my moms to get a hug from

  2. Anonymous // 1/3/06 10:53 AM  

    lmao at the above.
    I love you man, or are you a woman, at times I really cant tell, but you are dead right about that c*** pumkin. who the fuck does she think she is

  3. Anonymous // 1/3/06 9:35 PM  

    If that bitch would have spit on me period I would have pulled her fucking tongue straight out her mouth!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous // 2/3/06 9:18 AM  

    It is all about Hoops

  5. Anonymous // 2/3/06 1:38 PM  

    i would slap anybody to get a kiss and a hug frum hoopz

  6. AG // 2/3/06 5:32 PM  

    A1) New York is a crazy bitch and deserved to be spit on. Please don't play the race card. This is not about black or white- it's about hoes and hoes play be their own set of rules.

    B2)Hoopz- not that hot. The other girls are just so skanky, that people have been fooled into thinking she's something other than a silly hoodrat (which she's not)

  7. steups // 2/3/06 5:42 PM  

    Not saying she is a racist or she even thought about race when she did it, in fact I assume she did not..but this is about imagery. And the imagery was bad...

  8. Anonymous // 4/3/06 3:30 AM  

    Damn, HOOPZ might be the sexiest women on the planet. I mean come on I hope he doesnt pick her so I can have a crack at her and thats real.

  9. Anonymous // 4/3/06 5:16 AM  

    New York never hid the fact that she wasn't feeling those other girls. In that episode she was actually nice to Pumpkin. The spitting was so nasty and she made the ghetto side of the white girl look nasty as hell. Yes I'm playing the race card and the "brotha's" on her blog backing that, are hoping she'll "spit" on them too. That was uncalled for.

  10. Anonymous // 4/3/06 3:34 PM  

    Pumkin's crazy, ugly, man body, wrinkled whitetrash ass is just as bigger liar as Hottie. How she gonna say New York didn't push her old grandma looking ass when the shit is on tape? She also, lied that she didn't say she had sex on reality tv, lying nasty ass whore. I agree with the poster that said Hoopz is not that hot. I see absolutely nothing feminine about her and she has big man arms, either way Flav is stuck with a man.

  11. NerdNoir // 4/3/06 9:00 PM  

    What Pumkin' did was a "skank" think and skankiness knows no color, class or religion.

    I know New York is fucked up, but even she doesn't deserve to be spit on. As it's been posted on the imdb board, anyone who thinks that had never been spit on.

    May Pumkin have a "Hot Carl" in her future.

  12. susanne-louise // 6/3/06 5:52 AM  

    Tranny New York pushed Pumpkin's buttons. That spit was digitalized and slow-moed to look like ectoplasm in Ghostbusters. LOL

    The end of this reality series may look like The Crying Game. Tehee...

    How could Flava Flav NOT see that NY's a post-op tranny?! Damn, either VH1 is paying him big bucks or his brain is permanently damaged from the past crack use.

    Love the show though and this blog!

  13. Anonymous // 8/3/06 7:07 PM  

    NY is a ugly slut fake bitch and a whore i hate her hoopz should win i think that was the funniest shit i saw pumkin spit at NY i loved it.

    if NY eva reads this I HATE U

  14. missannji // 9/3/06 12:43 PM

  15. Anonymous // 10/3/06 8:47 PM  

    i know 1 damn thing if dat was me and dat triflin' ass bitch spit on me i wuda chased her ass down n whooped da shyt out her.i heard new york say i didnt wanna whoop her ass cuz i was scared that i wudnt get a clock.shyyyyyyt i dont care i wuda STOMPED!! her ass and damn by da way dat was a big ass blob of spit dat landed on her face ugh! but neway if dat was me it wuda been alot worse.i mean yeah new york has said some blunt shit and she is a arrogant bitch but i'd whip ha ass be4 i'd spit on her datz str8 trife' 4real.very crazy episode.n dat was real funny when new york pushed pumpkin 2 funny!! :D(YEA BITCH WE'RE NOT STUPID WE SAW NEW YORK PUSH UR SCARED ASS U DIDNT TRIP I KNO THAT 4 A FACT):| . neway i dont think flav deserves hoopz shes way 2 pretty 4 him he need 2 be wit new york cuz dey match n yaw kno why.
    :S. now since ive seen pumkin get her ass pushed i'd like 2 see sum1 beat tha shit out of new york she deserves it she thinks she THE shit but she not.i dont like bitches like that .HOOPS U SHOULD HAVE THROWN THE BASKETBALL AT THAT GOLDIGGIN WHORES HEAD CUZ I KNO I WOULD HAVE.well cant wait 4 the new episode 2 see who wins.i hope new york cuz hoops n flav.....mum hell no not a good match at all shes too young n pretty 4 him.she doesnt need him i just cant see them together i think shes confused but idk.anyway that big lip ugly bitch should win cuz they both mugg they both match.

  16. Anonymous // 11/3/06 1:39 PM  


  17. Anonymous // 12/3/06 2:13 PM  

    Flava flav ain't gonna get with any of these girls. Come on now...Hoopz already has a modeling career and you can tell by how he act he aint look'n for anything real. Everyone is all trip'n bout Pumpkin spitting on NY....they are both nasty and they deserve whatever happens to either one of them. They both have filthy mouths and they are both nasty.

  18. J // 13/3/06 9:34 AM  

    New York is not all that ugly. She might have a few flaws but her body is bangin! She is passionate and she always held up for hers on that show and i give her big ups for that! As for that po white trash that spit in her face, that bitch needs to be roasted. New York is so damn stupid for just pushin her. i woulda decapitated that stupid ho. And for all yall black peeps supportin pumkin, did yall forget that white ppl used to spit on blacks back in slavery. ARE YALL THAT HUNGRY FOR A WHITE WOMAN!? Anyway for Hoopz, yea she pretty in the face (minus that big ass nose) and she got a rockin body (minus them big ass arms and tattoos) but i think she is sellin herself short by degrading herself on national tv kissin on that old ugly man and by bein a pin-up, but then again i know a hoodrat when i see one and hoopz is definately one. this ho thinks too much of herself and somebody need to sit her down. i hate hos who stuck on their looks. i mean come on ive seen way more beautiful women and its all in the eye of the beholder anyway. but i cant hate on her she a dyme yea yea. but i still think she wrong and by the way...good pick flav, u betta hit it, quit it, and move on to the next ho that strays ur path.

  19. Anonymous // 13/3/06 10:21 AM  

    Ok people, now lets be for real... Hoooopz is absolutely fackin gorgeous and New York's looks can't even compare... In fact New York really isn't all that attractive.... However, at the end of the day, Flav should have chosen New York, because there is nooooo damn way that a relationship with Hoopz can last.

    Like the other girl's Both Hoopz and New York, were picturing dollar signs right from the beginning, however, New York is a much better actress, and for that reason many of you may have thought that she was really in love.... But, no, that chick was thinking "I'm gonna get this man, because I want to be set for life, and no bitch will take away from my prospects for stardum!" (No worries New York... your still set for life because the opportunities for you abound and you didn't even need to marry ugly.) As for Hoopz, she's generally grossed out by Flav but damn..... we know the power of the almighty dollar!!! Honestly, A girl as beautiful as Hoopz, (who intimidates other girls as evidenced in the critical messages on this and other blogs) does not need Flav, because she can very easily find a young, fine, well off, light brown male (like myself), who will treat her like a queen. So, can you really say that she's in love.....Hell NO!!!.. I can't hardly believe that Flav is or will ever be her type, therefore, she's very likely to drop Flav's ugly ass to the curve, in no time. Thats the reality of it, and I'm convinced.. At the end of the day, New York would have been much more likely to stay with Flav for the long haul, (not because she's less attractive, but because she will be more concerned about her image, and not wanting to garner the image of a gold digger), but Hoopz, damn that chick is real, and will be out in no time.....

    As for Pumkin's spitting incident.... that shit was gross, but New York provoked her and like everything....for every action there is a reaction. (In this case there were 2....pumkin's and New York's...haha) To one extent I'm glad that Pumkin showed New York that she's not intimidated by her, but at the same time, I'm glad that New York attempted to regulate because that shit was gross!! Hey, it made the show even more entertaining. And better yet, I can't wait to see part two (the finale) of New York's regulation on Pumkin's ass in the upcoming reunion show.... You go New York!! And, Hoopz....girl holla at a brother when you dump flav, cause we can make some cute kids..!

  20. Anonymous // 13/3/06 1:20 PM  

    you guys are corny bringing the race card in this

    new york is a bitch she damn well deserved it.

  21. Flavor of Puke // 14/3/06 9:10 PM  

    Hmm...didn't see this one. My boyfriend told me about it. IMO, none of them are real women. They are lowlifes, plain & simple.

    New York...too aggressive and hostile. Overly desperate drama queen. Nice body but needs better makeup, the weave needs to go.

    Red Oyster...seems nice but not quite right on this show.

    Goldie...Seems like a nice southern country girl, a bit on the ditzy side. Somehow I can't help but like her. She seems very sweet.

    Sweetie...Another weave wearer. Cute, but plays too much at being a "good girl". I'm sure Flav doesn't want virgins so she needs to drop the act. The little-girl high-pitched voice is annoying.

    Pumkin...No self-respecting white woman would let this hoodlum feel her up. If she did spit on NY, that wasn't cool. NY is a bitch, she does talk shit about the other girls, but spitting on somebody is not cool.

    Hoopz...I'm not the only one who fails to see what's so special here. She's okay but I've seen prettier girls. Out of all of them, she and Goldie were the only ones with cool personalities, though. Hoopz is down-to-earth.

    Hottie...Can we say NOTTIE?! Please. I'm sick of all this weave and trying to sound like white girls from Beverly Hills. These are black women from the 'hood, they shouldn't be up there trying to front. She said that she has a 26-inch waist. She has big boobs and a spare tire. A 26-inch waist is a small waist, which she clearly doesn't have judging from how she looked in that swimsuit. Not to say she's unattractive or doesn't have a good body, but she lied about her measurements to impress Flav.

    Smiley...Looked like a Barbie/transvestite, waaay too whiny.

    In short, none of these ladies were ladies. Obnoxious, loud, materialistic, overly emotional, catty, slutty, ghetto-fabulous...all of them lived up to the poor sterotypes of black women. As for Miss Pumkin, I know that NY is difficult, but damn! WTF was up with spitting on the heffa? That made her look bad. Not just from a racial standpoint, but as a person.

  22. Erica Harris // 15/3/06 11:11 AM  

    Hoopz u is to pretty to be doing that love Erica Harris

  23. Anonymous // 15/3/06 2:05 PM  

    NY gets such a bad rap. She was up front with all her shit. She wasn't fake. She didn't pretend to like those hoes and she let them know. I would have beat Pumpkin down for that nasty childish act. As for Hoopz making the statement "NY deserved it" I have this comment. No one deserves to be spit on, and she is obviously jealous. She can't keep NY's name outta her mouth, its so obvious that she is envious.

  24. Anonymous // 16/3/06 8:23 PM  

    HOOPZ is fine az fuck, wat ya'all talkin bout I'd lke ta tap dat but I do remeba seein her on 106&park when Tigga had da gurlz 4rm his calendar cum.....she can make me cum anyday........DAYYUUUMMM!!!!

  25. Anonymous // 20/3/06 6:47 PM  

    hoopz fine as hell If I was Flav I would fuck her allllllllll dayyyyyyyy longggggggg

  26. Anonymous // 20/3/06 7:10 PM  

    i would fuck the shit out of hoopz

  27. Anonymous // 20/3/06 7:32 PM  

    I WOULD FUCK HER ANYDAY ALLDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOOK AT DAT ASSS SHIT I WOULD FUCK FLAV BETTER TAP DAT OR I DO IT SHITTT!!!!!!!!

    SHE IS FINE!!!!

  28. Anonymous // 20/3/06 10:23 PM  

    best samllest body to fuck all night and day ......nice bitch

  29. Anonymous // 21/3/06 1:42 PM  

    hoopz i have a lot of things to ask you but you can write me at


  30. Anonymous // 23/3/06 9:29 AM  

    In Response to Dolly, You need to learn how to write with some sense. Yeah, Hoopz is beautiful but coming from you, it doesn't make any literal sense. Go back to school and quit sweating Hoopz because she don't want your broke ass. You may be only fit for New York. As a matter of fact, it looks like you are the hater. I seems as though you are hating on New York. That's silly. How are you going to sit up there and post a blog about people hating on Hoopz and start hating on New York? You seem like a hypocrite and I'm pretty sure Hoopz don't fuck with them type of cats. So you, break bread on Hoopz movie with your broke ass and quite hating on New York. New York should not have anything to do with your comments in regard to Hoopz.

  31. Anonymous // 23/3/06 12:21 PM  

    i think all of you are stupid. its just a show. yea everyone has their favorites but its only a show. just let it go cuz we werent there and we dont know for sure whats real or not. anything could be edited out or played up. we'll never know. to me it was one more entertaining show. end of story.

  32. Anonymous // 23/3/06 3:10 PM  

    Hoops is GAY!!!!!!!!!

  33. Anonymous // 23/3/06 5:38 PM  




  34. Anonymous // 24/3/06 2:38 PM  

    Well I think that "You" are stupid to sit there and say that everybody's stupid sense you are on this blog. And furthermore the point of a "BLOG" is to express your opinion so get off the blog if you are sooooo offended.

  35. Anonymous // 24/3/06 2:39 PM  

    Yeah, HOOPZ is a dike.

  36. shawn // 27/3/06 9:59 AM  

    hey hoops you are one sexy girl i'm from the bahamas i love your ass baby you are the finest lil thing i've ever seen u think u can play ball but bring your game when ever u come to play a bahamian so wright me back if you want to party in the bahamas or just write back to let me know if you got this message later miss america

  37. garcia // 28/3/06 9:28 PM  

    all ya'll bitches who had sumting 2 say about hoopz fuck ya'll dat gal is da shits n newyork is da real ting all dem gals was acting new u good gal.anyway i is ahoopz fan all da n all ya'll ass holes who say she een all dat pretty ya'll only jealous.fuck ya'll hoopz its me n u against ga u 2 death gunner

  38. kiara.gaskins // 15/4/07 10:41 PM  

    Waz'up dis ya gurl Kiara a.k.a Kiki i just wanna say I just herd bout pumkin's blog sayin all this shit bout black folk. really, i don't beleive, cause pumkin ain't dat stupid to talk bout black folk, she know u can get shanked like dat, pleaze, and her spittin on New York, I know New York desearved a little somethin, somethin, but no one desearves to get spit the fuck on, New York should have did more then push da bitch, she should have got stabbed, and Krazy, come on now. I don't know what they see in her music, but you can't sing. I know i can't sing, and I don't try, but to me u suck, and BuckWIld, keep on doin ya do. cause u shouldn't let nobody stop u. What, black folk are beautiful ppl, u can't help if ya love us. New York, everybody may hate u, but ya know what u cool pplz, cause i can see where u commin from though, i kind of act like u sometimes. I have those moments were I can't control myself and I wanna yell of the top of my fuckin lungs to. Flav, i don't know what to say bout u man. But you my nigga though, uz able to get all dem chixs drawlz, I luv u man...... Let me go, I've already said to much...... Dis ya gurl Kiara and remember this name, she'll be back.....Holla at ya gurl hit me up at or just hit me up on myspace

  39. Anonymous // 4/5/07 11:33 AM  

    i aint on anyones side aiight! im juhs saying if youh didnt want shit to go around....then why did youh even bother spitting on her and posting a f'cking blog about it. youh got yourself into this shit. no one is going to help youh get out of it. youh have to find your own way to get out of all this body cares if youh die except for maybe your fambam. but no one on VH1 cares waht youh say. cause there is new yorks side of the story and there is your side of the story. there going to pick new york and youh know it. so juhs cause your on charm school doesnt mean you have to be all goody 2 shoes and confess. live your own damn life. stop trying to make your self popular cause no one cares!

    no one cares!!!!

  40. Anonymous // 19/6/07 8:21 PM  

    Call HOT ladies NOW: 1-877-664-Lady (5239)

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